Well, well, well…(SitRep 1/7/2021)

  • Mayhem, chaos, insurrection, coup, national disgrace, historic…
  • Thugs, protestors, rebels, insurgents, rioters, terrorists…
  • Attack on democracy, sedition, storming Congress, attempted overthrow, open rebellion, insurrection…

That is the 2nd victory, the major victory, for the Democrats/Progressives/Authoritarians yesterday. The lesser, albeit significant & devastating, was the Republicans handing over the Senate to the radical left (i.e. Democrats).

Huuummmmm……….2 victories…one major and one minor…and the minor victory is described as “significant and devastating”?????

Hang on a minute, let’s play a game for a minute shall we…

It’s the year 2000 and the Presidential election is close…Gore vs. Bush. The left claims voter fraud, especially in Florida, challenges the outcome, goes to the Supreme Court and losses. And then when the Electoral College vote certification takes place they storm the Capital, break in, vandalize the place, protestor is shot dead, 3 more deaths result from the chaos and mayhem. Wow!!!

And how would the Republicans react? How would Conservatives react? How would the law & order freaks react? How would Fox News portray it?

But, oh wait…as radical and violent as the leftists are…they never did the latter part. They followed the law and accepted the legal outcome of the election. They didn’t even object on the Senate floor during the certification process.

Now, let’s come back to reality…1/6/2021…one of the worse days in American history…a story that will become part of our written history…a shameful part.

But, one more thing before I continue…to all of those who think the protestors (turned rioters, turned mob, turned idiots) were all AntiFa in Trump gear, or paid leftist goons of George Soros…WAKE UP and use your head, use your mind, use your eyes, step away from the KoolAid!!!! These were radical right Trump sycophants. Were there some agent provocateurs (of various ilk) among them? No doubt. But, the vast majority, maybe all, were violent anarchist crazies or those caught up in their idiot moment. So stop trying to avoid the reality of what happened…step out of the twilight zone and back into the world of common sense and sanity.

First let’s cover the minor victory that occurred…Republicans handing the Senate to the Democrats. Dang! Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…the Republicans are very good at that it seems…or very determined…maybe both. In any event…Republicans made history in that they gave Georgia two Democrat Senators serving at the same time…one a radical religious nutcase. Religious Nutcase? Yup!

Warnock is a Pastor at a church whose entire congregation, and especially Warnock, are racist to the core and adherents to anti-Christian, anti-Biblical beliefs called Black Liberation Theology. It is utterly disgusting what they believe. Warnock’s religious mentor actually preaches that if “God is white, kill God!” Can you get any more racist, any more evil, any more disturbing than that? But more than disturbing or disgusting…it is dangerous! It sounds like something out of the ISIS or Nazi manuals than something that a supposedly Christian Church would believe in and advocate. And what did ISIS or Nazi attempt to actually do? Think about that…think long and hard!

Back to my point…now the Democrats control the Whitehouse and both houses of Congress. And what do you think they’re going to do with that situation? Your worst nightmares!! Well, your worst nightmares and no surprises…I’ve been warning you of this for a long time. More on that later.

Let’s get back to yesterday…was it in any way justified? No! No justification for it in any way whatsoever! If you think it was justified and appropriate to any degree…then you are an anarchist, you don’t support the Constitution, and not any better than the AntiFa crazies. Or possibly you could simply be extremely ignorant of all things Constitutional. But I doubt that any of my website visitors had any support for what happened yesterday when the violent anarchists stormed the Capital Building.

