Hybrids1Now that we have gone over the basic categories of post-disaster personalities, let’s talk for a minute of a couple of situations that may occur, called “hybrids”. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post…now is a good time to do so.

Hybrids will start out as one personality type and morph into another; possibly without the person themselves even being aware of their true nature to begin with.  This morphing will generally not be to the betterment of the person. Another type of hybrid will be a latent personality who knows exactly who they really are inside but they are waiting for the right time to let their real personality surface.  Again, not considered a “good” change.

There will also be those that do morph into something better, some sheep will become sheepdogs. Some sheep may become shepherds.  Even a owner/master may repent and become a sheepdog or shepherd. And yes, some herding dogs may even become sheepdogs…but rarely, they are too used to power and authority. But I think those changes will be rare with the exception of sheep into sheepdogs. I think that particular evolutionary personality type may be more prominent than expected.  Society today does everything it can to train and breed out any sheepdogs tendencies. Today’s Progressive and liberal society wants sheep not sheepdogs. But the underlying goodness of many men will not be denied, they may well become sheep dogs when needed.

In the last post on this subject I went over identifying post-disaster personality types in today’s world by occupation and personality signs.  Being able to recognize the potential typical personality types is important to good Situational Awareness (SA).  It is even more important to know about the “hybrids” and the danger associated with them.  Don’t be blind-sided, be informed and aware.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’ve all heard that expression before, there is a reason for it. These people are readily prevalent in daily life, and they wolf in sheep's clothingwill definitely be there in any post-disaster life. This will be a person that is well versed in deception. They deceive regularly every day in their marriage, their work, their personal relationships and their interactions with people in general. They are probably going to be business people, especially sales people, also government workers and politicians. The key ingredient that keeps them from surfacing quickly as a predator is their lack of power or confidence in successfully getting away with predatory behavior. That lack of power can come in the form of lack of support from people or lack of resources (i.e. food, weapons, etc.). It boils down to they just don’t have enough “juice” at first.  They may recognize that fact and bide their time as they acquire their power and sufficient resources.  Only then they would feel confident that they are ready to make their move against the flock members. This person will likely try to keep a low profile to ensure not being identified. They know that if they were identified that they would suffer retribution.  This person will be the one that steals from an individual family or the group.

wolf in sheep's clothing.

Bradley Stone & wife – less than 1 year before he killed her and 5 other family members.

They will be capable of selling out (betraying) their own patrol to an enemy force if they think there is sufficient reward for doing so. They will most likely be identified only after a period of time where a number of their acts can finally be connected to crimes or betrayals. This is a very dangerous individual because they will keep escalating their types of crimes until stopped. This person will likely be a rapist. And they will also stop at nothing to avoid being caught or punished. This would be a person that would kill sheepdogs and shepherds to avoid being held accountable. There is a possibility that one of the “wolves” could masquerade as sheepdog. In this case they will portray themselves as powerful and not to be trifled with. They will be both defensive and aggressive, appearing to be a strong Type A personality. Watch for signs of them making lewd and inappropriate comments about members of the opposite sex. They are most likely to be males and come from a profession where they had power, virtually unquestioned authority. If a particular “wolf in sheep’s clothing” is a law enforcement person, they probably had a history of citizen complaints against them, including sexual harassment complaints.

A herding dog masquerading as a sheepdog.  This could be a very hard situation to recognize. The two types Herding dog disguised as a sheep dogof dogs are very similar and appear to have the same goal, protecting the flock. But the herding dog’s desire and intent is to “control” the flock more that protect. A herding dog that is hiding in the guise of a sheepdog will probably complain about the lack of discipline, lack of use of force, or lack of weapons, ammunition, etc. They will likely promote more use of force, especially when dealing with external threats. They will likely volunteer for the more the dangerous tasks or where violence would most likely be used or required. They can come from a military background, but not a successful or rewarding career in the military. The most probable of backgrounds would be trobled law enforcement personnel.

Cop brutally kicks handcuffed woman.

Cop brutally kicks handcuffed woman.

Most law enforcement personnel, by a large margin, currently are herding dogs; some very aggressively so.  They will tend to be younger, 20’s & 30’s or older late 50’s+.  They will tend to be single, muscular from strenuous physical training and steroid use. The steroid users will be the most dangerous subset of this group due to the resulting and increased aggression from steroid use. Law enforcement personnel are used to unquestioned authority and instant compliance from those they deal with. They are also used to large supporting systems (i.e. courts, other agencies, unions, etc.) to back them up regardless of the situation. They will most likely expect unquestioned support regardless of their actions. This group of personality types will be very susceptible to a owner/master or wolf hiding among the flock. They will gravitate to them because they crave and respect that “power” and “authority” once again…and they are willing to commit violence to reacquire it.

Officer Jackie Neal handcuffs and rapes teenager.

San Antonio police Officer Jackie Neal, 11 year veteran police officer(2nd from left), was in uniform and on-duty when he groped, handcuffed and raped a teenager.

All the while they will be thinking and saying they are doing it for the good of the flock. This individual can be extremely dangerous and vicious if confronted and challenged, or punishment is attempted. Once this person is exposed they will become very defensive and susceptible to latent owner/masters morphing.  If the group continues trying to hold them accountable, this personality type can become extremely dangerous and violent.

A owner/master in sheep’s clothing.  This person is similar to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and must be watched for.

Charles Manson Family

Nice family!

