My head wants to explode…

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeWhat is the #1 key to overcoming US government tyranny?

The will and ability to resist.

Part of the “will” is knowing how bad it is right now…and how much worse it is going to get real soon…then be willing to do something about it.

Do what? Things like pray for our leaders to honor and listen to God, citizens to to make righteous choices, police officers to be safe and honor the Constitution, criminals to stop and repent, and you get the idea. There is much more people can do to help if they have the “will” to do so.

The “ability” has broad meaning as well…doing such things as help a neighbor with kids who are hungry, skills to help someone fix their car, install an electrical outlet, buy someone’s groceries, go on a mission, fix a driveway, and more…based on ability.

Then you could also learn history and how the Founding Fathers learned how “will and ability” applied to them and how they finally overcame a dictatorial and tyrannical situation.

Do you think the 2024 Presidential election will be open, fair, and honest?

Were the last two? Why would the next one be any different? The FBI deeply influenced the last two elections. A mountain of evidence points to the fact that in 2020 the FBI, in concert with all major online social media companies, prevented Trump from being reelected. In 2016 the FBI even planted spies in the Trump campaign.

I have ZERO confidence that the elections in 2024 will be any different.

Well, not true. At this point I think the 2024 elections will bear no resemblance to fair, honest, and open. Yes, meaning that the situation will be even worse than 2016, 2020, or 2022. As of now I see the 2024 elections will go down in history as thee turning to the end of Constitutionally elected Presidents and the mere installation of authoritarian leaders.

What is the worst problem with government?

Too open-ended. Ask me the problem at each level of government.

      • Local level – Mandated public education. Laws exist in every state to require schooling for our children. The public education industry is controlled almost exclusively by Marxist and Communist leadership and teachers, especially at the college level. All national teacher unions are radical left-wing political organizations. And interestingly enough, John Dewey who brought public education to the US in the 1800’s was a committed Marxist/Communist. The #10 principle in the Communist Manifesto – Free education for all children in government schools…
      • County level – Property taxes. Property taxes prevent a person from actually owning their property. A person may have a deed/title for their property but in actual reality…that is only for the right to rent that property from the county government. Should you fail to pay that property tax the government will seize your property and you will no longer “own it”…hence, you never owned it to begin with, you simply held a government granted ability to rent it from the government. The #1 principle in the Communist Manifesto – Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.
      • State level – Lack of courage. By-in-large state’s have lost the will and courage…and now the ability…to be a proper check and balance of the US federal government. And actually most states now fully cooperate with and subjugate themselves to total federal government control…in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers’ intentions.
      • Federal level – There is a two-way tie for this one; 1) Unchecked federal government power, the states can no longer be a proper check & balance, 2) Unfettered commitment to authoritarianism. Communism is consider a near perfect example of authoritarianism. Example: The 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution institutes a progressive income tax. The #2 principle to in the Communist Manifesto – A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

And let me add, if I may, a runner-up to “worst problem” at the federal level…The Federal Reserve. While not a formal part of the US federal government it works in place of the US Treasury as per Congressional legislation. All I have to say about the Federal Reserve is this…The #5 principle in the Communist Manifesto – Centralization of credit in the hands of the state [federal government], by means of a national bank with state [federal government] capital and an exclusive monopoly.

Strange, when you look at what all levels of our government is doing you see a clear trend. But then again, a person must be able to be objective and see things for how they really are vs being sucked into all the government propaganda on how great government is. Most people would rather be blind and ignorant…than informed and free-thinking.

Can you honestly see the adoption of Communist principles at all levels of government? And do you understand that Communism, and its principles, are the rules that authoritarians play by?

You’ve mentioned that there is a difference between the American government and Americans. What is that difference?

The US Federal Government is NOT the American people. The US federal government is corrupt to its very core and has just about completed its goal of cementing in-place an authoritarian regime. If the American people truly understood authoritarianism and its utter evil…Americans would revolt in mass. But there is systematic deceit and deception by the US federal government, including bureaucrats and politicians, with near-total cooperation of the media and the public education system.

When I look at the people in the US government now…bureaucrats and politicians and especially the DOJ and federal law enforcement agencies…I can’t help but think of the term “hubris.”

Hubris means a personality consisting of excessive pride, dangerous overconfidence, and arrogance. Generally accepted as coming from the need for victory at any/all costs. The word comes from an ancient Greek term that translates legally to assault, sexual crimes, theft of public property; and religiously to them it meant a transgression against God. I think that pretty much sums up our US federal government.

The key is to understand their vision/goal of “victory” and its ultimate outcome.

Is the economy really that bad?

Let’s just take a look at one single aspect of the economy…US homeowner wealth loss.

From January 1 – December 31, 2022 US homeowners lost just about $15trillion in wealth. Does that sound like a healthy economy?

Hey, just for the heck of it, let’s then toss in an historically record high national debt of over $31trillion…120% of GDP…very dangerous territory. And just to be clear…there is no realistic way for the USA to pay off the national debt. And worse…not a single politician or any government official has any intention of paying off the national debt. The national debt is intentional…for nefarious purposes.

Oh, US credit card debt…stands at just shy of $1trillion (historical amount)…and increasing at $20billion per month. And the average interest rate is 21.6%…sucking $216,000,000,000 (216 billion, $655 per man, woman, and child in the USA) per year out of American pockets straight to the banks.

Better not forget total American household debt at $17trillion (historical amount) and increasing $1billion per month. Yeah, that is 65% of US GDP.

Number of people falling into “subprime” credit rating is increasing significantly every month…and at recorded highs.

Number of people that are 30 – 60 days delinquent paying their credit card bills…increasing each month.

Auto loans are at a record high…$1.5trillion total. And…people that are 60 days or more delinquent on making their payments in 2022 is up nearly 30% from 2021.

Let’s not forget stocks…The S&P is down almost 20% in 2022. And while homeowners got decimated with $15trillion in loses in 2022, the stock market had $7trillion wiped out.

So now, let me ask you this…Is the economy strong or weak? Or…crashing? Or…crashed?

So now my turn…What does all of this tell you? And what does it prompt you to do?

Note: Why wasn’t this a “FAQ” or such? Well, I am getting tired of what is plainly occurring in the country, and world, and folks generally oblivious to it…and fewer people knowing what to do about it or what to plan for. Makes my head want to explode.


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6 thoughts on “My head wants to explode…

  1. I love this list I just saw someone share, think it’s a good take on what we maybe ought to be prioritizing….
    My Politics:
    Grow your own food
    Be a good neighbor
    Buy local
    Read old books
    Drive less
    Slow down
    Make compost
    Cultivate earnest empathy
    Spend as much time with your family as possible
    Find the others, make friends, support them
    Don’t be a d/(#

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  2. What does it tell me? The Lord is coming again… Soon. What does it prompt me to do? Strengthen myself spiritually.. lean into Him. Get in better shape physically. Help my home and family and ward (in my calling as prep spec) get better prepared for the storms we’re standing on the verge of, when the Lord’s well deserved wrath is poured out upon the earth without measure. It’s gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better. Hang on. 🤯

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! You made tears come to my eyes. You speak truth. I love your comment this morning…I needed it.
      I am writing a post for tomorrow morning…from my heart. You touched on so much.
      Thank you so much again!


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