SitRep – 12/07/2022 (part #1)

Last week was a huge brain dumb from me to you…some of things frustrated me to the point where my head wanted to explode, some just made me very concerned about where we are headed as a country and as a world. And I am telling you, some of the stuff is truly troubling that we see in the world today. I am sure all of you, and I, wonder how long the system can stay functioning…as we know it.

To get up to speed, or review lats week, read these:

When I do research, then produce a post, I almost always do some “sustaining research” looking for evidence that what I previously posted is accurate and most of all true. Consider it my own “trust, but verify” process. I do that to try and make the info I provide as applicable, accurate, and valid as I possibly can. I did some more research over the weekend to that end. Dang it!

note: I wrote this Monday, posting it today.

Here’s what I am seeing…

Food, Farmers, Starvation, Environmentalism –

I have been telling you that environmentalists are the bad guys, they want to starve people, they are not our friends…and they are at it again…along with the world’s elites. A week ago the Netherlands moved to put 3,000 of their farmers out of business…the Dutch government is physically and violently stopping them from producing food.

The Netherlands (Dutch) is taking these Communist style actions to comply with forced European Union (EU) environmental laws. But, just as I explained how the US federal government will confiscate guns, the Netherlands is confiscating farm land. First, they offer a very generous, almost obscene, amount of money to buy the land. Once the “buy back” period is over, according to their new law the government will then simply take the land and force the farmers off. The farmers in the Netherlands have been protesting for years of these government ruler, regulations, laws, and actions to try and bring attention to this matter…and the public has been unsympathetic and the government as gotten more and more violent. Just a few days ago forces of the Netherlands government attacked protesters with heavy equipment. Farmers were sitting in their tractors during peaceful protests…and while additional protesters where outside of the tractors leaning against the machines. Heavy equipment used by the Dutch government had been militarized with armor and protective screens…then used to tip over the tractors. The interesting part…the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, has praised World Economic Forum, the founder, and the Great Reset plan.

Not the First Time – I found an article in a July 2022 edition of the Deseret News where during another protest by farmers in their tractors, Dutch forces opened fire on the farmers. The farmer’s tractor caravan came up on a “blockade” by police and tried to go around it and push through it. The Dutch forces claimed the tractors were aiming at their personnel and tried to kill them, so they had to open fire on the farmers in their tractors in self defense. Strangely, no officers were injured before, during, or after the incident. Well, anyone who has ever worked around tractors know that you could just stroll your way out of danger of an approaching tractor…they are hardly fatally dangerous in a situation such as this. And the Dutch government is doing all of this to comply with World Economic Forum environmental guidelines that have been adopted by the European Union.

And It Is World-Wide –

It doesn’t take much time or effort to find a whole bunch of articles documenting that this kind of activity is taking place pretty much all over the world. Like the violent protests in Peru over farm and truck regulations. Yup, they are trying to put farmers out of business in Peru as well. And get this…their government wants to take all trucks off the road that are older than 1999! So, tell me again how this helps those people and their economy? Oh wait, Peru’s government is Communist. And wait for it…Peru’s government is closely aligned with China. And China wants to do what? Oh, mine all of  Peru’s vast rare earth mineral deposits for…wait for it…lithium batteries. And who has close business relationships with the Communist party and government in China…the Biden Crime Family. And who is not supporting the freedom desiring citizens of Peru and who is supporting the Communist government of Peru? Yup, President “Joe-the-Commie” Biden…head of the Biden Crime Family. And what does Communism and the US federal government have in common…a complete and total authoritarian agenda.

World Economic Forum (WEF) –

Were you aware that the founder of the WEF and who authored the “Great Reset” plan, and the “Davos Manifesto”, is Klaus Martin Schwab? Did you know that he was born 30 March 1938 in Nazi Germany (Third Reich). In 1971, Schwab founded the European Management Forum, in 1987 it was renamed the World Economic Forum. Now, there are all sorts of wild claims about him and his father and ties to Hitler. I cannot confirm some of the more fringe claims. But what I can tell you is this:

  • His parents appear to be Swiss, not German, but worked and lived in Nazi Germany a lot.

