Well, well, well…the GOP has spoken…and they suck!

The Senate GOP members just put McConnell in as their leader. Seems appropriate…the leader of the losing party…the leader of the party who blew a sure GOP victory into an embarrassing and humiliating defeat. A defeat where the GOP actually lost ground in the Senate. McConnell is the right figurehead for that debacle to be sure!

He is the main/primary reason the GOP didn’t gain control of the Senate…he pulled 10’s of millions of dollars out of two key Senate races that the GOP should have won, Arizona and New Hampshire. And he did so with just two weeks to go, knowing full well it would cost both GOP candidates the chance of being elected, and both unseating a Democrat, and assuring a GOP Senate majority.

So a person should naturally ask…Why would he do such a thing intentionally? Why would he purposely lose two key Senate races and thus knowingly lose control of the Senate? Huuummmmm…..

So the GOP appears to have taken control of the House of Representatives and they have, in their infinite wisdom, selected Kevin McCarthy as their leader. Oh Yea!

Now, who is Kevin McCarthy…he has been in politics all his adult working life…he is a career politician…McCarthy has never held a real job. He wasn’t pro-life until 2015, before then he was very pro-abortion. In 2018 an investigation showed how McCarthy’s brother-in-law’s company, Vortex Construction, had received $7.6 million since 2000 in no-bid and other prime federal contracts in California.

Now let’s talk about McCarthy’s net worth…$95,000,000!! Yeah, after a life-long career as politician, and no inheritances that I can find, at the age of 57, he is worth $95million. Tell me how you think that is possible?

Oh, maybe from his salary as a member of the House of Representatives…making $310,000 per year. See…if he saved every single dollar and penny from his House salary he would have saved up…oh, only 1/10th of his net worth.

Oh, but wait… McCarthy and his family live in an 8,800square-foot luxury mansion located in California that’s worth $21million. Oh, but wait…he drives a Jaguar XF, ($120,000), a Lexus ES ($136,000), a Lincoln Continental, an Aston Martin DBX, a BMW X6, and a Toyota Vellfire. Yeah, the Velfire, at the low-end of his personal vehicle fleet, costs…well, the base model starts at $107,000. So folks…you do the math.

GOP leadership sucks…and you know it!

In the last…well, you pick the number of years…what has the GOP party done for the country to restore freedoms, liberties, rights? What practical steps have they taken to reign in control of the increasingly authoritarian federal government? Oh, wait…it was Republicans, Bush #2 and a Republican Congress, that gave the USA a huge boost towards losing massive rights, freedoms, and liberties in 2001! It was the Republicans that hammered in the final nail giving us an authoritarian US federal government that is crushing us 20 years later.

America is doomed with the Dems and Repubs running the show!


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9 thoughts on “Well, well, well…the GOP has spoken…and they suck!

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    • Most of those years…and more. Yeah, I am an old cuss.
      It didn’t make much difference other than I did my duty according to the Founding Fathers.
      But at least I tried. Maybe I should voat moar harrdrr next time.


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