Well, I did it! The COVID Vaccination :) [& updates]

note: updates are at the end of the article, scroll down to read them.

latest update: 3/12/2021

A couple of months ago I decided that I would get the COVID-19 vaccination. My reasoning…I have a little bit of a poor lung condition due to my years as a firefighter. Also, I was in several high-risk groups for dying from COVID-19 should I catch it. And, my wife warned me about dying and leaving her alone. Yeah, she was against that occurring.

Don’t get me wrong, since last spring I have been taking a variety of supplements to help deter me from catching COVID, and if I did catch it, hopefully it would diminish its impact on me. But, I honestly felt prompted to get the vaccination when it was available and proven safe. And one other reason…all the conspiracy theories swirling around the vaccine. You know what I am talking about.

As an example, my neighbor repeated and forcefully kept unloading on me that the vaccine was full of chemicals that would change our DNA. I guess he thought we would all morph into monkeys or maybe sprout a third eye or something. He also said it was designed by Bill Gates to make women sterile and force spontaneous miscarriages. And then he went on to tell me there was a microchip in each vaccine that would float around inside us allowing the government to do all sorts of things, the least of which would be to track our every move. So, he motivated me even more to get the vaccine. I hate blind stupidity.

After the first 20million people got the vaccine and remained human with all normal body parts intact. And the Internet bandwidth didn’t diminish due to all that tracking of all those microchips by the NSA…I decided that it was time to get the vaccine.

A friend of mine texted me and said the local hospital was giving the vaccine, all you had to do was show up at the location, show your ID, and poof! you were vaccinated. I was busy that weekend helping my neighbor work on his house so I decided that Monday I would get the shot. Monday morning came and I called the hospital to make sure I had all the information correct and to verify when they were open. Bummer! They said the state had taken over and I had to schedule an appointment through the state’s website.

Three days of time on the computer later I was finally at the screen to schedule an appointment. And low and behold…there were no appointments available for months. Yup, the government sure knows how to make things work, eh! I simply gave up.

My wife and I were in Safeway last week doing some shopping. As we passed the Pharmacy I noticed a sign saying they were now giving COVID vaccinations. Ah, hah! So I asked the gal what the procedure was…give her my name, phone number, and they would call when they had an opening…about 2 weeks, maybe less. That’s all, that’s it!

Late yesterday afternoon I got a call from Safeway…they had a slot open that day if I was available. Oh yeah! Thirty-five minutes later I had my sleeve rolled up getting the shot. They gave me a card with the shot information and the date range for the second shot…4 weeks. They told me to call them in three weeks to schedule the second shot.

So, why am I telling you all this? For me it is simple…information…REAL information. I want you to get information about the vaccine in real time. I want you to know exactly what a real-world experience is. So here goes:

  1. I received the vaccine on 3/2/2021 at 5:30pm.
  2. The vaccine was the Moderna version.
  3. It was administered in my left arm.
  4. I didn’t feel the needle stick at all…seriously, no stick pain at all.
  5. Several hours later I felt some very, very minor soreness. Far less than other vaccinations I’ve received.
  6. This morning there is no pain whatsoever.
  7. Neither my wife nor I can observe any tissue/skin issues at the injection site.
  8. I feel no different this morning than any other morning.

So, I plan on keeping you updated…all the way through the second dose.

Hopefully it will help put out real information and fight against, or possibly confirm, all the wild conspiracy theories swirling around the COVID vaccine.

Take care…have a great day!

3/3/2021 – 6:30pm: Slight discomfort at the injection site. Similar to a bruise, minor pain similar to a bruise when touched.

3/4/2021 – 7:30am: Still slight discomfort at injection site like last night. No skill/tissue discoloration or other evidence of an injection. No overall physical problems. Slept very, very well last night.

3/5/2021 – 10:00am: This morning there is no tenderness at all and no skin condition either. I am not feeling any ill-effects of any kind. Also, it’s been about 40 hours since the shot, I won’t post any more updates for the next week unless something changes.

