SitRep – 12/02/2022

I did research and wrote yesterday’s post early in the week, and that post was based on my “impressions” or rather “feelings” from the week before that I just could not ignore. I did some editing on it yesterday morning before posting it…the editing being at 3:30am. Yeah, that 3:30am…I woke up with a sense of dread and foreboding like I was missing something that is standing right in front of me. So I decided to make good use of the early morning hours and do some more research into the financial aspect of what is taking place in the world, specifically in the US. It wasn’t encouraging as you can imagine…and there was a little more to it.

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Here are some points to make about what I found:

  1. U.S. Treasury bond market inversion problem. What the heck does that mean? Well, not to bore you with details…it is the relationship of 10-year Treasury bond vs short-term Treasury bonds. In normally good times the 10-year bond yields are higher than the 2-year bonds, when they inverse it signals a looming recession. And it is historically accurate. The “inversion” is now worse than it has been in over 40 years. Yes, that means we could be looking at the kind of recession that the country endured in the 1980s’…and that was bad. Back then it was mortgage interest rates in the teens & even twenties, credit card interest rates in the twenties and thirties. It was bad.
  2. Barron’s article spoke to on-going supply chain issues…some of which are really worker-based issues. And we know that they are right. The official unemployment rate is relatively low, for now. But we also know that tech firms as well as many other companies have begun massive layoffs. However, the most important number is the “workforce participation rate” that I wrote about a while back. It is terribly low…dangerously low. Meaning, historic numbers of people have quit, been laid off, or gotten fired, and they are no longer looking for work. Then there is the “worker productivity rate” and it has been down and continues to look like it will get worse. Then there is the whole “quiet quitting” phenomena taking place. So Barron’s linked the two issues, ongoing supply chain problems and workforce problems…both have to be fixed before the supply chain, and associated economy, has any chance of being “fixed”…whatever that means.
  3. We all now there is a problem, a huge problem, with people struggling to pay their mortgages. Some have taken on more debt than they actually could afford, mortgage interest rate increases have pushed a lot of home buyers out of the market, and there is a general slowdown in the housing market…some calling that it the early stages of a housing bubble bursting. But, the symptoms don’t stop there…now mortgage companies are being hit…and going bankrupt. The housing problem in the US is looking as if it is beginning to spin out of control.
  4. ESG…really? I have been hearing about the whole ESG thing and its link to the great reset, etc. for quite a while now. I had my doubts about it…but, the more research I did the more it proved to be true. Yes, true…in and of itself…and its link to a “reset”, “collapse”, “transition” or whatever you want to call it is real. It is real and it is happening. For me I can see three main thrusts: 1) use the environment (the “E”) to move money from the common/average person to supposedly the poor (environmental reparations) but in reality the majority of the money will end up in the hands of the ultra-rich when the dust settles, 2) supposedly make society more just (the “S”) through a mislabeled effort of “equity” but, once again, it will be the middle moving some of its money to the poor but the transference will result in massive amounts of wealth being transferred to the ultra-rich, it is nothing more than Communism, 3) and the most staggering part of this…the “G” part, meaning the massive increase in government control of everything…and I mean every thing! Now, my point…I have been seeing a significant increase in the discussion of “biodiversity” investing. If you hear that term…it is directly related to the ESG agenda…and stay away, far away from it. It is simply a scheme to move money from the average person to the wealthy.
  5. The rail strike…dang! Originally, a couple months ago, I wasn’t worried about it and it appeared to be on the road to settlement. Now I am not so sure, but differently than what you might expect. Some of the unions accepted the agreement, some rejected it. Among the unions that accepted it, there was 100% unity with not crossing a picket line should the non-accepting unions strike. And yes, that means the rail transportation in the US would effectively shutdown. The resulting economic and practical effect would be significant…and then crippling if it went on. So rather than letting a free market system take its course and allow the two sides to figure out a solution that is agreeable to both sides…the US Communist Federal Government is in the process of forcing a settlement on both sides. Yes, I said “Communist” because that is exactly what it is…Communism. And if you support the US government forcing both sides into accepting their government’s deal…then you to are a Communist at heart. Congress is a day or so away from passing the law for the forcible acceptance, and Biden is calling for its passage. And if it passes that means the government controls your job as well…it’s only a matter of time. But here is the problem…I am hearing that at least two of the unions will not accept the deal even if it is enforced by Congress through legislation. And they have further indicated that they will strike. And if they strike it is highly likely that the remaining unions will not cross their picket lines…and that will shut everything down that is rail related. Then what does the government do? That my friend is my point…this could be a spark that potentially brings on a civil war. And the Democrats will be responsible for it through their Communist beliefs and actions. We need to pray that the strike and/or associated violence doesn’t happen. It’s too soon, they would lose.
  6. Just Wednesday Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a hardcore authoritarian, warned of an increased homeland threat level related to domestic political violence…”driven by violent extremists seeking to further a political or social goal or act on a grievance.” He went on regarding these violent extremists that they “pose a persistent and lethal threat to the homeland.” And here is the key from him…“Perceptions of government overreach continue to drive individuals to attempt to commit violence targeting government officials and law enforcement officers…Some domestic violent extremists have expressed grievances based on perceptions that the government is overstepping its Constitutional authorities or failing to perform its duties.” Mayorkas is laying the groundwork, preparing Americans, for any acts of government violence and suppression of rights/liberties against US citizens…including martial law. Watch for a rail strike…violence erupting from that strike (including false flags)…and then how DHS responds to that violence or false flag.
  7. Bloomberg just came out with a huge warning about the cyrpto problems. FTX was a killer blow to the cyrpto industry and it started a domino effect with many other cyrpto companies…and it just got worse. Cyrpto related lenders are now struggling big time, specifically in relation to crypto “miners” and their ability to repay debt. Watch out…it looks like a government takeover or a collapse coming in this sector if I were talking to myself.
  8. Wars…Russia/Ukraine and China Civil War. Be watchful and careful of these wars. The Russia/Ukraine war appears as if it might be ready to make a significant upswing in intensity from both sides. And it also appears that the US will be sending Ukraine long range missiles that could strike well inside Russia’s borders. And Russia won’t stand for that.