However, this person can be very dangerous overall to the group. Left unchecked they will think that whatever power-grabbing scheme they are hatching is working.  They will feel certain that they can achieve their goal of becoming an owner/master. One key indicator will be they will tend to be a primary or constant source of conflict. Not a “complaining” type of conflict or assertively offering alternatives.  But these people will be more playing one person off against another in order to create doubt in people’s minds of someone else, probably the group leader. This person is not likely to be a “physical person” and not likely to be found among sheepdogs or herding dogs. This person is likely to lay low with the sheep until they can put together a sufficient power base and then move against existing leadership. They may try to gain some control over the sheep/herding dogs so they can have an opportunity to identify current or potential herding dogs. They would then use deception and promises of power/rewards to lure current or potential herding dogs into doing their bidding. Once a latent owner/master has established himself, he is likely to attempt (and succeeding in) surrounding himself with herding dogs. He may also be successful attracting some “wolves in sheep’s clothing” as well.  But likely only occur should he appear to have a high probability of maintaining and growing his power.

Charles Manson Family

Charles Manson years later. Not so nice family – brutally killed 7 people.

The “wolves” would most likely be his “secret” weapon kept hidden while doing his dirty work for him. That would be different than his use of herding dogs which he would use as tools of intimidation. Once found out, a latent or rising owner/master is not likely to willingly give up his power base. He may feign that move in needed, but it will only be a deception to buy him more time to grow stronger and improve his chances of success later. Once a latent owner/master makes a move against existing leadership he will be hard to deal with; he will know he will likely only have one real chance to establish himself as the new leader. He will place all of his efforts and resources into play once he makes his move. Watch for a hidden resource he keeps in reserve to be his “stop gap” or “last resort” option.

Hybrid Summary –

For hybrids inter-personal relationships are difficult in normal times; they will become exponentially more so when you are talking post-disaster. If we are talking TEOTWAWKI it will be difficult to figure out who these people really are and what they are capable of. The reason being is our normal personal and societal boundaries, limitations, rules and morals will be absent, whether in actuality or only perception.

FamilyYou, as well as all those in your family and/or group, will need to be hyper-vigilant in assessing people on a regular basis, especially “new-comers.” You will have to establish baseline behaviors for each person and then watch for deviations from that baseline. Situational Awareness of people, including your own people, will have to be spot-on recognizing deviant behavior.  Or you may suffer missing signs that could point to personality shifts. Worse yet, you could miss the signs that a person falls within one of the three dangerous hybrids mentioned above.



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POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 2 – How to Identify Them In Today’s World

Identify personality types during emergencies

Second post in a 4-parts series. Make sure you read yesterday’s post to more fully understand today’s post.

So how exactly do you identify who in a post-collapse is what type of person in today’s world?

Well, not real hard in some situations but it can be challenging and very tricky in others. So it is best to start with what type of person is now as to what they are likely to be when the stuff hits the fan.

Yes, this is generalizing people in broad categories; while in reality each person is different and unique.  Not all people may fit these generalized descriptions, but it is a starting place.  Here is a good start on identifying folks and what they look like today to know what they will look like in “grid-down”…

Sheep – This category will be the largest category of people, I am thinking upwards of 80%, maybe more, of all people. This is a pretty Sheeple - welfare and government handoutseasy category to recognize now. Almost to a person those that will become sheep are the basic liberals and Democrats; anyone who is a big supporter of the government (that includes most Republicans). Obviously, anyone who currently receives government handouts will continue that mentality and expect to continue to receive those handouts…disaster or not. Also, this category will contain almost all of your neighbors, fellow church and community members. Virtually all academics (all grade levels, including college professors) and many doctors are in this category. Some people, such as doctors and academics, may start out thinking they are herding dogs or owner/masters, maybe even sheepdogs, but will soon be relegated to sheep status. So don’t let current profession or academic status fool you.  And the sheep are not a bad thing!  Sheep can be very productive after a disaster has hit because there are plenty of tasks and chores that need done; sheep are perfectly capable of performing work.  They can also perform supervisory responsibilities.  But do not expect the sheep to stand up on their own to defend themselves or others, for the most part it is simply beyond their capability. These “sheep” are your fellow citizens and probably family as well.

Predators (wolves) – This is also a fairly large category of folks, probably somewhere in the 10% range. They are also Predators gang members wolveslikely to be easily recognized. They are low-lifes now and will be low-lifes post-disaster.  They are the criminals of today with rare exception. One notable exception will be someone who is otherwise a “sheep” in today’s world but sees the benefit of sexual predator during grid-down and emergenciesbeing a predator once it becomes clear that it gives them power.  There are far more male predators than female predators. But the true Alpha or Beta female predators are seriously dangerous and ruthless. Sexual predators abound…even dressed in Dockers. They try and leverage their resources to take advantage of people for physical gratification. However, should trickery not work they will resort to outright sexual violence to get their sexual gratification and other needs met.

