SitRep must be delayed!

The May 2022 SitRep will be, must be, delayed.

In the last 24 hours a number of extremely and critical issues came to light, one may be a huge game changer for the worse. I have not been able to vet any of the information sufficiently, and I must do so before including or excluding it from my “Answers” and “Summary” sections of the SitRep.

Also, due to the content of these issues I will have to increase size the last part of the SitRep. That being the case I will split it into two sections vs a final single section.

Finally, we are now in a long holiday weekend situation. Experience has shown me that there would be a notable drop in readership of the last two parts of the SitRep during the holiday period. So, the Part #3 is scheduled to come out on Tuesday and the final part (Part #4) will be posted on Wednesday…if all goes as expected.

One last note…with the things that are happening right this minute I am truly worried that I will miss something. And the level of events transpiring now…well, could change the face of everything as we know it. Please hang in there with me as I try to get my research done and my articles properly organized and worded. This is a make or break time period in the history of our country…we have to get this right.

Thank you,


2 thoughts on “SitRep must be delayed!

  1. Pretty much agree with everything you have mentioned in the sitrep. Been watching this happen for some time now, making me want to run and hide someplace, but I realize that would only delay the inevitable. Have to come back to civilization sometime.

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    • Watching this “was” like a slow motion train wreck. Now…it is wrecking at light speed 😦
      I agree….would be nice to hide. But, ICE would find you 😦
      Look for the answers & summary posts…I think you find encouragement, hope, and light.


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