Evan McMullin for US Senate…NOT…No…Never !

So here we go…I gotta love it!  Evidently there was an issue with some folks who received a “forwarded” text message from someone who read my ANTI Evan McMullin article and his candidacy for the US Senate in Utah. The text message that the person sent out from their phone grabbed the “abortion” picture and combined it with the title of the article “Evan McMullin for US Senate !” That apparently gave the impression to some folks that read the text message that I was endorsing Evan McMullin for US Senate in Utah.

Ah, no!

Apparently the people who got that impression didn’t read the article…they only read the forwarded text message notification about the article.

To be clear…I AM NOT ENDORSING Evan McMullin for US Senate in Utah. Actually the exact opposite…as stated clearly in the article where I exposed him as someone I wouldn’t let pick up dog poop in my back yard let alone be a US Senator. I hope my position is now clear.

And just for your information…I don’t control the content that goes out in the email notifications that an article has posted to the website, it’s done by some magical elf bot in Internet land. Nor do I have any control over the content when someone forwards it from their phone via text message to others, it’s done by some magical elf bot in cell phone land. Both actions and both elf’s are completely out of my control.

And just to be rude and relieve some frustration…I assume people read an article (or at least the first 100 words) vs simply glancing at the headline and some randomly attached graphic. Yeah, I know…silly me…and yes, I know what ASSUME means when you break it down.

I apologize to one and all…but it is a Monday after all.




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4 thoughts on “Evan McMullin for US Senate…NOT…No…Never !

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  2. Thank you sir, I appreciate the kind words on my behalf.
    I wonder…would they have just been too busy to read other than the headline? Or, some other reason?
    Maybe we are all too busy and need to slow down a bit and go deeper into whatever we are engaged in.


    • Most folks did, a couple did not.
      It is better that folks clearly don’t think I am for a dirt bag like McMullin.
      And it apparently may have embarrassed someone as well.

      Glad to hear you were on it from the start…especially since it is Monday 🙂


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