SitRep – May 2022 (part #1 of 2)

Sorry for the latest delay. I was planning on this coming out on Monday but I was doing editing and realized I was at almost 20 pages in my Word document, and some 8000 words. That was simply too long of an article, I can’t imagine anyone, including myself, being able to read an article that long. So I cut the most logical information out and made a separate “pre-SitRep” article. And let me tell you…you gotta read that article before you read this SitRep. If you already read the article it might even be a good idea to read it again. Understanding the concepts, ideas, and thoughts I put forward is critical…but, not as critical as the opinion/view you form after having read that article. (click here to read that article: Pre-SitRep)

So Monday was spent was preparing that article for publication. And, I was also working on our latest community project…a water trailer. The trailer actually performs several functions; 1) water trailer to move water from wells to a home for those without a well, 2) water our roads while we work on them, 3) a working platform to fight wildland fire, 4) a resource for fighting a structure fire. A neighbor provided the trailer, some of the equipment, and money for the rest of the stuff. I am doing the work. Monday I started that project, yesterday kept working on it, and I made a run to town for more parts. So that has kept me a bit busy vs editing the SitRep.

Then this morning…practicing what I preach…I put in my strawberry patch. I will post an article on that project over in the “Homestead” section hopefully by the end of the week. After I did that my wife and I had a serious 1-hour long budget discussion out on our porch. We reviewed every aspect of our income and expenses in light of this horrific economic crisis that the government has created. We are making some significant changes to how we do business with our family money. You and your family might want to think about having that same discussion, if you haven’t already. I suggest you might challenge every aspect of how you spend your money (i.e. and what you spend it on) and look for ways to bring in more money into your situation.

Now…my SitRep is still way to long, about 5500 words and 14 pages…way, WAY too long. And once editing is complete it will probably grow by another 500 – 1000 words. And then I put in the graphics…well, it would take you days just to download the article and weeks to read it. OK, maybe not that long…but you get my drift. So I am going to cut the SitRep into three parts and post them on successive days. That way it comes to you in smaller bites. Oh, and if you don’t like what I have to say in the first part…then you don’t have to waste your time reading the second and third parts! See, I am always thinking about you guys and your mental well-being 🙂

On with the SitRep…

First off…take note that I have linked a lot of previous articles as they relate to issues/items that I am speaking to today. Please take advantage of the “Related Articles” at the end of this post.

So much has been happening since the “more” posting I made in early March…and I have been earnestly monitoring the world’s current affairs. For the record…I want to throw up! It simply makes me sick to see everything that is being done by all those in power, especially the US federal government. And you can see every single day some other crap they are pulling on us…to destroy us. Yes, I mean that literally…to destroy us…that was not a figure of speech or a metaphor. They are intentionally destroying us one piece at a time, one demographic at a time, one dollar at a time…and they are no longer hiding their agenda.

I haven’t written much lately…why? You have seen, and are seeing, world events, and events right here in the USA, unfold for yourselves. And you being a regular website reader…none of it should have surprised you, confused you, or scared you. You should have taken in the information you are seeing and made moves and plans accordingly. I was not, am not, going to be part of the “fear porn” or “click bait” article avalanche that has been taking place among many other prepper websites. Whack jobs have also been writing about everything from the WHO taking away country’s sovereignty to…well, fill in the blank. The worst of the articles and videos have been the “top five/ten/twenty” things to “BUY NOW!” crap.

So, I have been watching, investigating, researching, and waiting. And now is the time for me to write about it. I hope you find value in it, I hope it allows you to make better/quicker/more-informed decisions going forward…because you need to.

Areas that will be covered:

  • Personal Update
  • Economy
  • War with Russia
  • 2022 Election
  • US Civil War II
  • The fall of the US Empire
  • Answers, DAMN IT!
  • Summary
Personal Update –

As you read this part think about it in terms of how it might apply to you and what might it bring to mind that you can do. Kinda like a memory jogger, or tick list, etc.

Since last fall I started getting really serious about better preparing our little homestead/farmstead place of safety for what is happening in the world and of what will only get worse. And man have I been putting in the hours. In the last two months I’ve completely assessed, consolidated, and refined Food Storage Extenders - grains, beans, riceour long-term and medium-term food storage. I touched each item and did a massive rearrangement of all of it to make it more functional, but mostly more accessible and usable. In the process I calculated 3 things; 1) using our current diet how long would our food storage last, 2) cutting back a little on our diet -a little uncomfortable- how long would it last, 3) cutting back Long-term Food Storage to prevent food fatigue, freeze dried foodsignificantly how long would it last, 4) what would be the best area to focus on to relieve some of the discomfort (food fatigue) of eating a reduced diet based on our long-term food storage.

