Feedback & Comments: 2/3/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsAs you know, at least those of you that frequent my website, I can be controversial, bold, sarcastic, cynical, but always truthful in what I say and I believe what I say. I am not afraid to say the “tough” things, encourage people to do and be better, and you know that I am not a conservative, nor am I a Trump sycophant.

Okay, you also know that I have written about censorship, both present and future. I’ve spoken about disinformation and misinformation. I’ve written about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Alright I will stop with the “prologue” to the substance of my post. Sorry, about all of the flowery rambling…but there is a point to it…so hold on just a few minutes.

On 1/10/2021 I wrote an “Immediate Action Warning! – Big Tech Actions” <click to read it> In that article it starts off with this “Background: Recent attack on the US Capitol Building by radical right Trump supporters…”

At the end of that article under “Actions to Take” the #1 item is this…

“Ensure that your foundational principles are sound, moral, and ethical…and do NOT reflect any active or passive intention for incitement of the overthrow of the US government, or especially any attack on US officials or federal buildings.”

On 1/7/2021 I wrote an article “Well, well, well…(SitRep 1/7/2021)” <click to read it> In that article the following paragraph is very prominent and clear as a bell…

“Let’s get back to yesterday…was it in any way justified? No! No justification for it in any way whatsoever! If you think it was justified and appropriate to any degree…then you are an anarchist, you don’t support the Constitution, and not any better than the AntiFa crazies. Or possibly you could simply be extremely ignorant of all things Constitutional. But I doubt that any of my website visitors had any support for what happened yesterday when the violent anarchists stormed the Capital Building.”

So, you being an intelligent person probably got a pretty clear message what I thought about those activities on 1/6 and my opinion of who committed them. Yes?

Let’s go back to the Immediate Action Warning! of 1/10/2021, yesterday (2/2/2021) I received the following…


Actual Patriot.

Trump supporters staged a violent, seditious insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol (not “Capital”) in an attempt to interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem? Got it, FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic. “Pre-violent suppression”…strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing” your ability to host this website and spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense. You should give that some thought.

Since “Actual Patriot” is not a known visitor to my website, and not a known entity to the company that hosts my website, his comment needed to be “approved” by me before it could appear as a comment to the article. That approval process is designed to keep spammers, whack jobs, hackers, and other questionable folks from overloading the website with crap.

At first I had to read his comment several times, not exactly sure what he was getting at. Then I decided I would approve his comment rather than deny it, even though he sounded more like a trouble maker or whack job than anything. And then I figured I should respond…in a kind way…but being firm and bold it my response…and maybe a bit sarcastic as well. Yeah, plenty of character flaws on my part…but you already know that 😉

So here is my response to him…

Here is a great example of “disinformation”…but first…thank you! I corrected the spelling to “Capitol” as per your information, dang spell checker, thank you again.

Now on to the disinformation…or a very confused person’s (i.e. liberal/progressive) point of view.

…interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem?” Yes, the left is the problem…and so are many on the right, especially the alt-right. Many conservatives have more of an authoritarian leaning than rights/liberties/freedoms. So there you go…more information and clarification to help you become less confused.

“FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic.” Ah, if you read the article, or any other similar article on my site you would know, clearly know, that what occurred on 1/6 is not what I believe in nor support. That was made abundantly clear in several articles including the one you replied to, but I guess you chose to hear what you wanted in order to fit your false narrative.

…strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing”your ability to host this website …” How do you know that? You make a huge assumption with a modest amount of knowledge…if any. Then again you are making a radical leftist argument while trying to appear to be reasonable. However, you are coming from a very ignorant point of view. Yes, ignorant…not stupid. You have a leftist agenda and you are trying to wrap yourself in the flag of patriotism. But, it is plain that you do not read what is written, or you cannot understand the complexity of the situation, nor my explanation/view of what is happening.

…spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense.” Ah, once again ignorance is the order of the day for you. I an no conservative and have not taken that political position on this website at all. I am a “civil society libertarian.” I would hope you would know the difference. But, I think you have an agenda that precludes you from reading what is written or understanding my points…or ignoring all of it to simply make your points. The “faux-conservative” label you attempted to place on me…well, that alone speaks volumes about you and your intentions…and not in a good way…or a positive light.

“Actual Patriot”…interesting screen name. Might I suggest that you change it to something far more accurate…”Faux Patriot”…I think you would be far more comfortable with that name…helpful to your message readers…and it would be infinitely more accurate.

Please give it some thought…got it ? 😉

Issue closed?

Well, not so fast. I want to share this with ya’ll because it is a near perfect example of what is happening right now. Maybe you might even go back and read his comment again just to be sure his words are fresh and clear.

