Coming Gun Control Legislation

There are approximately 29 gun control bills working their way through the Congressional process. None of which have made it into committee and/or to the floor for a vote. They are all in the “mark-up” or similar stage with the exception of two. One of which is commonly referred to as universal background checks, effectively eliminating all private sales and all private transfers except between spouses. The second allows the FBI to indefinitely delay background check approvals, effectively denying a person’s right to purchase a firearm.

As far as I can tell, collectively all 29 bills are not together as bad as last year’s H.R. 5717…which would not have made it past the Republican controlled Senate. However, give the 2021 Congressional radical leftists time…they are working on it.

First off…ANY federal law that prohibits a person’s right to own a personal weapon is unconstitutional…at least according to the Bill of Rights. And I am 100% behind the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I hope that makes it clear where I stand on the illegal and unconstitutional moves being made in Congress…and those having already been made in previous Congressional sessions. Any Representative or Senator who votes in favor of any gun control or gun ownership restrictions…have violated their oath they take…

“I do solemnly swear/affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” Congressional Oat of Office

And so we find ourselves far…very far…removed from our rights, liberties, and freedoms that our Founding Fathers intended us to possess. And possess for what purpose? The Second Amendment was explicitly designed to defend ourselves against tyranny…specifically against tyranny put upon us by a federal government.

And where do we find ourselves today? That is a question for you to answer. But, before you do…you might want to read this article <4th of July – Independence Day>

Now, all that being said, I’ve had a few conversations lately and read a few articles on what people are planning to do; the intentions run from sad to bizarre.

There seems to be some who will “bury” their guns. So I ask them a question…Bury them for what? There doesn’t seem to be a quick or intelligent response to that question…mostly a blank and confused stare. And when they do finally answer…their reasoning is not logical and void of common sense.

Then there is the “sell it now” crowd…those that wish to sell their guns before they become illegal and are confiscated. Most are taking the cash and spending it on a wide variety of items…none of which are “prepper” in nature.

Then there are a few that tell me, “I will put out an old gun for them to confiscate, the rest will be hidden.” Similar to the “bury” crowd, I ask them…Hide them for what? Again their answers are disjointed…and illogical. They tend to think they will somehow then be able to join a massive revolutionary war against tyranny sometime in the future. They seem to miss that they already complied with tyranny and missed the revolutionary boat…by a wide margin.

And a few have told me straight up…I will turn them in. Ouch!

There was only one man that said, “I will not let them take my guns…period!” That man is a veteran, a little older, and was as stalwart in that statement as any I have ever seen. Strangely enough, the only woman I spoke with said a similar thing…”I will not give up my guns”…then she went quiet and just stared at me. I was pleased and proud of both of them.

So let me return to the “bury & hide” crowd…what they heck are they hiding or burying their guns for? Seriously…WHY????  If guns are outlawed and confiscated…then what good is having one hidden or buried? Come on…use commonsense!!!

Oh, I am sure that they are thinking…later we can use them to [fill in the blank]. Bullshit! If they don’t have enough guts, courage, or foundational principles to fight against evil when the thugs come for guns the first time…they sure as hell won’t have any of those admirable character traits to rise up at some date in their fantasy future.

They are lying to themselves…plain and simple. They are looking for the easy way out…the coward’s way out. You either fight evil and tyranny or you give in…there is no inbetween…there is no gray area in this issue. Waiting to implement the Declaration of Independence after gun confiscation is WAY too late.

Consider this…on April 19th 1775 the army decided to confiscate the ammunition supplies of American citizens stored in Concord. The American citizens didn’t tell the army “OK, here it is, go ahead and take it.” Nor did they hide their guns and ammo, offering up their bows & arrows to the army in hopes of appeasing the soldiers. No sir, the American citizens formed up for a defensive action wishing to not engage the military. However, a shot rang out and a battle ensued.

Although the American citizens lost the battle of Lexington early that morning, the military paid a heavy price the remainder of the day as they retreated. And 8 years later brought about independence from a tyrannical oppressive government and issued in the Constitution and Bill of Rights…establishing the most free country to that point in the history of mankind.

That day in April nearly 250 years ago…the brave, the stalwart, the courageous didn’t hide their guns, they didn’t bury their guns, they didn’t give up their guns. That early morning…they stood against tyranny, they stood tall, they resisted the urge to give in to despotism…they resisted. They didn’t give in, they didn’t give up. And 8 years later gave their children, grandchildren, and many later generations freedom that had not been seen before in the history of the world.

So what is the answer? I can’t answer that for you personally because I have no idea what your individual circumstances or beliefs are.

A couple thoughts…

  1. Clarify where you stand on the Second Amendment. For me it is clear…no law, not a single one, to restrict a person’s right to buy, own, or transfer guns/ammo/mags is Constitutional. No tax on them, no infringement…NOTHING! The Second Amendment is clear as a bell…and our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing and what we would have to fight against if we didn’t control the government to begin with. I will stand with the Founding Fathers!
  2. There are some good gun rights organizations out there…support them with your time and money. And NO, I am not recommending the N.R.A…because they have caved in on the major gun control issues in the last 100 years*. Don’t doubt me on this!! An NRA President even said he saw no reason for a person to carry a concealed gun and didn’t support the right to do so**. Don’t give a dime to the NRA!! I like Gun Owners of America the best. <> They are top notch and staunchly support the 2nd Amendment and stand tall where the NRA caves in.
  3. Support any and all 2nd Amendment sanctuary movements; city, county, and state.
  4. Contact your Representative and Senators, state and federal, to voice your unconditional opposition to ANY attempt at gun control. Make it clear you are willing to back up your position with time and money.
  5. Make sure you are ready to stand behind your convictions when the time comes. No wavering, no compromise, and know what you will do when the time comes. Then do it!

