The War in Ukraine…

Should we, our US government, have gotten into the Russia / Ukraine War? No! It was not our war, didn’t involve our citizens, didn’t directly affect our economy, didn’t threaten our way of life, and it was just a continuation of a conflict that has been going on for about 125 years.

The problem was…we are responsible for starting it. We did so in 2012 – 2014.

Was Russia a threat to NATO? No! Russia was not a threat to NATO, still isn’t. Everyone knows that Russia can’t beat NATO in a conventional war. It would be an overwhelming loss for Russia. Now, if a conflict goes nuclear…then everyone, including Russia, would lose. And originally Russia gave no indication whatsoever that they would expand the war to include NATO.

But for months now both Ukraine and Russia have threatened nuclear war…Ukraine is actually calling for it for God’s sake! Those are those exact words…strike Russia first with nukes.

It is clearly documented and widely reported that within 60 days of the war starting Ukraine and Russia were about to enter into peace negotiations. However, the US and UK stopped that peace process. They told Ukraine that they, the US and UK, wanted the war to continue in-order to weaken Russia, to “bleed them”, and force Putin from office. Yes, that means overthrow a sovereign nation’s government. Biden himself publicly said this about Putin, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Had the US, UK, and NATO allowed Ukraine and Russia to handle this war between those two countries, the war more than likely would have been over long ago. And there would be countless thousands of men, women and children alive today that are now dead because of outside (US, UK, & NATO) intervention/interference. And think about this…the Ukrainian leadership agreed to the deaths of thousands and thousands of its own citizens through continuing the war…simply to appease the west…and receive billions and billions of dollars…cold, hard cash.

We, as individual Americans and as a country, must assess if we should be in this war…and whether we should have gotten involved to begin with. We must, as a country, decide if it was right or wrong of us to begin with. If we don’t go through this assessment process then we are doomed to continue repeating history…as we continue to do…enter/start wars that are none of our business, spend trillions of dollars on arms, and lose tens of thousands of lives or our military…as we continue to lose those wars.

How should the war end for the US? Simple…stop! Stop giving arms to Ukraine, stop sending our bloodthirsty CIA mercenaries over there, stop sending them money, stop giving the Ukraine military intelligence, and stop trying to destroy Russia.

Why do all of that? Look at history!

After WWI we tried to destroy Germany and as a result we got Hitler with tens of millions men, women and children killed. Trying to stop the start of WW2 we tried to destroy Japan economically and we got Pearl Harbor and years of brutal warfare that cost the lives of millions of men, women, and children. We tried to destroy Communist Vietnam and lost 58,000 American military personnel in the process. We tried to destroy North Korea and lost thousands of American lives. We tried to destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, and Islamic terrorism. How did that work out for us…and them?

We have to learn our lesson!!

We have to stop trying to run the world…that isn’t our job! And we suck at it. The more we try to run the world, the more we overthrow other country’s governments, the more we try to kill leaders of foreign countries…well, the more we suck! We lose at it…and it costs us trillions and trillions of dollars and how many American dead and injured?

For God’s sake…the USA must stop trying to play the role of some god…it isn’t working. We just make matters worse every single time in the last 75 years!

And let’s talk about the Ukraine for a minute longer…that country has always been a cesspool of corruption…and it still is. It is not a constitutional republic…hell, it isn’t even a democracy! It is an authoritarian state with rampant corruption at every level of government. And it will be no different after the war ends…regardless of which side wins.

And I am aware that some folks are already talking about investing in post-war Ukraine. That country has a solid track record of corruption, conflict, and regime change. You want to invest your money in a place like that?

Some might argue that it would be like investing in Germany or Japan after WWII, or Vietnam after our loss to them in the early 1970’s. Ah, no it wouldn’t!

In Germany and Japan we had total post-war control over those countries that lost the war to us. Our government rebuilt them with tax payer dollars and private investment…as we controlled every aspect of their government with hands on.

In Vietnam we had no control over them at all after we lost to them. And let me ask you this…did (would you) you really want to invest in a country that killed over 58,000 of our military, injuring another 303,000+, and leading to the worse experience of post-war trauma this country ever documented? Oh, and lets not forget the 1,500+ men missing in action, many of which were left behind by the US government after the war. Oh, and lets not forget the nearly 800 American prisoners that the North Vietnamese tortured, over 100 being tortured to death. So, I ask again…is Vietnam a country where you would run to investing your money in the mid-1970’s? Yeah, I know some scumbags would and did.

