Feedback & Comments: 3/12/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsOn March 9th Michael wrote a great reply/comment to my article Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America: 3/8/2021) <click here to read>

His reply/comment was so spot on and raised some great points. I thought it would be worth making a post dedicated to his reply/comment.

Let me know what you think!

Michael Richards writes:

You always have a really level-headed voice in all the commotion that is out there. I appreciate that very much.

Thank you kind sir. I appreciate that. I am trying to be as you say “level-headed” while being straight forward…and maybe a bit blunt (a.k.a. rude) at times. There are plenty of sensationalists out there…that is not my style.

Let me add a couple to your list:

1 – Expect gas prices to rise significantly. We have already seen that in the past 6 weeks, in some places going up as much as $.70/gallon. That will cause significant issues with transportation costs and for people to get from one place to another easily and inexpensively.

You are spot on!!

Back on January 21st I started giving hard numbers and the reasoning behind what is happening. <click here to read> After having time to digest what was happening on the ground and seeing the clear trend line, I wrote extensively on the price of gas in my 3/1/2021 SitRep <click here to read>. And I gave an estimate of where I thought the price of gas would end up…$4.50 – $5.50 per gallon by 2024, possibly sooner. What I didn’t give any information on is the “effect”.

You made excellent points…price of goods will go up due to transportation costs and travel will become significantly more expensive…yet another blow to the airline industry. Here locally the price of gas just went up again day before yesterday…from $2.25 (pre-election) to $2.95 (checked yesterday). That’s 70cents per gallon increase in just 4 months! Think about it…that is more than 30% increase since the election!!! 

Now here is the question…is that change in price due to; 1) fear factor, 2) availability, 3) inflation, or, 4) dollar devaluation. What do you think?

2 – Expect even more subversion of the Constitution through federal election laws. This one is very clear with HR1 already having passed the House and is now in the Senate. There is no doubt that if it makes it past both chambers that “President” Biden will sign it into law, and highly doubtful with recent appeals to the Supreme Court over other election fraud cases that they will even hear this one. So expect there to never be another fair election in the US.

HR1 is a weird piece of legislation…very weird in a number of ways. First, there are a couple of good parts of the legislation…as in some parts of the “ethics” section and I like some of the anti-gerrymandering section. My biggest objection to it…and it’s a big one…is basically the federal government seizes control of the electoral process and dictates to the states what they must do. Yes, that means even more centralized power…and far, far less check & balance capability by the states. Yet another mile marker passed on the way to authoritarianism.

And HR1 is why I put “Expect election reforms…national standards dictated by the federal government.” On the original list…and I crossed it off as accomplished when HR1 was moved out of committee…I see no hindrance to its passage.

3 – Expect more gun control laws. We know that the House already has at least one gun control bill ready to go, and I’m sure there are more as well as plenty of hidden gems in other bills.

Again…you are spot on!!!

On 1/29/2021 I wrote about H.R. 5717 calling it a declaration of war against Americans had it passed in 2020, which it didn’t <click here to read>. However, the radical leftists learned their lesson in regards to all-encompassing legislative bills regarding gun control…don’t go large! Eat the elephant one bite at a time.

On 2/19/2021 I wrote about the coming gun control actions of the radical leftists in Congress. House of Representatives, as of 2/19/2021, had 29 separate bills they were working on <click here to read>. Collectively, they almost equal the single 2020 H.R. 5717…but not quite. But, you are right…they are coming for our guns…one bite at a time.

I specifically didn’t include any gun control measures on my original list on 11/7/2021 <click here to read>. Why? My reasoning is this…it is a pivotal issue. Once they pass serious gun control legislation we are on a collision course with war/revolution/armed rebellion, whatever anyone wants to call it. In my mind it is a completely separate issue from the more gradual destruction of America that I referred to in the list that I am using in conjunction with the thermometer.

Why the difference? Let me use an analogy…WWII was ugly and brutal…planes, machine guns, artillery, mines, tank, etc. But, there was one weapon that changed everything drastically…changed the world in two brief flashes…the atomic bombs. Their development and use changed the entire nature of WWII in an immeasurable and irrevocable way. Passing a bill such as H.R. 5717…or an equivalent collective of bills…mimics WWII’s atomic bombs. It will immediately plunge America on a change in history…it will produce an armed rebellion, the scope and nature of which will be devastating for this country. So, I keep that separate from all my other lists, reasoning, explanations, etc. concerning the coming more gradual destruction of America.

And one more note concerning gun control laws…it is an authoritarian move, no doubt at it. But it is interesting to discuss the “why” of all that interest.

The easy answer would be the most commonly referred to…get rid of guns and you get rid of virtually all armed resistance to the tyranny/oppression of the federal government. But, I think it may go far beyond that. Once guns are gone the vast majority of people become very passive…thus, easy to control. But, I think it is also more than that…I think the “process” of gun elimination is, in and of itself, an end. It forcefully teaches complete compliance to an all-powerful government.

And I think there is a final “why”…and I am not entirely sure about this one…I call it the “Crush Theory”. Think about this…let’s say the federal government wanted to come in and do a single massive crushing blow to all those who would resist government tyranny and oppression. Those people they would wish to destroy are called patriots.  What if the federal government instituted a transitional program of gun control into gun confiscation into gun elimination. There would be an immediate and violent reaction to that measure…people would rise up in many locations within a short period of time…maybe days to a couple of weeks. Once people/families started dying at the hands of the ATF and FBI in noticeable numbers…the armed resistance to such action would be intense, wide-spread, and very violent. Would that reaction play exactly into the hands of an aspiring authoritarian regime?

Think about that…wide-spread deadly violent rebellion…with large numbers of intense firefights with law enforcement. What would the reaction of a wannabe authoritarian regime be? Bingo!! An all-out mission to crush the rebellion…in comes the full force of the military. Now the military would not be involved in gun confiscation…they would be engaged in putting down an insurrection…one of their formal Constitutional missions. Within months, at most, the majority of resistance in the US would be crushed. The remainder could be rooted out within another year’s time…for the most part. Just for kicks…think how readily and willingly the responded with 10’s of thousands of troops to occupy our nations Capitol…when it was only a couple thousands folks rioting on 1/6.

Thanks for listening to my brain-storming…now, what do you think?

No matter what, the destruction of America is here. It’s imminent. And it’s going to get a whole lot worse when Harris takes over…

Bing!!!  Amen brother, amen!

I love it when our brother & sister patriots think through issues and share their thoughts and comments!

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