TIP: Canning Jar Lid Size

This is going to be a very subjective, possibly controversial, topic. Why? Personal preference for many folks.

If you are into canning you know there are two basic size of canning jar types. No, not pints and quarts…there are a lot more sizes than that. I am talking about the size of the “mouth” of the jar…regular mouth and wide-mouth. Simply put…the wide-mouth is slightly large in diameter than the regular mouth. No, I am not going to give exact measurements…no need to, that is not my point for this post.

So what is the point? Money.

A 12pack of regular mouth lids are $2.97 at Walmart, 12pack of wide-mouth lids are $3.90. Yup, that is 8cents a lid more for wide-mouth vs regular mouth. Big difference?

Let’s go with eating a jar of food per day from your pantry, that’s 30 dozen jars per year, 360 jars. That’s almost a $30 difference in cost…meaning you can buy 10packs of regular mouth lids with that savings. Now, think about having 3 years supply of lids on hand, giving you enough time to wait out an extended supply chain problem…or a grid-down issue. Saving that $30 for each year of lids you buy gives you a four year supply of lids vs 3years supply!!

Yes, I know…there are lots of folks out there that prefer the wide-mouth jars for ease of use, I get it, I really do. And there are folks out there where $30 isn’t a big deal…I get that too. But I am talking about folks who think $30 is a big deal…or $90 is a big savings (if you are talking a 3-year supply).

And just a reminder…don’t forget to have some extra rings laying around as well.




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5 thoughts on “TIP: Canning Jar Lid Size

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  2. I like both. For stuffing string beans in I like the wide. For dropping/stacking in dehydrated peach rings, apple rings, to be vacuum sealed with oxygen absorbers again wide mouth jars. So its more of a, “what is the application “ kinda question. For me its not the cost as much as what I am doing. I get 100 count lid packs from Lehman’s at times. Not sure its any savings though, day be high on everything.

    Then there are the new non-leak gray hard plastic lids, (I still use the old white plastic lids too), for when the jar has been opened or when its being used for a non-porcessed kinda use. Honey, my seeds for morning cereal, honey (did I say honey?), spices, stuff like that, than one wishes to store in a glass container, not plastic, (ewwwww).

    My two cents.

    This is why cooler than talking about canning jars.

    Saber 7

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  4. Hi. Whatever size lid you buy and same goes for the jars, be sure they are USA made!! The best are Kerr or Ball for both. There’s a new supplier PUR that is made in China. Wouldn’t trust them at all!!!

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    • Me again! Forgot to tell you about Tattler reusable lids and gaskets. They can be used numerous times which is a great $$saver. Also, I forgot to say you should have both size jars (wide mouth and regular). Somethings go better in each size so don’t limit your items to can by using one size fits all. FYI I get nothing from Tattler for telling you about them. Have done several group buys as prep. spec. for my church group from them.

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