Herding Dogs – This is a somewhat tricky category due to their close resemblance to sheepdogs. This category will has about a 2 – 4% of the population.  Herding dogs most cops are herding dogswill generally be Type A personalities but not strong leaders. They are more likely to be along the lines of a Beta male/females in today’s world. Many military, current and former, will probably fall into this category. Same would be true for law enforcement officers. Position in the food chain will not usually determine herding dog or not. For instance, a deputy sheriff from a small county department is more likely to not be a herding dog, but a sheepdog. Whereas, LEOs from large department and state LEO agencies, or any all federal agencies will almost certainly be herding dogs. These folks attempt to sound noble and will probably be very convincing but their herding Cops will commit violence as herding dogs when they want to.instincts are there and can be seen in their current daily jobs/activities. Those negative herding traits usually display quickly when dissent is voiced or their authority is challenged. Herding dogs will not tolerate having their authority challenged, especially by anyone they see as a sheep. By default they do not like sheepdogs due to the sheepdogs’ closer relationship with and dedication to the sheep. Herding dogs try and control sheepdogs by whatever current authority they have. Herding dogs respond to command authority in today’s world, readily accept being told what to do, and rarely (if ever) question authority. They will only feel secure and safe when they are in control of the situation and in control of others. A common way to identify a herding dog is to listen for, “Hey I don’t make the laws I just enforce them.”

SheepDogs – This can be a tricky category of folks to identify in today’s Sheep dog rescuing childworld. Sheep dogs are a very small percentage of today’s population; maybe less than 1%, maybe much less. Failing to recognize sheepdogs in today’s world is due mostly to two reasons; 1) many sheepdogs in today’s world are low-profile, you simply don’t see them act as a sheepdog, 2) some of today’s herding dogs are actually sheepdogs but that sheepdog characteristic won’t manifest itself until the “owner/master” of today disappears after grid-down. Some sheepdogs in today’s world are looked at by sheep as “extremists”, “nuts”, “kooks”, “tea party members” or similar labels. Some sheepdogs are seen as, and labeled as, “heroes.” Liberals and Democrats in general hate the concept of sheepdogs because Sheep dogs may be militia membersthey embrace and far prefer herding dogs. Liberals and democrats love sheep, they want everyone to be sheep with the exception of herding dogs and owner/masters. And yes, some liberals and Democrats see themselves in the roles of herding dogs and owner/masters; all Progressives do. And that is why they have a natural enmity towards sheepdogs. Most sheepdogs will keep to themselves until they are needed. Not always but normally they are the person helping to change a tire on the side of the interstate, they are the person carrying groceries for an old lady, Some cops can be sheep dogs but very few.they are the ones helping mow a neighbors grass or shoveling the snow off their walks. The reason I said “not always” is because predators will use those acts of apparent kindness and helpfulness as a tactic to engage potential prey. The difference is a sheepdog does it because it is the right thing to do, a herding dog does it because he was trained or told to do it, and a predator does it because it is a way to gain access to prey.

Owner/Masters – This is an easily identifiable group in today’s world. Mostly they are politicians, community leaders, Owner/Mastermedia celebrities and heads of businesses (mostly large corporations). They tend to be rich and include all of the country’s elite old-money families, and most of the new-money families as well. However, they can also be low-level bureaucrats and mid-level government employees. These are people who HArry Reid is a owner/mastercurrently have some authority and feel they are entitled to special treatment and especially being able to control others. For the most part:

  • They expect special treatment; most of the time they demand it.
  • They are use to having their way, either through paying for it or intimidating for it.
  • They feel that they are superior in intellect and capability to everyone else.
  • They generally drive the fancy cars, live in expensive big house, and take extravagant vacations.

With some exceptions doctors and academics will start out in this category but will soon find themselves lumped in with the Owner/MaOwner/Master manipulating herding dog. master manipultating herding dog.sheep. Probably the largest identifiable group of people in today’s world that will become owner/masters are military leaders, law enforcement leadership, and most of all – politicians at the federal and state level. Many politicians at the local levels will be in the category but by a smaller relative percentage compared to federal and state politicians. Generally, these folks already have a power base of one kind or another. They actively engage in expanding their existing power base any possible way they can…usually through money. One of the “groups” that are the most dangerous are unions, particularly unions that have been known for violence such as teamsters, miners, public employees, and police.

Shepherds – This is the rarest for of person in today’s life and especially after “grid-down” has occurred. They are a Shepherdsmall fraction of 1% of the population Most people will be mainly concerned with survival and that means securing resources and power. Shepherds are not interested in either. The focus, almost exclusively, is and will be protection of a flock. There will be no desire to be exalted above the sheep, any indication to the contrary will indicate that you are actually dealing with an owner/master. Shepherds will recognize sheepdogs and appreciate them and be grateful for their support. Shepherds also are generally able to recognize herding dogs and the inherent danger they present. They most likely try to convert herding dogs into sheepdogs. They will probably be successful to some degree in this and exhibit great patience in this effort. ShepherdThe archenemy of the shepherd is the owner/master. If a latent owner/master is a member of the shepherd’s flock they will probably do one of two things; 1) make a play to unseat the shepherd from their leadership position, 2) try to bring in outside influence or bargain with a neighboring owner/master to overthrow the shepherd. Shepherds’ behaviors and action should never be confused with any form of cowardice. A shepherd will be ferocious in defending the flock and will do anything within moral and ethical bounds to do so. A shepherd who has been a sheepdog, especially a trained sheepdog, is especially competent and able to defend the flock. A shepherd must be cautious with their own ego and desires. Should a shepherd begin to place his own needs and wants above the welfare and needs of the flock they can quickly slip over into the category of owner/master. And they will likely turn into a very capable and brutal owner/master since the moral and ethical foundation will have been removed. Rare (extremely) will be the shepherd who converts to an owner/master.



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Post disaster personality types.Have you ever given much thought to the type of people there will be after an emergency or disaster occurs?

I have, and better yet over the last 40 years through my work as a first responder I have seen them first hand. I’ve also worked with them.

Better yet, have you ever thought much about what label to put on people after a “grid-down” event? Yup, right again, I have. And that is the point of this series of posts – What kind of people will there be after “grid-down.”