There are a lot of gun owners out there, some of them self-described patriots, who talk tough, who think they are some bad ass, who claim this or that. If any one of them speaks about hiding or burying a gun to avoid confiscation…then they are BS artists and not to be trusted. Or, they have been taken in by the idiots and cowards club.

The only reason to bury/hide guns/ammo/mags is for a “cache” for use if your main guns are no longer available to you (i.e. gunfight, have to abandon them, lost them, a back-up, or for resupply). The only way to prevent gun confiscation is to fight the legislation preemptively…and should that fail…fight it as our Founding Fathers did and who also provided us the means and authorization to do so through the Declaration of Independence.

I did a study about 10 years ago concerning gun confiscation. The premise of which was simple, guns were outlawed, confiscation was ordered, and all law enforcement (federal/state/local) would be involved in forced gun confiscation via raids at people’s homes and businesses. LEOs would operate in 10-man units and conduct two raids per day. I used an average of 1 casualty per day per team incurred during their raids. Remember, a casualty doesn’t mean fatality, it means a person is lost for continuing service after the injury is incurred. But yes, it could also mean fatality.

I used the numbers of all LEOs in the country participating in the raids. I set unit combat effectiveness at 50%. Unit cohesiveness and morale was not initially factored in.

The results were simple…gun confiscation raids would become unsustainable after 16 days. Meaning there was a 75% casualty rate within those 16 days. Now, factoring in unit cohesiveness and individual morale…those raids could stop well before the 16 day time-frame. And I believe there would be some parts of the country where state LEOs would not participate, and a large number of rural areas where local LEOs would not participate. And I believe there are a few locations where local LEOs might assist citizens in the resistance to gun confiscation.

I think those numbers are telling…whether they are accurate or not is another story, I believe they are. I think that unit cohesiveness and morale could hugely affect the numbers in favor of citizens…but I don’t have the tools to make those calculations. But resistance to gun confiscation would mean the tyranny could last no more than 16 days, maybe less.

But the downside to those numbers is this…should they hold true and a radical leftist regime such as Biden/Harris is leading the confiscation movement…the military could be called in. Should the military be called in, and they cooperate, it is game over… guns are gone. Maybe not in 1 day, maybe not in 16 days…but they are gone. And I see no reason to believe that the military (i.e. National Guard Military Police or regular units) would not cooperate.

The other proven option is a leftist method that is considerably more effective and efficient in getting 80 – 90% of American guns confiscated…BuyBack! If the federal government offered a buyback program during a grace period once guns are outlawed, then you will see the country virtually disarmed. Then only those most committed to the Constitution would still have a gun. If that would be the case, and then LEO raids commenced on the remaining holdout gun owners…well, it could be a far different outcome than the one I outlined earlier. Implement a paid informer program along with a buyback and the confiscation numbers increase significantly.

And I honestly don’t think there would be more than 5% of the American population that would “rise up” to resist those kinds of programs or any gun confiscation law/operation. And 5% would not be any challenge at all for the US military. Game over…Constitutional rights/liberties/freedoms gone! The elites win. Of course there are virtually endless scenarios, but they are similar in nature and outcome.

So I guess there is plenty to think about…what will you do…how will you do it…with whom will you align yourself…what are you willing to sacrifice.

You might want to be thinking this through…soon.

The best time to decide might not be when there is a knock at your door…or worse.Normalcy Bias - Man with head in the sand

And if you run into some clown claiming they will just hide or bury all their guns…ask them “why?”…and ask “what is their endgame?” It should be entertaining at the very least. I think I know what they are really hiding in the ground 🙂

* Gun Rights Elimination that NRA leadership supported, didn’t oppose, or helped write:

  • Uniform Firearms Act
  • The National Firearms Act of 1934
  • The Gun Control Act of 1968 (NRA formally endorsed it!)

** Karl Frederick, the NRA’s president, said, “I have never believed in the general practice of carrying weapons… I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses.” He further stated his objection to the Second Amendment: “Protection for guns lies in an enlightened public sentiment and in intelligent legislative action…It is not to be found in the Constitution.”



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Tell me again, what business is the National Guard in?

note: article originally appeared in June 2015, resurrected today.

One day last month on my way to work I saw a poster/sign on the back of a city transit bus and it just unsettled me. Actually, it was the advertisement content/message, which unsettled me.

Now, come on…this website is a “prepper” website. It is my intention that I provide you with the information to assist in preparing you, your family, and your group or community. That preparation is meant to help you survive disasters, emergencies and especially a “grid-down” event. Part of my self-imposed responsibility is to ensure that you see the big (macro) picture as well as the more subtle smaller (micro) events that take place around us.

When combined, those “pictures” represent Situational Awareness (SA) which then allows you to make higher quality decisions based on the most pertinent information. This article touches on one of those micro pictures that caught my attention enough that I felt the need to share some thoughts with you.

Advertising, by definition, is marketing communication that is intended to persuade people to take, or continue, action in an area such as commercial product/service or political/ideological agenda. Seems reasonable enough. Well, until you see the advertisement that I saw, then it gets a bit more complicated and a little more concerning. So here is the picture of the advertisement…

So, what are your first impressions?

When I first saw it I just absorbed it as a recruiting poster for the National Guard. Let me share with you that I come from very long line of military people. I am a veteran, my father served in two World Wars, my grandfather and great-grandfathers, great-uncles, etc. served as well. I have their pictures for WWI, a Marine even sneaked in there. I can trace back military men in my family tree all the way back to the American Revolution. So I am not some anti-military whack-job. However, that ad got into my head.

The primary message is “Join the Military Police” which is simple enough. Then the follow-up lines are “Enforce the Law” followed by “Keep the Peace.”

