Seems there’s a little frustration…

This was sent to me. I have no idea who wrote it. But it is powerful in that you can sense the frustration of this person.

You can’t help but wonder what the final straw was that made them write it.

You can’t help but wonder what the final straw will be for all that frustration to finally bubble over.

You can’t help but wonder who and how many others feel the same.

I don’t give a rats ass, who this offends, but I stand by it.

War is coming, sooner or later! You the Government!! You are all a bunch of cowards! You raised the cost of living so high that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children (single parents stand no chance)😥.

You took God out of schools. Parents were told ‘No you can’t discipline your kids’. Well, now most of those kids are rude and out of control. You shall reap what you sow! We have taken a whole generation and turned them into selfish, entitled brats who have no respect for people, property or authority!

You deem people with terminal illnesses and some with only a few months to live…fit for work!!! You allow our veterans of war to go homeless and hungry but give out millions to foreign aid!!! You save drug addicts over and over again but refuse to give free diabetic supplies to those who need them to stay alive.

You bend over backwards to be politically correct, too scared to say enough is enough, in case you offend someone. You put the retirement age up so people must work until they drop. You take care of prisoners and give them everything under the sun (food, medical, education, representation, money, rehabilitation) yet you cause the elderly, those that have paid their debt to society and their families, to go broke caring for them either at home or in a nursing home.


How do you feel?


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4 thoughts on “Seems there’s a little frustration…

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  2. I agree with everything you said and with your comment THINGS NEED TO CHANGE!
    Now I have a question for you: What are YOU going to do to change things?
    We know the soap box doesn’t work. We also know the ballot box doesn’t work. The final option is the cartridge box, and we know THAT isn’t going to work. That is one of the reasons (they) are doing what they are doing, to get us to START something, so they can come down on us like a ton of bricks.
    I could have written this letter a long time ago, but I didn’t, because without some kind of solution, you’re just complaining. I don’t have a solution either. No, that is wrong, I do have a solution, for ME. I just keep increasing my stored food supply. I keep practicing with my ham radio. I keep working towards becoming self sufficient in power and water supply. I keep trying to get others to see what is happening and to prepare their own family for what is coming. I keep my head down and work at being that gray man.
    I hope by writing your letter you got it off your chest. I hope you are preparing for the fact that things “are” going to change, but it will NOT be for the better. It is going to get MUCH worse, before is gets better. Now go back to being that gray man. Stop worrying about things you absolutely cannot change. Enjoy the good things in your life that bring you pleasure, spend time with family and make good memories with them. You CANNOT fix the world, you can only fix you. Don’t let what is going on in the world, make you depressed or bitter. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Live life…….

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    • Ron,
      I am not sure if you are writing your reply to me or to a generic “you”…and that makes a big difference in my reply.

      I will take the easy one first…the generic “you”…that is up to each individual how they deal with it and I am fine with it. Also, I don’t mind if people voice their opinion even if it is whining or just complaining. Maybe if they hear themselves enough then they might finally be motivated to do something about it.

      Now, if you were referring to me personally as “you” then all you need to do is read my articles for the past 7 years that this site has been up and running. I have explained what I am doing and made suggestions to folks on what they night do as well.

      And now time to disagree with you just a little due to my differing perspective…

      I know the soapbox works because I get feedback from my site visitors. Some have changed a little, some dramatically. And they attribute some portion of that change to something they read on my site. So I keep on.

      The ballot box does still work to a degree. The Republicans did take back the House and have promised action. Let’s give them a chance to see what they will do. Is the ballot box perfect? No. Is there corruption in the ballot box? Yes. And according to the Constitution it is the best option for change…or restoration.

      And I do agree that the cartridge box will not work in the sense that the price would be terrible… and I don’t think the outcome would be like 1700’s…more like the 1800’s. And yes! They are trying to bait us.

      Also, let me remind you…the first sentence of the post…”This was sent to me. I have no idea who wrote it. But it is powerful in that you can sense the frustration of this person. ”

      And you are spot on…it has to start with the individual person doing the best they can, then spread that to the family…then maybe outward locally from there.

      Hope this helps clear things up a bit,


      • Sorry, AH, I didn’t make myself clear. I was NOT writing back to you. I read your site religiously every time there is a new post comes out. First thing I read. In fact you are the one that helped me get past the feeling that things are hopeless and there is nothing we can do. You always say, or at least imply that’ “you can’t fix the world, but you can fix you”.

        As far as the cartridge box is concerned, I myself know we can’t shoot our way out of this, but I do store ammunition and components to make my own, and I do believe we will need to use them in the future. As for giving the Republicans a chance, I will give them their chance, not because they will do something with it, but because that’s how things work, but they have proven over and over and over that they will do whatever the Democrats tell them to do. They cave in “every” time. The only bright spot I could see in this past election was in Wyoming where the people threw Liz Chaney out, but when looking at the full picture, Liz Chaney was/is a sideshow. I await to see what the people of Utah do with Mitt Romney. Personally, I think they will re-elect him. If the Republicans in that state hadn’t changed their own laws so he could buy his way into that seat, I would have a little more hope for them, but the people are too in love with the “BIG NAME Mormon Republican” to see what he is doing to them. After all they kept electing Orren Hatch time after time. He was a rino in sheepskin.

        I have moved from Utah to Oregon, and Oregon has it’s own set of problems. Everyone considers Oregon to be a “liberal” stronghold, but it’s not. Portland is a liberal stronghold, and a couple of the larger cities are, but the vast majority of the rest of the state are conservative. That tells me that the people that live in Portland are st***d people. They have voted the downfall of their city into office and keep them there, and seem to like it.

        My response to your post was to everyone who complains that “things are getting so bad I just want to scream”, but are doing nothing to prepare for what they know is coming. I realize that most of the posts I reply to, look like I am pointing them at you, for that I apologize. Your site is literally the only place on the internet that I visit, where my ideas will get viewed, so it is the only place that I actually reply to, and it is to try and reinforce what you teach. YOU ROCK!! Ron

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