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southern poverty law centerThe Southern Poverty Law Center – SPLC


I was sound asleep last night, ah, this morning, with the doors open enjoying the beautiful fall night air. A really beautiful night here in the desert southwest. But, I couldn’t sleep, something was bugging me. I turned over, tried to make myself comfortable. Then I petted the dog, she kinda let me know to go back to sleep. I couldn’t. So, I got up and decided to write more of my upcoming new 2-volumn emergency preparedness book set. That weren’t happening!

I have been thinking for about six months now that I needed to write about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). They are the so-called leading expert hate-group watchdog. Their website has this for their description of who they are:

The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the Center works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality.

Sounds like noble intentions, wonderful contribution to our country, and a help for our society. Well, not exactly…it’s “social justice” wrapped in a cute blanket.

Remember, I am a guy that believes in outcomes, not intentions. What I started to find out about this organization was nothing short of amazing. I can hardly find enough descriptors to properly define this operation. But, let me try…

The SPLC is a group of radical Liberal and Progressive extremist activists that rabidly pursues and persecutes anything and anyone that is Libertarian, Conservative, Christian, patriotic, etc.

Board of Directors sothern poverty law center board of directors

Senior Staff

southern poverty law center senior staffI can’t begin to describe how far left this group is. If you look at their board and senior staff you see a long list of Communists, Socialists, Marxists, and Progressive extremists…all Democrat Party supporters and financial contributors.

And, here is a chance for the SPLC to really attack me personally but I have to say it. Although factually true, I am sure that their list of lawyers will have a field-day twisting my words to sound like another one of their bigots and southern poverty law center Anti-Christianhaters. But here goes…I was wondering why they seemed to relish in attacking Christian groups and specifically individual Christian leaders. Well, as I kept digging into who worked at the SPLC I found a website who listed the religion of each of those staffers. And here is an interesting little piece of information, about two-thirds of the SPLC staff is Jewish and the other third claim no religious affiliation. AND ZERO CHRISTIANS!!! Yup, no one at the SPLC leadership level describes themselves as Christian.

Now remember, that is information that is not anything other than a statement of fact. If the SPLC doesn’t agree with that factual statement, they are more than welcome to provide information to the contrary. But, that being said, isn’t interesting that the SPLC targets Christians and specifically traditional Christianity a lot? All the while having no Christians in their organization.Coincidence or intention?

And I will go into detail why that is so important later, and why it should scare crap out of you.

So, all of the leadership and senior staff of the SPLC are far-left wingers, most of them are actual Communists, Socialists and Marxists….all of them self-identify as Progressive. They take upon themselves the mantel of being a watchdog of hate groups in the United States…really?

So who do you think they list as “hate groups” and people who are dangerous and potential domestic terrorists?

After combing the SPLC website for 4-1/2 hours here is the SPLC list of who are dangerous to America:

