Where the heck was I all week?

Yeah, been a weak week for posts. Yes, pun intended.

But there is a good reason…I practice what I preach. I was building some more raised beds, making some awesome dirt, picking up supplies, and doing other tasks directly related to the week-long article from last week.

Remember in Part #5 I wrote out some “thoughts and suggestions” on how to prepare for the catastrophe that is staring us in the face. That is what I have been working on all week. The added garden capability is just one aspect…albeit a very important one. Another is taking a significant step in improving the security of our home/property. And a couple other issues as well, but those are best kept personal, at least for now.

Remember last August I mentioned about buying garden supplies and be ready to put in a garden? Did you? And, are you? You still have time you know.

Just so you don’t freak out…I have a number of articles in the works. One is for specifically for Mickey because he has asked me multiple times to write about protecting your home from an EMP strike. Yeah, that one is almost done. A final edit or two and it will hit the website…probably early in the week.

So I was busy and the website had to take a back seat for a few days. Yeah I know, how thoughtless of me 🙂


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