SitRep – May 2022 (part #3 of 4)

This is Part #3 of the May 2022 SitRep. Before reading this article I strongly urge you to have read the previous articles related to this SitRep. Failure to read these previous articles will prevent you from having an accurate understanding of what I am saying and why.

Never has a SitRep been more important…and the need for you to understand what I am saying more urgent.

Please read the following before proceeding:

Now on to Part #3…

The fall of the U.S. Empire –

So why this topic after just writing about the US Civil War II; or more accurately The Great United States Federal Government Revolution?

Pretty simple…to explain “why” and “why now.”

For years, lots of years, I have been studying history…including great empires. And I am sure you are aware as well of the rise/fall of empires, the Roman Empire is a prime example. And I am sure that you have made, or read, about the comparison of the USA to the rise and fall of other empires. Well, it is true, proven by fact, well documented, and shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the USA is on the same track. How close to the “fall” we are has been hotly debated for a while now. I personally believe we are close, very close, to the “fall” as an empire.

First of all let’s get this out of the way…if you think the USA is not an “empire” then you are either ignorant or a reality and truth denier.

Now, the most researched, documented, and clearly written information regarding empires that I have ever seen has been produced by a guy by the name of Dalio. He went into factual scientific detail, extreme detail, regarding the rise and fall of the great empires in the last 500 years. So let’s start with this…a chart that shows the life-cycle of an empire:Yeah, this chart represents exactly and factually what all empires go through…its called their empire life-cycle. Does anything look familiar?

Then we can review how all the empires have cycled in the last 500 years:

But that looks a bit confusing, so let’s boil it down to the top 4 empires:

Notice which empire is rising and which is falling?

Just gotta throw a couple more charts in there. Next one is rise/fall based on the global reserve status of an empire’s currency.

Notice which empire is rising and which is falling?

Next are the eight factors that empire’s rise/fall curves were based on and their place in the empire’s life-cycle.

Is this clear yet?

There is a variable factor that has come into play throughout the 500 years, but most notably in the last 100 years…technology. The technology of today is accelerating the curves, both the rise and fall ended of the curves.

The United States of America is an empire…an empire is steep decline. That statement is factual, based in reality, founded on history, and well researched empirical scientific evidence. Worse yet, nothing will occur that will or can stop the fall…it is already occurring…and the USA will complete the collapse. Again, that too is based on fact and historical evidence.

Here we see the status of 9 areas of importance controlling the rise and fall of the US Empire:

The only trait that is consistently rising over the last 30 years is the US military. And that is because our endless wars and the military-industrial complex grip on the government and our desperate gasp to be relevant in the world.

In the following two charts we see where the US Empire is in relation to the modern Chinese Empire:

Here is the key and the point to all of this…why do you think that the US Federal Government has started the revolution that I talked about in Part #2? Why do you think they are intentionally creating chaos, mayhem confusion, hate, violence, pitting once group against another, etc.?

The powers behind the monstrosity that is called the US federal government know the United States empire is falling and will collapse, they are simply implementing a plan (revolution/civil war) for that which is to rise from the ashes of that coming fall. And I am telling you now…it ain’t no Constitutional Republic they plan to resurrect.


  1. Do you recognize fact, do you accept scientific evidence, do you believe in proven historical datum?
  2. Do you see what they are planning for the USA, and why, after it collapses as an empire?
  3. Do you have a plan on what to do about it or how to cope with the fall?
  4. Have you talked it through with your family, your community, and your congregation?
  5. Do you even know anyone else who accepts this information or believes similar to you?
  6. What will you do going forward now that this is staring you right in the face?

USA’s divine origins…Yes, I believe the Founding Fathers when they talk about the US being founded with divine help from God. The Declaration of Independence uses the very terms “God”, “Creator”, “Supreme Judge”, and “divine Providence.” So yes, the United States of America was founded, in whole or in part, by God for His purposes.

Does God guarantee that America will survive or operates with his blessing today? I can’t find a single inspired source that says that. And I believe that any country such as America that kills nearly 1 million unborn babies per year is not, and will not, receive the blessing of our Father in Heaven.

Now for an extremely important point that I have to make; and it is critical to everything I have talked about and that I will talk about going forward. Not understanding the next statement will jade opinions of everything I’ve written in terms of the US Empire and its fall, a war mongering people, etc. So here goes…

There is no comparison between the people of the United States and the federal government of the United States. The government of the United States is completely corrupt, decadent, and its leaders totally depraved lusting only after power and money. It follows no eternal truths, acts against the best interests of its citizens, and performs abhorrent acts of evil. The US federal government has abandoned the rule of law, turned away from the Constitution, no longer recognizes natural God-given rights, or respects rights guaranteed through the Bill of Rights.

On the other hand, as a people, citizens of the United States are some of the most warm, friendly, compassionate, and giving people in the world. Global statistics show that to be 100% true. One only needs to travel to the mid-west or localities that are church-centered to see that this is true. Granted liberal run states are far less so, but still as a country, we are a good and decent people. Not near as much as we once were, but still on the positive side of the scale.

But let me be clear…the US federal government doesn’t mirror the positive qualities of its citizens. And to be quite honest…the federal government it doing its very, very best to crush the good and decent people of the US into oblivion. Why? So no one looks to fellow citizens for decency or help…they look only to the federal government for answers and solutions. Thus becoming serfs to the authoritarians. They seek to crush any form of self-reliance…temporal or spiritual.

Yes, there are a few decent people at the federal political level, but damn few…probably could count them on one hand…maybe. Virtually all politicians and bureaucrats prefer compromise vs consensus, power vs liberty, regulations vs freedoms, controls vs rights, wealth vs fairness, politics vs principles, and authoritarianism vs a Constitutional Republic.

So please don’t confuse the qualities of people in the US vs the immorality of the government of the US. The problem lies in the fact that the people no longer control the government…and people fear the government.

money and power used by the federal government creates tyranny at the loss of rights and freedom.Bottom line…

  1. As a government the US federal government has fallen into decay, ruthless tyranny, and is totally debauched.
  2. As an empire the US is falling fast and the crash cannot be prevented. What rises from its ashes will be much, much worse than what exists today.
  3. You must have a plan on what you are to do, how you are to do it, and with whom you will do it. Failure to do so ensures failure of the worst kind.


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