Feedback & Comments: 1/26/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn response to the Special Edition – FBI article Jack writes –

Along with the (gestapo) FBI, John Brennon Has stated that The CIA is looking into Patriot groups. He called them terrorists. If the 4th amendment had any life left it is gone now. The FIRST is almost gone, The SECOND will fall soon. Say good by to the constitution. I was physically Ill on 1/20. I knew what was coming and I was Ill.

In response to “Some Updates” I received this –

Spot on! It has been horrifying to watch the Biden/Harris cartel burn down the gains we have seen in the economy, foreign policy, the military and much more. Up in smoke! With just the shutting down of the Keystone pipe line, and the Border wall, 110,000 jobs vanished. The number of executive orders coming out is frightening. He is legislating from the Oval Office. That is not his Job! Congress is supposed to legislate, but they don’t seem to know how anymore. At least to pass decent laws that benefit the most citizens. They have all (Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary) gone into the weeds. None of them seem to be acting in favor of their electorate. Don’t get me started on the ABC agencies. in a word we are in Trouble.

Jason writes –

Amen, brown shirts = Antifa/BLM, It is truly amazing the doublespeak that is going on now, they call them selves anti fascists, yet they are fascists, they say that black lives matter yet they treat black people as rubbish (they destroy their businesses, put government policies in place that hurt & destroy black families, ie abortion clinics), etc. It is “mostly peaceful protests” (when it is really violence), or “seditious coup” when it is primarily peaceful protests. Welcome to 1984!

In response to the “The most dangerous person in the Biden/Harris regime…” WC writes –

Thanks for bringing this information to the table. I expect proceedings will be like China. Certain dissenters will just quietly disappear.

Judy writes –

Thank you for your great work and posts God Bless You and America!

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