Feedback & Comments: 3/4/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsBack on 2/5/2021 AJ wrote:

So, other than being prepared, what are ordinary citizens supposed to do? Sit back like 90% of the Germans did and allow evil to wipe out everything? Sitting back and watching my freedoms and God given rights being taken away is not the way I want to live.

In response I wrote:

“Ordinary citizens” are to be prepared…and be smart. Timing is everything. And, no. We are not to sit back, there is plenty a regular person can do right now…plenty. “Sitting back and watching my freedoms and God given rights being taken away is not the way I want to live.” No problem with that…just come up with a good plan, the right timing, and do whatever you feel is right…and that you can be proud of telling your grandchildren about it..

Now, question for you…what is the difference between the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre?

There are two main differences; 1) 3 years difference – the Boston Tea Party in 1773 and the Boston Massacre in 1770,  2) in the Boston Massacre 5 people died, 6 were wound – no one died during the Boston Tea Party.

My point? Timing is everything. There is a time and place for patriots to act, there is a time for patriots to plan and wait.
Choose widely, AH

I would like to expand this discussion just a little bit. Did you hear the frustration in AJ’s post? Especially the part where he says, “…what are ordinary citizens supposed to do? Sit back like 90% of the Germans did and allow evil to wipe out everything?”

This is a person who is fed up with the evil in our country, who has seen it, who understands it, and is tired of it…to the point of extreme frustration. And therein lies the problem. He continues, “Sitting back and watching my freedoms and God given rights being taken away is not the way I want to live.”

Right there tells me he is ready to do something about the problem, and brother, do I understand that. Day after day I see what is happening and want to do something, anything to change the course of our destruction. But, how did 1/6 work out for them? Other than get a bunch of people arrested, more than 500 people identified by the FBI for possible prosecution/persecution…what did it accomplish? Just a whole lot of bad…negative…to say nothing of the horrible PR (public relations). Oh, and several people died as a result of that day. I ask you this…Was it worth it?

If you read my response to him, I was trying to tell him the differences between good/bad actions. Maybe a better  way to state that would be…effective vs ineffective actions.

The Boston Tea Party was an effective and successful action. Made a clear statement, won popular support, and did so without any loss of life during the action. However, the Boston Massacre was just the opposite. It was an ineffective action; got patriots killed, was terrible PR, and even the Colonists let the British soldiers off the hook during their trial.

During these times we must be very wise and judicious in actions we take. We must do those things which are effective and accomplish positives. We must avoid doing those things that are stupid and which only promote reactionary violence against the bigger cause of freedom, rights, and liberties. We must be patient.

It was only a couple years after the Boston Tea Party that armed struggle broke out between the oppressive government and the colonial patriots. And even then it was a direct result of an offensive move by government troops against the local Lexington militia…and then the colonist patriots went into action to defend themselves. But, even then it was years later before freedom was won.

The FBI and all of the other government troops are planning…making calculated moves…waiting in the shadows. They are waiting to destroy the patriot movement, to eliminate freedom fighters, to crush those that want freedoms, rights, and liberty…all those who wish to live in a Constitutional Republic…under a Constitution that guarantees God-given rights. Do not fall into their traps…they are waiting for those who do so.

Be wise…listen to God…exercise your faith…do only those things that will prepare you, your family, and your congregation/community for those things that are coming.

Timing is everything.

Ecclesiastes 3:8 (KJV) says it best.

Be patient, be wise, think clearly, be ready.

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