Couple subtle points:

  1. The first line, “Join the Military Police” is the action that they want the target audience to take. Makes sense, it appears to be a recruiting poster so they want you to join the National Guard. Simple enough.
  2. Then the next message they want to convey, “Enforce the Law.” What? Really? Think about it for a second, they are telling potential recruits that they will be enforcing the law.
  3. The final message line is “Keep the Peace.” Well, that certainly is a noble cause, yes? But here is a subtlety that I didn’t really see until I looked hard at the advertisement, this line about keeping the peace is the smallest font size on the poster in terms of messaging. And exactly where does the National Guard keep the peace?
  4. Now that I shared the messaging of the advertisement, let’s look at the visual included on the ad. The visual might be the most profound message of all. The picture consists of the following –

  • An up-armored military Humvee
  • A soldier in full battle gear
  • A .50cal machine gun pointed directly at the person viewing the ad

Now let’s wrap the entire message together: Join the military police to enforce the law via a heavy weapon pointed directly at civilians. And by doing so you can keep the peace by imposing military strength and might upon whomever you wish…or are ordered to.

So what doesn’t the advertisement say?

  1. Doesn’t mention serving your country or community.
  2. Doesn’t show the serviceman helping anyone.
  3. It doesn’t show any interaction with people other than at the end of a heavy caliber machine gun.
  4. It doesn’t provide any message other than “force – comply or die!”

So what is the delivered message?

Well, I will leave it up to you to figure out in your own mind. But for me the message is clear:

  1. Join the National Guard so you can force people, including civilians, to comply by using heavy weapons against them.
  2. If you are a civilian, you will, you must, comply with military police or you will get shredded by heavy caliber machine gun rounds.

Now, you might say my interpretation is all wrong, and you might be right. But where is the National Guard intended to be used? Right here in the United States via the individual Governor’s offices. Yes, the National Guard can get mobilized to serve along side of the regular military overseas. But in the advertisement there is no mention of overseas, there is no mention of serving in a foreign country, and there is no mention of whose laws they will be enforcing.

To test my paranoia laced concept I thought I would do some research and see if the National Guard had used similar advertising in the past. You know, test my concept with actual hard data.

Turns out that my concept is not so paranoid after all. I couldn’t find a single example of a National Guard recruiting poster that was this outrageously militaristic against US citizens…comply or die. Not a single case, not one.

I had no alternative than come to the conclusion that the National Guard was accurately portraying the exact message it wanted to deliver:

Come join the National Guard, become a member of the military police, then you can enforce the law against US citizens with military armored vehicles and heavy machine guns. And doing so is the only option to keep the peace…comply or die.

Sometimes you just have to take the government at their word, believe the message that they are giving you. Or in this case, the conditioning that they are utilizing.

As a prepper, what do you do about all of this?

Nothing directly, there is no need to, probability no ability to. And anything you would try and do, such as call your Congressman or calling the National Guard to complain, would have zero effect. However, it would get your name known to the wrong folks, and you end up on yet another list.

So then what can be done?

You just be aware of things like this…government advertising. These subtle “moves” are actually messages designed to change the “culture” of America. And yes, change it for the worse. Remember the “Overton Window” concept…here it is, plain as day!

As with all aspects of government, politicians, etc. there are only two things that are important; money and power. Their view is with one you can gain the other. And they want a whole lot of both, maybe all.

So, as a prepper, you just keep doing what you are doing, moving forward each day in your quest to be prepared for emergencies, disasters, and especially when “grid-down” occurs.

Sure, you can speed up acquiring this or that piece of gear or equipment. You can accelerate getting the next case of freeze-dried food. Or you can learn the finer points of your Ham radio. But this single advertisement delivering an unsettling message isn’t a game changer in any sense of the word. It is simply another step in the direction that our government is pushing us.

Keep moving forward, make prepper progress and you will be fine. The nice thing is, by reading this article you may have just increased your Situational Awareness. And that is a very, very good thing of immense value.

note: In regards to this article…think about how quickly the National Guard willingly and readily moved to occupy Washington D.C. against US citizens after 1/6…and have stayed. Now, think about this 2015 advertisement again. Advertisement or prophecy?

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Top 5, 10, 15, 50, 100 Things to Buy Before the SHTF !

I am sure you’ve seen clickbait headlines such as the one I just used. Someone shouting the need to buy the top [place number here] items to buy before the SHTF. And doing so in videos and articles to the point it becomes absurd. So why do I bring up the issue today? Because it is all clickbait…meant to grab your attention and get you to read their article or watch their video…and most of them are selling something.

So does that mean there is nothing you should buy before the SHTF? No, of course not! But you should have been buying your prepping supplies all along. And yes, doing so orderly, systematically, with priorities and “mission” guiding you…not fear, panic, or hucksters prodding and pushing you.

Example: This morning while I was searching for a history documentary on some Reformation notable person…a video came up called, “The Top 5 Things to Buy Before SHTF”…clickbait. But, I thought it might be interesting in hearing what a so-called prepper expert had to say. CLICK!

So this guy comes on and states his on-screen, on-line moniker…and website address. Then a long disclaimer on what he is not. Weird, because it was a disclaimer that he has no expertise in making recommendations…that he about to make. That is very telling, yes?

So his #1 item to buy was food. OK, I can actually live with that to some limited degree, although I would not go about it the way he did. Then priority #2 item…gold and silver. What!? Then it got worse…cryptocurrency was #3. At that point I realized he is…well, not so kindly…an idiot…a little more kindly…inexperienced, uninformed, and ignorant. It was then I understood his reason the extensive disclaimer.

His explanation for gold and silver was to have currency of value when the dollar collapses. He went on and on about how important and valuable gold and silver would be to buy the things you needed when the dollar collapses as a fiat currency. And then he went on to explain that when society rebounds gold and silver would provide you with a base of wealth.

Then it gets worse…he said the exact same thing for cryptocurrency!! But it would be even better because it would be stored online and more easily used to use as a currency buying and selling. WHAT!!!???!!!!???

First off, let’s talk about gold and silver, in my opinion the purpose of gold and silver…

To have a source of a tangible currency of intrinsic value with which to bribe and buy during the initial stages of a “grid-down”, emergency, or disaster. 