  1. Anyone who thinks the government is too big and too powerful
  2. Anyone who believes the government is, or has been, conspiratorial
  3. Anyone who believes that the government would put people into concentration camps
  4. Anyone who believes the government would impose martial law
  5. Anyone who believes there is a New World Order
  6. Anyone who believes in the raptureSPLC-009
  7. Members of the Constitution Party
  8. Anyone who opposes illegal immigration
  9. Anyone who has a negative opinion of Islamic terrorism
  10. Anyone who believes there are political elitists
  11. Anyone who believes in crony capitalism
  12. Anyone who believes that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution is suspect
  13. Anyone who believes that the Federal Reserve is illegitimate
  14. Anyone who believes that income tax is illegitimate
  15. Anyone who disagrees with the International Monetary Fund
  16. Anyone who believes the federal government has too much power or authority
  17. Anyone who believes the government is responsible for economic problems
  18. Anyone who thinks central banks are a problem
  19. Anyone who attended the 2009 Jekyll Island meeting, the Freedom 21, or the Midwest Liberty Fest
  20. Anyone who is a member of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance
  21. Anyone who supports the Second Amendment
  22. Anyone who supports any type of gun rights
  23. Anyone who is a member of We The People
  24. Anyone who thinks Obama’s gun running scheme (Fast & Furious) caused deaths
  25. Anyone who thinks Obama is a crook, committed treason, fraud, or is a traitor
  26. Anyone who thinks Obama isn’t a legitimate US citizenSPLC-011
  27. Anyone who is a member of the Mountain Minutemen
  28. Anyone who thinks that citizens have the right to defend the US borders themselves
  29. Anyone who is a member of Freedom Keepers, or sympathize with their ideals
  30. Anyone who protests against taxes
  31. Anyone associated with the website WorldNetDaily
  32. Anyone who is a member of the Tea Party or attends their events
  33. Anyone who questions the death of Vince Foster (Clinton aid)
  34. Anyone who dislikes any of the Clintons or anything they’ve done
  35. Anyone who prepares for emergencies or disasters
  36. Anyone who doesn’t trust the government to take care of them
  37. Anyone who thinks Rush Limbaugh is credible
  38. Anyone who thinks that FEMA camps are a possibility
  39. Anyone who believes they should defend themselves against tyrannical acts of government
  40. Anyone who is associated with, or reads, the Republic magazine
  41. Anyone who believes in “globalism”
  42. Anyone who believes that global bankers, or that global banking, is bad
  43. Anyone who believes that global banking influences US Presidents or US Congress
  44. Anyone who is a member of, or supports the ideas of, the group Restore The Republic
  45. Anyone who advocates pro-Constitution and anti-government corruption
  46. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, Minutemen Civil Defense Corps
  47. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, Patriots Coalition
  48. Anyone who reports “suspicious activity” of illegal immigrants to the U.S. Border Patrol
  49. Anyone who thinks that illegal immigrants break the lawSPLC-010
  50. Anyone who believes in a “shadow government”
  51. Anyone who believes that the government uses secret wire taps or cameras
  52. Anyone who believes that presidents or congressmen participate in sex parties
  53. Anyone who believes that the CIA would kill people to keep US secrets
  54. Anyone who believes Satan influences politicians in Washington D.C.
  55. Anyone who believes that the US government sold Stinger missiles or drugs
  56. Anyone who believes that there is a growing police state in the US
  57. Anyone who believes that there is, or will be, economic chaos in the US
  58. Anyone who opposes complete gun control
  59. Anyone who believes in, supports, or is a member of a Constitutional allowed militia
  60. Anyone who wants the government to strictly abide by the Constitution
  61. Anyone who opposes the government in property rights disputes
  62. Anyone who believes in, or prepares for, an apocalypse
  63. Anyone who stores, collects, or believes in precious metals as a “prepper”
  64. Anyone who believes the US government could commit an act or terror
  65. Anyone who questions the US government’s story of the Oklahoma Bombing
  66. Anyone who questions the US government’s story of the 9/11 WTC bombing
  67. Anyone who self-identifies as a “freedom lover”
  68. Anyone who self-identifies as a “lover of truth”
  69. Anyone who opposes Cap & Trade
  70. Anyone who opposes the homosexual (LGBTQ) agenda
  71. Anyone who is anti-tax
  72. Anyone who opposes Obama
  73. Anyone who thinks Obama is a Marxist
  74. Anyone who thinks “Obama is dangerous to freedom and liberty and your gun rights”
  75. Anyone who supports, or is a member of, Constitutional militias
  76. Anyone who think US citizens are “enemies of the US government”
  77. Anyone who thinks that US agents (FBI & ATF) burned down the Davidians compound in Waco, TX
  78. Anyone who believes that government personnel intentionally killed people (wife/mother & child) at Ruby Ridge
  79. Anyone who supports the concept of state secession
  80. Anyone who thinks the federal government is oppressive
  81. Anyone who thinks the federal government is “evil”, “corrupt” or expresses “hatred” towards it
  82. Anyone who thinks that the Vatican is involved in the New World Order
  83. Anyone who writes negative articles about liberals
  84. Anyone associated with, or supports, the group Accuracy in Media, or the AIM Report
  85. Anyone who questions the intentions or actions of the United Nations
  86. Anyone who believes in, or opposes, the “homosexual lobby”
  87. Anyone associated with, or supports, the Human Events magazine
  88. Anyone associated with, or supports Oliver North or the Freedom AllianceSPLC-012
  89. Anyone who produces an anti-government video
  90. Anyone who criticizes the federal government
  91. Anyone who participates as an event speaker against the government
  92. Anyone who believes the federal government is too big, too corrupt or too oppressive
  93. Anyone who believes the federal government is a threat to people
  94. Anyone who opposes, or talks badly, about how the IRS operates
  95. Anyone who thinks the Obama administration advocates Socialist or Marxist principles, policies, or ideals
  96. Anyone who thinks Randy Weaver was anything but a “white separatist”
  97. Anyone who is a gun rights advocate
  98. Anyone who maintains that county sheriffs are the highest legitimate law enforcement authorities; and those who do are violent and anti-Semitic
  99. Anyone who believes in, or supports, Posse Comitatus Act
  100. Anyone who believes that they will have to defend the Constitution against the New World Order
  101. Anyone who believes that “patriots” will be arrested, killed, or imprisoned
