Update – 4/28/2021

Well, “hello” again 🙂

Its been a long time since my last post…a solid month and a half. Some of you might have been wondering what was going on with me…where was I…why hadn’t I posted. A few of ya’ll who are my most dedicated, kind, and caring folks actually emailed me and asked what was happening. There was even a phone conversation with with my oldest friend.

And yes, I am sure there were a few folks who were glad to see me so quiet. I bet there were even some fed LEO types that were wondering what had happened.

I would like to say there was some earth shattering, life altering, major event that took place…but sadly, no.

What I have been doing is a number of things:

  1. Working diligently and quickly to round out my preparedness areas that were deficient.
  2. A significant building project that I am still working on that will greatly improve our home for what is to come.
  3. Getting my garden ready to produce food this season.
  4. Babysitting the property and dogs while my wife visits her sister for the last two weeks.
  5. And lastly…doing some major research and writing on a SitRep.

The first four items are rather boring…albeit time consuming. The last item…man-oh-man…now there is a lot there…25 pages in a Word document to be exact. And that count is as of today…maybe more by Monday.

So starting on Monday May 3rd the SitRep will be posted. Well, technically the first part of the SitRep will be posted. The SitRep is so long I decided to break it into parts to make it easier to read and less time consuming than a single reading session.

I don’t think you are going to want to miss that SitRep !

Now another update…my second shot of the Moderna vaccination. I got it right at the 3 week + 2 day mark. A very interesting experience. Now, I had done my due-diligence and knew to expect some level of reaction to the shot. I am glad I did that research.

So I got the shot about 1pm on a Friday. Barely felt the injection and went on my way shopping at Safeway.

Without realizing the “why”, I felt tired Friday evening…and retired early for a good nights sleep.

Saturday morning I got up early as usual and began my chores. By noon I was feeling more tired than usual and a little sleepy as well. I laid down for a little nap…it lasted about 30 minutes. I got up finished another chore and started feeling really tired and a bit “achy” as well.

By 3pm I was sore all over, tired, and feeling “yucky”…and I figured out why…the shot. I laid down to watch TV and maybe fall asleep again.

By 5pm life sucked!!  Every muscle and joint in my body was sore…to say the least…and I felt exhausted.

Fortunately I knew these were relatively common side-affects…my body just responding to the shot contents as if I really had contracted COVID.

I then went to bed about 7:30 pretty sure I would never wake up. Just kidding…going for dramatic effect. I was running a 99.7degree fever and felt like I had the flu. But no coughing, etc. Slept hard through the night.

Woke up at 7am Sunday and felt as if nothing had ever happened…I was perfectly fine…felt like a million dollars. Felt great ever since.

So that is the sum total of my Moderna vaccination experience.


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