From me to you…

Yes, I know that most of my posts lately have been focused on two things; 1) solar, 2) current state of global affairs. Many of you folks aren’t interested in solar, I understand that, and some folks are. I feel a need to help those with solar where I can. I hope the rest of you can tolerate my effort in that area. And then there is the current state of global/national affairs thing, current events…oh boy.

Several months ago I really wanted to get away from the SitReps and pretty much anything to do with current events and anything else that was doom & gloom stuff. Yeah, I failed in that…miserably so.

Over the weekend I attended a meeting that touched on a number of subjects that reached into my soul. One of which was social media and news…and how negative it all was to people, and its effects. It gave me great pause for thought on what I am doing on my website.

For years I have given what I consider rock solid information on all aspects of emergency preparedness…what I would prefer to call “self-reliance” since it is a bit more appropriate to my way of thinking. And a few years back I really shifted to focus more on current events, current state of affairs, and exposing government maleficence.

To be perfectly honest…it kills me to write some of those articles. Meaning, it is depressing, dark, dispiriting, and disheartening at times. My wife has seen it and actually mentioned it to me before. And over the weekend I questioned myself on whether I should continue to write articles on current events or not. Frankly, I was torn. Then I remembered…

Thomas Jefferson wrote to his nephew Peter Carr in 1787,

“Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.”

Notice his specific use of words…without jumping to any personal conclusions. First off, Jefferson tells his nephew to question everything with boldness…even so far as to question the very existence of God. This was not a rejection or repudiation of God. It was rather that God would appreciate the use of reason and logic when looking at the world vs just fearing, or blindly following, God. But that was a secondary point, a point of emphasis to the larger principle.

The main point of Jefferson’s statement was one of being fearless…question everything! This was not meant to simply state that something or everything is false or fraudulent. Jefferson’s challenge was to tell his nephew to look at everything he believed in and apply reason and logic to see if it was true…or more just a result of his personal bias and generally accepted misinformation.

I am certainly no Jefferson…that is obvious and I would never aspire to refer to myself as such. But what I am trying to do with many of my posts is to motivate you to challenge what you believe…test it, apply evidence, facts, logic, and reason to what you hold to be true. Then, with cold dispassion, intelligently evaluate your beliefs free from bias and misinformation.

The entire world around us is filled with misinformation, outright lies, half-truths, and deception. It is now impossible for even the government to do anything but deceive. It is normal for people to embrace easy truth…or rather ”so-called truth.” We all want to be comfortable, secure, safe, and confident in what we believe and how we view the world around us. However, all too often what we believe to be true, isn’t…at least not totally.

I share facts, evidence, figures, and opinions a lot on this site. I do it to help you challenge what the world is telling you is true…to call into question their deceit, their lies.

And most of that time it makes me sound negative, pessimistic, cynical, and demoralizing. I know that, I get it, few people want to hear that and feel those emotions. I am telling you I am not thrilled researching it and writing about it.

Here is my bottom line…in the last 75 years people who were the victims of civil war in their countries consistently said,

I didn’t know it was that bad. Then overnight it just erupted.”

Ironically they didn’t learn from the Jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s who years later said the same thing. I feel driven to ensure, to the best of my ability, that doesn’t happen here and now. I feel compelled to raise my voice to tell everyone, anyone, who will listen what I see happening. To raise a warning flag to the evil that is transpiring.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I can do this. There are days where I am mentally exhausted. There are days when I see the shear volume of evil around us and it is difficult to cope with as I type away on my keyboard. And as I get older…I find myself more tired.

Now, I must share this with you, I must…

I am not a negative person by default. I truly see the best in people, generally. I have hope when I see the teens in my Sunday School class, they are amazing kids! I love seeing the incredible acts of love and service that take place every day in the world. I marvel at each day’s dawn…and all the opportunities to love and serve each other…to just enjoy the day.

