Overturning Roe & Casey…Impact on us all

This is a follow-up article to Immediate Action Warning! covering potential for extreme violence based on the overturn of Roe and Casey.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way…and it will be a disclosure as well. I am thrilled that Roe & Casey cases got overturned. It overturned the Supreme Court’s position that a woman has a stated Constitutional right to abortion. For me abortion as it was/is in the United States akin to infanticide.

Now, on to the reality of the situation…what this all means and how it will potentially impact all of us.

What the decision means –

First off overturning Roe didn’t/doesn’t ban abortion, actually it is not about abortion at all, it is about a individual’s Constitutional right and states’ rights.

Point #1 – Nowhere in the Constitution is there any wording that states that a woman has a right to an abortion. And I mean nowhere, in any way, in any possible twisting of language does it make that statement. So plainly, clearly, unequivocally, unambiguously there is no right guaranteed for a woman to have an abortion.

Point #2 – Since there is no federal guarantee for a woman’s right to have an abortion it falls to the states to act as they see fit. That is in the Constitutional principle under the 10th Amendment…

Bottom line…the overturning of Roe simply was overturning bad law. And even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the most extreme leftist to sit on the Supreme Court in modern history, spoke publicly in 1992 that Roe was bad law and would probably be overturned. And so it was…the law was set right, actual Constitutional rights reiterated/restored, and states’ rights restored.

When you hear folks say that this bans abortion…it does not. When you hear folks say it restores a right to life…it does not. It only returns those issues to the state level for a decision by those states on how they, that particular state, will deal with the question of abortion.

The potential impact on us –

You have to remember I am pretty organized, some would say obsessive, in the way I view things. Yeah, okay…so be it.

In this case I see three ways to classify the potential “impact” on us; short-term, medium-term, and long-term phases.

Short-Term (1 – 3 months):

The short-term has already started. There have been, and will be, peaceful rallies on both sides of the issue. There has been, and will be, demonstrations and protests by the pro-abortion supporters. These will in the short-term grow more numerous and more violent. These will last well into the medium and long term phases as well, although growing less numerous as we move into the long-term phase. But, in the short-term I believe there is a strong potential for the more radical leftists to commit significant acts of violence, just not in large numbers.

Last night, within 12 hours of the Roe announcement, Phoenix police had to use tear gas and flashbang grenades to disperse violent protestors attempting to take over the state capital building. Many protestors were carrying death threat signs against the Supreme Court Justices.

There will be political posturing and rabid calls for action by leftist politicians. Some of the more radical pro-abortion organizations will call for and/or plan for acts of violence relatively soon, but I expect the most serious ones to appear more towards then end of the short-term.

The short-term will be used primarily for planning and setting the stage publicly, politically, and coordinating with the leftist media…especially the on-line social communities.

Medium-Term (4 – 12 months):

This phase has a tremendous potential for numerous acts of violence, some of it extreme. It will be almost all originating from the leftist pro-abortion supporters/terrorists (i.e. Jane’s Revenge, Planned Parenthood, etc.). However, I do expect to see some pro-life radical elements respond and there is a high likelihood for those folks to commit violence as well.

The violence will include; vandalism, physical assaults, arson (including fire bombings), murders, and more assignation attempts on public figures. I also see a high potential for mass shootings at rallies/demonstrations, and non-shooting mass murder attempts such as ramming groups with vehicles.

As the election nears I see an almost certainty of extreme violence on the part of the left. They have a long and sordid history of political violence and it will be manifested as their extremism is placed under pressure internally and externally.

On election day, in areas where abortion bans are already in-place, or about to be voted in, I expect voting locations to be especially targeted for demonstrations and violence.

Long-Term (1 year +):

This is going to be the most devastating phase for America. We, as a country, are already irreconcilably divided. There is no foreseeable solution to reunite America…especially as a Constitutional Republic. The abortion issue in America will significantly deepen the divide we already suffer from. And that deepening may be the final straw that will lead to Civil War II or American Revolution II.

Here’s why…there are two completely different “camps” of states when it comes to abortion; pro-abortion and pro-life. The pro-life states have already passed, or soon will pass, laws regulating abortion (including bans in some cases). But the other side, the pro-abortion, side will go so extreme that calling them “death factories” would be an understatement.

