A Couple Quick Items…

Yup, I’ve been really, really busy. I am, you could say, preparing not for the fall of the system…but the thud at the end of the fall. And, I am working on a SitRep that I expect to have done by the end of this week. It is taking me lots of time to verify, double check, and feel 100% confident in everything I will be writing about.

In the meantime I have to get out the word on three things:

1) A change in my recommendations regarding food storage,

2) Cash on hand,

3) “Fear porn” that is running rampant on the internet.

Let me address the later first…STOP READING, WATCHING, LISTENING TO, AND GETTING TWISTED UP ABOUT FEAR PORN!!  I can’t tell you how many articles and videos I am seeing that say buy this list, buy that list, fuel will be gone in two days, shelves will be bare next week, the WHO is taking away country’s sovereignty, and the stupidity goes on and on. Stop reading that crap and stop listening to people who promote that fear porn crap! Get them out of your life and keep them out.

The people who do that fear porn are doing so for selfish reasons only. You are better than that, you know better than that, you know it is only static that will distract you from what is real and what is important.

And for those who promote that static, that distraction, that crap…SHAME ON YOU! You are doing far more harm than any possible good. And you are potentially distracting people from doing those things that could save people’s lives, save families, save communities, save congregations.

OK, I got that out of my system…thankfully you will listen to that encouragement and spread it to others. We will all be far better off without the promoters of fear, the purveyors of distraction, and the advocates of violence against each other.

Now…food storage. In my food storage articles I’ve promoted 90-days of “pantry items” that you should have on hand. I am changing that as of today. Later today I will send out an Immediate Action Warning emphasizing it. But for now I am telling you this:

  1. The minimum I now recommend is 6 months of pantry items.
  2. I strongly suggest 1 years’ worth of pantry items.
  3. I am changing my definition of pantry items from food your family regularly eats to ANY household item that your family regularly uses in your home.

Why? You already know why but I will explain it more in my Immediate Action Warning coming out later today.

How do I suggest you go about it? I am changing that as well. Previously I suggested only doing so via “sale” items at the store. Now I am strongly suggesting you do it by any practical means. Our family has taken money out of savings to do so. We have also reviewed any item around the homestead that we are no longer using and probably won’t use. If it falls into that category we are selling it and using the cash to buy pantry items and expand our cash on hand.

It will take me awhile to update all the posts regarding this “pantry” change so please be patient.

Cash on hand. I am strongly suggesting and encouraging you to expand cash on hand. I am not saying increase the money you have in the bank…I am talking about physical cash you have in your house or hidden away on your property. I am talking paper dollar denomination money. A wide variety of denominations is best. The fewer hundred dollar bills the better.

How much cash on hand? That is up to you and your family. Each family’s situation and capacity is different. Some of you who are blessed with wealth can have more. Those who are less blessed will have the capacity to have less. There is no fixed amount of cash on hand that I recommend. I do however, think that a 6-month supply of absolute necessary expenses is a good start, 1-year’s worth would be better if possible for your situation. And when I talk about absolute necessary expenses I mean things like taxes, fuel, power & water bill, and other expenses that are absolutely necessary.

More to come…

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9 thoughts on “A Couple Quick Items…

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  2. AH, I’ll be here when you drop your next work. I am helping others in my area get better focus on their efforts, new garden plots, storage, putting up equipment, ETC. and Not by just words but by actions too. Helping them out by buying major end items, like a Berkey for their farm, and other stuff. I figured what good is my money in the bank if TPTB can just deny my access to it. So I have been kinda on a buying spree to help others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cav, That is amazing! It is service such as you are giving that will make the difference in family’s lives. I have been preaching that for some time now, but a guy like you who already gave service knows what to do…give more service. I commend you!!! People like you are rare and should be cherished. Keep up the good work!


  3. This time of year, with garden and yard work, we are all busy, I appreciate your focus, and insight, we seriously need an insightful leader in this troubled world. Keep up the good work, even though you’re busy we need the direction you’re able to give.
    Thanks for your efforts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!!!
      I try very hard to stay focused personally and on the website. Everyone’s life is cluttered enough…I don’t need to add to it.
      As for the “insightful leader”…we need a George Washington leader, nothing less will actually save our Republic and associated rights, liberties, and freedoms. Unfortunately, there is no one in sight that comes even remotely close. And that says it all as to where these times lead.
      Hang in there and share whatever you can whenever you can! It is appreciated 🙂


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