FAQ – 12/05/2022

  • I heard that Edward Snowden just swore allegiance to Russia and now he has a Russian passport. Is that true and why do you think, doesn’t that make him a traitor?

Hell No! It makes him a survivalist. Snowden is a former National Security Agency contractor who exposed the crimes regarding the illegal and immoral U.S. surveillance programs…he exposed one aspect of the evil of the US federal government’s move to form an authoritarian government overseeing a totalitarian state. And the CIA has put out a contract on him…to kill him on sight…because he exposed a whole long list of crimes of government agencies and very highly placed individuals in the US government. He should be viewed as a national hero!

The US revoked his passport and put the kill contract out on him. He fled to Russia to save his life. Russia obviously would take him in. What other choice would Snowden have? He swore that oath of allegiance to Russia to gain a passport, and gain some protection from being killed by the CIA. So where is the problem?

If you worked for the most wicked federal government spy agency, and you became aware of the utter evil (and unconstitutional actions) within that agency, and exposed that evil, and the CIA put out a kill contract on you, and then revoked your passport so you couldn’t try and escape being killed, wouldn’t you turn to a friendly country to save your life?

  • What aren’t you saying AH? You keep pumping out hard facts, you give good advice, you share personal insight, but you are not saying something…what is it?

You really are putting me on the spot…big time. There are times when I freely and comfortably share my opinion, or rather my views, on different subjects. But you are asking a bit much of me. I have a pretty big picture in my head of what is happening. But I can’t quite put it into words I am comfortable with..yet. But I will ask you some leading questions/statements:

      • Notice all the food problems lately? I am talking food prices going sky high, fertilizer shortages, grain shortages, countries forcing farmers out of business, etc. When food is in short supply and/or too expensive to buy what happens? People die.
      • We have another war going on…people are dying.
      • We have a huge energy problem just as winter approaches. When people can’t heat their homes (due to cost or availability)…people will die.
      • Who is getting hit the least with out of control food and energy prices? The rich and the world’s elites.
      • The people originating the anti-farm and anti-fossil fuel agendas are the world’s elites, right?
      • The people buying up the farmland, the energy resources, etc. are the rich elites, right?
      • The world’s elites are authoritarians.
      • The world’s largest authoritarian government is China.
      • China is providing the vast majority 90%+ of all technology and manufacturing to meet the anti-fossil fuel agenda.
      • We know that there is nowhere near enough mineral resources to provide the energy of the “green/renewable” energy agenda.
      • We know that reducing food producing capability coupled with increasing food prices and linked with increasing world population will result in what?

So, if you were to connect all the dots what would you say I am not saying?

And then again…you might want to read tomorrow’s post as well. You might find it interesting.

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