Do We Need Police Reform? (Q&A – 2)

  • Come on, can you give me current real examples of bad cops?

Well, since you asked…

  • Jan/2023 – 5 Tennessee police officers arrested and charged for beating a man to death.
  • Jan/2023 – Police officer accused of a targeted assignation of a protester while protesting police violence.
  • Feb/2023 – A police officer in Shreveport, La., was arrested on Thursday and charged with negligent homicide in the Feb. 3 killing of an unarmed man.
  • Feb/2023 – A former Georgia police officer has been charged with felony murder and kidnapping in the death of 16-yo girl who was also raped. He was previously charged with concealing a death and false report of a crime.
  • Feb/2023 – The police chief of a south Georgia city is charged with theft by taking, possession of marijuana, false statements and writings, and violation of oath of office.
  • Feb/2023 – Two NYPD cops were arrested in separate roadway incidents, one charged with DWI, the other with leaving the scene of a crash.
  • Mar/2023 – A Miami Beach police officer on trial for using excessive force during the arrest of a Maryland tourist in a hotel lobby repeatedly kicking and punching the victim as he lay face-down on the lobby floor of the Royal Palm Hotel with his hands behind his back.
  • Mar/2023 – Report released that a Louisville police officer let his dog attack a 14-year-old child who was not resisting. As the dog ‘gnawed’ on the child’s arm, the officer said ‘stop fighting my dog.’
  • Mar/2023 – Report released that Louisville police officers mocked a man having a mental health crisis, joked about sexually harassing him, then ‘took him down’ and assaulted him when he tried to go inside a psychiatric hospital.
  • Mar/2023 – The city of Wichita on Tuesday approved a $5 million settlement of a lawsuit filed by the family of a man who was shot and killed by a police officer during a hoax call in 2017. The man murdered by police, who was unarmed, was shot by an officer within 10 seconds of opening his door.
  • Mar/2023 – A former New Orleans police officer was sentenced Tuesday to 14 years in federal prison for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl who was already a rape victim.
  • Mar/2023 – A Miami Beach police officer on trial for using excessive force as part of a group arresting a suspect in a hotel lobby in 2021 was found guilty of simple battery by a jury. Three other officers who took part in kicking and punching the handcuffed suspect as he lay face-down on a hotel lobby floor are awaiting trial.
  • Mar/2023 – Police bodycam footage shows Najee Seabrooks’s standoff with police proves he didn’t have to die during a mental health crisis.
  • Mar/2023 – A rural Missouri sheriff and two deputies are jailed and facing charges accusing them of helping a man in a parental kidnapping plot.
  • Mar/2023 – Officer arrested in connection with the death of Bagley on February 16. LSP said that the officer was booked into the Caddo Correctional Center on the charge of Negligent Homicide.
  • Mar/2023 – A police constable has kept her job despite being found guilty of gross misconduct for using “excessive force” when she repeatedly hit Dalian Atkinson with her baton after he was tasered. Atkinson died later that day from his injuries.
  • Mar/2023 – A Millsboro Police Department officer is under investigation for tampering with a controlled substance in evidence, the department announced Friday.
  • Mar/2023 – Three Michigan State Troopers have been criminally charged for the use of excessive force after stopping a bicyclist for not having lights on his bike. On dashcam footage the troopers can also clearly be seen punching the victim repeatedly as well as being tazed.
  • Mar/2023 – A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit on a minor technicality (statue of limitations) against the Baltimore Police Department from Demetric Simon, the man who had a BB gun planted on him after convicted ex-police Sgt. Wayne Jenkins ran him over with a car.
  • Mar/2023 – West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Monday ordered a sweeping investigation of the State Police after he accepted the resignation of the agency’s superintendent and revealed allegations of wrongdoing, including that a video camera was placed inside a women’s locker room.
  • Mar/2023 – A former Warminster police officer sentenced and he won’t be eligible for parole until he is 78 years old for the sexual abuse of five boys.
  • Mar/2023 – Nashville police officer mishandled woman’s case before she was fatally shot.
  • Mar/2023 – Former Savannah Police officer who shot and killed Saudi Arai Lee last June in the Carver Village neighborhood, was arrested on Feb. 25 in Columbus, Ohio, for possession of methamphetamine and drug-related objects.
  • Mar/2023 – A northern Virginia police officer was fired Thursday after fatally shooting an unarmed shoplifting suspect last month…the victim had stolen two pairs of sunglasses.
  • Mar/2023 – A Kansas City police officer reveals his superiors instructed him to target minority residents in traffic stops in an effort to meet ticket quotas that are illegal under Missouri law, according to a lawsuit filed earlier this week.
  • Mar/2023 – A former Doraville police officer has been indicted on a new charge in the death of a 16-year-old Gwinnett County girl. On Feb. 13, Gwinnett police charged the former Doraville police officer, with concealing Morales’ death and falsely reporting a crime. They later added felony murder and kidnapping charges.
  • Mar/2023 – A local Exeter man, who was criminally charged for posting an online comment stating Exeter’s former police chief “covered up for a dirty cop,” is taking his fight to overturn criminal defamation laws to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Mar/2023 – Four Honolulu police officers pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges related to their roles in a cover-up of a high-speed chase that resulted in a crash and a traumatic brain injury to the driver of another car. The officers never commanded the Honda’s driver to stop nor did they turn on their blue lights and sirens. Nahulu, Smith and Bartolome drove past the crash scene without stopping, after which they met Lewis at nearby Waianae Intermediate School, prosecutors said. Smith, Bartolome and Lewis were then dispatched to the crash site, but when they arrived, the officers behaved as though they had no prior knowledge of the collision, charging documents say.

How’s that for starters????  Took me about an hour to find these without really trying too hard. And those were only the situations that the media found out about, and only those that they reported on, and only those that I found in a quick search. So do the “real” math on this.

But not to worry…our cops are on the beat fighting crime! In January 2023 two men have been arrested…for freedom of speech. Yup, one guy in Ohio did a parody Facebook site of a local police department mocking them…he got arrested. And then another guy, this one in Louisiana…yeah, he posted on his Facebook page warning that the local Sheriff’s department had instructed its deputies to “shoot on sight all zombies”…he too got arrested.

And then you doubt that we need police reform?????

And then there are the federal cops…they arrested 8 extremely violent master criminals just a few weeks ago!! Yup, all 8 were arrested by heavily armed FBI SWAT teams for talking to women before they entered an abortion factory…oh, and praying and singing hymns. But their official charges…“engaging in a civil rights conspiracy.” Yeah, nice to see our US federal government’s police officers staunchly supporting infanticide…just like Hitler’s Germany did. So what about federal police officer reform?????

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