I won’t share with you the results of 1 – 3 for security purposes, but I will share with you the results of #4. I expanded our orchard to include apple, peach, and cherry trees; basically tripling the number of trees. Yes, that is a longer-term project before we can eat the fruit thereof. But, at some point we will reap the benefits either through nutritious food to eat that we produced ourselves, or a more valuable piece of property that we can sell when we get too old to stay here.

The other action item that came out of #4 was a garden. I was not planning on having a garden this year, simply too much else going on and too many other things to do. But, as I reviewed everything at the 60,000 foot level I realized that a garden would be critical if the food crisis in the country/world continues to worse. First thing that got planted…herbs. Next came strawberries. Herbs for flavor, strawberries for nutrition and enjoyment. This time next year, if all goes well, we should have quadrupled our strawberry patch through the staking of runners.

I also went after our pantry (i.e. short-term to medium-term) food storage. We took out each can, checked the date and condition of each can, and then used some organizers and logic to better make use of our pantry space. It became obvious that we were missing some items and we quickly resolved that problem. And most of all, we cured our date rotation issues with the organizers.

Then last month I started on the general prepper item stuff. First came our items to protect us from Violence during grid-down, emergencies, and disasters is number one #1 threat and riskViolence. Yes, I follow my own advice concerning the 7 Common Risks/Threats of emergencies, disasters, and grid-down (click here to read about this subject). But, if you caught that I did food storage first, which is #7 on the list, there is a good reason. My wife and I decided to convert our food storage room located in our house into a bedroom with bunk beds. We felt the urgent need to do so allowing us to bring in several more people into our home if/when needed…and using it to welcome the occasional visitor. And that task fit into our larger reorganization plan of all our preps but mostly regarding food storage, so that area came first.

Back to the anti-violence preps…again, I touched each item, evaluated its part in our plan, assessed its condition, updated its storage situation, and was pleasantly surprised that we are in good condition in this respect.

I subsequently reviewed all other areas of our preps and while comfortable with our prepping in general, I did find some areas lacking. For instance, we now have 11 fruit trees in our small orchard, we expanded our gardening plans for this year, we acquired some additional tractor equipment, and coolest of all…we bought a Polaris MV7. And for those of you that don’t know what that is…it is a Polaris ATV with a 683cc engine, winch front and rear, steel racks front/rear, heftier suspension, can carry 450 lbs, and tow 1500 lbs, dual gas tanks (9gal capacity)…well, you get the idea. A beast!

Why that purchase? First of all it was a smoking hot deal. I had done some solar system work (i.e. built his system) and it was partial payment. And where we have our homestead it is a very useful tool. And yes, lots of fun too!! My wife loves for us to go on rides out into the wide open spaces. Do not forget to have some fun now and then!

Now, I practice what I preach…I have also been helping a neighbor redo his entire water system from his wellhead to his house, used my tractor to prep another neighbor’s garden space, built a driveway for another neighbor, helped prep a home spot for another neighbor, disc’d a large field for another neighbor, worked on our community’s roads (private, unmaintained roads), helped build a horse corral for another neighbor, rebuilt an existing solar system for another neighbor…well, you get the idea. You see, in our community we help each other a lot!

So what does all that mean? While monitoring what has been happening in the world, I’ve been busting my butt trying to help our community for what is here. Yes, you read that right…not “what is coming” but “what is here”. And ensuring that we too are better prepared coz it is getting worse quickly.

Now, that I have all that out of the way, justifying my lack of postings, I also see where it is time that I share my assessment of what is happening and what is to come.

Economy –

Let’s start out with the easy one…inflation. For starters the way the government calculates inflation changed in the 1990’s. They changed that calculation because it always showed higher numbers (worse inflation conditions) than they want us to see and they knew what was coming in future decades. And a big reason…they wanted to save money on COLA increase to SS, welfare benefits, and pension recipients, etc. So they redid the inflation calculation methodology. And they no longer use the change in price of food and gasoline in core inflation figures. So when you hear the government state that inflation is only 8% it is easily double or triple that when you put food and fuel into the equation and use the 1990 standards.

If they used the same calculation method they did in the 1990’s…well, inflation would be more than double what they say it is today, probably triple. Yup, that means core inflation would be in the area of 23% – 26% or more! And that sounds far more realistic to the average person than the junk figures that the US government is lying about.