  102. Anyone who believes Obama is a Communist or Muslim
  103. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, the John Birch Society
  104. Anyone who believes in the Illuminati
  105. Anyone who believes that the Council on Foreign Relations works against the interests of the US citizenry
  106. Anyone who opposes the Federal Reserve or thinks it is responsible for any economic problems
  107. Anyone who thinks that the Federal Reserve is working towards a single world currency
  108. Anyone who thinks that the Federal Reserve is destroying the US dollar
  109. Anyone who is an ultraconservative Roman Catholic
  110. Anyone who thinks the US military personnel should not be agents of the United Nations
  111. Anyone who thinks the federal government is, or will be, oppressive or tyrannical
  112. Anyone who would actively oppose the federal government acting oppressively or tyrannical
  113. Anyone who believes America is “ill”
  114. Anyone who thinks that Obamacare can influence gun ownership or gun controlSPLC-013
  115. Anyone who participates in anti- gun control events
  116. Anyone who believes that the government wants to strip gun owner rights
  117. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, Gun Owners of America
  118. Anyone who believes in “citizen defense patrols”
  119. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, Oath Keepers
  120. Anyone who is an active-duty police and military, as well as veterans, worry about gun control
  121. Anyone who is an active-duty police and military, as well as veterans, worry about the New World Order
  122. Anyone who swears a second time to uphold their oath to the Constitution
  123. Anyone who opposes imposing martial law or a state of emergency on a state, and forcing those who resist into detention camps
  124. Anyone who advocates or champions patriot ideals or principles
  125. Anyone who thinks the Executive Branch of government is growing too strong
  126. Anyone who thinks there is dangerous increase in government power over the American people
  127. Anyone who believes that politicians, lawyers or judges have contempt for the Constitution
  128. Anyone who believes that politicians, lawyers or judges don’t uphold their oaths
  129. Anyone who believes the federal government is trampling the Constitution
  130. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, the Constitution Society
  131. Anyone who believes the Constitution provides the right of the people to assemble a militia
  132. Anyone who believes is any kind of mind-control capabilities or technology
  133. Anyone who believes the Feds are out of controlSPLC-006
  134. Anyone who promotes a Constitutionalist Platform
  135. Anyone who advocates repealing legislation
  136. Anyone who believes in gold or silver as legal tender
  137. Anyone who supports private mints producing gold or silver as legal tender
  138. Anyone who thinks that the militias are a Founding Father idea and have a place in today’s world
  139. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, the Constitution Society
  140. Anyone who has a website, or writes, to restore the Constitution
  141. Anyone who thinks that the government or corporation will lie
  142. Anyone who considers themselves a “patriot journalist”
  143. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, the group We Are Change
  144. Anyone who wants to “find the truth behind 9/11”
  145. Anyone who wants to “find the truth about private banking cartels”
  146. Anyone who wants to “find the military industrial complex”
  147. Anyone who believes there is a movement to eliminate national sovereignty
  148. Anyone who believes in, or want to find out the truth about, the Bilderberg Group or the Trilateral Commission
  149. Anyone who questions the “health care of 9/11 first responders”
  150. Anyone who believes there is a threat to collapse the Republic
  151. Anyone who believes in the “Articles of Freedom”
  152. Anyone who believes the federal government threatens our Life, Liberty and Property through usurpations of the Constitution
  153. Anyone who is “concerned about the government and seeking a redress of grievances”
  154. Anyone who opposes, or even voices opposition to, the government purchasing stakes in auto companies
  155. Anyone who participates in, or supports, Rocky Mountain Rendezvous
  156. Anyone who participates in, or supports, the Constitution Party National Committee
  157. Anyone who believes that Obama participated in “insider real estate dealings”
  158. Anyone who believes that Obama benefited from the “political machines in Illinois and Washington D.C.”
  159. Anyone who believes in Powers That Be (PTB)
  160. Anyone who designs, builds, lives in, or sees the need for high-security homes and shelters
  161. Anyone who subscribes to, reads, or belies in, the World Affairs Brief
  162. Anyone who believes in globalists
  163. Anyone who believes in “false flag” events
  164. Anyone who believes in armed resistance should the government decide to forcefully confiscate guns
  165. Any civilian who wears camouflage and a “Don’t Tread on Me” patch
  166. Anyone who speaks derogatorily of the Department of Homeland Security
  167. Anyone who objects to forced vaccines
  168. Anyone who is “concerned about civil unrest”
  169. Anyone who believes government agents attempt to get militia members to act illegally
  170. Anyone who objects to the G-20 or their summits
  171. Anyone who appears on, supports, or listens to Republic Broadcasting Network
  172. Anyone who believes that the Constitutional Republic is transforming into socialism
  173. Anyone who expresses alarm about federally funded law enforcement fusion centers
  174. Anyone who opposes the gathering of data on U.S. citizens, including collection and use of DNA and biometric samples, and any federal ID legislation
  175. Anyone who voices opposition to federal encroachment on states’ rights
  176. Anyone who is a member of, or supports, the Three Percenters group
  177. Anyone who believe “collectivism” is a problem or threat to AmericaSPLC-014
  178. Anyone who is anti-abortion
  179. Anyone who presents Constitution classes and teaching the principles of liberty
  180. Anyone who believes the federal government is bent on encroaching on the sovereignty of American citizens and individual states
  181. Anyone who believes an economic crisis is looming
  182. Anyone who believes “massive social and political unrest bordering on chaos throughout America when the monetary and banking systems finally implode in the not-so-distant-future”
  183. Anyone who supported, or sympathized with the killing of the Branch Davidians
  184. Anyone who works for, writes for or supports the American Enterprise Institute
  185. Anyone who supports Federation for American Immigration Reform
  186. Anyone who opposes BLM actions against the Bundy family
  187. Anyone who opposes Common Core
  188. Anyone who opposes Agenda 21 or who thinks it is a “conspiracy”