Based on what I’ve seen firsthand I put a lot of thought into this unique phenomena and how it might affect survival. I mean, come on, the biggest threat you will face after a “grid-down” will be violence. But violence will come from people. So you have to understand people.

I believe the “types” of people will breakdown into a short list of categories; sheep, shepherds, predators (wolves), sheepdogs, owners/masters, and herding dogs. The trick is trying to figure out which category people fit into and who is the most dangerous. Based on that challenge I did a little reflection on my experience with emergencies and disasters and how people acted during them. Then I compared it back to what I knew of them before the emergency or disaster. That way I think we can make some general assumptions of what people are like now and project/guesstimate what kind of people they may become after grid-down.

Let me describe what I think are the personality attributes of people after grid-down:

Sheep – These are the folks are easily identified and are basically lost, unprepared, and having no clue what to do.  Or they may be folks that are prepared in many ways but not prone to be leaders. Either way, they Most people are sheep.will be seeking assistance and direction. They will start out benignly and humbly requesting help of any kind and will wait for someone to take care of them and their family. They will not be able to take care of themselves and will panic easily. They will also be easily manipulated and controlled. They will have a breaking point. But by then most will be utterly useless and of little threat or danger. A small percentage of this group will become dangerous and must be considered as such in direct proportion to their capability to be so. Example: access to weapons. Their greatest weakness will be Normalcy Bias.  Many will be useful, they will be good people who just didn’t have it together in terms of preparedness…or unable to be leaders in their own right..  These sheep can become productive resources in the right group setting.

Predators / Wolves will prey upon sheep.

Predators want one thing…

Predators (wolves) – These folks are also easy to spot. They will typically be armed and demanding. They will prey on anyone that they can dominate or overwhelm by surprise, numbers, or superior power. They will have no scruples, morals, or ethical base. They will simply feel entitled to what others have that they themselves lack, or simply want. They will have no reservation to humiliate, hurt, maim, or kill. At first they will act fairly independently but will quickly form packs/tribes with a clear hierarchy that is strictly and violently enforced. Some wolves will have true predatory skills while others will be purely “posers” and “wannabes” trying to act the part. The later will be quickly crushed, and survivors probably assimilated, by the true predators. All predators will be dangerous regardless of their current weapon status. If lacking weapons they will use cunning, deception, and subterfuge to gain any weaponry they may need or want. Or lacking that level of finesse…they will simply take weaponry by any means available. For the most part their greatest weakness will be their Competency Bias. That will not be true for the upper level predators that will have skills, experience and intelligence. Hence, they will actually be competent.

Sheep dog guarding and defending the flock of sheep.

Sheep Dog

Sheepdogs – These are folks who will be prepared for emergencies and disasters. Although their level of preparedness will probably vary widely from minimal preparations to multiple-years worth of supplies and appropriate gear.  Some may only have their skills vs. supplies & gear but will quickly assume the role of sheepdog because of inherent desire and skills. These folks will be honest of heart and have a true desire to help and protect the sheep. The “help” may manifest itself in feeding, medical assistance, or protection. While sheepdogs may be reluctant to share their supply of food, they will always step up when sheep need to be protected. Sheepdogs have been known to attack large packs of predators even when highly out numbered and have given their lives to

Sheep dogs don't tolerate predators.

Sheep dogs don’t tolerate predators.

protect the lives of their flock. Sheepdogs will be neighbors and community members that have a strong sense of family and duty. They will most likely be Christians and feel a God-given calling to help take care of people. Sheepdogs will be highly drawn to shepherds and allow themselves to be led by those shepherds that they trust. Sheepdogs will be naturally opposed to owner/masters and will rebel against them. Sheepdogs will generally be tolerant of herding dogs to a point. Sheepdogs will tend to feel that they can change a herding dog into a sheepdog with enough work and being a good example.  However, should a herding dog show too much aggression a sheepdog will not hesitate to attack a herding dog to defend the flock or the shepherd.

Herding dogs are controlled predators NOT sheep dogs.

Herding Dog

Herding Dogs – While superficially herding dogs might be appear to be sheepdogs, there is a significant difference. Sheepdogs live, eat, and sleep with the sheep; they are part of the flock.  Herding dogs work for the sheep owner/master and respond to their master’s commands. Those commands are given for a specific intention…to strictly to control the flock of sheep. The herding dogs circle the sheep and move them by acting much as a predator would; which in-turn makes the sheep respond to the non-verbal body language of the herding dog. A herding dog is actually a predator who is so highly trained that they won’t kill sheep (normally) but will not hesitate to “nip” (i.e. light bite) the back legs of the sheep. Herding dogs are also known for a game called “sheep tag.”  Herding dogs will run among the sheep biting them and then run

Herding dogs are controlled predators NOT sheep dogs.

Sheep Tag

off.  To them, sheep are little more than “chew toys.” Herding dogs are not known for protecting a flock, they are there to control the flocks movement and behavior. And they don’t respond to the needs of the flock and rarely repel approaching predators on their own. They only respond to commands given to them by their master/owner.  Herding dogs will view sheepdogs with contempt and disgust. Herding dogs will see sheepdogs as beneath them, lacking skills & intelligence and not living up to their potential. Herding dogs and sheepdogs will be natural opposites and will have open conflict with one another. Herding dogs may/can change allegiance from a flock to a pack of predators.  Should an owner/master not provide enough incentive (or strong enough leadership), a herding dog could be easily persuaded to join a predator pack who promises greater rewards. Should the right set of circumstances present itself, a herding dog could betray an entire flock to a predator pack. A herding dog sees sheep as just another animal, beneath them in status and not truly worthy of anything other than to be controlled.  They have virtually no allegiance to the sheep other than as a means to gain rewards from the owner/master.

