SitRep – 5/3/2021 (Part #1)

This is not an article that some, maybe many, of you are going to like…maybe not even believe, nor possibly not embrace. But it is an honest opinion of mine based on available information, current events, 66 years of experience of life, and a very long career in emergency services and emergency preparedness. So, read on at your own peril…it has taken me over two months to research, rough draft, edit, and get it to this point.

I have spent the last two months doing extensive research on history, current events, and centering on the “macro” picture. After about two weeks of research an astonishing image began to develop…and is now coming into considerable focus…to the point where I felt the need to share that intense image with you. The entire article is over 25 pages in Word document format. That is WAY too long for a single Internet website article.

Most folks, mentally challenged with instant gratification syndrome, would be lost after the first two paragraphs…think how they would do with over 25 pages of reading! So I have to break this article, this “manifesto”, into reasonably sized postings. To understand…you will need to read all. Or, conversely…read none of it.

Why did I highlight the term manifesto?

When law enforcement authorities and/or prosecuting attorneys target people they deem “undesirable” and wish to silence…they apply labels to them. One of their tactics is to disclose these undesirables’ manifesto. And the general public eats it up…obviously, because demons always publish manifestos.

Unfortunately manifesto means, “a published declaration of the views of the issuer.”

I am sure this article will give great fodder to those James Bond, secret agent, alphabet agency,  national security types.

So be it.

After reflecting on the “image” I am referring to and to verify it as more fact than fiction or bias, I have come to the conclusion that I think this view is pretty well based in solid data and well founded. But then again…it is only my opinion full of my own bias (i.e. my manifesto). It will be up to you to validate it or dismiss it. Either way…take a minute (or hours) to see how it might affect your emergency preparedness.

I believe ALL of your preparedness might depend on what you see in this SitRep article…and how you act upon it.

Let me be clear…I am going to give you lots of opportunity to get really pissed off at me throughout the article. And at many points you will be able to swear at me…and maybe never return to the website due to your anger. Then again…this SitRep may give you pause to think I am simply nuts. But, should you choose to read the entire series of postings and understand what I am trying to say in the summary…then you might just withdraw the hate and cursing and find yourself appreciative of what I have shared. The choice is yours…your preparedness may will depend on it.

First off I want to make sure you understand my position on “static” as it relates to current events…I try to ignore all of it. Static is the entire BS that comes into our lives. Some of that static comes through various conventional media sources. Most of today’s static comes from the Internet and cable news. All so-called “news” from both of those sources is chocked full of bias and agenda. Some of which comes from nefarious sources such as one or more foreign country’s anti-America operations, and some from anti-American federal government sources such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, ATF, DEA, FEMA, DNI, etc. Regardless of foreign or domestic government origin…their “information” is meant to influence the American public to lose confidence in the traditional/conventional American way of life…including Constitutional and Judaeo-Christian religious values/practices.

To be perfectly clear…there are leftist sources promoting their agenda and there are right-wing sources promoting their agenda.  Both are just as dangerous! Why? Because they don’t present the truth…or at least not all of the truth; they present only that information (i.e. truth) that supports their agenda. And dark agendas are what is killing this country…and has been for a very long time.

So I try to ignore all of that static…and I suggest you try to do so as well…then concentrate only on the remainder and only that which is the most important.

Now that is out of the way I want to move on to a few observations that may well challenge you to your very core. In this series there will be distinct areas I will touch on:

  • Introduction
  • The Economy
  • The Military
  • Truth
  • Our Constitutional Republic and Justice
  • Our Society
  • Potential for War
  • The Fall
  • Summary

Yeah…did I leave anything out????? The subject areas, some combined, will be broken into individual postings to make it easier to read and for time sensitivity regarding each article.

Introduction –

Thomas Jefferson was one of the most brilliant minds in the history of the world and added greatly to the successful outcome of the American Revolution. His boldness and brilliance led the way establishing a Constitutional Republic with freedoms and rights guaranteed by its founding document…the Constitution with the Bill of Rights.

In 1787 Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Peter Carr. In that letter is one of the most profound injunctions I have ever read. It is this…

“Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a god…I repeat that you must lay aside all prejudice on both sides, and neither believe nor reject any thing because any other person, or description of persons have rejected or believed it. Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven.”

Some misguided folks have used “Question with boldness even the existence of a god…” as definitive proof that Jefferson didn’t believe in God. And they do so inaccurately. What I read Jefferson to mean, in context, is plain and rewarding as written…without ambiguity. What Jefferson is saying is dismiss your bias and prejudices…then challenge EVERYTHING! Yes, challenge even the very existence of God.

Why? Because if his encouragement is embarked on successfully a person becomes more rooted in truth and dismisses that which is rooted in stinking thinking. In other words…they clarify their core beliefs and principles.

What I am asking you to do through reading and pondering this SitRep is to lay aside your bias and prejudices…and consider what I am saying as a challenge to what you may have previously thought to be true.

When the SitRep has been read in its entirety you will find one of two basic outcomes…you were right all along, or you reevaluated your previous positions and have revised them based on additional information and perspective.

You are your own oracle with the assistance of heaven. Use both wisely.

Good luck…and good reading.


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