Freight train is almost here…

Not long ago I wrote of a few things:

  • The coming extreme censorship by the left (i.e. Democrats) and the government in coordination with big-tech.
  • The Biden/Harris regime’s agenda/plan to crush the right and anyone else who opposes them.
  • The Lincoln Project witch hunt.

Well, it is now underway. According to information that I have, the Lincoln Project has been well underway collecting names of current and former Trump officials and supporters, especially financial donors and former administration offcials. Their goal is nothing less than trials and imprisonment…or worse.

However, there is a committee/group that is coordinating a much larger effort. They are working on identifying any non-Progressive, non-leftist person/group/website, etc. Their mission is first identify, then prioritize, then destroy  those targets. And by destroy I mean, financially, commercially, professionally, and personally. And if that doesn’t work…they always have their AntiFa & BLM goon squads. Their intention is to crush the non-leftists out of existence…or marginalize them to the point that they are no longer of any significance. Yes, that means totally unable able to defeat, let alone oppose, the radical leftist authoritarian agenda that has now gripped America.

There is some information that they are referring to it as a “Cultural Revolution”…yes, you heard that right.

For a quick reminder, the Cultural Revolution occurred in China under the ruthless Communist dictator/ruler Mao Zedong in 1966 and lasted for a decade. The goal of the Cultural Revolution was to purge the “impure” from their country. Approximately 7.3million people were murdered by Chinese law enforcement and government troops, millions of others suffered imprisonment, seizure of property, torture or extreme humiliation. And let us not forget the list of Democrats who have stated publically that they view Mao Zedong favorably…even a role model. The infamous Van Jones himself self-identifies as a Communist…as does Bernie Sanders and many other Democrat political leaders. Even the new Biden/Harris DNI, Avril Haines, was mentored by a Communist supporter while he was the DNI !

So back to the “purge committee”…while the underlying groups are loosely organized they have the same goals…crush the right through the use of technology and political extremism…and violence if needed. Meaning, they are now combing the Internet looking for anyone who expresses anti-leftist opinions, especially Christians. They will then publicly identify them as members of any of a long list of hate-groups. See my article on hate groups <click here>

As expected George Soros is providing much of the funding to these purge groups. Yup, that George Soros! The man who worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis to murder millions of Jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Remember that Soros/Nazi link for later reference.

Now, I don’t know how soon they will get seriously active in begining their persecutions. But, I do know that they are already, and have been, collecting data on and identifying the purge targets. I imagine that there will be a few “trial cases” where they perfect their purge process. Once perfected, I expect them to go into high gear. Their first targets I assume will be rich conservatives that fund conservative movements, then high-profile conservative media personalities. However, I would expect some local purge committees to act locally outside of the national/global effort. And due to the sheer size of the operation many of their efforts could be carried out concurrently.

Here is a significant point to remember, consider, and prepare for…once the effort has matured and is in full swing I expect that it will turn violent, very violent. The purge committees, or individuals associated with them, will not be content with simply destroying every aspect of a person’s life…they will turn violent…extremely violent…fatally violent in some cases. And if it is not stopped by law enforcement or through self-defense, it will become more and more common place. One only has to look at the extremely violet leftist groups AntiFa and BLM (with their highly armed well-organized militia, NFAC) and their activities over the last year. If unchecked I could see a Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) taking place in next 3 – 4 years. One only has to look at BLM and AntiFa activities related to Biden/Harris regime inauguration…violent, destructive, and yelling for revenge.

I do not see the purge committees as an immediate threat to safety, nor do I see them active publicly at this time…or the immediate foreseeable future (6 – 12 months). But, their data collection and target identification has started.

Since the SPLC has been the lead group for decades in a similar effort, I see the SPLC becoming more active in the purge committees activities…at a minimum in a support role. Especially coordinating with the FBI.

It is a given that the media will provide, if not open support, at least active cover for committee activities. Justifying their activities in any number of ways…all of which require ethical and moral (let alone legal) contortions.

I do not see the FBI taking any measures whatsoever to ensure the purge operations are legal or free from violence. Remember, it is the FBI that has been working for years with the SPLC to begin with. <click here to learn more>

As I mentioned earlier, I expect the purge committees to target bigger, high-value targets initially. However, I don’t rule out them going after some lower hanging fruit, especially in local election cycles. I don’t see them as a major threat to the average person for maybe 1 – 2 years…perhaps longer depending on their initial successes, funding, and directives from the Democrat Party leadership (including Biden/Harris).

How will it affect you and your family, personally? I have no idea.

First off it depends entirely on your profile. If you are a rich conservative political donor, or a conservative media personality, or run a conservative or anti-leftist website then you are much more likely to be targeted soon. The average working person…might not be targeted at all.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and related social media outlets will be the first available sources of information for identification purposes. Second-tier will be public and private websites where conservatives gather.  Expect NO privacy from any website or any tech company. Actually, expect just the opposite…the tech companies are working, and will continue to work, with the purge committees. They will do so either officially/directly or through so-called “hacks” or company personnel leaking the information to the committees.

Note of Extreme Caution: Do not think this will be a relatively harmless exercise on the part of the Democrats and their violent extremist supporters. This is a real threat…a clear and present danger to our country and to countless individuals. I was not being a sensationalist when I referred to Kristallnacht. I see it coming based on the left’s historical actions (BLM, AntiFa, & NFAC), the left’s current violence prone actions, big-techs commitment to censorship, and the current cancel culture of the leftists generally.

