Evan McMullin for US Senate…NOT !

I wrote a series back in 2016 regarding Evan McMullin, he was running as an Independent for US president at the time. His vice president running mate was Mindy Finn. I was asked lately about his candidacy for US Senate in Utah against Mike Lee. Well, let me tell you…I wish I had access to my old article but I don’t, so let me go at David Evan McMullin again.

I could make this a very, very short article and simply ask the question, “Do you want a CIA operative (yes, field agent) in the US Senate representing you?”

So the answer to that question is an easy one for me?

Hell No!

Oh, but you say he is a “former” CIA agent. Really? And exactly how do you figure that? He admits to being a CIA field agent…meaning an assassin, guerrilla fighter, torture expert, and master of deception…from 2001 – 2010. First question, how do you know he is no longer in the employ of the CIA?

Second, let’s say he left the CIA back in 2010…why would he leave after only 9 years with them? Why not make it a career if he was that good at it and retire a young man (45) with and very generous pension?

So after he allegedly left the CIA he became an investment banker. OK, who in their right mind would want their daughter to marry an investment banker…or have an investment banker in the US Senate? Haven’t we already learned our lesson about how rich Senators become once they get elected??? And it sure ain’t on their salary! Oh, and who brought on the 2007-2008 Great Recession? Oh, that’s right…investment bankers…that got bailed out by the US federal government.

So after the whole investment banker thing, 2 long years worth, he went to work for Mitt Romney. Oh yeah, there’s a trust-inspiring endorsement. And if that wasn’t enough, then he went to work for the House Republicans as a policy advisor.

So let’s recap his employment record…none! He has never had a real job…period!

But after he lost the 2016 Presidential Election as an Independent…he became a Never-Trumper…and he endorsed Biden in 2020. So yup, you can partially blame McMullin for the last two years of the country’s destruction…and ensuring we have a mentally incompetent senile pervert in the White House.

So why would McMullin want a known sexual predator and pervert to be President? Why would McMullin approve of and endorse the sexual abuse of children in someone such as Biden?

Oh wait, I almost forgot that an organization he help start called “Better for America”…it failed within a year.

Now, let’s talk policy…

The saying goes, “You are known by the company you keep.” Remember his utter failure as a presidential candidate in 2016? His running mate was Mindy Finn. And who is she and why does she matter?

Mindy girl was/is a Republican Party operative. She has worked for Mitt Romney’s (RINO) campaign as well as George Bush (authoritarian)…whose father was a CIA operative. She has been a lobbyist and operative for Twitter. And I could go on…bottom line…someone to be very careful of when it comes to all things political. And notice another CIA connection?

Back to McMullin…

McMullin incurred almost $1,000,000 in campaign debt from his extremely failed 2016 presidential bid. While he had funds available to pay towards that debt, he didn’t. Earlier this year when he was asked about paying that debt he said he was “committed” to paying that debt…although he didn’t and hasn’t.

McMullin appears to be pro-gay marriage since he has never voiced objections to it when asked directly. He claims to be a small government advocate…but almost his entire life has been working for the government.

In 2016 he claimed a 100% pro-life position…ah, not so much now. He talks now that he isn’t 100% pro-life and he won’t voice objection to federal funding for Planned Parenthood. And yes, he no longer voices objection to even late-term abortions. And he doesn’t even object to Roe v Wade ruling for abortion…even after the Supreme Court overturned it. And he opposes states deciding abortion laws…he supports a strong, controlling central government putting sideboards on abortions…protecting abortions. So now…he appears to be firmly no longer a pro-life believer.

Oh wait…he is actually pro-Planned Parenthood. Really? Yup, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation donated $250,000 to McMullin’s political ambitions. And William and Flora Hewlett Foundation are huge pro-abortion supporters…and have given $165,000,000 (165million dollars) to abortion performing organizations including…wait for it…Planned Parenthood. And that is just the start…millions of dollars from one pro-abortion organization after another have been donated to McMullin.

As for his career in the CIA, consider this…

“His career as he professes it to be just doesn’t make it any sense,” said John Kiriakou, a CIA counterterrorism officer turned whistleblower who worked in the same regions during the same time frame as McMullin. “I was chief of counterterrorism operations in Pakistan, and then I was the chief of the counterterror group in the [Osama] bin Laden unit…and I have never heard of this guy.”

Couple other things to think about…

• McMullin is pro-gun control…yup, anti-2nd Amendment to the core.
• He supports eliminating the filibuster in the US Senate.
• He opposes building a secure border, including opposing a wall.
• He favors strong federal government spending on, and control of, local schools.
• He dismisses the existence of Critical Race Theory.
• He is a big green energy advocate and favors the federal government funding it.
• As of late 2021 McMullin didn’t even own a home in Utah.

So, Evan McMullin for US Senator in Utah…let me sum this up again…really simply for you…

Hell No!

I am not sure exactly what McMullin is but he is someone that I would never trust to even pick up the dog poop in my back yard. So why in the heck would I want to see him in the US Senate????

The answer…I wouldn’t…ever…never…period.

So why would anyone in Utah want McMullin in the US Senate representing them?

That answer should scare you.


For those of you who got confused…< click here >

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