And yes, in case you were wondering, they did the same with unemployment figures. So based on 1990’s calculations the unemployment rate would be about double what they show today. And let’s not forget that the government also now excludes people who are unemployed and who have stopped looking for work.

More info…About two weeks ago the numbers came out for home foreclosures…they are up 132%

More info…The last quarter of 2021 showed the highest level of unpaid credit cards bills…EVER!

More info…Stock market is down 13% year-to-date.

And dingbats who invested in Bitcoin have seen a 40% drop from 1/2/2022 – 5/12/2022. I told you for a very long time…crypto currency is not anything that you want to be invested in! And is a horrible, terrible, worthless prepper item (click here to read more about that). And FYI…the IRS stated earlier this year that they track crypto-currency, each transaction, and they know exactly who each owner is. Gotta Love It!!! Eh?

FYI earlier this month…Cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s founder has said that bitcoin has no future as a payments network and criticized the digital currency. And also reported that over $200billlion of crypto wealth was wiped out in a matter of hours earlier this month as it plunged in value, people fleeing in panic.

A key expert in economic matters warned only days ago, “…the U.S. is in the largest bubble of our lifetime and it’s going to burst as the Federal Reserve is going to suck liquidity out of the system.” And remember, the Federal Reserve is NOT authorized by the US Constitution but is used by the US government to control the US economy.

Bottom line…as we all know it…the economy is a complete and total wreck. And there is no plan, no idea, and no hope that it is going to recover to anything we will ever recognize again…EVER!

Well, other than the planned destruction of our economy and entire economic system that is skillfully being carried out quite successfully by the US federal government in cooperation with the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world.

Interesting to look at…every single action the US federal government and the Federal Reserve takes to “fix” the economy only makes our overall economic situation worse…far, FAR worse. Gee, I wonder why that is???

Food Situation –

Here is a great list of thoughts…

  • Russia is the world’s #1 exporter of fertilizer.
  • China is the world’s #2 exporter of fertilizer.
  • Russia and China account for 1/4 of all exported fertilizer in the world.
  • From 2019 – 2020 the total exports of the world’s fertilizer producers fell by 6%…without any major crisis issues coming up like the Ukraine/Russian war.
  • Many large scale farmers are paying about 4 times for fertilizer this year over last year.
  • Feed bills for livestock producers have more than doubled in many cases.
  • Last year Russia was the #1 wheat exporter in the world, Ukraine was #5. Together they account for over 30% of the world’s top 8 wheat producers.
  • India, world’s # 8 wheat exporter, just announced recently that it will suspend all wheat exports to secure its own food supply. That means 35% of all the world’s wheat exports are suspended or non-existent going forward.
  • Along with 35% of all wheat exports jeopardized…the costs of growing wheat has skyrocketed due to fertilizer and fuel costs…along with every other aspect of inflation.

Oh, screw it…you know what is happening with food production/supply in the world and here in the USA! Just be aware of how tenuous the situation is…and the high likelihood that it is going to get worse…potentially much, much worse…as planned.

One thing/crisis/issue/disaster could bring utter chaos, maybe collapse, of the world’s food supply. Let that sink in for a minute.


Tomorrow comes the next installment of this SitRep…stay tuned!

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  9. Now is the time, better late than never, for you all to get your neighbors together and talk. Have a luncheon of invited neighbors and let the conversations go where they wish. Then gather the ones who aline with your intended mission statement, and talk some more. Never divulge your current prep position/status. Get tentative commitments, develop a timeline with suspense dates. Water, comms, security, food, you all know the drill.

    Assisted my neighbors with their garden yesterday, is a good starting point. I am building a solar dehydrator that I found on the internet way back in 2009. ( )The current cost of materials has more than doubled the final cost of the item. But trudging on I go. This item too will be given to my friends. Man, two Excalibur dehydrators could easily be purchased for the cost of this thing. But they require electricity, and well that is supplied buy wires, and there is an on/off switch on that system. Soooo.

    We all know that the storm is coming. Where/what condition will you and your friends be after it hits?

    AH, shoot me an email let me know what you think.

    Saber 7

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Saber 7,
      FYI…email crashed a few months ago; the provider nor I can figure out why. We are working on it, give me a couple of weeks.
      Sounds as if you are working a good solid plan, keep up the good work!
      Good idea for the dehydrator.
      Funny…I started reading Mother Earth News back in the 70’s!!! Fantastic info for even today. What I find interesting…back then the fear was another mini-ice age (i.e. global cooling).
      Watch your six…but keep on smiling 🙂


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