The radical leftist states (i.e. California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, New York, Illinois, and all the little northeast states) will enact extreme laws to promote abortion. They will use taxpayer money to ensure that abortion clinics can kill as many unborn babies as possible. And many will codify post-birth abortion. They will aid women from all over the country to come to their states to have abortions. Movie and TV stars, politicians, the media, and abortion advocates will celebrate their efforts and accomplishments in the number of babies they are killing. The radical leftist states will become the 21st century moral equivalent of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachaus.

[side note: Interesting that it was Margaret Sanger who developed the concept of abortion and “planned parenthood“…it was called “eugenics.” Sanger, who was a avowed socialist, had the support of Democrats and unions as well as their funding her cause. Her organization taught eugenics to Hitler’s Nazi’s in Germany in the 1930’s. The KKK founded by southern Democrats were taught eugenics by Sanger and supported both Nazi efforts and Sanger’s organization. Sanger is worshiped by today’s Democrats/liberals/Progressives as a virtual goddess. To learn exactly how Sanger, Nazis, KKK, Planned Parenthood, and Democrats all fit together click here.]

The end result will be two completely different and deeply divided America’s…pro-life and pro-abortion exacerbating the existing political divide. And it will be a very, very deep divide that will not only be irreconcilable, it will grow steadily worse and deeper. And that worsening will end up in only one place…war. Yes, war!

The two sides will be pitted against each other and emotions inflamed to the point there will be no other workable solution. And that too will be by design.

So there is victory in the overturning of Roe and Casey…but it will also not end well for the USA. Then again, regardless of Roe and Casey, it still wasn’t/isn’t going to end well for the USA. This landmark decision will just more clearly delineate the opposing sides. However, neither will win actually.

The key question to this phase is the timing…how soon will all of this happen. I see the radical leftist states finalizing the development of their sanctuary killing grounds within 12 – 18 months to enable the infanticide to be commonplace, regular, abundant, and lauded. I could see significant reprisals (i.e. Bubba Effect) within 3 – 6 months after that. Within 12 – 18 months after that I could see open and regular violent conflicts between the different sides at state lines and at the death factories. At about the 2 year mark I could see the beginnings of open warfare on both sides. Not conventional warfare with armies and such, but at the organized radical group level…organized guerilla warfare…American against American.

I am not 100% certain that I have the time-frames right. They could be off in start/end times. They could also overlap to some degree such as one or more months. And a lot depends on the election and how much the left stirs up the hate and violence against pro-life folks…or their insatiable desire to burn the whole system to the ground.

As for my Christian thoughts on abortion –

Let me state again; 1) I am grateful for the overturning of Roe and Casey, 2) I am thankful beyond belief that it will slow down the infanticide in the US, 3) it strips power that the US government took unto itself with no Constitutional basis, 4) it restores states’ rights, 5) it gives people more power over their lives by being able to control their state governments’ actions through the ballot box…and their feet.

I have thought long and hard for decades about abortion and what my personal beliefs should be…and now are. And I hopefully have based that belief on correct eternal and legal principles. I see a person’s belief on abortion falling into two general categories; 1) faith based “Christian-Judaeo”, 2) non-believer.

If you are a non-believer then it is a matter of when you think a baby is a person. It can range from inception/fertilization to the baby’s presence outside of the mother. Former president Obama held some of the most radical abortion beliefs…supporting post-birth abortion. Meaning…a baby who was born, and is outside of the mother’s body, can be left to die by denying it any medical attention, feeding, liquids, oxygen, etc. Most rational people would call that murder…but not in the minds of leftists. Obama’s belief based on his own words…throw it in the corner and let it die.

If you are to believe science and medical doctors the baby has its own heartbeat, can feel pain, and moves on its own at a very early age. But, that also doesn’t seem to matter to the pro-abortion crowd…cut those babies to pieces and pull the dead baby parts out of the mother. And in the case of Planned Parenthood…sell those dead baby parts for money.planned parenthood crushing babies alive for body parts









As for me…a believer. I believe in the 10 Commandments,the book of Exodus in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Old Testament. Within that scripture it states, “Thou shalt not kill.” The Hebrew version roughly translates to, “You shall not murder.” And that essentially means that unlawful killing resulting in bloodguilt is against God’s will and desire for us. And FYI…”bloodguilt” is wrongly causing a death.