Continuing…intrinsic value is a property of anything that is valuable on its own. Gold and silver have some intrinsic value; jewelry, electronics, military applications, etc. However, once again the value of both gold and silver is mostly based in perception. People believe gold and silver to be valuable…so it is…until people no longer believe it has value.

Example: Would you like someone to give you 10 ounces of .999 gold rounds? Of course you would! Now, let’s change that just a bit…if you and your family were really, really hungry (i.e. starving), which would you rather be given to you…gold or a week’s worth of delicious food? Duh! Yes, I know the answer is pretty simple. So based on the situation, your circumstances, food could be far, far more valuable that gold or silver.

Now, you might say…but if I had the gold then I could buy the food. Really? If a farmer has the food to deliver to your family, why would he want gold? What value would it be to him? It would only have value to the farmer if he could then use it to buy what he needed. Which means the person he is purchasing those needed items from would also value the gold.

Here is the problem…as soon as someone in that supply chain decides they can’t use the gold for what they need…the gold loses ALL value. Meaning gold and/or silver then become just another fiat currency…worthless.

And here is one more thing to consider…what if the federal government outlaws gold ownership?

Well, in 1933 President Roosevelt outlawed the ownership of gold. And, he did so via an Executive Order. To make matters worse…he set the price of gold at $35 per ounce that you would receive when you turned in your gold to the federal government. And to make matters worse…he issued this Executive Order at the height of the Great Depression.

It is important to know why he did such a thing. The easiest answer would be to state the obvious…FDR was a socialist and wanted to move wealth from the people to the government. And you would be right for making that claim. But it goes deeper than that…gold in the hands of the people is the enemy of government. The US dollar at the time was backed by gold. You could turn in your dollars for actual physical gold. But, if you could not own gold, then you had to have paper money. And the government controlled ALL the dollar bills. Hence, the government controlled ALL wealth. And finally, since the federal government controlled all the legal gold, it also controlled it value/price…allowing it to print all the currency it wished…stating it was backed by gold.

So the problem with gold, and perhaps silver, is two-fold; 1) it is only legal to own as long as the government says it is, and 2) it only has value as long as people think it does.

#2 is useful during a grid-down for bribe and buy purposes only while people perceive precious metals have value to them. Once that perceived value disappears, so does the usefulness (i.e. value) of precious metals. And when does that value disappear? When they become hungry…or some other actual “need” becomes stronger than their “want” for shiny metal.

As for #1…who knows! In 1971 President Nixon debased the US dollar by breaking the link between the price of gold and the value of the US dollar. And including in that Executive Order…he also allowed for the private ownership of gold once again. His motivation was simple as well. By debasing the dollar from gold it allowed the US Government and the Federal Reserve the ability to create as much money as they wished. And that is why we have well over $20tillion in national debt that can never, ever be repaid…the US Government and the Federal Reserve simply created it via computer keystrokes…with NO underlying value…a fiat currency.

So does owning gold make sense? Yes, but only for the short-term after SHTF or TEOTWAWKI…to bribe and buy. But, it will become worthless after that. Will its value come back at some point? Maybe, but my opinion is such that I don’t have millions of dollars to do everything else AND speculate on what precious metals might or might be worth post-SHTF or post-TEOTWAWKI.

And no matter what…OWNING GOLD AND SILVER IS NOT #1 ITEM…in any universe for any reason!!!!!

Now, his #2…cryptocurrency. Let’s make this easy…real easy! Cryptocurrency compared to anything is WORTHLESS!!!! It has ZERO intrinsic value, is backed by absolutely NOTHING!! It is far, far worse than even fiat currency! At least fiat currency is paper and can be held in your hand…cryptocurrency can’t. And cryptocurrency not only becomes worthless if any government decrees it…ANY disruption in any type of Internet service makes it just not worthless…but completely unavailable…it vanishes into thin air never to be seen again. And while fiat currency can be counterfeited, although very difficult to do…cryptocurrency can be hacked (and has been) and it can be magically created at will via computer.

Yes, you can tell I am worked up over this! This guy is a complete and total fraud and fake. And most of all he is dangerous! Think about this…a person who is a prepper, takes his advice and puts his budget into gold/silver/cryptocurrency instead of guns/ammo, water filtration, gardening tools, back-up shelter, or any number of other prepping items that could actually save the life of their family…DISATER at the very least…fatal for the entire family at its worse.

So, I think I am going to start a series of articles combating all the fakes and fraudsters out there trying to tell people what to buy before the SHTF. I will use actual decades of actual hands-on experience, training, common sense, and a priority-based system of what to buy before SHTF.

Now, if you’ve been visiting this website for a while…using all the resources available…then you are probably in pretty good shape. But, maybe the new articles can help you identify weak areas that need attention. If you are just starting out…it could well prove to be a roadmap to survival. You might even like to send them along to your friends and family. I will also make them available in PDF format as well should you wish to print them out.

If you would like to make recommendations, have suggestions, or would like to make a request for the articles…just fill out the form below.

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It’s time for garden prepping !

Yup, it’s that time of year to start preparing for your garden. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to actually start planting! Unfortunately it is not yet time for 99% of us to be planting. But it is time to…

  1. Plan what you intend to plant. Only plan for what you will actually eat.
  2. If you haven’t already purchased your seeds like I suggested several months ago, go buy your seeds. Yes, heirloom seeds if at all possible. But, whatever seeds are best for your local conditions and needs is just fine.
  3. Last weekend my wife and I planted seeds for our sweet orange peppers, Serrano chili peppers, Poblano peppers, Roma tomatoes, and sweet yellow and white onions (for onion sets).
  4. Today we will plant seeds for grand bell peppers, Crimson watermelon, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes.
  5. They are sitting in a large south facing window.
  6. Next week we will buy an LED grow light.