  • His father was the managing director of a subsidiary of Zurich, Germany-based engineering firm Escher Wyss. That subsidiary was locating in Switzerland during part of the war. That firm supported the German war effort.

  • His father also had managed the Escher Wyss branch in Ravensburg, Germany branch during the war as well. That Nazi branch used prisoners of war and forced laborers while his father was the manager.

  • His father was a member of some National Socialist organizations, no Nazi Party records exist that show his father was a Nazi Party member, although he almost surely would have to have been to hold a high position such as he did.

  • The firm, and his father, participated in developing the Nazi nuclear weapons program.

Klaus Schwab, the son and founder of WEF, advocates for, and along with the WEF spends hundreds of millions of dollars in the pursuit of, a world economic system in which there are a few elites at the head of the world’s economy that control and dictate how that system is run. He uses the term “stakeholder capitalism” where everyone involved benefits from the economy. But, on closer inspection it is only a top-tier few elites that actually do the controlling and the majority of the benefiting. When viewed objectively, “stakeholder capitalism” in reality is just a form of Communism…and Communism is authoritarianism, a totalitarian state.

Oh, and did I mention that the WEF is the driving force behind “ESG” that is the primary tool in implementing the “Great Reset” and used by the enviro-crazies through controlling trillions of dollars of investments. Oh, and soon will control/replace your credit score…with a “social score”. Oh, just like China already does.

Workforce/Debt –

Late last week the report came out showing both the Workforce Participation Rate and the Productivity Rate fell again. That means fewer and fewer workers doing less and less work. And that helps explain two major points…1) credit card debt at historic highs because people are using credit cards to pay bills, 2) household savings falling to historic lows in terms of amount of savings and number of households with any savings at all. So you have to ask yourself…What happens with the credit card limits are reached and the savings is all used up? Well, 60% of all Americans do not have a single penny of savings of any kind.

Crypto Fallout –

Crypto currency was falling apart for this entire year, FTX collapse accelerated it. Then the crypto lenders got into trouble, now the problems have spread to the entire investment community. A Market Watch article came out on Saturday revealing that numerous and serious problems with the crypto world has now spread to the mainstream investor world and is now jeopardizing some major investment funds and companies related to the crypto industry/markets. How widespread the problem is, and the potential damage, is mostly unknown at this point. But some estimates would boggle the mind of the average person. Yes, that means the fallout could mean collapse.


There is now multi-sourced documented evidence that the FBI met weekly with leaders of big-tech companies prior to the 2020 Presidential election. That same evidence also shows that the FBI colluded with those companies to swing the election to Biden by covering up Biden Family crimes, raising questions about Trump, and directly influencing the public and media conversation regarding the election outcomes. As released last Friday, this on-going problem was again proven by FBI whistle-blower testimony before a number of state’s Attorneys General last week.

Oh, and let’s not forget…that evidence now proves that the FBI was meeting regularly with the Biden campaign staff and organizing/colluding with them to ensure Biden election.

This is proof-positive that the FBI is now nothing more than a federal-level political police force…enforcing the will of the government against the rights, liberties, and freedoms of US citizens…including ensuring presidential outcomes…as is done in any aspiring dictator run country.

The first real, substantiated, and numerous reports began came out this past summer, then it was backed-up in early November in a 1,000 page report from Congress. And for several months now all of that information has been corroborated by actual FBI agents turned whistle-blowers. The FBI is completely and totally compromised, there is only one solution for this problem.

Secret Service –

Last Thursday it was released that the Secret Service is now actively involved in the Hunter Biden – Joe Biden cover-up. The Secret Service changed its official statement and position in assisting the Biden Crime Family. In the spring of 2021 the Secret Service received a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all information regarding the illegal purchase, ownership, and disposal of a Hunter Biden gun. In response to that FOIA request the Secret Service stated they had records in their possession and would turn those over to the FOIA requester. A year later the Secret Service had still not turned over the records…a violation of law. When the FOIA requester sued the Secret Service in September of 2022, the Secret Service responded stating they had no records of any kind related to any Hunter Biden gun issue.

We see once again…a US federal law enforcement agency has become completely and totally corrupted. And again, to the point where there is only one solution for this problem.