Here is a partial list of individuals that the SPLC specifically mention as “haters” and/or leaders of “hate groups” –

  • Joel Skousen (author)
  • Cleon Skousen (author)
  • Glenn Beck (radio, TV, & author)
  • Michele Bachmann (Congressional Representative)
  • Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America)
  • David Barton (historian and author)
  • Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (Ret.)
  • Pamela Geller (Islamist exposer)
  • Randy Weaver (family members attacked and killed by Federal agents)
  • John Stadtmiller (Republic Broadcasting Network – RBN)
  • Barbara Coe (author)
  • Bo Gritz (NWO author & decorated veteran)
  • Bryan Fischer (Christian radio host)
  • Cliff Kincaid (Accuracy In Media)
  • Dan Stein (Federation for American Immigration Reform)
  • David Lane (Christian evangelical organizer)
  • Frank Gaffney Jr. (author, Islam exposer)
  • John Tanton (Federation for American Immigration Reform – FAIR & the Center for Immigration Studies – CIS)
  • Kevin DeAnna (Youth for Western Civilization)
  • Lou Engle (anti-abortion group TheCall Ministries)
  • Michael Brian Vanderboegh (Patriot Movement)
  • Paul Cameron (Family Research Institute)
  • Roan Garcia-Quintana (Americans Have Had Enough)
  • Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch blog)
  • Tim Wildmon (American Family Association)