And right now in China there are just “widespread protests and some rioting”…but that could change quickly. China’s hardcore communist government won’t tolerate the unrest much longer. But then let’s see how it works out as they try to control 1billion+ people. And don’t you find it interesting that the Biden family has deep, very deep, financial ties to both Ukraine and China? Maybe that might just have something to do with why we are pouring over $100billion into Ukraine? Oh, and not a peep out of Biden supporting the freedom seeking/loving protesters in China. And strangely, not a single word, not even a whisper from Biden about the violent Communist Chinese government crackdown on the protesters.

Summary –

Yesterday I wrote about something lurking in the shadows that I could tel was there…could see some form of it…but the details escaped me. Same is true this morning as I write this. But, the shadow is becoming far larger and more dense…and honestly, significantly more troubling.

As I have been saying for years…our economic system has failed…it has collapsed…the end will come. However, the end is on track for possibly years, if not decades, out into the future. Then again…we could just as well wake up on any given morning and it has collapsed entirely and completely.

What I feel is happening now…we are no longer decades away…maybe a couple years, maybe a few months…I am not sure. But the most troublesome…I can see far more issues that could collapse us overnight. And then add on top of that Mayorkas. Yes, Mayorkas! I am telling you Mayorkas would be far more at home in 1930’s and 1940’s Nazi Germany than here and now. But, in the here and now…he brings that same mentality of Nazism. If we were to collapse now…Mayorkas would be in his natural environment…and Amerika would turn into one big concentration camp. One that would be oppressive as you can’t even imagine…violent and tyrannical as any madman has done in the history of the world.

I think we need to have a serious discussion about what to do.

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10 thoughts on “SitRep – 12/02/2022

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  7. Re: Mayorkas.

    Just ANOTHER foreign-born (Fidel Castro’s Cuba) communist who came into FUSA as another “refugee”. Read “illegal alien”. Mayorkas is no different ideologically than Barry Soetoro who Americans asleep-at-the-wheel know as communist, POTUS usurper barack HUSSEIN obama ! Obama (not Natural Born) born in Kenya (per his paternal grandmother) and raised in Indonesia. A “true American”.

    Isn’t it odd how these anti-American imports manage to burrow into FUSA government ? They have NO CLUE about American traditions, history or culture. For instance soetoro-obama, in a public forum, declared America consists of 57 states ! HTF does any traditional American not know 50 states comprise the Union ?

    And do not forget VPOTUS usurper Kamela Harris. Harris (another not Natural Born) born in the good ol’ US of A as an anchor baby for her foreign parents. She was raised and educated in what is today’s Kanada. She is ANOTHER illegitimate occupier of the White House, same as soetoro-obama.

    Anyhow….Mayorkas is ANOTHER foreign-born weasel embedded in fedgov doing his best to destroy what is left of FUSA ! As a biden puppeteer with unlimited power, he has invited, encouraged and welcomed nearly 6,000,000 foreign invaders into this once, great nation. As of today 3 DEC 22 the southern border is non-existent. Foreign invaders continue to pour into CONUS and the CONgress does nothing to stop it. Unless one considers $60,000,000,000.00 of our dollars given freely to Ukraine as an effort to stop the foreign attackers continuing to amass on the Rio Grande !

    Well, I have digressed enough. In closing I hope Traditional Americans realize that Citizens WILL NOT vote their/our way out of this communist tyranny once known as the United States of America.



    Make Peace with your Lord.

    Gun Up ! (defensively of course).



    Make Peace with your God.

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  8. The Nazi’s were nationalist first and foremost. They wanted a country where one race existed, they wanted to be separated from the other races. This is loosely supported biblically. I just read an article on it. I will see if I can find it.

    That mad man Mayorkas is just one control freak, surrounded by other mad men. He is so deep into the woods that he cant see the sun light, (that he is the enemy to the Constitution). Our Deceleration of Independence clearly states that when the government gets out of control that we are within our God Given Rights and its is our DUTY to get rid of said out of control government and start a new. That is what they these mad men are afraid of. That is why they must identify the Legacy White Americans as domestic enemies. (Non of the other recently imported third worlders give a shit about the Legacy FUSA, they will not assist the white race to overthrow this tyrannical government). That is why they will confiscate weapons, that is why they will go to a digital currency, that is why they will put a chip in your wrist, that is why they must make Legacy White Americans the boogie man. That is why they are creating these horrible conditions in the FUSA. So the well indoctrinated sheep will cry out for the government to save them.

    This is all a set up, and the Republicans are going along with it. We are alone, no one is coming to save us. No other county will be sending us supplies to aid us.

    Sorry man this rant got out of hand.

    Saber 7


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