Kristallnacht came from somewhere, right? It didn’t just appear one night…it was a long planned for event that started years before with the adoption of the Final Solution. It started with Hitler’s Nazi intense hatred of a single group of people. It can and will happen again. The left hates the right with a passion not seen since the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Mao Zedong, and other leftists/Communists…the same ilk that have now seized control of Congress and the Whitehouse.

We are seeing the groundwork being laid for it. Remember the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Leftists have their own personal group of Brown Shirts to do their bidding…and violence!

The persecution and violence is coming!

Many targets of Kristallnacht either didn’t see it coming…or chose to ignore it…and were destroyed. That is historical fact!

Do not let one of those people be you…do not let one of those families be yours.

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5 thoughts on “Freight train is almost here…

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  4. An outstanding article. BINGO!! Double BINGO!!! Heck, Quadruple Bingo!!!!

    If I may add some material that reinforces this piece:

    Some folks out here in the hinterlands in flyover country, the rural heartlands, simply don’t believe that any “real violence” is coming from the Left. Sure, they get kinda agitated in the cities and such, but out here in True America, stuff like that just isn’t going to happen.

    I refer such readers to the book, Execution by Hunger, which details a first-person experience from the Holodomor: The USSR’s forced famine in the Ukraine, which starved to death somewhere between 1 million and 6 million rural Ukrainians (the numbers vary mainly between the Russians’ estimates and the Ukrainians’ estimates.

    Besides starvation, plenty of the natives were dispatched via executions through shooting, hanging, beatings, knifing, etc.

    The book identified above goes into exquisite, painful detail of how the Soviets planned a whole-society, open-air prison. There was no area of life the Commissars didn’t control or manipulate.

    The Soviets would send in a cadre to take over a village, and usually start right off with a couple of public executions just to set the correct tone for the natives. They had carte blanche to do ANYTHING they wanted, and did — up to and including raping the local women and girls. Many women found their family’s allotted rations issue was held hostage to whether a mother or daughter showing up early or staying late for a little quid pro quo. Faced with the starvation and deaths of their families, nearly all succumbed — not surprising, given the stakes.

    To keep the cadres from getting friendly with the natives or developing favorites, the cadre members were rotated every few months. Sometimes a wholesale rotation would happen, sometimes just a few. Oh, and none of the cadre ever served in their own home regions.

    [So-called] miscreants were beaten, hung, whatever it took to persuade them, their family and other recalcitrant farmers to comply with orders.

    It didn’t happen all at once, but over time essentially all foods were confiscated for the use of the state. Indeed, ALL food was declared the PROPERTY of the State, and soon enough, wide-scale, complete confiscations were enforced.

    After the confiscation, homes and properties were ruthlessly searched for ANY food, fruit, grain, even seeds being saved for planting. All livestock, too. If they had fruit trees growing on their property, to even touch a fallen fruit was a death sentence, when caught.

    >> At first, the local cadres did the searches. When that proved less successful than planned — as measured by too-low death rates from starvation — outside units were sent in.

    >> After some trials, the best model proved to be bringing in teenagers (15-19 YO, usually all-male) from the cities to do the searches. These were carefully-selected young zealots, committed to the Great Socialist Revolution and eager to do their part to suppress (read: kill) the rebellious Ukrainian counter-revolutionaries.

    >> To ensure they possessed sufficient motivation in their searches, the teenagers weren’t issued any rations — they had to live off the food they found/confiscated. These zealot teens were MOTIVATED!

    >> Who were their primary targets? Anyone who wasn’t “starved enough.” If you looked any healthier or stronger than one-foot-in-the-grave, your home was targeted.

    >> And these young zealots would literally dismantle your home, barn, shed, corrals and more, to find that food. During warmer weather, they would drive long, sharpened iron or steel poles into the ground to find buried caches. If they simply couldn’t find anything at all, they’d just burn EVERYTHING. Maybe they’d kill the residents, maybe not…these teens had the authority to kill you where you stood — if nothing else, they could “hear you” cursing the Bolsheviks (Communists) under your breath. Even if you didn’t say it, well, you DID say it!

    >> If food WAS found, it was of course confiscated. Curiously, they might not automatically kill all of the residents. Apparently it was helpful to destroy their property and take everything, perhaps burn it down, and leave the guilty residents to beg in the streets until starvation or exposure got them. On occasion, the females would be left alive, dependent on the teen zealots or village cadre for crumbs in return for sexual favors.

    The entire process was organized in exquisite detail, down to the nth degree. Village cadres had to meet quotas of every kind, from Ukrainian starvation to hangings to firing squads to denunciations (one villager ratting on another for temporary rewards) to exiles to Siberia.

    When the Soviet Union fell in the 1990s, extant records from the Holodomor were discovered in the various archives. The Soviets had of course denied for decades that ANY starvation deaths had ever occurred in their Socialist Paradise. But the records proved the lie.

    >> This bizarre tenet was a very clear echo of their ideological brothers, the German Nazis, who ran their WW2 death camps with similar precision and accountability.

    Okay…I’ve made my points, I guess.

    The threat is real, and it is coming to a rural town near you.

    Oh, wait! One more data point. Before launching the Holodomor…the Soviets coincidentally decreed that all private citizens throughout the USSR were forbidden to own…FIREARMS!! Not even the Ukrainians who had served loyally in the Great Revolutionary Army were any longer allowed to own firearms. And they were all collected, at pain of death for noncompliance.

    >> Surely, you aren’t surprised?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you sir for laying out such devastating information…factual and based in actual documented history. While the violence may not hit the more rural areas for a while…the effects of this new authoritarian extremist regime will hit ALL Americans soon. And many (if not most) will be blindsided…just as in every other leftist authoritarian country for the last 130 years. AH

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