SitRep – May 2022 (part #2 of 4)

So did you read Part #1 of the May 2022 SitRep? If not, why would you want to read this Part #2?

So make sure you have read Part #1 and you should have also read the Pre-SitRep article as well.

Let’s continue with Part #2 of the May SitRep…

War with Russia –

You can call it a “proxy war” if you want, but, it is a full scale war that the US along with other NATO countries are waging in Ukraine right now against Russia…and we have been poking the Russian bear for years anticipating a war. And if you think for a minute that US Special Forces and CIA operatives aren’t actually in Ukraine…you are sadly mistaken. We are fighting a war with Russia right now…period. And yes, I know that Russia actually started the war not the US nor NATO. But, for some interesting reading try this out before going on (click here to read the article of the US meddling in Ukraine, toppling their government, and creating a very antagonizing neighbor for Russia)

And to make things really interesting…we have an incompetent, senile old man in the throes of dementia with his finger on our nuclear trigger. And on the other side we have a ruthless tyrant who is hell-bent on rebuilding the Russian Empire at virtually any cost. So it is a matter of which crazy man pulls the trigger first…and destroys mankind as we know it.

You know…if he was any other regular person he would be admitted into an assisted living facility or hospice. But, our country makes Joe Biden very comfortable with a luxurious house and his own 747 jet…along with the most sophisticated and powerful nuclear arsenal that could destroy the entire world into little more than cosmic dust. Kinda ironic don’t you think?

However, I am actually torn over the war in Ukraine situation. Russia must be stopped or their empire building goes unchecked. They are, on the face of it, an overwhelming force of evil going up against a country that should have crumbled in days. Russia’s campaign of utter destruction is clear, pervasive, and criminal. Ukraine’s resistance is nothing short of heroic and miraculous. As my wife and I sat watching the war wage on in the early days she said to me, “You want to go, don’t you?”

Fifteen years younger and I would have already been there. So my natural instinct drives me to help the Ukrainian people…but only personally. Our government should not be spending billions of dollars to fund that war. And where exactly will those billions come from? Oh, that’s right…thin air!! But, whose pockets does all that money end up in when we replace the equipment and weaponry we’ve sent to Ukraine?

It is Ukraine’s war taking place in Europe. Why does that make a difference? Well, I turn to two men who are far smarter, far wiser, with far more experience in these matters…George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both of those Founding Fathers, the 1st & 3rd Presidents, knew the dangers and fatal errors associated with “alliances” and both warned against permanent entangling alliances that would drag us into wars. The United States has done a damn fine job of clearly and intentionally ignoring their advice and wisdom.

So I will go with Founding Father wisdom and state categorically that the United States government should not be involved in the war in Ukraine against Russia.

We have spent, or committed to spend, directly or indirectly, close to a total of $100billion dollars to aid Ukraine…so far. Look at it this way…the US federal budget deficit for 2022 will come in at about $2trillion. Our war aid to Ukraine will add another 5% to money that we don’t already have, so we borrow/print it, and we can never repay it…so, the Federal Reserve will simply add it to our debt. Another straw to our fiscal camel’s back.

All that being said…I would go there personally and help, as I would hope thousands of other trained veterans would. But the US government has no business being involved in a European war, let the Europeans fight and pay for their own war, they certainly could/can do it without our help…if they wanted to.

Why talk about this at all? Do you not remember my article that I posted just over a year ago regarding this? In that article I clearly made the case that the US is a war mongering country (click here to read that article)…and we are, it is factually true.

And there is a question that must be asked concerning that fact…Why are we a war mongering country?”

Former President Eisenhower made it simple and clear nearly 65 years ago…the military-industrial complex. Large corporations make trillions of dollars off our lust for war. And as Eisenhower made indisputable, the “the immense military establishment” becomes more and more powerful the more war we wage.

And let’s not forget our past and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers…one of their biggest fears was a large and powerful standing army.

Ahhhhhh, what do we have today?

Once again the average US citizen is paying huge money to the military-industrial complex, lining their pockets, feeding their profits, buying them luxuries, and growing both their wealth and power. And all that as the country slips more and more into the fiscal abyss and the American middle-class disappears into oblivion.

Now, ask yourself this…

To what end…Why does the US wage war, after war, after war, after war?” 

Well, my opinion, if you are interested, is this…the acquisition of power and money. Or rather the transfer of wealth and power from citizens to private corporations and power to the US federal government.

And one last tidbit for you…When we, the 13 Americans colonies, suffered under British tyranny the Red Coats (British Army) served as law enforcement. So think to yourself…Why were the Founding Fathers so concerned about a standing army?

2022 Election –

Let’s make this quick and easy. I have been asked multiple times and involved in more discussions than I wish to admit to concerning the upcoming 2022 election. So my position is clear…the outcome of the 2022 election is of no significant consequence of any kind to our country other than perhaps deception.