So why so early? Well, for us it is not really all that early. We want to get our plants started early and let them grow to a pretty good size before we plant them outside. Yup, a jump on the growing season!

When will we plant them out side? I wasn’t sure at all. We planted a micro-garden last year…with poor results…more on that later. So I really didn’t know for sure when to get our plants in the ground outside. After a little research I found a great website that you enter your zip code and it gives you a date-by-date planting guide for each vegetable type.  According to my zip code I will have 2 – 3 months of growing my plants indoors before they get the real thing outside. Of course I am not sure if I am right in my planning or not…this is my first time at this scale in this location. But, I have to get experience somehow, sometime…why not now!

Why didn’t I use local “experts” for guidance? I tried…and each had their own opinion and I wasn’t sure who was right or not. So I went with the Internet experts…if it’s on the Internet it must be true!

<click here to go to The Old Farmer’s Almanac Planting Calendar>

Our neighbor is all about “food sustainability”…and I mean he is focused on it to the point of obsessive. And that is great, that is his thing for prepping. I tend to be a little more balanced in my prepping…and balance with the rest of my life. So I garden for fresh vegetables, some preserving, and gaining experience (especially in this new area). The experience gives me the background and knowledge, that should the need arise, I can go into growing most of our own food. Until that time comes…we just love eating all that fresh stuff…especially the tomatoes!

So why the article today on planting seeds and gardening? Simple, I am strongly encouraging you AGAIN to gain gardening experience. Why? Because there will come a time when folks will need to grow their  own food, then preserve it…and then survive off of it. If you wait to gain experience until growing your own food is a necessity…it might well be too late.

Yes, I will try to blog my garden activities this year. Not because I am some expert master gardener trying to educate you…nope, that’s not me at all. I am simply trying to share every day, ordinary experiences with you.

So there you go…hope you have some motivation to learn gardening. If you already know…then maybe you could make your plan. If you already have a plan…you could get started. Please…give it a try…you never know when the need will arise. In the meant time…FRESH TOMATOES!!

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Good Morning !

Ten days since my last post…and what the heck have I been doing?

Well, a bunch. Mostly helping my neighbor with his rewiring of his home’s electrical and putting up his pine board ceiling. Oh, and I transplanted 16 pine trees to two spots along our driveway. Yup…working on making a pine forest out here in cedar country.

But, I have been doing some website work as well…some cool stuff…and some housekeeping.

“Homestead” –

I decided it was time to start writing about what we’ve done here…our new home, our bugout location, our vacation home, our retirement home…whatever you want to call it. I wrote a little about it off and on over the last 5 years but I thought it was about time I get serious and write. For many I would imagine it will be boring and ignored. For some it might be helpful if they are contemplating something like this themselves. For others…they might well discover nuggets scattered throughout each article.

I also decided that the Homestead articles will be “pages” vs “posts” which means you won’t get notifications as each article appears. You will have to look for them whenever you visit the site. I will probably “post” an occasional update mentioning something specific…then you will the usual notification. So here is the addition to the main menu…

So go take a look and see what you think. There might be some information if you’ve been thinking about a bugout location. So if you have a couple of minutes go take a look.

“Table of Contents” –

After the poll results came out I was thinking through what the implications might be. I have hundreds and hundreds of articles on a pretty wide range of preparedness. I looked over the main menu, the side menu, and the Table of Contents…and decided that I needed to improve the Table of Contents. I’ve been working on it off and on for the last 8 days and have made some pretty good progress. Previously I usually only placed an article under a single topic…even if the article had multiple topics.

So to improve a person’s ability to find information I can reviewing each article, starting with the most recent. I look through the article and data-mine it for topics that are pertinent and could be useful for mentioning in the Table of Contents. So a single article might have up to 4 or 5 topic listings on the Table of Contents page. I am sure it will take me a couple of weeks to review all the articles and update the Table of Contents to match.

The next time you are looking for some preparedness information…go take a look at the new and improved Table of Contents.

Summary –

As you already know…we are living in weird, strange, and tough times. With the election and inauguration of the Biden/Harris regime we are watching the destruction of the last bits of America. I beg you, I plead with you, to first be aware of the main points of what is happening. Ignore the static and ALL conspiracy theory crap. Forget politics and strengthen your core principles…then standby them…not matter the price. And most of all…prepare. Prepare like your life depends on it…better yet, prepare like your family’s lives depend on it.

And remember…do not fear, do not be distracted, do not disrepair, and enjoy all that life has to offer. Keep your life balanced…don’t get caught up in the crap. Remember who you are…and be the most you can be…and be a help to all.

Keep checking in…more to come.


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The Purge Continues!!

As you know by now, if you’ve been reading the articles on this website, I have written a bunch about “the purges” that have taken place in various countries in the 20th century. And I have compared those gruesome events to the actions of the Biden/Harris regime.

We’ve seen the radical left go after and destroy all sorts of folks in the last few months, all of which are right of center politically, especially Trump supporters. The extremists that are now in power (i.e. Democrats) have destroyed politicians, heads of corporations, private citizens, journalists, online websites, and the list goes on.

So, is “the purge” real and are they actually going after people?

You should know the answer to that question already. But what is the latest example of “the purge”…in real-time?

The military.

Let me start of by stating the obvious…the military was already all too happy to occupy our nation’s capital. By the tens of thousands they poured into the city, took up arms, manned armored vehicles, set-up roadblocks, manned gates and fences topped with razor wire. Generally allowing our capital city to look like some third-world dictator’s dream come true. But now there is a whole new level of corruption within the military…and it should scare you more than all the other Biden/Harris actions combined.

Yesterday, 2/4/2021, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the entire military to review all service members for “radical beliefs”, “extremism”, “white supremacy”, signs of “domestic terrorism” and any other issues that commanders see fit to review. And worst of all…to carry out “education programs”.

