Couple more things on my mind…(3/28/2023)

I just couldn’t let it go…I had to write about this.

Yesterday while researching current events that are pertinent to what is happening in the world and how those events can be used to help understand the world’s situation…I came across these two items. Both are tragic but need to be looked at in a cold light to see how they can eventually affect us and our families…a warning, a red flag, if you will.

First is the horrific shooting of 3 adults and 3 children at a school in Nashville, Tennessee. Most of you have heard at least some of the details but here is what struck me:

  1. Both adults and children were murdered.
  2. The murderer was transgender, a woman pretending to be a man.
  3. The horrific attack occurred at a Christian school that had been specifically targeted.
  4. Biden used the attack as a chance to advocate for a gun ban.

So here is my take on all of this…

The attack was evil, plain and simple. The attacker was a mentally ill individual who somehow thought she, as a female, could somehow transition into a male…that is biologically and scientifically impossible, pure nonsense. As a result she became mentally ill and suffered acute mental health problems. Those mental health problems were exacerbated by a cult of so-called mental health and healthcare professionals. Biden wants to ban guns to reduce this kind of violence…why not call for a banning of transgenderism to stop the murderers as well!

Facts are facts, when you try to deny science it causes serious problems. When you try to force the concept that one biological human can turn into another gender…it will create mentally unstable individuals. We can see the facts and statistics plainly…increases in suicides among transgender pretenders and now the murdering of children. It should come as not surprise…healthcare professionals who are members of this extremest and violent transgender cult have been mentally and psychically mutilating children as young as 6 for decades. Many of these “professionals” are also the same corrupted people that advocate and are involved in infanticide.

The other major facet to this tragedy is it occurred as a Christian school. I’ve been warning you about the rise in violence and hatred against Christians. This violent extremist preaching against Christians has been exponentially increasing in recent years. And we know where it is coming from; 1) Hollywood specifically and all media in general, 2) the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives. If you are a Christian you are a target…and you can clearly see it. Society and the government are at war with religion in general and specifically with Christians. Why? Because we recognize a power greater than the government, any government. And the US government can’t stand that, and won’t tolerate it.

So use this attack as a warning…the extremist and violent cult of transgenderism is dangerous, very dangerous, and is becoming more so. The violence against Christians has been increasing rapidly and will continue to do. And as always…the politicians will use every one of these opportunities to reduce or eliminate rights, liberties, and freedoms…because that is their ultimate goal.

The other event, the second one, was almost as dramatic, but completely as telling. Another devastated family is suing a city and their police department, the lawsuit was filed this month. Here’s what is publicly known:

  1. A domestic disturbance occurred in March 2022 between a man and woman, a 2-year old children was also in the camper at the time.
  2. Four police officers responded.
  3. Upon LEO arrival the husband opened the door, saw the police, and closed the door.
  4. The 2-year old toddler then reopened the door during which time the mother ran outside.
  5. The man shot the woman as she ran outside, she died from her wounds.
  6. The police did not fire but retreated to a safe location. The man began firing at the police officers, but no police were injured.
  7. The local SWAT team arrived.
  8. Several hours later a SWAT team sniper fired one round into the camper.
  9. No LEO has admitted to giving the order for the sniper to fire. No one also knows, other than the sniper, if he had a clear shot at the man. Numerous reports from numerous sources say he fired a “bind shot” into the camper. Only that one shot, the sniper’s shot, had been heard for almost an hour.
  10. Some time later officers entered the home…the man was found dead, along with the 2-year old toddler who had been shot.
  11. A week later a report was released that the man had shot himself and the 2-year old toddler had been shot by the police SWAT team sniper.

So if you read that clearly…the shot the SWAT sniper made came well after (approximately an hour after) the last shot that the man fired. And it was the SWAT sniper that murdered the 2-year old toddler. A year later it was discovered that the sniper had only been placed on paid leave during the week-long investigation, he was never fired, he was never charged.

So there is basically two kinds of murder; 1) intentional (you point a gun at someone and pull the trigger), 2) negligence (you run someone over while you are street racing). But both are murder.

So I ask the questions…

Did the police sniper see the 2-year old toddler in his sights and willing pull the trigger sending his bullet into the 2-year old toddler’s head?


Did the police sniper blindly fire into the camper murdering the 2-year old toddler?


Did the police sniper mistake a 2-year old toddler for a full grown 37-year old man and then pull the trigger murdering the 2-year old toddler?

The way I see it…the SWAT team sniper either intentionally murdered the 2-year old toddler, or through gross negligence the SWAT team sniper murdered the 2-year old toddler. Either way…the police SWAT team sniper murdered the 2-year old toddler…period.

So why was the SWAT team sniper never charged with murder…he clearly murdered the 2-year old toddler…the evidence proves that and the police stated that. Then again, why is the cop still a badge carrying member of that police force? Hell, why wasn’t he even disciplined for the murder of the 2-year old toddler!!

Finally, I connect the dots on these two events…in one event a member of the transgender cult kills 3 adults and 3 children and it gets major national media coverage and the shooter is killed by police. Good on the officer that shot the killer. But then we have a police officer murder a 2-year old toddler, either intentionally or negligently, and virtually no media coverage…and the officer is still a cop! In what universe does this happen?

The only difference…in one situation the killer is a mentally ill cult member, in the other situation the killer is a cop.

In the book “1984” everything is reversed…truth becomes lies, lies become truth, peace becomes war, war become peace. And may I add…women somehow become men, and men somehow become women…deifying science and common sense.

But this should not surprise you because Paul writes in 2 Timothy; This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” Then he goes on to list some of what we see today in people, especially leftist cult members such as the transgenders; lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, unholy, without natural affection, fierce, despisers of those that are good, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. He goes on to say that people will be led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Please, make sure your eyes are open to see what is happening and by whom. Understand how society has changed…for the worse! And it will continue, as a whole, to get worse, much worse. And know who is behind it. Not just the obvious…leftists, government, progressives, politicians, Democrats, schools/universities…but who is driving them.

Prepare…time is growing short.


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One thought on “Couple more things on my mind…(3/28/2023)

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for posting this update of yours. The whole thing is utterly insane, a drug fueled insanity with neuro-toxic big pharma drugs via vaccines etc and neuro-toxins in the environment as a whole.

    As regards the dangerous transgender movement people are waking up. I have said this to others but the source of the problem is Satan, once Lucifer who is LGBTQi+ etc. and utterly insane.

    I wrote this to try and relieve the mood whilst highlighting the truth.


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