Let’s start out by me saying that I rely on historical facts and evidence. And, for this conversation either the Democrats maintain power in Congress or they don’t. If they do maintain power things continue to crash quickly and the US Empire collapses into a totalitarian state rather soon thereafter. If the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate then the US Empire continues to crash into a totalitarian state…somewhat slower, but not much.

How so?

Simple, refer to history. When was the last time the Republicans did anything to restore the Constitution or the Republic…or even any rights, liberties, or freedoms? Let’s talk about Republican Presidents first:

  • Trump – 2020 was the largest US federal deficit in US history, he weakened the 2nd Amendment through Executive Order, and he didn’t even support constitutional due process (i.e.CAF).
  • Bush #2 – huge deficits, crashed the US economy, implemented socialist “fixes” to correct the economic crash, destroyed more rights, liberties, and freedoms than any other president in history with his actions taken post-9/11, and started two completely unneeded and costly wars.
  • Bush #1 – lied to us, raised taxes, got us into multiple wars, and ran large budget deficits.
  • Reagan – promised us that he would dismantle decadent federal bureaucracies but didn’t, and gave us large budget deficits on top of that.

How’s that for the last 40+ years of Republican Presidents? And the list goes on and on. But how about Republican controlled House and/or Senate?

Go ahead…give a rock solid example when a Republican controlled House and/or Senate did great things for the US! Which one gave us a balanced budget, reduced the national debt, restored rights, liberties, or freedoms…or did much of anything to repair/restore our Constitutional Republic? The only one that comes to mind is a Republican Congress giving us a balanced US federal budget and a budget surplus under President Clinton in the late 90’s. But they did nothing else to restore our Republic!

So no, if the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate nothing of any significance will change…other than a minimal speed change at which America completes its fall into a totalitarian state.

Bottom line…the 2022 election means virtually nothing and will change virtually nothing. But I guarantee you this…it will create more hate, more rancor, more division, more chaos, and probably more violence.

And what did the #1Founding Father think of political parties and party politics?

So how do you feel…if you belong to a political party, toe the line on party politics, and find yourself having run afoul of George Washington?

US Civil War II –

How do I make sense of this subject…let alone write it coherently for publication. Best to start it off with my opinion clear, concise and to the point…

The United States Federal Government has declared war on citizens of the United States.

How’s that for to the point? Now, let me get to outlining the case to support my claim.

Let’s take the price of oil for just a minute…

Use the chart, explain the crisis that comes from killing the oil & gas industry.

So did you study the chart real well? Do you see all the products that the average US citizen uses every single day? How many of those uses are critical to a person’s life? Got that all put into your cranium?

So why did Joe Biden declare war on the oil & gas industry? Why did he close down oil pipelines? Why is the US government not approving new oil refineries? Why did his mentor Obama advise Biden to take these steps? Why has Biden virtually emptied the US’s strategic oil supply reserved for military purposes during wartime?

Oh, and try this one on…The White House made the tentative decision to open up the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve to address the diesel price and growing fuel shortage crisis, a White House official told CNN. Here is the interesting part of that…there is approximately 31million gallons of diesel fuel in that reserve. Here is the kicker…the US uses about 120million gallons of diesel fuel per day…or about 5million gallons of diesel fuel per hour. So why would Biden empty out another national fossil fuel reserve supply for about 6 hours of truck driving?

Yet another crisis to be created by the US Federal government.

OK, time to move on to the next item of business, a really important item…

In early May President Biden called former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement the “most extreme” group in recent US history. As defined by Biden, MAGA refers to Republicans in general, and conservatives more specifically…more to the point, anyone who doesn’t support Biden and the radical left agenda.

In purely objective terms…how is the MAGA crowd extreme?

Yeah, some of them are a little weird, and the shaman is really a kook, but they are for the most part just political zealots committed to their party’s, or at least Trump’s, ideology. So describe them as ideologues for sure, perhaps zealots, but not hardly extremists by in large.

In the following days after Biden’s outlandish claim the press reported incident after incident where Biden called MAGA a threat, extreme, dangerous, etc. And of course the media jumped in there to support the radical Progressive/Liberal attacks driving home the point of how extreme the MAGA crowd is…and how it jeopardizes our democracy.

Interesting to note how often the media refers to, or claims, the USA a democracy. Thankfully it was designed and founded as a Constitutional Republic. Sure, we’ve changed…

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!Oh, now I get why the media and most politicians refer to the USA as a democracy!

Why would Biden, in regards to MAGA supporters, make the claim of “extremism” so many times and so clearly with the support of the media echoing his words? The “given” answer by the political pundits is…multiple focus groups found that “MAGA” had negative connotations amongst the majority of voters. So the pundits say that the MAGA claims/attacks are simply a political move. I simply say, NOT SO!

