The War in Ukraine…(Q&A)

A little Q&A from the Ukraine War article yesterday

  • Q: You were wrong! On 12/11/2021 you said, “Do not for a minute think Biden will defend the Ukraine against Russia.” But Biden is defending Ukraine against Russia.

A: Ah, you are party right. The right part is I did say “Do not for a minute think Biden will defend the Ukraine against Russia.” But you are wrong and I was right. Biden, in his own words, has said the war in Ukraine and the US’s involvement is to do two things; 1) “bleed Russia”, meaning weaken them militarily and economically, 2) remove Putin from Russia’s Presidency.

If Biden was truly “defending Ukraine” he would have already provided the offensive and defensive weapon systems to do so…or have sent in US troops…and he hasn’t. Biden doesn’t care about defending Ukraine…it is all about Biden’s lust for money and power…meaning destroying Russia. Which, by the way, we have no right or authority to do.

And don’t forget in that same post I said the following:

“…if unseen forces that control Biden tell him to go to war, Biden will.”

Which was right…Biden went to war against Russia because he was told to. Answer this…Do you honestly think Biden has the mental capacity left to make any decision? I don’t think Biden even knows where his feet are.

And consider this from my same post:

“…as I’ve written about before should either Russia or China begin an armed conflict with the Ukraine or Taiwan respectively, the other country will make their move as well. The last thing the US wants is a two-front military conflict on the opposite sides of the world with the two other world super-powers…and both Russia and China know it. The US could not win a 2-front armed conflict with Russia and China let alone a two-front war.”

Just some food for thought.

  • Q: Are you saying the USA is responsible for all the world’s problems? Sounds like you hate America!

A: Let me guess…you don’t agree with my politics (civil society Libertarian) and/or principles (Constitutional & Eternal)?

First off, I understand your use of the word “all” in your question…passion. But it is obviously wrong, and probably its use was unintentional. But, to make it clear for you and everyone else…no, I do not believe the USA is responsible for all the problems in the world. I would go so far as to say…no, I do not believe the USA is responsible for even most of the problems in the world.

And you know very well I do not hate America. Again, that is your passion speaking not your logical, clear-headed thinking speaking.

OK, moving on…If you had asked the question, Do you think the US government is responsible for many of the world’s problems?

I would say unequivocally “Yes!

Wars and rumor of wars can be attributed to the US government…look at factual, documented history…including Russia / Ukraine war…we didn’t start it, but we certainly are responsible for it. < click here >

Look at the environmental lunacy taking place…we are the #1 super power in the world (at least for now) and we could have stopped the ridiculously dumb “green movement” and all its insanity…and poverty creation…but we joined in. Not only that…we are pouring trillions of dollars into it! So yeah, we can take the blame for that too.

So go down the list…what world problem is the US government not responsible for…or at least contributed largely to?

But herein lies the difference between you and me…I clearly see a difference between the US government vs the US citizenry. Example: ½ of US citizens disagree with supporting the Ukraine in their war with Russia. But, virtually every US government politician and bureaucrat supports Ukraine in that war. Disparity on a huge scale.

I see American people as amazing…generally speaking…when viewed as individuals. But then you start seeing tribalism take place…and that ends up in politics. And our elected politicians generally become the ruling class…the elites. And that transition moves them into a whole other class…of scumbags.

So don’t confuse the US government and their evil works with the US citizenry that are generally kind and generous.

  • Q: Didn’t you say at one point we should be involved in the Ukraine war with Russia?

A: You don’t quite have my words right, in May 2022 I said…

Fifteen years younger and I would have already been there. So my natural instinct drives me to help the Ukrainian people…but only personally. Our government should not be spending billions of dollars to fund that war. And where exactly will those billions come from? Oh, that’s right…thin air!! But, whose pockets does all that money end up in when we replace the equipment and weaponry we’ve sent to Ukraine?”

So you can see the difference…

    • I said to help them personally.

    • I also said our government should not help them.


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