In plain language…a purge of the military ranks of personnel that are not politically left of center. While this extreme action will apply to all members, those under the most intense scrutiny will be among the senior ranks such as Generals and Admirals. Watch for many in those ranks that won’t bend their knee to the leftists to retire early, be demoted, and lose their commands.

Although not “officially” announced, reliable reports state that during this period service members will be taught elements of curriculum from Critical Race Theory and Black Liberation Theology. Interestingly enough, both are directly from Communism/Marxist principles.

Let me review…some of the best known “purges” of the 20th century were China, Soviet Union, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, Congo, North Korea, and Ethiopia. The total combined murdered in those purges number well over 100,000,000 people (yes, 100millon) . Many times that number were imprisoned, beaten, raped, and publicly shamed. So purges are real, even in this day and age.

So we already had a military more than willing to occupy the nation’s capital against US citizens. Now we have the top military leaders preparing to purge the military of all those that will not toe the leftist agenda and believe in their extremist propaganda.

Let me ask you a tough question…in the early 1930’s what do you imagine Germans were thinking as a new fascist leader was rising to power, especially during the street violence of the 1932 – 1933 time period?

After the Reichstag Fire when civil liberties began to disappear and political opposition was being crushed…what did the average German think?

In the late 1930’s when Hitler transformed the German military machine to match his fascist/authoritarian ideology…what did the average German think?

In 1939 when Hitler announced and began implementing his “final solution” to eliminate the enemies of Germany…what did the average German think?

As the great, albeit infamous, “purges” of the 20th century were starting…what did their country’s average citizen think?

Here and now, in 2021…what do you think?

What do the purges have in common that took place in China, Soviet Union, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, Congo, North Korea, and Ethiopia? They are all committed by Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Fascist, or Authoritarian regimes.

What are the political and personal beliefs of all the personnel in the Biden/Harris regime?

If you guessed Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Fascist, or Authoritarian…you would be 100% right. And now that appears to include our military leadership.

Are you prepared for what is coming? Are you making a plan for what is coming? Do you have a back-up plan for what is coming?

I urge you to do so…soon, if not today.

If well over 100,000,000 died in the 20th century purges…I guess they were blind to what was happening, they wouldn’t accept what they were seeing, didn’t make/have a plan, weren’t able to carry out their plan, imprisoned, reeducated, or they were simply murdered before they could  implement their plan.

I wonder if they could do it all over again, would those who were the victims of the authoritarians do things differently.

Would you?

What other one thing did all the purges have in common?

They all started somewhere…

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Please, I want to hear from you !

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsI want to make sure that I am meeting your needs and expectations. This website is obviously a place for me to opine…but I want the website to be of value to you as well.

I am asking for your feedback. Thank you!







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The Art of War by Sun Tzu

On 1/2/2021 I wrote an article that listed some suggestions <click here to read>, one of those suggestions was reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu. I wasn’t kidding and that wasn’t an idle suggestion.

Let me explain, I am not suggesting you are going to become some awesome Chinese General leading an army of thousands into battle. What I am saying is there are many words of wisdom on how to deal with “enemies” correctly and successfully.

You can learn how to deal with situations in the workplace, the political arena, other civil organizations, and maybe, just maybe, you might be called upon one day to be that General 🙂  Or at least the head of your neighborhood watch, or similar defensive force.

The book is only 35 pages of reading. I didn’t read it in one sitting, or even in one day. I decided to read one section each morning, then reflect and ponder on how the material could be used in real life. There are only 13 sections.

I learned a lot from reading the book…a whole lot! And, I feel far better prepared because of it.

It is time and effort well spent…very, very well spent. I highly encourage you to get the book and read it…then keep it on hand as a highly valued resource material.

And it is only $5.98 on Amazon…AND they deliver it right to your door!

<click here to go directly to Amazon to buy the book>

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Feedback & Comments: 2/3/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsAs you know, at least those of you that frequent my website, I can be controversial, bold, sarcastic, cynical, but always truthful in what I say and I believe what I say. I am not afraid to say the “tough” things, encourage people to do and be better, and you know that I am not a conservative, nor am I a Trump sycophant.

Okay, you also know that I have written about censorship, both present and future. I’ve spoken about disinformation and misinformation. I’ve written about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Alright I will stop with the “prologue” to the substance of my post. Sorry, about all of the flowery rambling…but there is a point to it…so hold on just a few minutes.

On 1/10/2021 I wrote an “Immediate Action Warning! – Big Tech Actions” <click to read it> In that article it starts off with this “Background: Recent attack on the US Capitol Building by radical right Trump supporters…”

At the end of that article under “Actions to Take” the #1 item is this…

“Ensure that your foundational principles are sound, moral, and ethical…and do NOT reflect any active or passive intention for incitement of the overthrow of the US government, or especially any attack on US officials or federal buildings.”

On 1/7/2021 I wrote an article “Well, well, well…(SitRep 1/7/2021)” <click to read it> In that article the following paragraph is very prominent and clear as a bell…

“Let’s get back to yesterday…was it in any way justified? No! No justification for it in any way whatsoever! If you think it was justified and appropriate to any degree…then you are an anarchist, you don’t support the Constitution, and not any better than the AntiFa crazies. Or possibly you could simply be extremely ignorant of all things Constitutional. But I doubt that any of my website visitors had any support for what happened yesterday when the violent anarchists stormed the Capital Building.”

So, you being an intelligent person probably got a pretty clear message what I thought about those activities on 1/6 and my opinion of who committed them. Yes?

Let’s go back to the Immediate Action Warning! of 1/10/2021, yesterday (2/2/2021) I received the following…


Actual Patriot.

Trump supporters staged a violent, seditious insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol (not “Capital”) in an attempt to interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem? Got it, FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic. “Pre-violent suppression”…strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing” your ability to host this website and spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense. You should give that some thought.

Since “Actual Patriot” is not a known visitor to my website, and not a known entity to the company that hosts my website, his comment needed to be “approved” by me before it could appear as a comment to the article. That approval process is designed to keep spammers, whack jobs, hackers, and other questionable folks from overloading the website with crap.

