Critically Important SitRep – Part #3

Just a little personal word…

So now we get into some the real grit of what I want to say…and warn you about. For many of you this may be old news…and that’s okay. Maybe what I can do is tie a bunch of these issues together, the dots if you will, and give you a slightly larger picture of what is happening and what is coming. Because…what is coming will change the world…and not for the better. But, the change can be miraculous and amazingly good for individuals and families it they are prepared.

I must admit I am struggling a little bit on how I am trying to bring this together and put on the screen what is in my heart. I will do my best…and may have to revise it a bit…maybe some clarification at some point. But remember…I want you to be aware of the promptings, the inspirations, that you are having as you read this. For it is those promptings, that inspiration, that is critical because they are yours, for you.

Do not forget…I will not just put out an article that is full of doom and gloom…but I will also provide some options for you and your family on how to deal with all of this. I would hope and pray that you stick around to the end…for this world can be full of hope if we are willing to look for it and work at it.

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FedNow Service –

From the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) own website…

The FedNow Service will provide a liquidity management tool to support instant payment services.”

Remember the me, and many others, warned you about cryptocurrency? Do you also remember the warnings about the US federal government wanting to implement a “Fed Coin”…a US government controlled cryptocurrency?

Well here it is…

Don’t try to click on it, it’s not a video, it is a screen capture of the Fed video on youtube.

The Federal Reserve, at the direction of the US federal government, has now created a digital currency that is 100% controlled by the Federal Reserve. It is called FedNow. It is completely computerized (i.e. digitized) money…and completely controlled by the Federal Reserve at every point imaginable.

I won’t go into all of the minute details but I will share these two salient points; 1) it replaces, or can replace, psychical money, 2) it eliminates the need for banks and credit unions.

Think about this…if your paycheck, social security check, retirement check, etc. is directly deposited into your bank account and you pay most of your bills online or with a plastic card…isn’t that digital money vs physical money?

If the FedNow program will handle all of the transactions of your money electronically…then why are banks and credit unions needed? Same question can be asked for corporations…do they need corporate banking.

If the FedNow program is handling all monetary transactions are they not also having the ability to track all purchase items?

How much of a step is it then to approve or decline a purchase through the FedNow process based on the item being purchased, or the ESG score of the person/company making the purchase? Or, perhaps the purchaser’s allotment has been reached for a particular item attempting to be purchased…and so the purchase is declined?

I find it amusing…the federal government and the Federal Reserve both went to great lengths over the last several years trying to convince people that the US wouldn’t ever get into the cryptocurrency business with a FedCoin. But if you watch the video and the associated graphics…all representation of the US dollar is a coin…and it only exists digitally. Hummmm…

Connecting Dots –

Now it’s time to bring at least some of this together…connect the dots. You probably have already done so…but please indulge me. Maybe was can see some of this in a new or different light.

Years ago I wrote about how the USA will be overthrown…how it will be turned into an authoritarian police state…a totalitarian state if you will. I made it clear that it would not be forced upon us as such…we would beg for it. How so you ask? The same way it has been done throughout history…the same way it was done previously in the USA almost 100 years ago. The way it is being done even as we speak.

A group with malicious intent who wishes the transition/transformation to occur creates so much chaos, confusion, contention, conflict, and violence that a population will beg for it to end. They simply yearn for peace, tranquility, calm, and some normalcy. Then the white knights, the heroes, show up with the solution…that very peace, tranquility, and of course, law and order the people are begging for. The saviors offer it to the unsettled, fearful, and scared witless populace…who gratefully accept the amazing solution from amazing people. Of course they are amazing people…how else could they have such a wonderful perfect solution at just the time of greatest need?

Ah yes, life back to normal…or move on to an even better normal…a transition/transformation.

So in the US we now find:

  • Significant race problems.
  • A raging problem with gender insanity.
  • Huge economic problems, including inflation.
  • A growing energy problem, near crisis situation.
  • A banking crisis now.
  • Out of control violence problems.
  • An out of control crime problem.
  • A huge homeless problem.
  • Massive layoffs.
  • Extreme shrinking of the middle class.
  • A forced educational system taken over by hardcore socialists.
  • Monumental debt levels in every aspect of life; personal, corporate, and government.
  • A national debt that can never be repaid, and no intention of ever repaying it.
  • A growing police presence that is growing in violence against citizens, especially at the federal level.
  • A culture that has all but abandoned traditional values of faith, family, and community.
  • And a literal invasion of illegal immigrants that includes the worst of criminals and large numbers of actual terrorists.
  • Then we find ourselves deep in a war with Russia and a growing conflict with China.

