Time for a Step in an Action Plan!!

Crime in 2020 rose significantly…yes, in addition to the theft of the election 😉

One of the most startling increases was murders.

And we are witnessing a huge increase in criminal activity so far in 2021 over 2020…just take a look at the inauguration as an example 😉

OK, enough of the joking around. There was a notable rise in criminal activity in 2020 and an even greater rise in criminal activity so far in 2021. And my prediction is a SIGNIFICANT rise in criminal activity, especially on the national level, over the next 4 – 10 years. The trend will be startling and cover a wide range of crimes…a very wide range indeed. And it will be hard to tell, in some cases, who the criminals are…in other cases…it will be plain as day…no matter who they are or how they try and hide their actions.

So I say it is time to further prepare to deal with crimes and criminals!! It is time to further prepare to protect yourself, your family, and your community!!  It is time for some action…if you are up to it…and you fully understand what is coming.

Throughout the history of our country citizens have found themselves at the mercy of criminals, and law enforcement, for whatever reason, was not able to provide sufficient assistance to protect them in many cases. So, history shows that many of those communities decided to organize, work together, and protect themselves.

That organizing took many forms, since 1973 the front line of that organizing has been Neighborhood Watch program (NWP). A Neighborhood Watch program is an organized group of civilians devoted to preventing crime and vandalism within their neighborhood. The nice thing is…the NWP can be anything you want it to be…within reason. You simply use the overarching NWP program to operate within.

There are a number of benefits to establishing a NWP:

  1. You get to know your neighbors and work together.
  2. You protect your neighborhood/community from criminals and crime by reporting suspicious activity to police.
  3. You establish a link with, open line of communication with, and benefit from intelligence passed on from your local police officers. Consequently, you establish a potentially very valuable link with them…thus, able to benefit from that relationship in the future.
  4. You begin to organize your neighbors and neighborhood for disasters and emergencies…and any potential grid-down event.
  5. In the future, when things get really bad, you have an established organization and base of operation to work from to cure problems.

I hope you are seeing my point and the very high value to this type of action step…especially if established right now. This could prove of immense value at some future date…IMMENSE VALUE!

So here is the link to learn more about starting a Neighborhood Watch program: <click here>

Now, on another note…if you are not familiar with the Incident Command System (ICS), you should be. You simply ICS incident command system for perpperscan’t beat ICS for dealing with emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. Why? Because that is the system that the professionals have been using for a very long time…it is proven effective and efficient…it is simply the best system. ICS would fit perfectly with a NWP organization in your community…especially if the NWP unit scaled up to deal with larger more serious issues in the future.

I am willing to write up a working paper on how ICS could be used with NWP…but only if there is enough interest in doing so. So take the poll below.

Contact me with your questions/comments…


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