God has also given us the right to defend ourselves and our families, including to the point of taking a life. Taking a life during war can, at times, also be justified due to the self-defense principle. There is debate that when the “law” allows for the death penalty that too is also allowable to take a person’s life within that law…if that law is just.

Generally speaking Christian doctrine is such that you should not shed innocent blood…pretty plain and simple. And I believe that to be true and I abide in it.

Jeremiah 1:5 says…

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

That is pretty plain as well…we existed before this life and the Lord knew us. And He knew us when we were in the womb and treated us as one of His. So, to me…life begins in the womb period. So I tie it all together…killing a baby in the womb is shedding innocent blood and is forbidden by God.

And you read in Mathew 19 about how much the Lord loves little children. Then in Mathew 25 you read about the Lord’s statement, “doing it” unto these you do it unto the Lord.

And then there is always the Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” found in Mathew and Luke. Pretty clear, if you believe in abortion…you believe that anyone can simply take your life as well…for any reason whatsoever at any time. Meaning, you treat unborn babies as you want others to treat you.

I hope that makes it pretty clear on what I believe and why. There is one exception that is included in my abortion stance…based on a God-given right…the right of self-defense.

The Bible speaks well to the right to defend ourselves against injury by others. Thomas Paine spoke to self-defense as a natural, God-given right all the way back in the 18th century. In my opinion when a baby in the womb that directly and indisputably jeopardizes the life of the mother, then the mother has the right to decide on an abortion based on the sound medical advice of a qualified doctor. She is exercising her right of self-defense.

All that being said…if a state passes such law(s) that allows for abortions on demand then the citizens can exercise their rights within the laws of that state. But, that doesn’t free them of the consequences of their actions. But at that point it is a moral issue not a legal issue…and God alone will sort that out…that is His job…and only His job.

A person who is pro-abortion must look at their discipleship…do they truly believe in the scriptures…the word of God…or not? Do they believe in what the Lord has said…or not? Can a person, as a self-proclaimed Christian, justify the shedding of innocent blood of an unborn baby? Or, as a pro-abortionist, does a person forward the cause of Satan?

Summary –
  • Roe and Casey was overturned based on it being recognized as bad law.
  • The overturning of Roe and Casey doesn’t ban abortion.
  • States’ rights were restored.
  • The citizens of each state are now free to decide the abortion issue within their state bounds.
  • The US states will become divided into two camps…pro-abortion and pro-life…irreconcilably so. That is on top of an existing deep political and cultural divide.
  • There will be growing violence between the two philosophical camps.
  • The overturning of Roe and Casey will cause an irreparable divide in the US that will result in escalating extreme violence, and ultimately war.
  • This divisiveness crisis will be used by those in power to their advantage against both philosophical camps.

But, most importantly…the lives of some unborn babies will be spared! And that cannot be over-stated.

The impacts on all of us will come, and some of those impacts will be devastating. And it will end up as violence, extreme violence…and eventually war. Wars have been waged over far less. The world went to war against Hitler and all of Nazi Germany for their murder (eugenics) of 11million people. Imagine what will happen in the US over 70million murders in the last 50 years…and more to come by the radical leftists creating death factories in their states designed for one purpose…killing babies.

One more example of how the world is turning upside down…and becoming ever more unstable and violent. Be careful and be wise…more so than ever before.

Know who you are, know what you believe in, know who you follow…and know your own courage and convictions. And most of all…do not fear.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your studied opinion on this SCOTUS decision and the likely impact. I share your beliefs in the scriptures, the Constitution and rule of law. One thought has occurred to me as I considered the likely violent reaction to the decision – I expect churches to be targeted for vandalism, arson and worse. Many see any Christian faith as intolerance and the cause of their guilt associated with their choices and I’m predicting will attack to try and remove the voices they do not want to hear. It will take planning and a careful awareness to protect ourselves, our families, and others against these angry individuals and mobs. Also, spiritual preparation to hear the promptings to safety and how to act (or not act). From recent years we have seen violence against people who communicate on social media or in public declarations often with little consequences to the perpetrators of violence. Perhaps the time for Pro Life bumper stickers is past as that can make for easy target when a person is isolated and vulnerable.

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