Do We Need Police Reform? (Q&A – 1)

  • How much will police reform cost?

It doesn’t matter!

Let me run some numbers for you…

  • Average local/state police officer makes about $67,000 per year.
  • American middle-class median income for a 2-person family is $51k, a 3-person family is $63k. So cops are in the upper-middle class in the US. So don’t buy into the crap that police are underpaid. Yeah then get more educated, add in their benefits and pensions! Cops can retire in 25 – 30 years, most with 80 – 100% pensions. Yup, that means their new pension check equals their old paycheck in many cases.
  • There are about 906,000 local and state police officers in the US. That comes out to a total annual cost of about $61billion without including benefits and pensions.
  • FWIW…there are 35% more cops in the US now than in 1980.
  • There is no firm figures for annual equipment and gear costs for police officers but estimates run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • The 2022 US GDP (gross domestic product) was $26trillion.

So the costs for police officers break down like this…

  • Total cost of US crime: $2.6trillion (10% of GDP)
  • Cost to US citizens for speeding tickets: $ .6trillion ( 2.3% of GDP)
  • Cops salaries (benefits not included): $ .61trillion (2.4% of GDP)
  • Equipment/gear/benefits/pensions: $ .05trillion ( .02% of GDP)

TOTAL COSTS OF COPS: $3,860,000,000,000 (14.8% of GDP)

Think about that…total cost of local and state police officers in the United States is nearly 4trillion dollars in unsolved crime, salaries, gear, pensions, and out of pocket fines for US citizens!!!!! That is an unreal amount when you consider that is nearly 15% of the US GDP for 2022.

Now consider the 6,000 unsolved murders each year. Then add in the 75,000 unsolved rapes each year on top of that. So we can’t not do police reform…it is as simple as that.

In the United States local and state police officers are well-paid! They earn above median income for middle-class Americans. When you factor in their pensions and benefits they are easily at the top of the middle-class of Americans.

Now, think about all of those costs to US citizens…

We can not tolerate not having serious and extensive police reform!

The numbers and facts speak for themselves.


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9 thoughts on “Do We Need Police Reform? (Q&A – 1)

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  5. Oh my, what dull eyed mouth breather came up with that zinger? “How much will orc reform cost?” Oh my, seriously living under that preverbal rock. (from a Harmless individual I am guessing?)

    Heres one for you, get the orcs out of the business of ENFORCEMENT, and back into the business of policing. (This alone will reduce the size of the standing badged orc army.) How you say? Let the citizenry do the enforcing, thats right. Get rid of the ATF, get rid of the Infringing gun laws. Remember this little ditty, “An armed society is a polite society”?

    Government Crooks, deep state appernacks, rapist, drug users and dealers, thief’s, looters, groomers, child sexual predators, there will soon be fewer and fewer of them as a result of natural selection via the community kinetic services, TCKS. Hahah we could call it ticks.

    Do you actually think that if illegals, (who are invading thru our souther border), knew that the locals would shot to kill them for invading, do you think they would try? Oh hell no. It’s amazing how ones motivation changes when the guy next to you head explodes, from a well placed round from a direct fire weapon. Hell it would be fun sport for the first few weeks of the laws changing. I would imagine a cottage industry supporting illegal border crossing hunting activities. (Actually thats not a bad idea)(I need to secure some website names now).

    Bottom line is this, all government, (federal/state/local/HOAs) have grown to gargantuan size and the citizens have been taught that all government is good, harmless and benevolent. Which is bullshit. Less government the better government.

    What I am talking is Personal Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and that concept has purposefully not been taught in the government run institutional brainwashing indoctrination centers. Erroneously called schools.

    “How much will orc reform cost” is where we got started. With these concepts we can start to realize a reduction in tax dollars, reduction of crime, and a reinvigoration of Personal Liberty.

    Rant over, Thanks AH.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dang dude!!!!!
      Thank you…a breath of fresh air and truth.
      Well, the whole border thing…let’s settle for immediately returning them across the border. For the cartel guys, drug mules, gun runners, human traffickers, etc…maybe a little more kinetic if needed 😉
      “The best government is that which governs least.” is attributed to Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson and John Locke. Regardless, it comes from a basic concept of rights, freedoms, liberties, and the underlying fear of tyranny and oppression from a strong central government (i.e. US federal government) which always develops over time. And that development is driven by politicians who have an unquenchable evil lust for power/control…and from a population that is afraid to be responsible for and accountable for themselves.
      Thanks for the “rant”…wait, it was just common sense.


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