3/12/2021 – 1pm: Night before last I developed a sore throat. Now, before anyone gets freaked out…it is from post-nasal drip. I am about to run out of time on my allergy shot and this is not uncommon for me. I am also feeling a bit tired. Again, common for the whole allergy thing. No other symptoms or issues. But, I wanted to be fully transparent and let you know about the ore throat.

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5 thoughts on “Well, I did it! The COVID Vaccination :) [& updates]

  1. We too have chosen not to have the shot. My first cousin had her 2nd shot and promptly ended up in the hospital for 5 days with out of control high blood pressure, something she has never had a problem with before. She also could not get arm through a sleeve on her clothing due to the amount of swelling that occurred. I know that many people have had no reactions, but thousands have, and yes, hundreds have died. We wish you well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Debra, I appreciate the well wishes. I completely support your decision not to have the vaccine. I am sure you weighed the positives vs the negatives and made the choice that is most suited for you.
      I choose not to get any vaccine except the Moderna vaccine, the only one I felt comfortable with.
      I know of people who have had bad reactions…and totally sympathize with them and their loved ones. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering from such an experience.
      If approximately 1,000 have died from the vaccine with 50,000,000 having received the vaccines…that means the fatality rate from the vaccines is about .002%…yeah, point zero zero 2 percent. I can’t help but think, due to my statistical mind, how many people, of the 50million, would have contracted COVID and died if they had not received the vaccine?
      Such weird and confusing times we live in.


  2. I’m glad you did not have a negative response to the vaccine. However, thousands have suffered severe side effects, and you shouldn’t mock them. My sister in law was totally fine before she had the first dose. She had a severe auto immune response. The doctor prescribed pain pills, and said she will now have to deal with constant crippling pain the rest of her life. Many many pregnant women have suffered miscarriages right after taking the vaccine. Hank Aaron took the vaccine and was dead two weeks later. The spirit has told me I will either die immediately after the vaccine, or I will be an invalid in bed the rest of my life. So, no, I did not appreciate your condescending mocking tone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kathleen,

      Are you a new site visitor? Sounds as if you are. You should know my style of writing…sometimes biting, sometimes mocking, sometimes rude, etc. But I write I truth as I know it, and don’t glamorize anything…nor pander. That being said…if you read my post I did mock some folks…”…wild conspiracy theories…” If you read it as I wrote it, you can tell I am mocking, making fun of, belittling, those who promote “wild conspiracy theories”…and NO ONE else. Now, if you want to put words into my mouth, or are simply trying to discredit me, then you can continue to say things like…”However, thousands have suffered severe side effects, and you shouldn’t mock them.” At no point did I mention anyone who had side affects…let alone mock them. And I would never do so. Sick people need compassion and help…not any form of negativity.

      And your statement “So, no, I did not appreciate your condescending mocking tone” is not only not true, there is no mocking tone for folks who have had side affects, but it is wholly inappropriate in its nature and intent. As for my “condescending mocking tone” towards those who promote wild conspiracy theories…I offer no apology because none is needed…they do considerable damage in their actions.

      That being said…Your family members have had some problems post-vaccination…and for that I am truly sorry. I wish no sickness or ill-will on anyone. And I am sure that has led to stress in your life and a negative outlook on the vaccines. That is perfectly understandable. So I will view your reply/post as a valid emotional response…valid to your emotions, not to my words.

      I encourage you to you to listen to the spirit and follow those promptings…and I will support you in that effort. And you need to allow others to follow the spirit in what they do in regards to the vaccines. Example: For me it was to take the Moderna vaccine and not any of the others.

      I am tempted to write more in regards to your reply/post but I would be speaking dispassionately, citing figures and statistics, and that would not be appropriate…you wrote from the heart with passion and emotion. So I will conclude with wishing you all the best and I hope no other family members suffer ill-effects from any vaccination…or any other sickness issues.



      • For everyone…Kathleen and I exchanged some private emails. She is a longtime website user…and a really nice person. She explained some things to me that were not in her post and I empathize with her situation. She and I have hugged and all it good. Kathleen has a very valid point…a vaccination may not be for everyone. And some vaccines may not be safe for everyone. Make a wise decision when considering a vaccine/vaccination. AH


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