Shepherd watching over his flock.Shepherds – These folks will be few and far between.  They are of high moral and ethical character. They will be leaders of sheep. They will also be the leaders of sheepdogs. They will have the ability to change some herding dogs into sheepdogs, but that will rarely occur due to the natural instincts of herding dogs. Although shepherds will understand predators and not hate them, shepherds will protect the flock from predators to the point of freely giving their lives. Shepherds will naturally draw sheepdogs to them. Sheepdogs will see the leadership and “goodness” in a shepherd and want to serve him while following their The Good Shepherdinstinct of protecting the flock. The sheepdog will see that a shepherd frees them up to concentrate on what they do best – protection. Shepherds will “serve” their flock. The will make decisions that in the best interest of the flock and not for the gain of the shepherd himself…or for the benefit of sheepdogs. Shepherds will be those folks who will gain close-knit followings of sheep and sheepdogs who are committed to not just surviving by thriving.  Some herding dogs will be drawn to shepherds but will rebel against the nature of the shepherd’s leadership, preferring to control the sheep vs. lead the sheep. For those of us that are believers, we have a great example in The Good Shepherd

Owner/masters – These folks will be those that have a sense of entitlement to leadership. They will feel it is their right, even their duty, to lead sheep. They will voice that they are doing their best to protect the sheep from harm and danger but their true intentions will simply be to control and manipulate. They will make decisions primarily serving their own gain. And any benefit to the flock will be secondary, even accidental. However, the owner/master will take great efforts to make the appearance of what they do is completely for the benefit of the flock. When pushed they will be ruthless with all members of the flock. They will have no trouble sacrificing flock members for their own gain or protection. They will be “pretty boys” and the like. They will use flowery speeches and quote learned men; they may even use scripture verses to justify what they do. But all that they do will be for their own benefit. Owner/masters will readily identify herding dogs and elevate their status to use herding dogs to control the flock…ruthlessly if they have to. They will reward herding dogs with special privileges such as food, liberties, and sexual partners. They will provide them with higher quality food, tools, weapons, and living accommodations. Additionally, the owner/master will provide a sense of “purpose” to the herding dogs. They will touch the herding dogs’ sense of duty and work ethic. They will manipulate the herding dog to think they are as noble as a sheepdog…maybe even superior. An owner/master will naturally not like sheepdogs; they will see them as competition for leadership. They will see in sheepdogs everything that they, as owner/masters, are not. They will try and change sheepdogs into herding dogs. If that is not possible they will try and ostracize them. Should that fail, the owner/master will use whatever means necessary to remove the seepdog from the flock. And that will include an owner/master killing the sheepdog should the sheepdog be seen as a big enough threat by the owner/master.

So there are the basics of how I see people will fall into the basic post-disaster caste system. I have seen it on smaller-scale disasters (i.e. hurricanes, floods, wildfires, etc.) over the last 40 years or so and I have no reason to believe anything different would happen after a major “grid-down” experience. Actually, I think the likeliness of this caste system occurring increases in direction proportion to the scale of the disaster.Mob1

So what do you do with this information? Where is the value? What does it all mean?

It makes the difference between life and death in all probability. Yeah, that dramatic.

I wrote a series on Situational Awareness (SA) and this information on post-disaster types of people is directly related to good SA. If you don’t know what kind of people to expect then you are likely to get sucked into a bad situation or worse.  In the next post I will cover how to identify the different post-disaster personalities



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Prepper Myth #10: “My Bug Out Plan”

This is one of a series of posts on some commonly held prepping beliefs, and reasons why they may be wrong and possibly dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Their Myth Reasoning (not me talking/writing) – If there is something that forces us to leave, we’ll grab the BOB’s and other gear and load the stupid people - stupid planstruck. We’ll then head to one of our locations and keep an eye on the situation. If something happens that would force us to walk, we have a wagon and would find a shopping cart nearby as well. In the winter we have a couple children’s sleds we could load up and tow behind us.

My Opinion – First, this is not “my” plan. It is the plan of a so-called prepper expert giving advice under the guise of dispelling “myths.”

Second, Any “plan” that starts out with “if” is no plan at all. Then he does it again, “If something…” This guy obviously has no plan at all and simply plans on “winging it.” And he will fail. And then talking about having a wagon and finding a “shopping cart.” This is how the guy plans on bugging out with his family? Riiiiight!shopping cart as a bug out vehicle

Come on, I can’t get most shopping carts to work right in the grocery store. How is this guy going to load it down with his bug-out gear and travel down the road, let alone cross-country?

Then he goes all nostalgic on us by talking about loading up kid’s sleds in the winter and heading out. And how much can a sled hold on those skinny little metal rails? And does he plan on bugging out only when there is snow on the ground for the sleds?

Come on! This guy has no clue whatsoever on a plan, bugging out, or the slightest idea to even begin solving the problem. But the real problem is, he is trying to act the expert giving advice to less informed folks. But the way I see it, you will die along with your family if you follow his advice and example.

If you are going to develop a plan…make it REALISTIC! And then test it under real conditions to see if your plan will work.



