Immediate Action Warning!


                                 Big Tech Actions

Background: Recent attack on the US Capitol Building by radical right Trump supporters resulting in multiple deaths including a federal law enforcement officer. The opportunity that his event provides to the radical leftist corporations to further their plans to destroy Conservatives, any patriot movement, the right, and non-RINO Republicans.

Warning Specifics: Due to the attack of Trump supporters on 1/6 the social media platforms, big-tech companies, and other leftists corporation have been handed a gift of immeasurable value.

All big tech companies, especially social media platforms, are presently implementing their plans to crush any leader or public figure who advocates or supports and kind of “patriot movement”, etc. They are implementing extreme censorship to the degree rarely found outside of Communist countries and radical brutal dictatorships.

The actions they are taking are consistent with Communism, Socialism, Marxism, and pre-violent suppression of a country’s populace. The big tech companies are working hand-in-hand with the federal government to find and suppress any individual who they see as a threat to the leftist agenda and specifically any Biden/Harris agenda item.

Additionally, they are working closely to provide information to federal law enforcement agencies on any individual that they see as any potential violent threat. And they are specifically targeting anyone on the right, while protecting anyone on the left.

Actions to Take:

  1. Ensure that your foundational principles are sound, moral, and ethical…and do NOT reflect any active or passive intention for incitement of the overthrow of the US government, or especially any attack on US officials or federal buildings.
  2. Be clear in ALL your related communications that you support the US Constitution. Those communications including online postings, cell phone conversations, text messages, email communications, etc.
  3. Caution anyone you know to do the same.
  4. Distance yourself from anyone who is not compatible with your actions in #1 & #2.
  5. Be crystal clear…the NSA is actively monitoring ALL electronic communications for any flag (i.e. words, phrases, graphics) that would indicate support for 1/6, anti-government speech, advocating Conservative principles, Trump support, etc.
  6. Be crystal clear…ALL big tech firms are working with federal law enforcement to identify anyone even remotely associated with 1/6…or anyone who can be associated with the related principles.
  7. Understand that ALL big tech firms are coordinating with the government, especially the leftists, to advance censorship of any and all anti-leftist, anti-radical, anti-authoritarian people, ideas, groups, and movements.

On a personal note: I firmly believe we are seeing the significant advancement of the radical leftist agenda and I urge you in every possible way to prepare yourself and your family for what is to come. As I said in an earlier post…it is coming at us like a freight train.Prepare for it! It will be just a surprising and as COVID was. They will use this opportunity to crush people…just like they did the Tea Party. However, this time…it will be potentially violent….very violent.

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6 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

  1. Trump supporters staged a violent, seditious insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol (not “Capital”) in an attempt to interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem? Got it, FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic. “Pre-violent suppression”…strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing” your ability to host this website and spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense. You should give that some thought.


    • Here is a great example of “disinformation”…but first…thank you! I corrected the spelling to “Capitol” as per your information, dang spell checker, thank you again.

      Now on to the disinformation…or a very confused person’s (i.e. liberal/progressive) point of view.

      …interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem?” Yes, the left is the problem…and so are many on the right, especially the alt-right. Many conservatives have more of an authoritarian leaning than rights/liberties/freedoms. So there you go…more information and clarification to help you become less confused.

      “FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic.” Ah, if you read the article, or any other similar article on my site you would know, clearly know, that what occurred on 1/6 is not what I believe in nor support. That was made abundantly clear in several articles including the one you replied to, but I guess you chose to hear what you wanted in order to fit your false narrative.

      …strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing”your ability to host this website …” How do you know that? You make a huge assumption with a modest amount of knowledge…if any. Then again you are making a radical leftist argument while trying to appear to be reasonable. However, you are coming from a very ignorant point of view. Yes, ignorant…not stupid. You have a leftist agenda and you are trying to wrap yourself in the flag of patriotism. But, it is plain that you do not read what is written, or you cannot understand the complexity of the situation, nor my explanation/view of what is happening.

      …spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense.” Ah, once again ignorance is the order of the day for you. I an no conservative and have not taken that political position on this website at all. I am a “civil society libertarian.” I would hope you would know the difference. But, I think you have an agenda that precludes you from reading what is written or understanding my points…or ignoring all of it to simply make your points. The “faux-conservative” label you attempted to place on me…well, that alone speaks volumes about you and your intentions…and not in a good way…or a positive light.

      “Actual Patriot”…interesting screen name. Might I suggest that you change it to something far more accurate…”Faux Patriot”…I think you would be far more comfortable with that name…helpful to your message readers…and it would be infinitely more accurate.

      Please give it some thought…got it ? 🙂


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  3. I’m not surprised either, but I am surprised at the speed.4 days and already they are cracking down as never before. But as you said – it will be as fast and surprising as COVID was…


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