Some serious food for thought…the U.S. Empire

So I have been staying away from most news and current events…thankfully. I gave up what little social media I was involved in long ago…thankfully. I have been concentrating on two contract projects that I am doing for a local solar company, this is my third & fourth for them. And there is the family I am trying to help out -service project- they were taken advantage of by a disreputable solar company. So I have been a bit busy with actual “work” even though I am supposedly retired. The good thing…these contract projects have provided the funds for our solar system upgrade. Well, minus the fourth battery that is in out near future…hopefully.

Several things have been on my mind even though I have avoided current events. One is the utter decadence that our country is falling into; yeah, and the entire world, if truth be told. Another is the financial situation in our country; yeah, and the entire world, if truth be told. But most of all…the US Empire situation. Yeah, I know…oh boy, here we go again. And you are right…here we go again.

For about a year and a half I have been doing research on various empires in the history of the world. Empires such as the Roman, Dutch, French, British, Russian, and German. Yes, for the record, the Dutch (Netherlands) were an empire, rising in the early 1600’s and fallen by the mid-1800’s. The Dutch empire having been replaced mostly by the French empire which rose in the late 1600’s and had fallen by the early 1900’s. For the German empire I am referring to the Nazi German empire, not the early so-called German empire (1870 – 1918).

True, I have been an avid student of history for nearly 50 years now but just in the last few years I have really dived into the details of their societies and mentality of their leaders. And no, I have no idea why I am so intrigued and fascinated by history other than it is who we are as societies and individuals. The single most surprising aspect of empire history…they all repeat themselves almost exactly…like 99% match-up.

In early 2021 I began to watch a large number of documentaries of empires. I wanted to get a more visual representation of them rather simply words on a page. Then this year I began to watch docudramas on the same empires. Yes I know, by definition docudramas are not entirely historically accurate. But, they do give a glimpse of a more visual representation of the color of the societies and people living in that day and age. And I did find it rather interesting how well they did match written historical accounts on the macro level. And further, they matched the actual places I visited throughout my life. Since a young sailor in the 1970’s I have visited such places as Rome, Italy…London, England…Tunisia, France, Malta, Gibraltar, Cuba, Australia, Wales, and Sicily.

So where am I headed with all of this? Ah yes, the big question to be sure…and I will give you the answer…one you probably won’t like.

First off you need to understand two things; 1) every empire that has ever existed has fallen or is falling…with the exception of China, it is still rising, 2) the United States of America is an empire, whether you believe it or not, it is.

#1 is easy to prove true…just look it up…of every single one of the world’s empires that have ever existed, they have all fallen (except two, so far, but the US is in the later stages of falling, China is still rising). And these empires follow a specific pattern in their rise and fall. I presume that is due to the fact that they are all controlled by humans, and human nature doesn’t/hasn’t changed much in the history of humankind. Ahhhhhh, that it what makes us human.

#2 is either accepted or rejected based on personal opinion (i.e. bias) of given facts and hard evidence. However my friend…facts are facts…period. And all of those facts line-up exactly with the data points of all prior empires the world has seen. So bluntly speaking…if you don’t accept the fact that the US is an empire then you are viewing factual evidence through a prism of your own bias. Well, in my opinion anyways.

To learn more about the US Empire you should probably read “The Fall of the U.S. Empire”

The true point of this article is the mentality of the leadership of those empires; and the state of the societies of these empires when they reach the clear and obvious stage of falling. And that leadership and societal mental state is consistent across the board with empires as they rise and fall, especially the fall.

In a nut shell:

Leadership mentality –

  • They are superior to the common person and only they know what is best for the country.
  • They are entitled to opulence and special treatment due to their status.
  • They are “called” to rule and reign; they consider it their “destiny” to do so.
  • They should be able to tax their populations without restrictions and to any degree to fund the government…and the government’s agenda.
  • They are convinced that military “might” makes all things right and using that military might is justified as a means to an end…all ends.

Societal mentality-

  • Superior to other country’s populations.
  • Entitled to special treatment wherever they go.
  • Increasingly morally indulgent and accepting of perversions.
  • Over-burdened with taxes, fees, and regulations of government.
  • They feel they are not heard, understood, or represented by their leadership (i.e. government)…an increasing distancing between the populace and the leadership.
  • The population is deeply divided into social groups, especially politically.

Does that sound familiar?

If you care to question those observations please feel free to challenge them and do your own research into empire history. I think you would find it most enlightening.

The single most glaring example of this I think is France with Louis the XIV (1638 – 1715) at the helm. He was King of France from 1643 – 1715 (but didn’t actually rule until about 1660 due to his age) and oversaw the rise of France as an empire. And France would maintain its empire status for about 200 – 225 years. He was an interesting fellow, although not a good guy. He did have a vision, I will give him that.

