Couple things on my mind this morning…(3/28/2023)

  • Frustration

I got this email late last Thursday night from a good friend showing frustration about some folks and their Ostrich Syndrome.

“People are so focused on themselves that they can’t fathom what is happening around them. This includes my own children and wife. When I bring up the subject of preparedness fingers get pointed and I am a tinfoil hat guy. It is extremely difficult but I am so disabled and need daily care, I have to bite my lip and keep silent. The car has 1/2 tank of gas. When we were at the store today I suggested we top off the tank. No response we just drove on by the gas station. I can’t get any of them to recognize that for 7 people, 3 of whom are teenage boys, that we probably only have about 2 months worth of food. I am just sick.”

Dang! Can we relate or not? I know I can…most people I know having their head stuck in the sand. But, we have to learn to be patient and understanding…then simply do the best we can. That is all that can be asked of us. And…we have to learn to deal with all the frustration and other stress occurring right now. There is a lot of stress and tension…you can feel it, you can see it in others and their behavior. Don’t let it get to you, figure out how you can cope/deal with it.

  • FBI informants & you!

In trial documents for Proud Boys leader it was revealed last week that the federal government (FBI) had at least one informant very close to the Proud Boys leadership. And that informant, originally called by the defense before his true identity was known, will now be appearing as a witness for the federal government.

I have told you repeatedly over the years that federal law enforcement agencies have spies/informants in all groups the government has deemed “right-wing, patriot, Conservative, militia, preparedness groups,” etc. If you are a member of any kind of these groups, then you have been identified as a “potential domestic terrorist” or a “potential violent extremist”. Make decisions appropriately.

  • The utter evil of the FBI!

“Civil Asset Forfeiture” (CAS) is a legal scheme used by the FBI to seize 100’s of millions of dollars each year in private personal property. A couple (the Martins) just had to sue the US government…to get their own property back. Really??? Yup!

They had two safety deposit boxes containing their life savings…the FBI seizure took place two years ago. They had a over $40,000 in the two safety deposit boxes saved for retirement. In 2021 the FBI seized their money when their boxes were forcibly opened by a FBI SWAT team. The FBI had no warrant but seized the funds anyways under CAS laws. Quite awhile ago a judge reviewed the seizure and ordered the FBI to provide complete information why their money was confiscated…in other words, what law had the couple violated. The FBI sent a copy & paste response that if the couple wanted their money back they had to retain a lawyer and sue the government…yup, to get back their own money they had to retain a lawyer and sue the US government.

The couple is now represented by The Institute of Injustice, who is also representing other clients in a class action lawsuit against the FBI. The Institute of Injustice is acting on behalf of clients who have had almost $100,000,000 seized from safety deposit boxes without charges and without explanation.

This is yet another action by the FBI that demonstrates the utter evil of the FBI and why the Founding Fathers never authorized such an agency in the Constitution.

And FYI…Donald Trump enthusiastically supports Civil Asset Forfeiture laws and wanted to strengthen them back when he was President.

When you have an extremely powerful national police agency, such as the FBI, that was never authorized in the Constitution this is what you get…an out of control police state run by thugs with badges. How do we tolerate an unconstitutional federal police agency stealing people’s money and making those victims have to sue to get it back? It is nothing short of criminal…and if people don’t see it…then they are part of the problem.


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