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There are people that need us…

Sorry that I didn’t come up with a more dramatic or attention getting title for this post. However, this is a pretty low-key piece of writing. But, it potentially may be one of the most powerful posts I’ve ever written…at least in my opinion.

So this low-key idea came into my head Sunday while I was sitting in church. Yeah, sorry again that this is not some Rambo-style, shoot-em-in-the-face, Zombie post-apocalypse super-prepper post. So there I was in church and there was a young lady, probably 22 or so, speaking from the pulpit. No, we don’t do paid ministers/clergy in our church.  Messages come from actual church members, the topics are those that they are inspired to talk about. So she is talking about this prompting she had about a 10-year old boy while she was in a foreign country. Turns out the prompting was needed and the boy was in trouble and he needed their help.

While she is relaying this story I hear “…there are people that need us…” Honestly, I don’t know if she said those words, those are words I thought I heard, or words that just were in my mind. But, no matter…it started me down a serious thinking path Sunday and ended with this post.

There are people that need us. Think about that a minute…yes, actually think about it.

What just popped into your head? For me there were two clear messages as I pondered it; 1) there are people that need us today, right now, 2) there will be people that need us during a coming emergency, disaster, or grid-down event.

People that need us today, right now…

For the last year, maybe a little longer, I’ve really been trying to focus on the reality of post-grid down and what society and people will be like. And while looking at that I really started to notice people around me right now. Then I started really seeing people on a wider scale…beyond my personal bubble. And I gotta tell you…it has me worried. First off, let’s dismiss all Democrats right away…they have gone insane and cannot be reasoned with. They have simply lost their minds and lost any connections with reality or morality.

OK, that being done let’s look at the remaining folks…and focus, for this conversation, on people just trying to live their lives day-to-day. I’ve been mulling an idea for months now. I’ve been looking for a way to put it into words…and then into action. Couldn’t quite get it figured out till Sunday, but actually the answer started coming to me last week. But, before I get into that let me get a little personal.

Last Friday my wife and I attended a memorial service, a young lady still in her 20’s took her own life in a rather gruesome way. Her parents were nearby and heard the shot and discovered her body. Her parents had been extremely good friends of ours, the young woman’s dad was my best man when I married my wife. About five years ago there was a falling apart of the friendship. At the memorial service he and I hugged as if we were old friends, his wife and I hugged like the best long lost friends ever. We left after a short visit to give them time and space with the large crowd of other mourners to share their time, grief, and love.

To say I didn’t want to be there would be accurate, although I knew I should be there, and needed to be there. We didn’t reestablish our previously wonderful friendship…but being there felt right and was the right thing to do. The “right” was far more apparent as my wife and I talked on the way home afterwards. My dear sweet wife shared with me that she had told our friend (the wife) that we are going to help. We weren’t going to ask what or how…we were just going to help. On the ride home we vowed to help them as the spirit prompted us. We didn’t know how, but we were going to help them. They were people that needed us.

Sunday afternoons my wife takes our old dog to a local arroyo for a walk. It helps my wife clear her head, think about whatever is on her mind, and gives our old dog a chance for some real freedom to run. Hours before she left for the walk she was prompted to invite our friend…so she invited our friend…who gladly and gratefully accepted the invitation.

My wife told me afterwards that there was no big spiritual experience, no deep talk of life, nothing more than a couple of friends walking on a wonderfully bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon. She said it was amazing and just what was needed. She also found out two additional things; 1) they weren’t sleeping well, 2) they weren’t eating well. You can understand both. As we talked I felt prompted that we should start taking them meals from time to time. I felt like they might be lacking the desire to cook, more than just a lack of desire to eat. And I felt as if breakfasts were a good place to start. I’ve seen many times that dinners have been provided to families in need, but never had I heard of breakfasts being supplied. We now had our mission.

Monday morning I did my part since my wife had done the walk…I was going to provide breakfast. But, I never do much in a small way…go big or stay home is a common motto with me. I bought two pounds of sausage, two dozen eggs and started cooking. They are on a Keto diet so this breakfast casserole was two pounds of sausage, half a pound of bacon, half a pound of Mexican blend cheese, and two dozen eggs. Wow! The house smelled amazing all day! The multi-pound breakfast was delivered not long after lunch.

So what is my point? What I didn’t mention was four weeks ago a very, very close friend of their family also shot himself. That is a staggering loss for any family so close together. The family was hurting after a double loss.

So here is the point…look around you…do you see people that need help? Maybe they are short of food, maybe they need a job, or a better job. Maybe their kids need school clothes, or a hot breakfast. Maybe the elderly widow down the street needs her trees trimmed, or just to have someone care enough to ask. Maybe the neighbor two houses down with the car on blocks needs help fixing it, or towing it off. Maybe a co-worker needs to find a church to attend, or to find his relationship with God. Maybe your local fire department needs a couple more volunteer firefighters or another EMT, or maybe a little more money for proper gear and equipment. Maybe the woman with the “Need Gas!” sign really does need gas, or a hot meal. You get the idea…There are people that need us.

As preppers…What kind of people do we want to be?

Yeah, I am serious about that question! I’ve gotten puffed up before about how much food we have stored, how much ammo I have ready to go, or how “bad” my Ford 4wd truck looks. I’ve preached to folks about emergency preparedness, shared my experiences, given talks, written books, and run a prepper website. But, I had to look at myself and really ask how many individuals have I directly helped. I mean gotten out of my truck, or out of my personal bubble, and actually helped. The answer…not enough.