The key is in Biden’s use of the words “extremism” and “extremists”…and it is very, very important to understand his specific language.

June 15, 2021 the White House issued a “fact sheet” called “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism”. The wording in that fact sheet defined domestic terrorism. And, if you guessed that “extremist” was the cornerstone of that definition you would 100% correct.

But don’t think that is anything new. Back in 2015 the FBI working with DHS listed who they thought were not just extremists but potential domestic terrorists as well. According to the FBI and DHS there are 188 ways for them to identify potential domestic terrorists. Some indicators are, anyone who:

  • opposes illegal immigration,FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terrorists
  • thinks the government is too big and too powerful,
  • believes there are political elitists,
  • believes that the Federal Reserve is illegitimate,
  • supports the Second Amendment,
  • protests against taxes,
  • prepares for emergencies or disasters,
  • wants the government to strictly abide by the Constitution,
  • criticizes the federal government,
  • is anti-abortion,
  • is a military veteran.

And the list goes on and on and on for another 177 red flags to link a US citizen to terrorism! And the reason for that is???????

So let’s throw in one more dot to connect to all of this, just for clarification and background info…

Back in the early fall of 2021 President Biden, via the Department of Justice, directed the FBI to investigate parents who voiced objections to critical race theory at school board meetings…and label those parents as domestic terrorists. In early October 2021 Attorney General Garland ordered, via letter, FBI agents to do just that…using the specific wording of “threats of violence”…read terrorist by DHS’s own definition. Then…

Later in October while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on oversight of the Department, Attorney General Merrick Garland denied claims that the Justice Department (DOJ) would label parents as domestic terrorists or related investigations as terrorism. Which directly contradicted the wording in his letter to FBI agents had directed the FBI agents to do. Then in November 2021 an FBI whistleblower provided documents to Congress proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the FBI did in-fact label investigations into parents who voiced objection to critical race theory at school board meetings with domestic terrorism tags and labels.

So we have the President of the United States, the US Attorney General, and the FBI:

  1. Conspiring to illegally, and ludicrously label regular US parents, mostly moms, as domestic terrorists,
  2. Lying to Congress and the American people about it,
  3. Attempting to cover-up their actions,
  4. And then being proven that they actively and intentionally conspired to subvert the Constitution of the United States.

Huuuuummmmmm…I wonder why???????

So now the last piece and the most vital/significant point…why use “extremism”, “terrorism”, “domestic terrorist”, etc. in reference to MAGA folks, Trump supporters, preppers, school board attendees, Republicans, Conservatives, etc.?

Because when federal law enforcement agencies label investigations into potential domestic terrorism they have HUGE leeway in negating legal and Constitutional restrictions on investigations. And worse of all…it virtually eliminates constitutional rights of any kind for anyone targeted as domestic, or potential domestic, terrorists.

And if you read my “Pre-SitRep” article earlier this week (click here to read) then you understand why these terms and actions by federal law enforcement agencies are so vital for this current phase of the US government’s agenda. But, it is truly critical for the next phase of the US Government’s agenda.

And once you have removed any last vestiges of Constitutional rights then the last nail is pounded into place for America being a tyrannical power, Banana Republic, totalitarian state, or any other term along those lines. And, a totalitarian state is the ultimate goal of the US federal government and those in power behind it…total authoritarianism…absolute power…complete subversion of the US Constitution.

Did that sink in?

Now, just to make sure I am not smoking up your skirt…take a second and think of all the comments made by Democrat politicians, even some Republican politicians, the Biden White House, federal law enforcement agencies, and the media regarding the “right”, conservatives, MAGA, Trump and his supporters, deplorables, etc. Just a reality check…what was the first words out of the mouths of Dems regarding the mass shooting in Buffalo? “White supremacy!” Why? The #1 label to identify domestic terrorism is white supremacy. And the mass shooting was done with what kind of weapon? You have part of  their agenda figured out by now…and unarmed population is powerless against the imposition of tyranny. Kinda why the Founding Fathers wanted no standing army, wanted militias, and made sure that the 2nd Amendment was clearly spelled out.

So tell me again why the US Federal Government demonizes, prosecutes, and seeks to eliminate any and all militias?

The US federal government has declared war on citizens of the United States…and they are using every tool in their arsenal to win. They will demonize, then investigate, then prosecute, and then imprison anyone who opposes the unchecked power of the US federal government. And if that doesn’t work…well, just review the history of the FBI: Ruby Ridge Killings, Waco Massacre, Finnicum Ambush & Murder, etc.

And then of course there is the US government’s right to outright kill US citizens…and is proven to be 100% true based on their own words (click here to read that information).