World Energy Crisis –

Let’s start at home…It is already well documented that “Senile Joe” Biden is at war with the oil & gas industry and has doubled energy price in the US since his election. And we know that since Biden was elected as Vice-President that over ½ of all coal plants in the US have been put out of business due to regulatory costs imposed upon them first by the Obama/Biden regime and then those costs and regulations increased by the Biden Regime. And ironically last Thursday Biden said coal plants are closing because they are “too expensive” to build and/or operate. And why is that? Because Biden has for decades been directly responsible for increasing those costs that he now admits are too expensive and driving them out of business!

And of course all of this energy supply and cost catastrophe comes at a time when the US is already experiencing energy shortages and HUGE increases in costs. Last week multiple reports came out that predict significant energy shortages that will result in rolling blackouts this winter. That is on top of reports that there are, and will be more, people freezing to death due to the cost of home heating oil.

And ironically enough…the Biden Regime has mandated electric vehicle usage. And this is while some states, humorously California, has puts limits and bans on charging electric cars due to…wait for it…energy shortages. That comes from…wait for it…the Biden Regime’s actions to shut down energy production and increase the remaining energy to astronomical levels. But not to worry, Switzerland is about to ban electric cars and/or their charging due to energy shortages. Oh, and after they implemented mandates for the adoption of electric cars not that long ago…mandated by the EU.

And of course you have the EU countries…who have, and still are, in a war against non-green energy production. But…they are now looking to import energy from outside sources due to these brilliant moves. But…they are having problems finding sources to buy from due to their war against non-green energy production. But, one country has stepped up and said they have plenty of oil and natural gas to provide…Russia. Oh wait, they are in a war with Russia. Oh, and they told Russia they would pay no more than $60 per barrel of oil. Wait a second…a desperate buyer in need of a commodity that is in short supply telling a supplier of that commodity what they will pay for that commodity???? I hope Russia laughs in their face!!

Now, let’s touch on one energy crisis-related minor subject that I think is hilariously funny in a way…well, two actually. Let’s take the easy one first…”renewable energy” and its ridiculousness. So the crazies want all renewable energy…fine…that’s what I already due with my solar system. My system harvests solar energy during the day, stores it in lithium batteries for use at night. My batteries (with the addition of the new one) weigh in at about slightly over ¼ ton in a space about 2’x2’x3’. And that doesn’t allow us to have electric hot water, 24-hour electric baseboard heat, or 24-hour air conditioning. So, if the US switches to renewable, solar and wind, what happens to energy production at night when the sun is gone and winds die down? Store the daytime energy in batteries…for the entire grid? Huuummmm, think again, it is mathematically impossible. So tell me again…how does renewable energy power from the entire US electric grid work, stored at night in batteries? And tell me that in light of the fact that we can’t even charge all the existing electric cars right now? And that is supposedly going to increase by 10x the number of electric cars by 2030? Yeah…right!

Now the tougher one…OK, maybe not! So, you take all the electric cars that have been mandated for 2030/2040…there seems to be a slight bit of a problem. To produce those cars, especially the batteries, for those cars, it takes hundreds of millions of tons of rare earth minerals…and even more other resources. Valid and reliable studies have been done…oh, wait…there aren’t that many tons of those materials currently available on the planet. And to make it even more interesting…the damage to the air and earth from producing those cars, even if the minerals were available, is legitimately estimated to be 1,000 – 1,000,000 more destructive to the environment than operating the same number of fossil fuel vehicles vs the electric vehicles.

And let’s top off this section with a final interesting note…Who produces almost 100% of lithium batteries and solar equipment in the world? Yup, China. The same China where the Biden Crime Family and Clinton Crime Family have close business and political ties with the Communist Government. And of course who produces virtually 100% of all the advanced microchips that will/would be used in all of those cars and most of the solar equipment? Yup, Taiwan. The same Taiwan where the Pelosi Crime Family has close business relations with those same chip manufacturers.

Wait…one more thing…remember I talked about the WEF and their big push for what? Yeah, go figure…a world-wide, global elitist organization of the richest people in the world, who believe in authoritarianism, and pushing a “green agenda” that fits perfectly with the largest authoritarian country in the world that produces almost all solar equipment and 99% of all lithium batteries…China…a Communist/authoritarian government.


Notice a trend here?

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