Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America…(2/24/2022)

On 1/23/2021 I wrote “The Utter Destruction of America…Now Occurring”<click here to read it> In that article I referred to the 11/7/2020 article in which I answered, in part, the question, “Now, what do I see coming?”

On 1/23 I started tracking what steps the Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Fascist/Totalitarian Biden/Harris regime that would destroy the last vestiges of our Constitutional Republic. It would be the final days of America. <click here to read>

On 2/1/2021 I updated the thermometer. <click here to read>

I said I would track the progress of Biden/Harris regime’s accomplishments to destroy America. As we get closer to the end…the more you should be prepared. Very, very prepared.

Today I need to update that list, or the steps, they are taking…especially since it has been 10 months since the last update.

In the last 10 months I have seen Democrats appoint some of the most radical, anti-American, Constitution hating people to the administration. Republicans have almost been entirely ineffectual in, or not committed to, stopping any of those appointments. Democrats are emboldened and Republicans a little more than whinny pretentious children.

Food stamp costs for 2021 are up significantly…about 34.5%. In October last year the Biden/Harris regime implemented a historic increase in food stamps…27% automatic increase. And add to that hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month of payments in 2021 for children you have a virtual catastrophic implementation of socialism in the USA. And of course a worsening situation in 2022.

While there was no universal college loan forgiveness, not yet at least. However, there has been over a billion on college loan forgiveness in 2021 alone. And that billions dollar program has been carried into 2022. So, I will give 1/2 credit for what has taken place.

Housing assistance in 2021 was increased significantly in 2021 and even more housing assistance programs being implemented in 2022.

COVID severity and government response, especially in liberal states, increase notably in 2021. In 2022 some of those draconian federal mandates were reversed but Biden/Harris get full credit for their actions.

National debt…where do I even start!? Let’s back up, we know that the federal government spent nearly 10 trillion dollars on supporting the US economy since the Great Recession. We know that the federal government spent trillions more on COVID relief. All of it money we didn’t have…so we just printed it. But, what we didn’t know till earlier this year was what the Federal Reserve did. For years I’ve been writing about the Fed and their activities. I indicated that there was more to their activities than what we were seeing, but I couldn’t define it, I just knew it was there…and I didn’t know to what extent. Turns out that the Fed secretly created and gave away nearly 30 trillion dollars!!! And to make matters worse…about 2/3 of that money was to foreign countries and their central banks! All of that money the citizens of the USA is on the hook for but conveniently left off the official national debt numbers. So I wish I could give the Biden/Harris regime more than 100% credit for this one but alas I can’t.

So here is the updated Biden/Harris regime’s check list for destroying America.

  • The animosity among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • The rancor among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • Republicans will become even more cynical, angry, whinny, and weary of all things government. The latter is a good thing since they have been sycophants for the last 4 years.
  • The Democrats will be emboldened exponentially to nosebleed heights.
  • Expect more welfare.
  • Expect more abortions.
  • Expect more open borders.
  • Expect left-wing demonstrations/protests to advance their causes.
  • Expect higher taxes on higher income earners.
  • Expect more tax increases.
  • Expect more food stamps.
  • Expect college loan forgiveness.
  • Expect more housing assistance.
  • Expect a significant and at times violent suppression of militias.
  • Expect election reforms…national standards dictated by the federal government.
  • Expect a significant increase in social media and tech giant speech restriction (i.e. censorship).
  • Expect an increase in the federal minimum wage.
  • Expect more paid worker benefits.
  • Expect an exponential increase in the COVID-19 response by states controlled by Democrats and especially the federal government.
  • Expect COVID-19 situation to get worse…maybe even much worse.
  • Expect large federal budget deficits.
  • Expect a significant growth in the national debt.
  • Expect more “Bubba Effect”.

Yup, that represents that they are 77% of the way of completing their mission.

This list comes from an article “Resist!” posted on 11/7/2020 <click here to read it>

The original article that started the series (Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America) is the 1/23/2021 article The Utter Destruction of America…Now Occurring” <click here to read it>

The original article with the updated list and track thermometer is Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America…(1/23/2021) <click here to read it>

note #1: It may appear that I lag behind some of the actions of Bide/Harris regime in track the events and updating the “thermometer”…and that is true. The reason I wait on some of the updating is to clarify exactly what the repercussion and affects will be before I issue updates.

note #2: Why do I have the moving train graphic at the beginning of this series of articles? Because on 1/21/2021 I wrote an article “Freight train is almost here…” and referred to what is happening, what is coming at us, is like a freight train hitting us head on. Imagine a fast moving freight train coming through a tunnel with its bright lights on. Then you realize it is going to hit us and run us over without the ability to get out of the way. There…now you get my analogy. However, I am trying to give you enough information to get out of the way in time…or damage the rails sufficiently to stop the train from doing any damage or running over anyone.

note #3: This is not a comprehensive and complete list of the actions Biden/Harris regime. It was simply a projection of what the steps would be that they would take that would ultimately lead to America’s irreversible destruction. And any single major step that may, probably will, take could lead us to destruction virtually overnight.


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