And I could go on and on but you know of what I am speaking. But never before in the history of the United States has there been this much chaos, confusion, conflict, contention, and violence from so many directions and at such speed. And it gets worse day by day…intentionally so. Why?

Because we are about to be offered a solution by a group of saviors. And the citizens of the United States will beg for it to be implemented! Actually, they will probably demand the perfect ultimate solution(s) be put into place.

What solutions?

Why do you think we are getting so much gun related violence right now? Because the government wants to implement extreme gun control, gun bans, and gun confiscation…they have said it! Strange, virtually all of the gun violence is originating from the radical-left…interesting.

But no worries…the government has the solution. A trial run of it came under Trump when he simply signed an order banning a gun accessory (bump stocks) and made it a felony to even possess one. The trial was universally successful. How much of a reach is it for an outright gun “ban” where it is a felony to even own an “assault rifle” or large capacity magazines? A US President locked down an entire country for “health” reason on his order alone…remember that. You gotta love the power of a Dictator President!

In reality no gun confiscation would even be needed, just make it a felony to possess one. Then roll-up any conservative, critic, politician, or web blogger whenever they want to…coz they (ATF/FBI/DHS) know who has guns and who doesn’t. Simple and easy…or at least they think so.

In regards to all of the misinformation and propaganda, filth, and danger online. The government has the solution…the DHS Truth Ministry and now the Restrict Act.

All of the terrorism, domestic terrorism, and group violence in the US. The government has the solution…more and stronger militarized federal law enforcement and elimination of privacy in a massive surveillance state.

Now combine all of the economic, monetary, and banking problems in the US. The government has the solution…FedNow…a program that they currently are implementing,

To the dark and evil forces in this country all of the solutions are a single answer…a strong, all-controlling, all-powerful, federal government. Have you noticed that? A perfected 1984 solution.

A Money Dot & Crash Dot Connection –

Now let’s talk about banking and currency for just a moment. One thing that people can’t tolerate…messing with their money. You mess with their money you have a revolution on your hands. Well, unless you are the one proposing the solution to overcome the ones causing the problems with people’s money. Enter the aforementioned FedNow.

As banks continue to fail and people really ramp-up their panic over their money, what if the Federal Reserve offers a solution to bank problems…let the government handle the money safely and securely. The government already insures bank and credit union deposits…and Biden just expanded that to include ALL money at ALL banks and credit unions. So the government just takes the next small step…handle the transactions…safe, secure, insured…revolutionary idea, right?

Oh wait, as previously mentioned the Fed already did that; the FedNow program already exists and goes live publicly in just a few months. So our currency gets even more digitized…a digital currency in actuality as I already explained.

Now let’s say something occurs and the banks get even more unstable and even more banks fail. No problem…the Fed can fix all of it…they have the perfect program already in place. And people will love the security of all that government insurance and protection. And as an added bonus…we can fight all this rampant crime! The federal government can simply make it a crime to hold all of that illegally gotten physical cash that criminals currently have their dirty hands on. Because certainly law abiding US citizens would never object to the “law & order” of fighting crime…right?

But not to worry…of course law-abiding citizens can turn in their cash to get digital currency credits…it will only be the criminals that suffer, no one else. Every one else benefits and wins!!! Happy days are here again!

And to help out the economy even more…as citizens turn in their physical cash they get more digital credits than their cash is worth. See, that helps with all of the current mammoth debt crisis as well. People will flock to turn in their cash, they love this new program…this give-away…this free lunch. Maybe make it even sweeter…social security recipients will get raises and all student loan debt will be forgiven…if you are an early adopter of the FedNow system. Physical cash becomes illegal…for the good of the country of course. People are dancing in the streets…We Are Saved!!

Think it can’t happen?

In 1933 the US federal government outlawed the ownership of gold…excepting dental gold, jewelry and some collector items. Yup, you could get up to 10 years in prison for simply owning gold. And the jack-booted federal law enforcement agencies enforced those laws and people went to prison. Of course all of their physical gold was confiscated by and forfeited to the US government. Ever wonder what has happened to all of that gold?

And the left-wing radicalized/weaponized media will portray this miraculous currency program as the answer to America’s troubles…people will slurp it up off the boots of government officials. Well, not everyone…and this is where is gets sinister.

Transformation/Transition and Death –

Why do you think DHS, the ATF, and the FBI are provoking the good solid and honorable citizens? Why do you think they are criminalizing the Christian religion? Why do you think they have identified just about every possible truly patriotic American as potential domestic terrorists and violent extremists?