Here is a partial list of “hate groups as identified by the SPLC (as of 2015)

  • Liberty Counsel
  • American Border Patrol
  • American Patrol
  • Voice of Citizens Together
  • American Family Association
  • California Coalition for Immigration Reform
  • Family Research Council
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform
  • Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Traditional Values Coalition

So why is this such important organization and their leadership make-up?

Because the Southern Poverty Law Center has received millions and millions of dollars from the federal government, specifically the FBI. And, the SPLC has been retained by President Obama to head initiatives against “hate groups.” SPLC-005The SPLC has been instrumental and a fundamental originator of identifying potential domestic terrorists for all levels of law enforcement nation-wide. The FBI uses SPLC to create reports and to train their own agents and other law enforcement personnel around the country.

And who has the federal government identified as “potential domestic terrorists” with the DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristshelp of the SPLC?

Any and all Americans that fall within any of the 188 categories listed above!

The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the most radical anti-American, anti-Christian, extremist and dangerous organizations in the United States. And the federal government uses that group to identify “enemies of the state.” They coordinate and cooperate and are paid by the US Government…specifically the FBI.

And what can you do about any of this? Absolutely nothing!

When you have an all-powerful federal government in bed with an extremist organization such as the SPLC, SPLC war on americaworking in conjunction with law enforcement…there is nothing at all you can do. Even raising the alarm or openly discussing that there is a problem with the SPLC will bring focus upon you and get you on yet another list with not just the SPLC, but the FBI and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Seriously, you can only be aware of what is happening. But that is worth a whole lot. What you do with it from here is up to you. Or, what you do with this information in times of emergencies, disasters, or during grid-down is up to you to decide.

Just to get you thinking…What would have SPLC have labeled the Founding Fathers back in the 1790’s?


And finally…another important part of this information I am sharing with you…

A final note, George Soros is one of the most evil men in our times. He helped find, round-up, and ultimately george soros evil progressiveGeorge Soros Nazi jew killer evilslaughter Jews during WW2. He has intentionally broken the economies of small countries in Europe so he can make his billions of dollars. George Soros is a radical Progressive dedicated to destroying the US Constitution and turning the USA into a country that he can control along with his other global elitist co-conspirators.

George Soros gives millions and millions of dollars to the SPLC. The reason? Because he knows that his money is well spent to george soros evil empireaccomplish his goals, of which the primary goal is to destroy the Constitution and the traditional American way of life…along with religion. The SPLC and other radical Progressive Soros funded organizations work hand-in-hand behind the scenes coordinating their attacks on America and Christianity.

The SPLC is a vile and radical extremist organization that wants nothing less than to destroy the United States’ traditional way of life and conventional Christianity. The extremists of the SPLC want to change America to match Soros’ vision…a globalist socialist government with men like Soros calling the shots from the top…the ruling global elites.