About a month ago I was a visitor at a church near my new place in Arizona. After the main service I attended a meeting of just men. There was probably close to 350 – 400 people at the main meeting, maybe 60 – 70 men at the later meeting. I have no remembrance of the men’s meeting subject or intent. But, I do remember that the subject came around to how they, as a congregation, interacted with people and supported each other. There were a lot of dislocated shoulders and broken arms in that meeting…so much back patting and congratulating going on.

Why the sarcasm? How many men acknowledged me at that meeting? How many people even said “Hi” to me at the first meeting?  The answers are none and one respectively.

But, that is not the point. The point is…they had no idea that they had no idea. They were so busy congratulating themselves on how good they were, how Christian they were, and yet they completely missed a total stranger sitting among them. Was I, am I, guilty of the same or something similar?

How often do we feel very comfortable, and safe, within our personal bubble? It’s easy to wave to friends or have a conversation with them about a mutual interest. But what about the total stranger that looks like he could use a friendly “hello”? Heck, what about our good friend…does he have something going on in his life that he needs to, or wants to, talk about? Or, maybe he needs help changing the oil in his car. Dang, he may need a car!

Now do you get an idea where I am headed with this?

I am not saying you need to save the world…that has already been done. But, there are people out there that need us. Can you please help? Follow your instinct, listen to the still small voice, keep your eyes open…there are people that need us.

People will need us…

This website is all about preparing for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. You should know that by now. But…what if we need to be prepared to do more? Yeah, I am serious with that question.

I have responded to hurricane disasters, house fires, flooding events, suicides, missing/lost canoers, shootings, bombings, car accidents, tornadoes, and more wildfires that I can remember. They all had one thing in common…people needed help. Now, what happens when the grid goes down? No…that question should be more along the lines of…What do you do when the gird goes down? I hope you’ve given that some thought…there’s little doubt that you already have.

Without mentioning names, I know men who have given a wide range of answers to that question…some completely expected, some extremely concerning, if not outright scary. All have said they will take care of their family. And one aspect of that statement…almost to the man has also said that his family comes first…above ALL else. Now, that is to be admired…at least at first glance.

A couple of times I’ve dared ask the question…”Would you let your neighbors kids starve to death while you still had food?”

Many have given answers such as, “They had time and resources to prepare and they chose not to, so it’s not my fault.”, “They are responsible for their own family.”, “I won’t have my kids starve to feed their kids.” A few men have simply replied, “Yes.”

I am not here to ask that question of you, or even to pass judgement on the replies I mentioned above. Heck, the situation may not even occur to you or I. My point is different.

If there are people that need us now…how about needing us after an emergency, disaster, or grid-down?

The answer is a simple one…Yes, there will be people who will need our help.

If we can’t help everyone now, we dang sure can’t help everyone post-apocalypse. But, just as we can help an individual or two now, are you willing to help others when the need will be the greatest? And have you thought it through or made any kind of special preparations for that?

Look, don’t take this wrong, I am not saying be prepared to feed the entire community for a year, or even feed your close neighbors for a couple months. I am just giving you something to think about. What can you do, what are you willing to do, are you even willing to consider it?

Now a sobering thought…What if you are the one that ends up needing the help…or your child?


There is a ton of crap in the world now. Some absolutely despicable people, and a few that are utterly evil. You have Democrats that have lost their minds…proposing to protect the planet, protect whales and protect kittens, and yet they are willing to kill our babies. There so many things going wrong…dangerously wrong. But…there are people, good people, out there that need us!

They may need nothing more than a smile along with a “Good morning!” But, maybe they need help repairing their roof. I don’t know who needs what. You might be the one that needs a friendly conversation…or your oil changed in your truck. Your son, your parent, your neighbor, or your spouse might be hurting inside with something that they haven’t told you about…and they want/need to talk about it. Who knows what problems people have.

Ah yes, there is the tough part…Figuring out who needs what?

But there is an answer to that one… listen to your instinct, listen to that little voice. If you are a Christian…listen to the Holy Spirit. Find out what you can do to help someone…then do it. It doesn’t have to be earth shaking, mind bending, or financially burdensome…but you can help people.

There are people that need us! Help them.

I promise you this…the more you help people now the more you will be able to help, and be helped, when it all falls apart. Start the habit now…the world needs it…you need it…we need it.

There are people that need us.



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Prepper Myth #9: Your BOB Needs to be as Light as Possible

This is one of a series of posts on some commonly held prepping beliefs, and reasons why they may be wrong and possibly dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Note: Myths 5 – 10 were taken from a post by a so-called prepper expert providing advice while dispelling “myths” about prepping and bugging out. I thought the advice to be so outrageously idiotic and dangerous that I felt the need to respond to this guy before he gets people killed.



Their Myth Reasoning (not me talking/writing)  There have been more posts and comments about this than any of the other myths. Anytime someone makes a forum thread and shows their BOB, there are always people who make a comment like “Good luck carrying that”. I always wonder where these scoffers are planning on bugging out to. Me? I plan on driving. If there is some type of event that keeps me from driving, I can think of five ways to carry my BOB and other gear as well.

Maybe they plan on heading to the deep woods? For 95% of people, that is a bad idea. Even if you are a primitive skill master and can make do with a knife and a dirty look, what about your family?

Since the events that you actually need to bug out for are severe and you don’t know when you’ll be able to go home, what will you do in the woods when your supplies run out?

My thoughts are that if I do have to bug out there is a pretty serious reason. Since I don’t know how long I might need to be away, I want to make sure I have enough gear to take care of my family. I’m more concerned with making sure I have what we need than I am with the weight of the pack. On the very slim chance I can’t drive and have to carry it, I can find five means to negate the weight.