So no, the post-war Ukraine will be nothing even closely resembling a place that I would want to invest my money. Their history, their actions, their corruption, and their intentions would not allow me to. Remember, I am a “principles vs politics” kinda guy…and that extends to keeping to my principles vs making a buck. But hey, that is just me.

I feel that anyone who invests money into Ukraine, win or lose, will regret the day they did so. Period!

Now, let me divert for a minute…let’s look at which American politicians solidly back the Ukraine in their war with Russia…and want to continue to pour billions and billions of US citizen money down that rabbit hole…

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, House Majority Leader McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, virtually all top federal level Republicans and Democrats…and almost all European diplomats.

Real good company to keep! The kinda folks I really want to be associated with…oh yeah!


But let’s look at this…the Freedom Caucus, 33% of Republican citizens, 61% of Democrat citizens and 46% of Independent citizens do not support the US involvement in the Ukraine/Russia war.

So which camp are you in…support or object to the war? Better yet, who do you want to be associated with…in alignment with?

Why are so many US citizens losing support for Ukraine / Russia War while virtually every American politician is strongly supporting the war effort? Why that clear and present disparity?

Let’s look at the only difference between US citizens and US politicians…money.

Ukraine has been funneling HUGE amounts of money into US politicians pockets since 2014. And remember how not a single dollar of US financial aid to Ukraine has been accounted for? And remember the well-documented link between the current government of Ukraine and the now defunct FTX cryptocurrency scandal? Yup, millions and millions of dollars from the US → Ukraine → FTX → Bidens & Clintons.

Ironically, strangely, the same Biden & Clinton folks who led the US government operation to overthrow the last Ukraine regime in 2012 – 2014 so the current Ukraine regime could take power. Hummmmm………

And one final bit of logic and principle…Why should we not be involved in the Ukraine / Russian War and not try to overthrow the Russian government?

Let’s not be hypocrites! Remember all the blow-up in the USA about Russia meddling in US elections since 2016?

Well, at worst Russia embarked on a mis/dis information campaign in favor of Democrats in the last two presidential elections. What are we, the United States of America, doing against Russia? We, the US, is going to war trying to overthrow the Russian government and drive them bankrupt!

So next time Russia or China go to war in Canada or Mexico to overthrow the US government…well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Or do we not have consistent morals, ethics, and principles?

As a people, as a nation, let’s develop and embrace Constitutional, commonsense, quality, divinely inspired, ethical/moral principles…and then live by them. Kinda like being good disciples of Christ vs Judas.

Yeah, call me naive, I can live with that. I would much rather be naive than a warmongering Republican/Democrat, corrupt war profiteer…or merchant of death…or a war-loving, money wasting US politician!

A final thought…

We are sending billions upon billions upon billions of US taxpayer dollars to Ukraine…to fight a war killing people and destroying stuff. Oh wait…and some of those billions are going to fund Ukraine “pensions.” And while we do all of that:

  • Millions of US vets continue to have day-to-day life issues like hunger and homelessness.
  • US citizens in East Palestine, OH are devastated with an environmental disaster.
  • Millions of US senior citizens struggle to pay their bills and eat.
  • The lower income US citizenry sector continues to grow.
  • The average US citizens’ net income continues to shrink.

Hopefully you get my point.

Just so no one tries to misunderstand me:

  • I support the Ukrainian people and would personally support them in the trenches if I was a bit younger.
  • I do financially support charity work in the Ukraine.
  • I do blame the start of the war destruction and death on Russia.
  • I do not support the corrupt Russian government.
  • I do not support the corrupt Ukrainian government.
  • I do not support the corrupt US government.
  • I’ve been to Russia…their people are not much different than us.
  • I live in America and know that the majority of Americans are good folks, our government is the problem…just like President Regan said.
  • I believe that Putin, Zelensky, and Biden are corrupt to their very core and I consider all three of them to be evil doers, if not just plain evil.

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One thought on “The War in Ukraine…

  1. You are spot on. We should have Never gotten involved in Ukraine. I place the Biden family as the instigator of the whole mess, and they are trying and succeeding in a coverup. Putin is a sorry person, but I would have done similar. The west backed him into a corner and pushed him to lash out. We do/did have biological weapons labs in Ukraine at the beginning that was his objective to shut them down. That objective now is the preservation of Russia. You can say and prove a lot of things about him, but he is a patriot of Russia. Having watched him for years what stands out is his love for Mother Russia and a desire to keep it for the Russians. We are a bully nation putting our nose in where we have no business. Toppling governments in the “name of Democracy”. We told the world at Bretton Woods we would protect the sea lanes and we have but at the expense of our hard-earned taxes. Our Navy is the best in the world but Why do we have to use it to bully other nations?

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