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) has joined with SPLC against Domestic Terrorists (Meaning Conservative DOJ FBI and SPLC working Together Against AmericaAmerica) to form a new office within the DOJ teaming with the Southern Poverty Law Center to track and coordinate investigations into “domestic terrorism.” In an October 14, 2015 speech delivered at George Washington University, Assistant Attorney General John Assistant Attorney General John Carlin partner with Soros and SPLCCarlin told attendees the new office would “be the point of contact for US attorneys working on domestic terrorism cases.”

Carlin stated in his speech:

“The new DT [Domestic Terrorism] Counsel will not only help ensure that DT [Domestic Terrorism] cases are properly coordinated but also will play a key role in our headquarters-level efforts to identify trends to help shape our strategy, and to analyze legal gaps or enhancements required to ensure we can combat these threats.”

Mark Potok SPLC southern poverty law centerSPLC’s top dog, Mark Potock stated the SPLC had been pushing for something like this for quite some time. He called it a “step forward.”

So you have an extremist, anti-America radical Progressive anti-Christian organization…the SPLC, officially and formally joining forces with the United States Government (the DOJ & FBI) to work night and day to identify potential domestic terrorists. Then according to their own words, there will be “combat taking place”.

Does this like laying the foundation for the final solution? Oh, the same one that George Soros himself was a player back in the 1930’s & 1940’s?

This is an extremely dangerous development between two of the most vile entities in our country. Nothing good, absolutely nothing good, will come of this. The most patriotic and devoted Americans, specifically conservative Christians, will now be even more targeted and persecuted by the DOJ and the FBI. And George Soros has bought his way into a major position within the Obama Administration.

This is not good! Keep your eyes open and watch your back. Might be a good idea to watch your fellow Christian and patriot’s backs as well.

1/20/2021 Note: I find it interesting how long the radical Progressive extremists have, with the government, specifically the FBI, been working together to attack, demonize, and ultimately destroy the most basic elements of our Constitutional Republic…God and patriots. As we enter into America’s Dark Ages with inauguration of Biden/Harris let us not lose sight of what evil’s goal is and who is involved.


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The most dangerous person in the Biden/Harris regime…

The Biden/Harris regime has named Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The DNI coordinates and supervises all aspects of national security, foreign and domestic. And she is the most dangerous, deadly, and anti-America person to ever hold that office…she is the ultimate globalist and authoritarian.

So who is Avril Haines?

Her serious education/indoctrination began at the age of 14. She attended that ultra-elite/leftist Ivy League-bound high school, Hunter College High School. Then she went on to the University of Chicago, home of such notables as:

  • old school elites banking family Rockefellers
  • big-tech moguls from Oracle and Microsoft (Ellison & Nadella)
  • radical socialist John Dewey who mandated government schools in America
  • Communist Party member Bernie Sanders
  • James Comey, former FBI director who led the coup against Trump coordinating closely with the Clintons and the CIA
  • radical socialist journalist Ana Marie Cox
  • radical political activist Ed Asner
  • globalist, neo-conservative politician Liz Chaney
  • Aldrich Ames, former CIA operative and Soviet Union spy
  • Saul Alinsky, radical American communist and socialist, wrote a book dedicated to Satan
  • Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education and radical extremist Progressive
  • David Brooks radical leftist/globalist journalist
  • And the list goes on and on and on…a breeding ground of radical leftists, Progressives, and globalists.

To continue her post-college globalist indoctrination and to gain authoritarian regime experience:

  • she worked at the Hague Conference on Private International Law
  • worked under Biden on leftist CFR
  • Served as Deputy National Security Advisor in the radical Marxist Obama administration
  • Then took the post of Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under John Brennan (well-known authoritarian extremist and documented to have committed dozens of acts of extra-judicial executions of America citizens).
  • Of particular note, in 2015 she prevented the prosecution of CIA operatives who illegally spied on members of Congress. Doing so while overruling the CIA Inspector General himself who had recommended prosecution of the CIA spies. The speculation is she was the one who ordered the illegal (i.e. unconstitutional) spying and the trials would have revealed the leadership of deep state in the federal government and the depths to which they were willing to go.