My Opinion –  Well-intentioned but horrible reasoning and advice. This guy is showing his utter lack of understanding of the most basic of preparedness concepts.

First, if you are going to drive, then there is no “BOB”, there is a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle). But he keeps referring to a BOB, as in “bag”, so he is way off base once again.

Second, Then he makes fun of those that comment on the bag’s weight when referring to people who challenge him on the weight. Well, those folks are 100% right and the “adviser” is 100% wrong. If you must carry a BOB, which is the whole underlying premise, then weight means everything. Actually, the concept of “weight and space” means everything. A concept that this so-called adviser is unaware of. Which then leads me to believe that this adviser is a novice at best.

Third, he infers that he can negate the weight of his burdensome BOB in at least five ways, yet doesn’t mention a single one, let alone the benefits and drawbacks to each.

Fourth, He comments about being away from home for a long time and that he needs to have “enough gear to take care of my family.” But he doesn’t mention a single piece of gear that he would take, or a system/process by which to identify what gear to even consider. That is a rookie mistake, let alone poor advice. And then he makes the audacious statement that he is not concerned about the weight of his pack containing “enough gear to take care of his family.” What a mistake!

Sorry, but as I read this guys’ advice to counter prepper myths I get infuriated with him. It is this kind of “expert” that will get people killed by the droves. He may talk pretty, saying key words, feigning some level of expertise – but he is utterly void of any substantial, practical, workable advice. This guy is a danger to preppers!






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SitRep – 3/12/2019 (update)

>>  Update to the 3/12/2019 SitRep <<

Normally I don’t do updates to SitReps, especially so closely after one is posted. But, this is an exception. If you haven’t read the original SitRep posted on 3/12/2019 you probably should.

<click here to read>

So, I just wanted to reinforce where I think we are as a country and make an impression on you to work harder towards being prepared.



Please don’t ignore the warning signs that our economy, even the world’s economy, is in rough shape and is growing worse by the day. Manufacturing is weakening and that is one of the cornerstones of Trump’s economic policy and recovery. Also, home ownership is increasingly dying out among an entire generation of Americans. The worst of that news is…their lack of home ownership is due to ballooning personal debt. That is a 1-2 punch to the economic gut.

U.S. manufacturing sector slowing as economy loses steam
(Reuters – 3/15/2019)

Millennials are so buried in debt they can’t buy into American Dream of owning a home
USA TODAYMarch 14, 2019


One of the primary tech giants that is a huge player with the US government is also a huge service provider to the Chinese government. And Google is assisting the Chinese military! So, for the right price…what else is Google providing to the Chinese government?

Also, note that an increasing number of companies are using AI to hire their employees. Really? So now people’s employment is increasingly dependent on Artificial Intelligence? The fate of people more dependent on AI now than ever…and that trend is growing at light speed! AI is a far great threat to our way of life, and to us, than most people imagine.

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Google ‘Is Indirectly Benefiting The Chinese Military’
CBS SF / CNN – March 14, 2019

HR Departments Turn to AI-Enabled Recruiting in Race for Talent
Wall Street Journel – March 14, 2019


Gun Ownership/Rights take another hit. Since when does the manufacturer of an inanimate object become liable for the illegal use of that item in the commission of a crime? Will Craftsman become liable when a hammer is used in a murder? How about if a Chevy owner intentionally murders someone by running over them with a Cruze? This is just another attempt at the US Government (via the US Judicial system) to tank the gun industry and gun ownership. There is a growing anti-run wave…and soon it will be a tidal wave that grows into a tsunami. And you may be surprised at who won’t defend gun rights.

State Supreme Court overturns lower court ruling, says Sandy Hook families can sue gun manufacturer Remington

Morality / Debauchery

Here we have a Democrat Senator voting for infanticide…and is against the killing of kittens! Next time you hear of Democrats loving children…throw the BS flag!!!!  They love baby kitties more than they love baby humans! This is just another sign of the Democrat evil and their utter disdain for anything good. They should be ashamed of themselves…but they are not. And that my friend should scare the hell out of you!

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley Condemns ‘Slaughter’ of Kittens, Voted Against Protecting Human Babies from Infanticide
Breitbart – 14 Mar 2019


I want to impress upon you to see the signs all around us. Notice what is happening and how and to whom. Yes, I realize that there is much going on in the world…sometimes overwhelmingly so. But, I don’t want you to lose track of it and lose your Situational Awareness. Macro events are happening quickly all around us…and virtually all of it is bad and getting worse. And it is happening more quickly…and it will speed up. It will speed up to the point where it will spin out of control…out of control even to those that think they are in control. And that point is not too far off.

What am I saying?

I am telling you point blank…get your house in order.

No, I am not telling you to pack up the truck and head for the mountains or anything like that. I am telling you I am seeing events unfold that are causing concern…to my way of thinking. I want you to take what is happening and see what you can do in terms of prepping to make you and your family -and yes, your community- better prepared for what is coming.

I understand you may want yo ask…When will it all fall apart? I would like to ask that as well. I don’t have that answer for you. If I did I would share it. But, I can tell you this with absolute surety…it will fall apart. It could come tomorrow…next month…next year…or 10 years from now. But, it is coming and it will surprise all of us. I just want you to be the least surprised and as best prepared as possible.

Ready my Summary from 3/12/2019 SitRep on what I am encouraging you to do.


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