Immediate Action Warning!




               Extreme Violence, Riots, Attack on Capital

Background –

Roe v Wade has been overturned by the Supreme Court. The case ruled on in 1973 authorized infanticide in the United States. Since then some 70,000,000 unborn and post-birth babies have been killed in the United States.

The Democrats and other radical left groups have been committing violence against pro-life groups, facilities, and personnel for decades. The violence has dramatically increased in the last year and especially the last month or so. The most recent glaring example of the left’s determination to continue infanticide was the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. The assassination was originally discussed and encouraged by Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer in early March of this year. The actual attempted assassination was carried out on June 8th of this year.

Warning Specifics –

Based on previous actions taken by the radical left in the past in relation to pro-abortion and pro-infanticide activities you could expect to see:

  • Riots and violent demonstrations, including extensive property damage and injury to innocent by-standers…and especially violence targeting law enforcement personnel.
  • Violent attacks on pro-life advocates and medical personnel to include assassinations, mass shootings, murder, and bombings.
  • Violent attacks on pro-life facilities and offices to include arson and bombings.
  • Attacks on capital buildings in general and specifically against the Supreme Court facility.
  • Assassination attempts and attacks on the homes of the 6 Justices that voted to overturn the original 1973 pro-infanticide ruling.

The Democrats and other radical leftists will be mentally and emotionally unhinged over this court ruling. They will call for “action” and Democrat leaders, as they have done in the past, will call for violence. The more radical of the radical left, “Jane’s Revenge”, a violent leftist pro-abortion domestic terrorist group, has already threatened violence, murders, fire bombings, and other acts of terror against any and all pro-life groups and individuals.

I strongly urge you to keep your Situational Awareness at a very high level when out in public. Watch for any possible sign of confrontation with all leftists (i.e. Democrats, etc.) and avoid it…DO NOT CONFRONT THEM!

Avoid any and all rallies and/or demonstrations of support for the court ruling. Same goes for something as simple as a meeting. They could all be potential targets for extreme violence including arson, bombings, and mass shootings.

Be prepared to defend yourself, your family and your community against the potential for extreme violence. Take this development very seriously, this could explode over the summer as the fall elections draw near…violence is virtually assured…it only a matter of how much and to what extent.

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6 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

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  3. May I suggest that we provide some lessons in physics for these domestic terrorist? Most states have laws for the use of deadly force to protect life, and property from arsonist. Kyle was a good start.

    Saber 7

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  4. This stinks!!

    “Publicly, after a draft of the likely decision leaked in May, former President Donald Trump was remarkably tight-lipped for weeks about the possible decision, which the court ultimately handed down Friday, ending federal abortion protections. But privately, Trump has told people repeatedly that he believes it will be bad for Republicans. The decision, Trump has told friends and advisers, will anger suburban women, a group who helped tilt the 2020 presidential race to Joe Biden, and will lead to a backlash against Republicans in the November midterm elections.”

    Since when is winning at politics more important than saving the lives of 70million babies? This is exactly why I keep preaching “principles vs politics”…if you value politics over something as important as the life of babies…then you are a sick demented psychopath!

    [note – 6/25/2022: Trump released a statement, “Today’s decision, which is the biggest WIN for LIFE in a generation, along with other decisions that have been announced recently, were only made possible because I delivered everything as promised, including nominating and getting three highly respected and strong Constitutionalists confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.” It was great to hear him speak to the fundamental issue here…savings lives, stopping infanticide. Pity he had to then make it about him. But, he is a politician so it is understandable when put into context. And he is right, without the three additional originalists we couldn’t have gotten the return to Constitutional law in the latest Roe case and overturning the NY gun law.]

    Of course Biden said, “So many of us are frustrated and disillusioned…this is not over!” A very thinly veiled threat. But, did you catch that he is frustrated at no longer being able to kill babies at will???

    Then Michelle Obama on Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade: “I am heartbroken today!” What? heartbroken that infanticide can now be stopped???? Shows you clearly where she stands…KILL BABIES!!

    Of course former President Barack Obama again urged Americans who are angry about the loss of abortion “to take action.” Well, the last time Democrat leaders said something like that there was an attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

    So there you have it…the Democrat ledership calling for extreme violence while lamenting the loss of their ability to continue infanticide. How sick and pathetic are they!?! What depth of depravity will they stoop to?? How violent are they going to get to the general public now that they can’t legally kill unborn babies??

    This a clear way to separate the wheat from the chaff.


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