Here are some of my observations of King Louis XIV:

  • He detested the practice of religion but used it to create more power for himself. He persecuted any Christian that wouldn’t subject themselves to his rule and his beliefs.
  • He was morally bankrupt to a startling degree. Interestingly, he outwardly participated in religious ceremonies.
  • He built the most powerful modern and professional military in the world at the time and engaged in virtual constant warfare to expand his empire. And he acquired huge debt doing so.
  • He favored taxation, any tax, and he imposed new taxes on the population and raised existing taxes. If this sounds familiar…he exempted the rich nobles from most taxation.
  • He also imposed draconian rules and regulations on the rich nobles to exert more control over them. He even forced the nobles to move into his over-the-top opulence of Versailles.
  • He also essentially did the same to military commanders to centralize control at his throne. He also created a large, well-trained, professional, standing army with which he conquered all “enemies” both foreign and domestic.
  • Versailles was infamously known for rampant gambling, intrigue, conspiracies, and perverted sexual morality.
  • And of course, he placed the Catholic church in France under his direct control for his own personal gain.
  • While Louis was married, he only had a single child that survived from that marriage. However, he had a long list of mistresses, many concurrently. Those unions produced dozens of illegitimate children.
  • He considered himself as the center of the universe “without equal” and ensured everyone accepted that viewpoint.
  • He built multiple monuments to himself. The most ostentatious being the Place of Versailles. And yes, the cost for Versailles…equivalent to about 300billion dollars!

While Louis reigned, the people of France complained of; 1) exponential expansion of the King’s central authority, 2) enormous tax burdens on the average person, 3) the reduction of local and regional authority and autonomy.

Does any of that sound familiar in our current day?

Here’s the deal…all empires were essentially the same, as were their monarchs/leaders. So, let’s think about this for a minute…if all the empires followed the same path and all the monarchs/leaders were essentially the same…what about the US empire?

Do our political leaders use religion for their own personal gain as well as criticize it when useful? Do they persecute religions when it suits their purposes, especially political purposes? Do they attempt to, or actually, exert control over religion?

Do our political leaders, especially our Presidents, act in a way to show that they are morally and ethically bankrupt?

Has the US built a large, well-trained, professional, modern, standing military…and have used it to expand its territory? And is that standing army controlled primarily by a single political leader (i.e. the President)?

Do our political leaders have no issue raising existing taxes and imposing new taxes and fees on US citizens…while mostly exempting rich people either directly or via loop holes?

Is Washington D.C. known for its intrigue, perversion, and complete lack of morality among political leaders and their staff and bureaucrats? Are our political leaders known to have mistresses both male and female?

Are churches allowed to speak openly from the pulpit about political matters, endorse candidates for office, and oppose legislation without reprisal from the government?

Are US Presidents considered the most powerful and arrogant people in the world…and ensure that all other leaders bow to their power?

Do our political leaders build monuments to themselves and fellow political leaders to the cost of billions of dollars?

Are you seeing a pattern here?

For a very long time I have been preaching “principles vs politics”…for a very good reason! Our politicians are corrupt to virtually to every single one of them. As is our government…corrupt and perverted to an staggering degree.

So, let me digress just a minute…Why was the US Constitution written the way it was?

Our Founding Fathers grew up during, and witnessed first hand, the Dutch Empire, the French Empire, and the British Empire. The Founding Fathers suffered directly at the hands of the British Empire through decades of tyranny, high taxation, oppression, and violence. They knew all too well what dangers laid at feet of empires and tyrannical rulers. Those same Founding Fathers did everything they could to prevent an empire taking hold in the United States and being ruled over by rich, powerful, political elites. They worked tirelessly to try and prevent US citizens suffering oppression and violence, and even economic hardships in the form of excessive taxation. They didn’t want a homegrown British Empire equivalent.

But here we are…smack dab in the middle of what our Founding Fathers tried to keep us protected from. We have become what our Founding Fathers both feared and detested…and empire ruled over by powerful ruthless elites.

And one other final issue I would like to share…

The Dutch Kings had the Blue Guards, the British Kings have the British Foot Guards (a.k.a. Royal Guards), and the French Kings had the Garde Écossaise. And all the empires had extensive domestic spy networks and secret police to enforce their rule, intimidate citizens, and suppress dissension.

Our Founding Fathers had no such guards, none were needed, wanted, or were going to be provided…according to the Constitution. But within 70 years Presidents began elevating themselves to a royalty status. And now the US monarchs have the Secret Service, Capitol Police, and numerous units from the military guarding them 24/7 at huge expense to the average taxpayer.

Additionally, our Presidents have multiple spy agencies keeping track of all citizens’ every move (i.e. NSA, DHS, TSA, ATF, DEA, NSA). And of course the ultimate powerful and brutal secret police…the FBI. And when those police state entities wish to intimidate, suppress dissension, or even kill citizens…who can stand against them?

So I beg the questions:

1) After our Founding Fathers rejected and defeated a tyrannical and oppressive monarchy nearly 250 years ago…and adopted a Constitution to prevent another one forming…why did we, US citizens, allow another to take its place?

2) Now that we have a tyrannical and oppressive government once again ruling our country with an iron fist…what, if anything, are we going to do about it?

3) We know through facts, evidence, and history that all empires fall…have YOU thought about what you and your family will do when the U.S. Empire becomes desperate?

Work locally, prepare yourself and your family…and figure out your personal principles…and stick to them.

Forget politics…think principles!

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