Yes, the US Civil War II has officially started and publicly acknowledged…as per Biden, DOJ, DHS, the FBI, and all the rest of them. But don’t think any federal law enforcement agency has been left out! Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology just released a report that took two years to complete. In that report it revealed that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under DHS) has crafted a sophisticated surveillance dragnet designed to spy on anyone in the United States, without the need for warrants and circumventing state privacy laws. Yup, even ICE is in on it!!

And if you think you are protected from government spying on you…a top executive of NSO – Pegasus (#1 producer of mobile phone spyware used by governments and corporations all over the world) stated they can turn on/off phones, turn on/off cameras and microphones, and gather every single piece of any kind of information off any cell phone whenever they want…without the user ever knowing it. But that is not the important part! They said the NSA makes their spyware look like child’s play…whether it is a cell phone, computer, or any other electronic device.

And one last little tidbit in this section… In April the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the creation of the “Disinformation Governance Board.”

So let’s think about this…the largest federal law enforcement agency creates, on their own, an internal agency and gives it the mission to identify, investigate, and prosecute any organization or individual it solely deems, to have produced or quoted disinformation or misinformation.

Did you get that? And to make matters even worse…as the Chief of this new agency they put a certifiable whack job in charge. Gee, I wonder why they did that!?!

Let me bring it into more clarification…a federal agency not authorized by the Constitution is now perusing people who do have a right of free speech under the Constitution.

One more time…DHS (a US federal government department NOT authorized by the Constitution) is placed in charge of investigating and imprisoning anyone it finds guilty of a right -freedom of speech- that is protected by the US Constitution.

If that is not clear enough for everyone to understand, without any doubt or question, the US federal government is currently implementing one of the final stages of totalitarianism…well, I just don’t have a clue what could possibly be more clear!

And yes, I know that it was officially announced that this has been “paused” and the new chief resigned. However, the only pause is who is in charge (i.e. the chief resigned). Nothing else has been paused…nothing! Everything else is moving forward, it has just gone semi-dark for now to avoid the spotlight and to act more covertly against citizens of the United States.

And here is what should frighten you to your very core…not only is DHS not a constitutionally authorized federal government department:

  1. No legal authority was cited for the creation of this new sub-agency,
  2. DHS created this “board” without the approval of Congress or anyone else other that Biden,
  3. No definition of misinformation or disinformation was provided,
  4. No mission statement was provided,
  5. No organization or leadership chart was provided,
  6. No investigative or arrest or prosecution boundaries were provided,
  7. No limitations on it powers or authority were provided.

So this HUGE law enforcement agency identifies you as a disseminator of disinformation (or its cute cousin “misinformation”) in one of the 188 categories that identifies potential domestic terrorists…what happens?

Well, if you are identified as such…you have virtually NO constitutional rights to fall back on…period!

What do you think…turn preppers, conservatives, basically 1/2 of the country, into potential domestic terrorists. What kind of government would do such a thing?

Seriously…what kind of freaking government would do that to its own citizens!?!?!?!? Well, I know.

I am sure that you have probably thought about Civil War II, you probably have seen the US federal government acting tyrannically, and undoubtedly you have seen the criminality and corruption at every level and in every corner of the federal government. But, I am telling you now, without reservation, it is now a civil war. They know it, they have started it, and they have only one goal…to win. And they will do anything to anyone whenever they can to accomplish that goal.

But is US Civil War II really the right label? Maybe not. I submit to you “revolution” may be far more accurate. The US Federal Government is revolting against the US Constitution, revolting against the Bill of Rights, and ultimately revolting against its own citizenry.

The Great United States Federal Government Revolution…yeah, that sounds more realistic and factual.

Put it to the test…ask these questions:

  • Why else would the US government, politicians, corporations, educational institutions, media, etc. all be playing different groups of people against other groups creating hate, discontent, and discord?
  • Why would those groups involve virtually everyone in our country…pitting them against each other?
  • Why would they identify 1/2 the country as potential domestic terrorists, and even identify political opponent supporters as extremists?
  • Why would they declare war on the oil & gas industry that provides vital and life saving products to the US?
  • Why would they wage endless wars?
  • Why would they empty the country’s strategic oil reserve?
  • Why would they empty the country’s strategic diesel fuel reserve?
  • Why would they run-up a national debt that they know full well that it can never repay?
  • Why would they take to themselves the right to have a “kill list” for American citizens?
  • Why would they…why would they…why would they…

For me it is clear…crystal freaking clear. Now, it’s up to you to answer the hard questions. And don’t get caught up in the fluff…the powder puff junk…the easy answers…the comfort zone crap. Come up with the real answers…the hard answers…the truth.

I will finish up this SitRep tomorrow…see you then!

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    • Doug,
      You sound very discouraged. But, please only be discouraged with what the evil side is doing…there are great things happening on the Lord’s side. I will help add to the hopefulness when I do the “answers” and “summary” part of the SitRep. Hang in there!


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