Different Kind of Post This Morning…

So this morning I am doing something VERY different, something I have never done before…but I need to do this. I am not going to get into all the details in this post, I will write an article later going over the details and an explanation. For now I just want to touch on the really, really good part.

Sometimes in life you run across those people who are simply great people, good hearts, generous hearts, and willing to go that extra mile. I had that experience late last week…and I am extremely grateful for that opportunity. And today is my way of paying that person back in some small way.

< click image to visit their website >

The person that I speak of has very recently purchased a business with his wife. It was a longtime dream of theirs to be in this business together and they were just recently able to make that dream come true. I am not “advertising” their new venture, I am not pushing their products, I am not receiving any compensation of any kind, I am simply asking you to visit their website.

After having looked around their website, if you find something that appeals to you, please consider purchasing a product from them. I am sure they would appreciate it. And it would be a small gesture on my part to help them accomplish their dream.

Thank you very much! I appreciate who you are, your loyalty to my website, and for those of you that do visit HiveandHomeShop.com…an additional heartfelt thank you!





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