FAQ – 9/22/2022

  • Do you want to see Trump on trial?

Well, yes and no. If he is remotely guilty of what they have said he is…then put him on trial and let a jury of his peers decide his fate. And “no” I don’t think he should go on trial for the apparent politics only vendetta against him. Then again, if he was put on trial then maybe some of the FBI/DOJ criminal activity and BS would come to light so all of America could know who they really are and what they are really doing.

  • How do you make money off the site? I am trying to find a way to help but can’t.

Oh yeah!!!  Ah, wait…did you say money or profit? There is no profit to running this website. In the early years I lost about $20,000 – $30,000 on testing and reviewing equipment and gear. Yeah I know, not a good business model. Now, and for the last couple of years I am making money. I make about $1.75 per month from Amazon links, I make about $2.00 every third month from online book sales. And that is about it. Now for the good part…I spend about $150 per year paying the host (WordPress) and for the privilege of owning the website name. However, this last month I made almost $20 because someone bought one of the air conditioners I mentioned and linked to on Amazon in the article…along with an above normal amount of other purchases through site links to Amazon. My wife isn’t real happy with me over the whole thing but she supports the effort. I have actually had a few folks want to donate money for/through the site but I feel like that would be begging…and that doesn’t sit well with me. I could take on advertisers…but then that make me like most other prepper websites. And I refuse to make it a subscription website because I think people need information more than I need money.

  • You explain stuff in a good way, could you do a series on solar power?

I have actually been thinking about doing a series on the basics of solar power. But, it would take time and right now I am swamped getting the “glamstead” ready for the apocalypse. But let’s try a survey and see what the interest is.



  • Why didn’t you write about the rail strike and it could have crashed the country?

I didn’t think it had a remote chance of it happening. I would have put it at a 5% probability. Biden wouldn’t have allowed it so close to the mid-terms. Or rather…Biden’s controller/handler wouldn’t have allowed it to happen because it would have meant a sure loss for control of Congress. Yeah, that means I saw the strike potential as “static” and I am trying to reduce all that crap as much as possible.






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