I also know how this all turns out. Evil is winning this battle right now…no intelligent and sane person can think otherwise. But that is only on this worldly stage and only currently. When speaking of individuals and some communities…awe-inspiring things are taking place! I see people’s lives changing for the better, hearts softening, people becoming saints, acts of love and compassion taking place. Discipleship.

I look at history…and evil has always been defeated…eventually. Yes, I know, life can be tough, if not horrific at times, until evil is defeated…but evil has always been defeated. And evil will be defeated this time as well. It will be…I promise you…evil will be defeated!

I don’t have all the answers. I am not sure why we, here and now, have to endure such utter corruption of so many. I don’t know why we are subjected to such oppression, tyranny, violence, and immorality at this time. I just know it will come to an end…He will win.

And when the “win” is celebrated…we will know it was worth the effort, trials, and enduring all manner of rot that was pressed upon us…the fight will have been worth it.

For me…I must write, I must warn, I must raise the flag, I must speak truth to power…at least for now. I pray that in some small way I am helping the side of right…His side. I ask of you this one simple thing…please say a little prayer for me…I could sure use it…say a little prayer for us all.



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10 thoughts on “From me to you…

  1. There are a lot of sheep out there, and I view you as Sheep Dog guiding and leading those who cannot think for themselves. You are teaching, explaining, with experience learned through time. Our children are being grossly misled by the very ones who have been tasked with teaching them truths and facts. In reality we know this is not happening. Without help from you and others like you who deal with truths and facts coming generations have a dismal future. So please, continue,,, otherwise there may be none left with the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Thanks for all you do, and bless your wife for having the stamina to endure your calling.

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    • Wow DC, What could I possibly say to that except…Thank you so much for your kindness. I do truly appreciate it. I just had to share my heart this morning. I didn’t intend to fish for anything other than just explaining why so many current events/affairs articles vs more preparedness type posts. And I wanted to be encouraging that we do win in the end with Him…if we are on His side.
      That being said…I gotta tell ya, your kind compliments and observations were most appreciated…Thank you again!


  2. “Fear not for I am with you” I personally hold this verse close to my heart. Then the personal task is to Obey!!! It’s in the Obey part where the work is.

    Look, I tell people to just read the LAST CHAPTER, in that you will see, in the end we WIN, and WE WIN BIG. When? Only the FATHER knows. So why should I fret with the way Satan is controlling man at this time. Suck it up butter cup and FIDO! (and not are listed in the book of life, all are called/invited though).

    Yes we are all getting jaded, burn out, whatever one wants to call it. But knowing that eventually all the evil ones will be in the pit of fire for eternity brings me joy and comfort.

    In the meantime continue to update your local list of collaborators, hit the range, invest in more ammo, food, tools, gardening supplies, you know the drill.

    One more tidbit, I love this one and how it applies to the woke ilk of today, “Your Fears Are Not My Chains”.

    This is Saber 7, out.

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  3. I so feel ya. My motto has always been, to question everything. And it is overwhelming at times. My middle son has always “hated politics”, and comments on how he sees it bring me down. How I wish sometimes I could be a blue piller – hit that snooze button and just ignore the inconvenient and messy and go back to sleep.
    But I’ve always been a consummate red piller. I feel like you the responsibility to be a watchman on the wall and face the truth no matter how painful, how messy, how much it challenges my preconceptions.

    I find of late I have to be really mindful of my mental state, and make sure to be present in beauty. Go outside, be with nature, as I said yesterday lean into the Lord, prioritize my time and walk with Him, take my spiritual temperature and when I am getting too weighed down take care of myself. Remember to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, my friend. Balance. Breathe. Find joy. Prayers up for you. 🙏

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    • Sometimes it is the little things. Last night after dark I just walked to the gate and back…1600′ in the dark with just a little moonlight, 30degrees, quiet, wonderful!!

      Thank you for sharing your comment!! Words of wisdom for all 🙂


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