FAQ – 10/26/2022

  • I think if Republicans win both the House & Senate we can avoid a recession. Do you agree?

No. Among other things, Republicans are just as bad at government spending as Democrats. But most of all…all the factors are already in-place for a deepening recession in 2023…or worse. (Notice I said a “deepening recession”…I believe we are already in a recession.) Moving on…Republicans wouldn’t be seated until January 2023 when the new Congressional session starts. They wouldn’t have time to take effective action to forestall a worsening, or reverse the existing, recession. They might, although I doubt it, take actions that could lessen the recession effects late in 2023 but I don’t see that happening either. And they could, although I doubt it, pass legislation that could truly help the country from an economic perspective. But, Biden could simply veto any such actions and the Republicans don’t have the votes for an override. Remember, the last time that we had a balanced budget was under President Clinton (D) and a Republican controlled Congress. But Biden is no Clinton and our current batch of Republicans are no 1990’s Republicans. And finally…let me beat you up with this one…you are assuming that Republicans actually want to stop an economic collapse that leads to authoritarianism.

Think about what JPMorgan’s president and COO, Daniel Pinto, said on Monday (10/24), “U.S. consumers may have to cope with a recession if they want inflation to finally go away.” Nice! But we know that recessions hit the bottom 90% of income earners (all but the rich) worse. So the rich guy is telling us to just grin and bear it. See how well treated we are by the elites…the banking elites that run the Federal Reserve.

  • What’s the number one thing I can do right this minute, today, to save the country?


  • What do you think about the Oath Keepers now?

They went off the rails…like so many, too many, almost all, prepper groups do. They listened too much to Trump, took him too literally, thought this (1/6) was “it”, the revolution, and I think they got compromised as well. I think it would be interesting and very telling to see how many FBI agents and/or informants were/are in the organization and what role they had/have in its operations.

  • What’s the biggest problems preppers face today?

Preppers. Yeah, sorry, lame. There are a whole bunch of crazies in the prepper world right now…and that is hurting the community and doing far more damage than Biden or the liberals or Congress or the FBI or anyone else. When preppers start going off into the “weird world” crap it gets people distracted…or worse. There is plenty to do, plenty to watch, plenty to be cautious of…we don’t need the BS weirdo junk being thrown into the mix. Everything from folks with “special” spiritual knowledge to the revival of “pizzgate” to world dominating elitist cabal drinking children’s blood. We need to concentrate on the basics, get all that taken care of, and then serve others. Forget the nonsense and get the weirdos out of our lives..especially QAnon!

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