Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn reference to SitRep – 2/24/2022 : War!

  • Excellent observations on current world event! You nailed the Russian/Ukraine situation. What do you see as the #1 threat to citizens of the US?

Well, this may surprise you…I see the #1 threat to the average US citizen out of all of the possible options as being the US government.

Remember one of the radical authoritarians’ mantras…“never let a crisis go to waste”. Our federal government and the ruling class are already planning on how to use this crisis to further their agenda. And that agenda is not one to strengthen the Republic or the Constitution.

Remember, they were wildly successful with the COVID pandemic.Why wouldn’t they leverage the war situation between Russia & Ukraine? Actually, a strong case could already be made…the price of oil & gas is going up. And that is a top priority of the radical extremists…price oil & gas out of the range of average Americans.

  • How can Putin be defeated? Your article was really well put. I do think you wanted to say more but didn’t for some reason.

Putin can only be defeated by his own people. It’s too late for a military solution, there is no military, or combination of militaries, that can defeat Putin…he is too committed…more committed than anyone else.

His people, their riots and such, can stop him, if not actually overthrow him. But the cost would be high to Russians.

And we could have helped the Ukraine stop the Russian invasion in its tracks and decimate them if we had done two things:

  1. Given Ukraine 1,000 new generation Stinger missiles. Cost: $38,000 each, total $38million. No Russian fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft would have been safe. The $ cost and loss of aircraft would not be acceptable to the Russian government.
  2. Given Ukraine 1,000 new generation Javelin missiles. Cost: $178,000 each, total $178million. No Russian vehicle, including tanks, would have been safe. The large loss of life would not have been acceptable to the Russian people.

NOTE #1: In 2018 the USA sold 150 Javelin missiles to Ukraine…about 850 missiles short of what they needed, and Ukraine didn’t and doesn’t have that kind of money to spend buying the missiles they need. The US sent a mere handful more in late January 2022. Too little, too late.

NOTE #2: The US sent a mere handful of Singer missiles in late January 2022. Again, too little, too late.

Had the US sent those number of missiles and associated training to Ukraine starting in 2012 – 2013 (covering 3 US presidencies) Russia might well have been deterred from invading Ukraine in 2014 or 2022. But we didn’t…and now we can easily see how we have facilitated this horrible situation where Russia becomes stronger, richer, more emboldened, and with no end in sight.

So, were we (3 US Presidents & Congresses) just blindly incompetent not helping Ukraine when we could have? Or, was there something else in play?

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