Easier to Identify…the darkness of the GOP

Well, well, well…ain’t it interesting!

So another California swamp rat runs the House of Representatives…swapped one power-hungry, rich, elite, Californicator libertine for another. Congratulations to the GOP…as expected…different side to the same coin. But that is not really the point of this post; the point is “who is who.”

So good ole Kevin “the power-mad” McCarthy won…supported early on by 200 die-hard Republicans and a whole lot of folks in the conventional media.

So let’s look at who those Republican supporters are; 1) called the GOP holdouts “terrorists”, 2) tried to physically attack them, 3) called them “stupid”, “children”, and “enemies.” All of that from fellow Republicans no less…staunch, die-hard, “politics-above-principles” Republicans.

Then there were the media talking heads who also went on the offensive attacking any House Republican who wouldn’t support McCarthy. The two most high-profile of those attackers; Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, both of whom really went after the holdouts on television, radio, and Internet. And I find it interesting…both, but especially Hannity, claimed to be Conservatives and Constitutionalists at one time or another. But in reality they turned out to be nothing more than “fall-in-line” media stooges for the Republican party.

Last Thursday evening we had some friends over for dinner, inevitably the House Speaker vote came up. Not a single person supported McCarthy interestingly enough. But as the discussion continued the question was asked, “What happens if a Speaker isn’t elected?”

Of course the House would grind to a halt, no bills to the floor, no votes on legislation, no committee assignments, etc. Silence hit our little group of friends…then came the smiles. It was unanimous!!! The government, at least the House, coming to a full stop would be one of the best things to happen to the USA.

So I find it interesting…1) within the GOP you can now easily spot those who put politics over principles, and support the likes of “Swamp Rat” McCarthy, 2) you can see that many people would love the elected government to come to a full stop…a true blessing, 3) the myth of some media folks is dispelled…they are GOP hacks, nothing less, nothing more.

I ask you once again…identify your principles and forgo the stink and debauchery of politics.

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