Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #2

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn reference to SitRep – 2/24/2022 : War!

And you should probably read Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #1

  • You’ve warned many times of “watch the left hand”, so what do you see this time?

For one…In the middle of the potential start of World War III Joe Biden nominates an extremely radical leftist to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)… Ketanji Brown Jackson. Jackson is nothing short of a political hack who does not believe in the fundamental foundations of the Constitution. And Joe Biden picked the perfect time to nominate her…everyone else is focused on and worried about what is happening in Ukraine by the US’s #1 enemy…Russia. Perfect distraction, eh?

Some interesting facts on Ketanji Brown Jackson:

    • Parents attended segregated (all black) colleges.
    • She worked for the law firm of Goodwin Procter, one of the largest international/global law firms in the world.
    • She was a law clerk for very liberal/progressive US District Judge Patti B. Saris.
    • She was a law clerk for Stephen Breyer associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, one of the most liberal/progressive judges SCOTUS has ever seen.
    • She was part of the Marxist Obama Administration, United States Sentencing Commission
    • Compilation of opinions regarding her politics: labor friendly, liberal, progressive, good Democrat, liberal ideologue, passionate & bias liberal activist, anti-religious.
    • She is endorsed by, among other far-left groups, infanticide endorsing Planned Parenthood, and the radical extremist left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.
    • She opposes First Amendment right of free speech for people saying vocal or silent prayers outside of abortion clinics.
    • She is very radically in favor of infanticide (pro-abortion), including partial-birth abortion (killing of babies as they are being born, primarily through dismemberment).

And Biden somehow knew to wait for the right moment before making her nomination announcement.

  • Russia has but its nuclear forces on high alert, will Russia use his nukes?

Very possibly. Once the allies begin moving military supplies into Ukraine there are only 3 options to do so; air, ground, or sea port. The airspace above Ukraine is closed due to being controlled by Russia air assets. For any country, other than Russia, to try and fly into that airspace would be idiocy. It would lay the groundwork for a direct confrontation of militaries. It would be both provocative and pure stupidity. So that leaves a ground or sea port option.

A sea port attempt would likely end up in an intervention by Russia navy assets and a very high likelihood of violent confrontation…and that could easily escalate quickly. That leaves a ground based option. The two most likely countries would be Poland or Romania through which aid would flow, both are NATO countries. Should Putin want to deny entry of those weapons, especially Stinger & Javelin missiles, he might well strike any arms convoys close to or within their borders. Should he do that, then NATO must strike back based on Article 5.

Given that scenario I could see Putin escalating it very quickly if he was losing the engagement. Should that occur a tactical nuclear strike would be within his wheelhouse. He might think that no nuclear response would be forthcoming. And, I believe he would be right. I can’t imagine any NATO country believing a nuclear response would be a responsible option. However, should a nuclear response occur, or a false flag nuclear “response” by Russia…then I see a rapid escalation…and nukes potentially coming into play.

Bottom line…In my lifetime we haven’t been this close to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • What more do you want to say? You’ve hinted at “more”, what is it?

I like to write only those things that I can verify and have sourced well. I have written about “gut feelings” before but not very often. This is one of those times I have a gut feeling based on some random dots that I see, they are:

    • Joe Biden was vice-president to Obama when Obama passed on a “conspiracy” message to Putin via Russian President Medvedev in March of 2012 where Obama stated he would be more cooperative with Putin after Obama was reelected.
    • Joe Biden was vice-president when Obama allowed Russia to invade Ukraine in 2014 and take the Ukrainian state of Crimea away from Ukraine.
    • Joe Biden was one of the chief architects of the Iranian Deal back in 2015. That deal allowed Iran to have a timetable and all the means to develop nuclear weapons. And it included a plane load of cash from the USA to Iran that was estimated to be in the billions of dollars…IN CASH! Trump stopped the remainder of the deal and withdrew the US’s support. Just about a week ago Biden voiced his support for now releasing over $100billion in frozen Iranian assets, allowing Iran to sell oil on the open markets, and a return to the 2015 deal that allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
    • Hillary Clinton was also instrumental in the 2015 Iranian deal. Hillary Clinton had/has close ties to Russia, even conspiring to use Russian supplied fake/false information to overthrow President Trump.
    • Iran has been, and is, a close ally of Russia.
    • Joe Biden ordered the US Department of Justice to drop its investigation into Chinese spying and intellectual property theft.
    • China is a close ally of Russia.
    • Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has made millions of dollars from the Chinese government since Joe Biden first served as vice-president to Obama.
    • While Joe Biden was vice-president to Obama, Joe Biden’s son Hunter, received over $3.5million from a Russian billionaire with close ties to Putin.
    • Prior to Joe Biden being elected president the USA was energy independent.
    • The year Joe Biden was sworn in as president he quickly made executive decisions to make USA an energy dependent country…subject to oil suppliers such as OPEC and Russia. Oil imports from Russia went up about 35% under Joe Biden’s presidency so far.
    • As oil & gas prices increase due to the Russian-Ukraine War benefiting Iran and Russia…and hurting US consumers.
    • Joe Biden was well aware of Putin’s buildup of Russian forces and that Putin was going to order an invasion of Ukraine during or closely following the Winter Olympics in China. Biden was aware of this information since early 2021. Yet, despite knowing all of this, Biden did not send the critical military aid the Ukraine needed to defend itself against Russia, namely Stinger and Javelin missiles.
    • Joe Biden stopped direct sanctions against Putin when they were recommended by US experts (after Russia invaded Ukraine). The direct sanctions against Putin were only imposed when European leaders did so, then Biden was forced to follow them.

Something stinks in all of this…something really, really bad! My gut tells me that these dots are all connected and there even more major dots that I am not seeing…but I know they are there.

Bottom line…Biden, and maybe the US government, are somehow neck deep in this…and it ain’t on the side of right! And it isn’t going to end up well for Ukraine…or for US citizens. And yes, I think this is a major step towards bringing down the USA, probably the whole world, to maybe collapse levels. I am just not 100% sure…but my “gut” is seldom wrong. My timing may suck and I may not have the details right each time…but something tells me this time it is going to be bad (long-term and/or medium-term and undoubtedly short-term). And it is planned, or assisted by, Biden and his friends (a.k.a. co-conspirators).

Plan & prepare accordingly.



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  4. Back to your discussion on deep fake a weeks back. I was just reading a list of deep fakes and probable deep fakes associated with the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia and the political fallout with other countries. I believe we will see these deep fakes become more sophisticated. Any comment?

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    • Plenty of DF’s occurring…on both sides. But you ain’t seen nothing yet! Way more to come…this isn’t simply between Russia and Ukraine. No, it is much broader that that. AH


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