Why is her working closely with John Brennan as his immediate subordinate at the CIA important? At least one CIA insider revealed that John Brennan actually made plans to assassinate President Trump. And it goes further…John Brennan openly acknowledged that he had voted for US Communist Party members in Presidential elections during the Cold War . There are also numerous credible reports that John Brennan was actually a Communist Party member. But there are no longer any US Communist Party records to prove it. So, the new DNI was mentored by a known Communist supporter and originator of a CIA plot to assassinate a US President…and never brought this to light…let alone worked for him. Makes you wonder why?

And most notably, she led the CIA operations from 2014 – 2016 in the extra-judicial “targeted killings” by drones. Even the ACLU criticized the drone murders! Haines herself reduced the minimum criteria to virtually ZERO for an individual to be “nominated” for lethal action. The term “nominated” is a deceptive euphemism for targeting people for assassination, and her drone guidelines allowed for the assassination of US citizens without any due process in our American judicial system. Yes, outright murders of American citizens!!

Why is she so willing to use drones to murder people with virtually no evidence that they are a threat…just on a CIA operative’s word?

Why is she so willing to murder Americans?

Why is she so willing to by-pass the America judicial process?

Well, it is plainly obvious…at least to me.

In my opinion she is one of the most dangerous people to have ever worked in the US government. She would be as home in Gestapo headquarters or leading a torture session of an American citizen as drinking a latte in a Starbucks. She is a cold-hearted, stone cold killer…and radical extremist.

Based on her education, her work background, and actual documented actions…she is going to kill Americans, work actively to bring us under the thumb of totalitarianism, and bring us under an irreversible globalist elites’ control.

Watch for killings, murders, assassinations, disappearances, and renditions to drastically increase under her tenure as DNI.

Biden couldn’t have picked a more perfectly educated,well-trained…and evil person as DNI to further their authoritarian regime’s agenda.

Avril Haines…everything anti-American and anti-Constitutional as a person can get.



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Immediate Action Warning!


                         Feds Identify “Domestic Terrorists”


Background: The militia movement started as the backbone of freedom loving colonialists who wished to throw off the extreme oppression of British tyranny. Militia members were very often the most respected of their communities, always willing to step up and defend their families and their neighbors. Militia members were considered the best of the best when it came to patriots.

As the USA grew older and more aggressive around the world, as well as at home, a standing army (i.e. professional army) began to replace the Founding Father’s model of militias. After WWI, a standing army was the norm and militias became a “hobby” of a few diehard patriots. Post-WW2 militias all but disappeared due to the predominance of the standing army. And as President Eisenhower warned us…it was now the age of the military-industrial complex…”war for profit”. And do not forget, the Founding Fathers warned us against the existence of, and use of, a standing army. It was one of the greatest evils and threats that they saw in Colonial America…and in our future.

It wasn’t until Bush #1 as President (CIA operative) that we began to see a strong rebirth of militias (late 80’s to early 90’s). Many potential militia members began to see the widespread corruption in the Bush administration and their push for globalization and the ruling elites (ruling class) began a major push for control. This is also the same time frame that the “deep state” took hold in earnest.

By the time Clinton took office in the early/mid-90’s it was obvious that America was falling into a totalitarian state, subservient to globalists (i.e. and their authoritarian government model). Militias became higher-profile, membership swelled, they became more organized. It was Clinton’s radial leftist authoritarian Attorney General Janet Reno who then directed the DOJ and specifically the FBI to crush the militia movement. And they did…brutally so…with many deaths via “shoot to kill” orders, FBI hunter-killer teams, and military-style assaults on militia and related groups that resulted in large numbers of deaths.

Militias were effectively non-functional, if not non-existent, until Bush #2 became President. Bush 2 cloaked himself in the title of “conservative” but he was raised by his CIA operative father (Bush #1) to be both an authoritarian and a globalist. Militias began a resurgence and membership started to grow in response to the growing threat against our rapidly dying Constitutional Republic. In response Bush used numerous “anti-terrorist” legislative covers to infiltrate and tract militia groups. This was the maturity of the FBI & DHS labeling militia groups as potential domestic terrorists. During this time-frame the FBI was directed to develop plans to eliminate any and all militias.

