Immediate Action Warning!


               Food Storage Recommendation Change


Significant changes have occurred on the world stage that you are well aware of. I am issuing the following change in my food storage recommendations based on the following –

  1. Price of fertilizer to farmers is up significantly, in some cases the price increase is as much as 400%. Russia and China are #1 & #2 exporters of fertilizer in the world and account for 25% of all fertilizer exports. China has publicly sworn to replace us as the world’s #1 power. We are in a war with Russia that could easily escalate with worldwide consequences. Total global exports of fertilizer are down 6% from 2019 – 2020.
  2. Russia is the world’s #1 exporter of wheat, Ukraine is #5. They are locked in a deadly war. India is the #8 exporter of wheat, however, they have suspended all wheat exports for the foreseeable future out of fear for their own food supplies. Together those three countries provided 35% of all wheat exports.
  3. The Pacific Rim supply chain is still experiencing significant disruptions and there is no clear correction of that situation on the horizon.
  4. California, the primary grower of many foods in the US, is experiencing historic drought conditions with the local and state governments implementing water restrictions. Those restrictions are having a severe impact on farmers as the water is being diverted to population centers.
  5. Price of fuel, US supply chain issues, and continued federal government interference has continued to disrupt the availability of pantry items, specifically food, on store shelves.


In my food storage articles I’ve promoted 90-days of “pantry items” that you should have on hand. I am changing that as of today. Those changes are as follows –

  1. The minimum I now recommend is 6 months of pantry items.
  2. I strongly suggest 1 years’ worth of pantry items.
  3. I am changing my definition of pantry items from food your family regularly eats to ANY household item that your family regularly uses in your home.

Previously I suggested only increasing pantry supplies via “sale” items at the store. Now I am strongly suggesting you do it by any practical means.

Personal Note: Our family has taken money out of savings to do so. We have also reviewed any item around the homestead that we are no longer using and probably won’t use. If it falls into that category we are selling it and using the cash to buy pantry items and expand our cash on hand.

I want to make myself perfectly clear…Increase your supply of all pantry items in your home and do so expeditiously. The best guide is to review all household items that you and your family use each day over the course of a week. Calculate those items based on a 6-month usage, 1-year if possible. Then prioritize the purchase of those items based on the 7 Common Risks & Threats. Once that is done…DO NOT DELAY IN PURCHASING THOSE ITEMS. However, do so in a practical and realistic way based on your individual situation.

I am not suggesting that you go into debt to purchase those items nor am I promoting fear or panic. This change should not be seen in any way as suggesting that you and/or your family are in imminent or serious danger. This change is based on a medium to long-term view of the previously stated five issues listed in the “Background”.

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4 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

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  3. Also, do you have firearms? Do yo have enough ammo for those weapons? Ammo prices are down. If you don’t have enough ammo for your needs start buying now. At least a box a week. You don’t need to buy 1,000 rounds at a time. One box a week will get you what you need. If you can, get a little extra. Ammo is a great barter item. Just be careful who you trade with. You don’t want to arm the bad guys.

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    • It’s funny Paul, I thought you were asking me directly. I almost had a cow thinking about it. Then I realized it was a general question to the broader audience. If folks take my recommendation they will address the risks & threats as I outline in the “7 Common Risks/Threats” that I preach.
      And thank you for reminding people to prepare to defend self and family.


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