At first I had to read his comment several times, not exactly sure what he was getting at. Then I decided I would approve his comment rather than deny it, even though he sounded more like a trouble maker or whack job than anything. And then I figured I should respond…in a kind way…but being firm and bold it my response…and maybe a bit sarcastic as well. Yeah, plenty of character flaws on my part…but you already know that 😉

So here is my response to him…

Here is a great example of “disinformation”…but first…thank you! I corrected the spelling to “Capitol” as per your information, dang spell checker, thank you again.

Now on to the disinformation…or a very confused person’s (i.e. liberal/progressive) point of view.

…interfere with the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…and the LEFT is the problem?” Yes, the left is the problem…and so are many on the right, especially the alt-right. Many conservatives have more of an authoritarian leaning than rights/liberties/freedoms. So there you go…more information and clarification to help you become less confused.

“FREE CLUE: your “patriot” movement is the exact OPPOSITE of patriotic.” Ah, if you read the article, or any other similar article on my site you would know, clearly know, that what occurred on 1/6 is not what I believe in nor support. That was made abundantly clear in several articles including the one you replied to, but I guess you chose to hear what you wanted in order to fit your false narrative.

…strangely, nobody seems to be “suppressing”your ability to host this website …” How do you know that? You make a huge assumption with a modest amount of knowledge…if any. Then again you are making a radical leftist argument while trying to appear to be reasonable. However, you are coming from a very ignorant point of view. Yes, ignorant…not stupid. You have a leftist agenda and you are trying to wrap yourself in the flag of patriotism. But, it is plain that you do not read what is written, or you cannot understand the complexity of the situation, nor my explanation/view of what is happening.

…spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense.” Ah, once again ignorance is the order of the day for you. I an no conservative and have not taken that political position on this website at all. I am a “civil society libertarian.” I would hope you would know the difference. But, I think you have an agenda that precludes you from reading what is written or understanding my points…or ignoring all of it to simply make your points. The “faux-conservative” label you attempted to place on me…well, that alone speaks volumes about you and your intentions…and not in a good way…or a positive light.

“Actual Patriot”…interesting screen name. Might I suggest that you change it to something far more accurate…”Faux Patriot”…I think you would be far more comfortable with that name…helpful to your message readers…and it would be infinitely more accurate.

Please give it some thought…got it ? 😉

Issue closed?

Well, not so fast. I want to share this with ya’ll because it is a near perfect example of what is happening right now. Maybe you might even go back and read his comment again just to be sure his words are fresh and clear.

I want you to be aware of some observations of mine:

  • Notice the screen name, “Actual Patriot”…what message does he wish to imply from that alone? I see it as an attempt at a subliminal message to infer that he is somehow a patriot…superior to us mere dolts who are too ignorant to know that we are not patriots. I also think it is an attempt to sound as if he is qualified to speak above us.
  • Then notice “…violent, seditious insurrectionist riot…” straight from the talking points of the radical left media. And it lays the groundwork that the attackers have done nothing less than gone to war with the US government. And that is a very important point…”war”…it allows for extra-judicial treatment.
  • He went on “…the legitimate Constitutional functioning of the U.S. government…” is meant to show that those participants are attempting to overthrow the US government. While the riot was in no way appropriate or even legal…there was no intent to overthrow the US government. But he is again laying the foundation for extra-judicial treatment.
  • Then I loved this, “…your ‘patriot’ movement…” It is obvious that he is trying to create a solid link/relationship between me and the so-called insurrectionists. He is attempting to label me in such a way that I can be included in, or a contributor to, the actions that took place that day. And he is obviously lying through his teeth because the first line of the article he commented on says the exact opposite of what he is implying. And should he have read my article on 1/7 he would understand that I was extremely harsh in my condemnation of the 1/6 attack. Although, I used more correct terminology and descriptors, rather than simply parroting the leftist media as he did.
  • Then comes “…suppressing your ability…” That can be understood as simply a personal attack meant to intimidate me, and sway any other website visitors into believing me to be lying about censorship and big-tech attacks taking place.
  • And my favorite “…spout a bunch of faux-conservative nonsense…” So who of you thinks I am a “conservative”???? Do my articles read like a talking head, right-wing conservative? Oh wait, I’ve labeled myself as a flavor of libertarianism (civil society). And I’ve regularly criticized conservatives, especially the law & order freaks and right-wing.
  • And then here is the icing on the cake “You should give that some thought.” As you can already read for yourself, that is nothing more than his attempt to put me down intellectually. A show of arrogance and condescension on his part, meant solely to display his superiority over me, just an ignorant savage.

And here is what I find interesting…Did you read a single line of his comment where he even attempted to disprove anything I said?

Granted he did write…

“’Pre-violent suppression’…strangely, nobody seems to be ‘suppressing’ your ability to host this website”

That could be his attempt to discredit my entire article and prove me wrong on everything I said…but, I think that would be a weak argument. And for the record, I don’t “host” this website…I simply own it and post articles to it…another company hosts it. Yeah, I know…that was petty…sorry…kind of 😉

So what was his purpose…his intent…in writing to me?

Here’s what I think:

  • I think he tried to intimidate me by taking the true patriotic high ground and thus be the real expert.
  • I think he intended to discredit me in the eyes of other website visitors in order to reduce my influence.
  • I think he is a leftist, a radical leftist, that is part of the attack taking place in America right now. And he is clearly an authoritarian believer.
  • And strangely enough, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he attempted to somehow link me directly to the radical right and others that attacked the Capitol Building on 1/6. And that is a very deliberate move on his part. If he can do so…that opens the doors to…extra-judicial treatment.

So there you have it! I wanted to write this article to show what it is happening. While this is a minor and weak attack on me by a rather dull-witted leftist/authoratarian, it was an attack none the less. It is an example of what may come your way. I want you to think about different ways they may attack you…or a member of your family. Once you have done that…think about how you will respond.