I want you to be aware of some observations of mine:

  • Notice the screen name, “Actual Patriot”…what message does he wish to imply from that alone? I see it as an attempt at a subliminal message to infer that he is somehow a patriot…superior to us mere dolts who are too ignorant to know that we are not patriots. I also think it is an attempt to sound as if he is qualified to speak above us.
  • Then notice “…violent, seditious insurrectionist riot…” straight from the talking points of the radical left media. And it lays the groundwork that the attackers have done nothing less than gone to war with the US government. And that is a very important point…”war”…it allows for extra-judicial treatment.
  • He went on “…the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…” is meant to show that those participants are attempting to overthrow the US government. While the riot was in no way appropriate or even legal…there was no intent to overthrow the US government. But he is again laying the foundation for extra-judicial treatment.
  • Then I loved this, “…your ‘patriot’ movement…” It is obvious that he is trying to create a solid link/relationship between me and the so-called insurrectionists. He is attempting to label me in such a way that I can be included in, or a contributor to, the actions that took place that day. And he is obviously lying through his teeth because the first line of the article he commented on says the exact opposite of what he is implying. And should he have read my article on 1/7 he would understand that I was extremely harsh in my condemnation of the 1/6 attack. Although, I used more correct terminology and descriptors, rather than simply parroting the leftist media as he did.
  • Then comes “…suppressing your ability…” That can be understood as simply a personal attack meant to intimidate me, and sway any other website visitors into believing me to be lying about censorship and big-tech attacks taking place.
  • And my favorite “…spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense…” So who of you thinks I am a “conservative”???? Do my articles read like a talking head, right-wing conservative? Oh wait, I’ve labeled myself as a flavor of libertarianism (civil society). And I’ve regularly criticized conservatives, especially the law & order freaks and right-wing.
  • And then here is the icing on the cake “You should give that some thought.” As you can already read for yourself, that is nothing more than his attempt to put me down intellectually. A show of arrogance and condescension on his part, meant solely to display his superiority over me, just an ignorant savage.

And here is what I find interesting…Did you read a single line of his comment where he even attempted to disprove anything I said?

Granted he did write…

“’Pre-violent suppression’…strangely, nobody seems to be ‘suppressing’ your ability to host this website”

That could be his attempt to discredit my entire article and prove me wrong on everything I said…but, I think that would be a weak argument. And for the record, I don’t “host” this website…I simply own it and post articles to it…another company hosts it. Yeah, I know…that was petty…sorry…kind of 😉

So what was his purpose…his intent…in writing to me?

Here’s what I think:

  • I think he tried to intimidate me by taking the true patriotic high ground and thus be the real expert.
  • I think he intended to discredit me in the eyes of other website visitors in order to reduce my influence.
  • I think he is a leftist, a radical leftist, that is part of the attack taking place in America right now. And he is clearly an authoritarian believer.
  • And strangely enough, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he attempted to somehow link me directly to the radical right and others that attacked the Capitol Building on 1/6. And that is a very deliberate move on his part. If he can do so…that opens the doors to…extra-judicial treatment.

So there you have it! I wanted to write this article to show what it is happening. While this is a minor and weak attack on me by a rather dull-witted leftist/authoratarian, it was an attack none the less. It is an example of what may come your way. I want you to think about different ways they may attack you…or a member of your family. Once you have done that…think about how you will respond.

In normal times I would probably have not even approved his comment since it was so nonsensical and rather obvious in his motive…lacking any serious or valuable intellectual content. And yes I know, nothing in my reply made any difference to him and won’t change his opinion. My reply wasn’t designed for that purpose..or even for him..

Actual Patriot” is obviously an oxymoron. And this is VERY important!!!! But worse than that, remember George Soros, a European Jew during WW2? He took the role as a paid informer of the Gestapo, helping round up fellow Jews who ended up murdered in concentration camps. Well, “Actual Patriot” sounds like the kind of individual that would turn in his neighbor for illegally owning a gun, sending him to prison. Or just as likely, reporting someone to authorities who would not toe the Authoritarian Party line, sending them to a reeducation camp. Or maybe he even resembles the next low-life George Soros. Who knows…but now you can see that these people are out there. They are ready to go to work…if not already at work.

For an interesting exercise…If you had received an email similar to this, how would you handle it? Can you identify those red flags someone would say that would reveal them as a leftist? Or an authoritarian? Or someone who is actually a danger to you or your family?

I would really like to hear some “replies” to this article. But I also understand there may be some hesitation to share your thoughts. If so…you can email me directly if you would like.

Contact me with your personal and private messages…

2 thoughts on “Feedback & Comments: 2/3/2021

  1. You did the right thing imo posting his drivel for your viewers to see. They are probably some unemployed, leftist douche trying to get some stuff started to have an excuse to report to someone and say “see he needs to be taken down”. Pathetic. I believe this election isn’t over. Low level leftists don’t know how to handle the fact real patriots aren’t being herded onto cattle cars already by Biden. When all this finally goes down; which I believe is almost here, the left is going to go full retard. And we all know what happens when you go full retard.

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