Let me address one thing for clarification…Does the Declaration of Independence allow for the overthrow/change of government under certain circumstances? Yes, absolutely! And before anyone tries to play that card here…did yesterday, in any aspect, resemble a change of government as outlined in the Declaration of Independence? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Yesterday was an amazing gift handed to the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/RINOs/Authoritarians. Its value is immeasurable…and handed to them on a silver platter by those Trump supporter idiots. It does a number of things, but let’s recap a couple:

  1. It will give media endless visuals of the “right” being violent, out-of-control, dangerous, and trying to overthrow our Democracy.
  2. It will give Democrat politicians a huge edge in any future campaigning to ensure that they are elected vs some crazy right-wing extremist. They will use those visuals…with glee.
  3. It will give liberal historians great material for documenting The 2021 Rebellion, The Insurrection of 2021, etc.
  4. Worst of all…it will give the Democrats, and RINOs, all the ammunition (sorry, pun intended, I should have said “justification”) to pass a slew of anti-Constitution, anti-right, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom legislation. Yup, they will be able to show the American people why even more legislation is needed in order to ensure that the terrorism, mayhem, chaos, and violence never takes place again.
  5. And of course…the perfect reasoning to crush conservative groups, Constitutional crazies, and of course…militias. All to ensure that something so disgraceful never happens again…to protect our American Democracy!

Thank you to all the Trump supporters who took place in yesterday’s stupidity!!!!!  You just ensured the political preeminence of the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives for a long time to come…and for their agenda to march forward with little true and effective opposition. And you ensured that the government has everything it needs to crush all that is good in our country. You have effectively set back any freedom movement in a very big way. Thanks a lot you freaking morons!!!!

So now what? It will be as bad as or worse than I have been telling you about for years if Trump lost and the right cut loose. Which all happened as I told you it would…the Bubba Effect…although at a factor larger than I expected. I didn’t expect them to attack the Capital Building.

What do you think the left is going to do…since the radical right proved them to be absolutely correct? What kind of legislation do you think they are going to pass?

The FBI, ATF and DHS already view the right as all potential domestic terrorists…now what do you think they are going to do? Or rather…What more do you think they are going to do?

As I said…thanks to those radical Trump supporters, the leftists have a free pass to do virtually anything they wish to crush rights, freedoms, and liberties…and the FBI, ATF, and DHS will be all too happy to do their bidding. It will harsh, heavy-handed, and probably lethal in many cases.  But none of it should be surprising if you have been reading my warnings for the last few years…I’ve told you exactly what is coming…and I should have been more plain.

Yes, I am partially to blame here…I’ve held back.

Yup, I had more that I wanted to warn you about, more I wanted to say, more I wanted to be truly open about. But, I tempered by words, clouded some of my warnings, treaded lightly when I should have just spoken my mind completely. I did these things with good intention…I didn’t want to have folks think I was just another crazy and drive folks away from the website. But that was wrong of me…I should have said what I was thinking, what I saw, and what I knew was coming…exactly like it was in my head. Hopefully, as you read my articles you felt the witness of what I was trying to get across. Hopefully.

So where do we go from here?

No place different than what I’ve been sharing specifically with you for the last 4 years…prepare. Prepare what? Go back and read what I already wrote…there is ZERO need to me to repeat myself with all of that info…read what I have already written.

The #1 thing to prepare…your FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES!!!! Get your foundational principles firmly fixed on solid ground…then stick by them. Especially decide on your “red lines” that you will not allow anyone to cross…especially the government. And then what will you be willing to do, exactly willing to do, to defend those red lines. Make is crystal clear what you will do, how you will do it, who you will do it with, and just how far will you take it. Then do everything you realistically can to be ready for that.

Get you head on straight, get your priorities straight, get your life straight, get ready in every realistic way…it is coming! Coming just as I outlined over and over again. Some of it is already here, but the bad stuff, the truly evil stuff is coming at us like a freight train. If you and your family are not ready…you will get crushed.

Once again…all of you Trump supporter idiots that took action yesterday at the Capital Building…you handed the evil side everything they ever dreamed of…you advanced the cause of evil, you single-handedly gave the authoritarians every justification to crush the true freedom movement and groups. And as federal law enforcement now kicks into high gear…you probably led to the deaths of a whole lot of good people.

Folks…think about what you do and how you do it! Being stupid, being…  Oh hell, you know what I’m getting at.

Be the good, be the right, do good.

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