In normal times I would probably have not even approved his comment since it was so nonsensical and rather obvious in his motive…lacking any serious or valuable intellectual content. And yes I know, nothing in my reply made any difference to him and won’t change his opinion. My reply wasn’t designed for that purpose..or even for him..

Actual Patriot” is obviously an oxymoron. And this is VERY important!!!! But worse than that, remember George Soros, a European Jew during WW2? He took the role as a paid informer of the Gestapo, helping round up fellow Jews who ended up murdered in concentration camps. Well, “Actual Patriot” sounds like the kind of individual that would turn in his neighbor for illegally owning a gun, sending him to prison. Or just as likely, reporting someone to authorities who would not toe the Authoritarian Party line, sending them to a reeducation camp. Or maybe he even resembles the next low-life George Soros. Who knows…but now you can see that these people are out there. They are ready to go to work…if not already at work.

For an interesting exercise…If you had received an email similar to this, how would you handle it? Can you identify those red flags someone would say that would reveal them as a leftist? Or an authoritarian? Or someone who is actually a danger to you or your family?

I would really like to hear some “replies” to this article. But I also understand there may be some hesitation to share your thoughts. If so…you can email me directly if you would like.

Contact me with your personal and private messages…

The Military Occupation of Washington D.C.

It’s official, the US military is now occupying our nation’s capital. Yes, it is now considered a full-blown military occupation. While that is devastating news in itself, the real devastating part of this is the “why” they are there.

While we had 10’s of thousands of military troops in Washington DC to install the Biden/Harris regime, we now have states such as Illinois, radical leftist state, sending even more troops. And it appears to the average American that they are there to stay, even if they are sleeping on floors in a parking garage or in the Capital basement. So when a number of investigative journalists actually asked the military leadership some basic questions such as, “What is their mission?”, “How long will they stay”, etc. They are met with stone-faced generals and truth-avoiding public relations officers telling them that they can’t reveal details of an on-going mission due to “operational security”…what????

Yup, the military there is conducting an on-going mission that requires operational security! Sounds like Afghanistan to me, or Somalia, or some other place in the world where the US military had been occupying a country. And so it is here…in the United State of America…the US military occupying our nation’s capital.

But, that isn’t the whole story of why the troops are there. Remember they were originally called up because the capital police were unable to control the so-called insurrection that occurred on 1/6. Yes, we all know that capital police leadership are Democrats…and controlled directly/indirectly by House leadership…who are also Democrats. But let’s not let those minor details get in the way.

So the military troops are called to Washington DC to prevent another insurrection. The FBI releases statement after statement that there is going to be a massive show of force by the right-wing militias and they will attempt to prevent the inauguration ceremonies. DHS releases statements that there are domestic terrorists that will attempt again another insurrection. And the move by the Feds on 1/19, the day before the election, to identify “domestic terrorists” as basically anyone who is even a little right of the political center. Great timing!!! But, I am sure it was all strictly coincidence.

Yeah, and none of it ever happened…not a single blade of grass was damaged in Washington DC before, during or after the inauguration week by a single right-wing domestic terrorist…or former Tea Party grandma.

But, you have to admit…the totalitarian propaganda team information staff for the military, FBI, and DHS…not to mention the Democratic House leadership…sure laid the groundwork for a huge and on-going military presence. Well done!!! A man like Goebbels would be very, very proud of them all.

Some time ago I spoke to the issue of all the military occupying DC, I mentioned then it was a massive message to the right, and generally all Americans, that the radical Democrats were now in-charge and not to mess with them…or the military would crush you like an ant on a NY City sidewalk. But, the Dems have new marching orders for the military, specifically the US Army.

Oh sorry, their new mission…protect the US Federal government. Again sorry, that isn’t entirely true…the Dems could care less about the Republican politicians being protected. The US military is now occupying the nation’s capital to protect all of those in the Biden/Harris regime…especially the White House if you’ve noticed.

And why is that military protection there?  Because the Biden/Harris regime is making the last/final decisions necessary to turn the US into a 100% totalitarian state. And they want to make sure that there is no chance that Americans can invoke the rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Hence, the military is there to crush any chance of any freedom or patriot movement. Surely the US military would never want another generation of Founding Fathers…oh no…no more Founding Fathers now! No more cries against tyranny…no more calls for rights/freedoms/liberties now! No way!!! This is American by golly…and we don’t want any of that crap in our country…no, not now! Follow the orders of the Biden/Harris regime…no matter what…no matter what the Constitution or the Bill of Rights says.

Did you ever read Animal Farm?

And of course…their mere presence sends a clear message to the American people, especially the “right”…don’t worry we now have peace and security…oh by the way, no Constitution or Bill of Rights…but we have peace and security. I am sure the right’s law & order freaks are loving life right now…their ultimate wet dream…military troops on the streets of American cities!!!  Peace and Security…Right on!!!

And the saddest part of the US military occupying the nation’s capital…well, they kinda forgot something…

“I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

They especially forgot the part “…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”

Maybe at some point they might remember it…but I am not seeing that at all…nope, nowhere.

So there you have it folks…the US is now nothing more than a Banana Republic, a third-world dictatorship, (or a Russia or China) with the military guarding our nation’s leadership…and their temples to themselves. The same leadership that fears “We the People“, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and their own shadows.

But here is my question, although the military leadership side-stepped some very basic questions about the military presence in Washington D.C….those were the easy questions. Here is my somewhat tougher question,

“Why is the entire military leadership, from state-level National Guard Generals, to the highest levels of the Pentagon leadership, going along with the military occupation of Washington D.C.?”

Now there is a question to mull over. And I bet your answer will keep you awake at night…just as mine did.

note: What I find interesting…I can’t find a single veteran that approves of the military presence in Washington D.C. Interesting…think about that for a minute.



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