Because many of those patriots will not tolerate the implementation of such Communist/Socialist agendas as a digital currency and gun control. Of course when these patriots revolt against those moves by our leftist federal government…there will be war…a shooting, violent, ugly war. And all of our federal law enforcement agencies will absolutely love it! It will be open season to kill at will for them. They can finally use all those tacti-cool weapons and gear, and burn off all of the hyped-up testosterone and adrenaline (and probably steroids as well) while taking out “bad guys” in the name of God and country.

Publicly the US government will simply show where it was the racist, Christian, right-wing gun owners and violent extremist militias who started it all. All those deplorables who believe in rights, freedoms, and liberty…and willing to stand up to defend such. Damn those domestic extremists!

Yup, the military won’t hesitate to join in either…to suppress the domestic terrorists and radical right-wing militias. Why/how? Because it will be labeled an “insurrection” which then authorizes the military to step in (as if they haven’t already). Why do you think they labeled 1/6 an insurrection? Yup, a trial run…and it worked…perfectly…supported by never-ending news reports by a leftist agenda dedicated and complicit media.

All of this is all a well-orchestrated operation, or rather a series of operations, to transition/transform America to a full-blown totalitarian state. And it is working perfectly!

Remember Obama told us exactly what was happening, just before the 2008 election he said…

We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

He exposed that agenda for al to see! Why do you think the FBI and DOJ went after so many folks from 1/6? To decimate and intimidate the patriot movement and conservatives in general. To put all of them on notice that the FBI will crush you if you try to stand up for rights, liberties, and freedoms. And the FBI, along with the DOJ, won!

Earlier Reference –

Under the “Connecting Dots” section I made the following reference to people begging for solutions, t”…the same way it was done previously in the USA almost 100 years ago.”

Why do you think they called them the “Roaring 20’s“??? The USA experienced an economic boom period. The economy was great, the employment situation was great, technological advances in manufacturing and farming were everywhere, people were being lifted out of poverty, American was energy independent, education was booming…America was amazing!

Well, America was amazing until 1929…then Great Depression hit…and hit hard. America fell into despair in President FDRvirtually every aspect imaginable. And for 3 years America seemed doomed to utter destruction. Then along comes FDR!!! He was the savior of America!!

Oh wait, he was also a committed Marxist and Socialist. And from 1933 on he brought in one big-government, socialist program after another. He transformed the USA from a mostly Constitutional Republic into a monstrosity that was about 70% Communist/Socialist in design. And he laid the groundwork for the remaining transformation that would come to fruition after him.

But my point is this…things got so bad in America that the people begged for a savior, begged for a solution to all of their economic problems and societal despair. And the ruling elites were all too happy to step up and provide that to a desperate US population. Citizens of the US pleaded for saving, pleaded for help, begged to be saved.

Be careful what you ask for.

The process worked before to perfection…and it will work again…very shortly it will work again.

Notice three things…1) FDR also brought us into a World War that cost us vast sums of money that we went into massive debt for, as well as costing America over 1million casualties, 2) FDR strengthened the military-industrial complex immensely, so much so that President Eisenhower warned us about it a mere 16 years later, 3) FDR rejected the idea that the Soviet Union was a threat to America which laid the groundwork for the Cold War.

The elitist driven evil operational model we find ourselves in today, here in America, has been used throughout history as well as in the United States. And it works, it is a successful strategy…it is being successful today.

Finally –

So here we are…ugly truth, facts, evidence…it’s all around us. And now here is what I firmly believe will happen…and soon…

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  6. Took an early lunch to read this and you didn’t disappoint. Just the other day I was telling my mom; a ss recipient, that they will offer her more as an incentive to go that way. People are going to take it in droves.

    Doing great sir! Can’t wait for more.

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  7. “Because we are about to be offered a solution by a group of saviors. And the citizens of the United States will beg for it to be implemented! Actually, they will probably demand the perfect ultimate solution(s) be put into place.”

    The Antichrist.

    Liked by 1 person

      • That is my understanding of how the Antichrist comes to power. That the world is in such a state of chaos and confusion that the Antichrist, with all his charisma and silver tongued promises(sounds so much like someone we know so well? B.O and his”fundamental transformation,”… I’ve thought of that fulfilled promise so very many times since his reign, and my impression received literally when he was first elected, that “this man is the beast” ) steps up and offers a solution to the chaos, and people basically beg for him to save them.

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      • Interesting…I like the way you think…you can connect dots as well 🙂
        I had not even considered the “Antichrist” as I wrote/write this article.
        I am going to have to expand my thinking a bit.
        Now, in my defense…I did/do see is as good vs evil. I hope that accounts for something 😉


      • The more you folks bring this up, the more I am becoming convinced.
        Now the question is…What’s next and when?
        Then again, I always go to…What can I do to prepare for it?
        Oh, that comes Thursday and Friday! 😉
        Hang in there!


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