The “MORE” I talked about…I think I got it!

In my 2/24/2022 SitRep I laid out some “Facts” in the “Note” section. In there I opened my thought process to you concerning what I was seeing in the Russian-Ukraine War situation. In my Feedback & Comments post on 2/27/2022 I laid out even more “facts” in response to the question, “What more do you want to say? You’ve hinted at ‘more’, what is it?” Before reading more of this post you may want to read the information in those two articles. If you already read them, you might want to refresh your memory by reviewing them.

Now, on with the “more”…

At the store over the weekend I noticed that milk had gone from $2.29 per gallon 1-1/2 years ago to $3.29 per gallon on Saturday. Today when I went to the store it was $3.68. That is hyper-inflation by definition…44% increase in 1-1/2 years, then 12% increase in 4 days.

When I got gas on Saturday it was $4.09 per gallon, today it was $4.29. When Biden was elected it was $2.09 per gallon. Do the math…96% price increase in 1-1/2 years (yes, nearly double). Then it goes up 5% in 4 days. And yes, since Biden was elected the price of gasoline has more than doubled!! That is hyper-inflation by definition.

And as you know, I could go on and on with the price of just about everything. When you have milk up over 60% and gasoline up 105% since Biden was elected (1-1/2 years ago) that is clear factual evidence of what he and the other radical left and authoritarians are doing to America.

Does that mean, and am I saying, it is intentional? Damn right I am!!!

Biden and his lot are carrying out a master plan to destroy America…and they are succeeding very, very well. But, it is bigger than that.

We knew for a long time that Putin would invade Ukraine. Come on, they had the invasion forces staged on the border of Ukraine for months and months. And Biden in mid-January even made it clear we knew Russia would invade and when. And we, the USA, and the world did absolutely nothing to stop Russia or aid Ukraine in any notable way.

Then remember Biden said three things of significance:

  1. US forces would not fight on the ground in the Ukraine.
  2. US/NATO would not enact a “No-Fly” zone over the Ukraine.
  3. And most telling, Biden’s “minor incursion” comment stating that Russia would not be punished.

So what is the “more” I keep referring to?

The western world knew the invasion and subsequent war was coming, they did nothing to stop it. Biden began not just America’s dependence on foreign oil once again but he made all necessary moves to create a general economic hyper-inflationary period. And Biden not only starts buying Russian oil, he begins negotiations to buy Iranian oil and to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Did you hear that!?!

Biden intentionally massively weakens the USA economy and wrecks our oil and gas independence  as he strengthens two of Americans biggest enemies.

I ask you…Why?

Biden clearly moved to weaken America, he clearly moved to strengthen Russia and their #1 ally Iran. And he knew Russia would invade Ukraine.

I ask you…Why?

No one, not the USA or NATO, or any country in Europe moved a finger to help Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion. And, we have avoided any serious assistance to Ukraine since the invasion. No, I don’t give crap about all the countries “pledging” support to Ukraine! What has been delivered? Russia is clearly winning the war and will take over large portions of Ukraine, if not all of it…and no one is helping Ukraine. Hell, Poland offered Ukraine their fleet of MIG-29 fighter jets…and NATO vetoed that move.

I ask you…Why?

America’s strategic oil reserves are intended to be a source of crude oil to be refined into fuel for America’s military should a war break out and oil supplies are interrupted. In November 2021 and again in March 2022 Biden released significant amounts of America’s strategic oil reserves thus weakening America’s ability to militarily respond in time of war.

I ask you…Why?

So, you look at all the superficial stuff happening and it is easy to react and say we should do this or that. But what happens when you look below the superficial, look below the surface that media is painting?

Prices soaring to hyper-inflation levels and what is happening to the stock market? Down 10% since the war was known to be coming. Mortgage rates are up 26% since the war was known to be coming. Gas = up, food = up, EVERYTHING = UP…except the primary way working American’s create wealth through IRAs and 401Ks…the market!!

And that means that the low and middle class folks are getting killed. And by that I mean…their wealth is being transferred to the rich…or another word would be the “elites” not just in this country but the elites around the world. Couple all of that to the more than $30trillion since 2007 that the Federal Reserve created and sent around the world to…wait for it…bankers.

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, the “more” I am referring to is simple when you connect the dots…once again the world’s elites are taking wealth…taking the wealth from those beneath them. Some call it a “transfer of wealth”…I call it criminal on a global scale.

So there you have it…the election of Joe Biden as president began a whole new phase of their plan. Wreak the US economy, create chaos around the world, and implement the cure when we cry out for help, a cure, to save us…and the cure is nice, stable, comfortable, secure ”authoritarianism”.

Yeah  I know…almost anti-climactic in simplicity…but their plan none the less. Yes, all of this is my opinion.

And one last note…the constitutional definition of treason is pretty straight forward: giving aid or comfort to our enemies. So let me ask you this:

  1. Is Russia America’s enemy?
  2. Is Iran America’s enemy?
  3. Has Biden been giving money to Russia at any time since the beginning of his Presidency?
  4. Has Biden been giving money or planning to give money, to Iran at any time since the beginning of his Presidency?
  5. Has Biden given one or more “green light” indicators to Russia that we will not militarily support Ukraine, as we previously agreed to do, if Russia invades Ukraine?
  6. Has Biden taken steps to renew America’s commitment to Iran being able to develop nuclear weapons?
  7. Has Biden weakened America’s ability to fight a war through releasing strategic oil reserves?
  8. Has Biden weakened the US economy and made us more susceptible to America’s enemies?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above, does that qualify as treason (as defined by the Constitution) in the well-documented, factual actions of Joe Biden? If yes, then ask…did anyone in his administration take any steps to stop him? If you answered no, then does that indicate conspiracy to commit treason on their part?

What does your gut feeling, that still small voice, your instinct, tell you about what is happening, why, and were it ends?

The key now…How soon? Or rather…Are you ready?

More questions:

  • Does Biden’s treason bother you?
  • Will Biden’s current actions -since war broke out- bother you and make you think the US will suffer as much or more than Russia?

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6 thoughts on “The “MORE” I talked about…I think I got it!

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  2. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. I would add one more question to your list. 9. Is Joe Biden capable at all?

    Still the Russia/Ukraine situation is a distraction. Wakey wakey world! As i consider the Russia/Ukraine situation more political theatre than reality I did a largely humorous take on it, although my intent and summary are serious. If you are interested here is my link.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.


  3. I Cannot get a post to post on the first try but here goes a second one which will not be as pointed because it is hard to keep a tome in my head after I have posted it.
    1. the American people will sit on one thumb and suck on the other one and cry like babies. They will roll over and do what they are told and not ask questions. Just like good little slaves.
    2. Biden is committing treason every day. If his mouth is open, he is lying.
    3. the Joint Chief are committing treason and are oath breakers.
    4. The Media has lulled this country into normalcy bias and to sleep.
    5. There is a food shortage that is going to cause riots.
    In my opinion there are many more problems that the media will highlight or downplay depending on what they desire to occur.
    I could say more but im afraid i will lose this post too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Spot on! Thank you. Treason yes! The whole government at the highest levels as well as the general staff. All have betrayed their oaths. Words have meaning and thy have betrayed us.

    Liked by 2 people

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