With the election of Obama, radical Marxist authoritarian and globalist, militia numbers swelled to historic levels. However, the FBI had infiltrated all militias of any note by 2016. And by this time the DOJ, FBI, & DHS had officially identified militias as a grave threat to national security. They were being watched/monitored very closely, and extensive plans were in-place to crush them whenever it was required and/or an appropriate opportunity arose.

As Trump took office and his exposure of the “deep state”, “fake media”, rigged elections, etc. grew so did the militias boldness. For the first time in 230 years the militias finally found a President who believed in them and gave them the honor they felt they were due. However, while Trump may have had respect for them to one degree or another; the deep state, the ruling class, the globalists, the DOJ/FBI/DHS all saw militias as terrorists…who were to be eliminated.

Warnings Specifics:

With the Capital Attack on 1/6 providing the perfect opportunity, the DOJ/FBI anti-militia plan was activated. The combined force of the federal government, in cooperation with virtually all state governments, are now enacting the most severe of measures to crush, then eliminate, all militias. The plan involves a wide variety of efforts; everything from public relations utilizing the media, to elimination of Internet access, to restrictive financial access, to armed clashes with FBI military units.

Statements released by the FBI such as militia members involved in the capital attack “…would have killed anyone they got their hands on…” are meant as justification for the coming actions and violence against militia groups and members.

The DOJ/FBI (with the support of DHS) have specifically clarified the first round of militia targets. They have designated them as “domestic terrorist organizations”:

  • Three Percenters (III & 3%)
  • Proud Boys
  • Boogaloo Movement
  • Oath Keepers
  • and all private paramilitary training groups

To use public relations against these groups the DOJ/FBI/DHS cabal are using terms (focus group vetted) against the above named groups such as:

  • self-declared vigilante forces
  • militant groups
  • extremist groups
  • white nationalists
  • right-wing militia groups

This is a serious and significant development. I want to be clear…


I can not stress enough the federal government’s determination to transition to a totalitarian state…they have now embarked on a plan that has no option for reversal, they are fully committed to the Biden/Harris team and agenda. To more fully understand some of whom are involved:

  • Democrats
  • Deep State players
  • the vast majority of federal workers (mostly in the area of the “great reset”)
  • globalists
  • the Ruling Class (a.k.a. Ruling Elites)
  • Marxists / Socialists / Communists
  • Racist organizations such as BLM
  • Most unions, especially teacher and police unions

Actions to Take:

I have no list of actions to take other than prepare for this eventuality based on your own personal situation.

Note #1:

I have referred to three organizations in the above warning; 1) DOJ (Department of Justice), 2) FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 3) DHS (Department of Homeland Security). If you would like some enlightenment, search the US Constitution wherein any of those entities are specifically authorized. Then read the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights…

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

Personal Note:

This is the most significant point in the history of America since April 19th, 1775. From the beginning of the anti-American, globalist/authoritarian, movement over 130 years ago when the transition started, we’ve never seen a move such as this. Many of us have been warning that America would fall…and it did in many respects prior to the close of 2020. Now, we are are seeing the cumulative effect of all the groups and individuals who worked so hard against rights, freedoms, and liberties. As the radical leftist/authoritarian Biden/Harris regime takes control we are going to see the most extreme of steps taken at the speed of light…to ensure there is no unwinding of the long-desired authoritarian government transition. Over the next few days I will be writing an article that shows how the two-worlds will collide, clash, and how it may affect you. The two-worlds I refer to are; 1) your personal world [your day-to-day normal living world], 2) the national/global level world that will migrate into, then dominate your personal world.

And for those of you who have expressed concern for my personal safety…thank you…I mean that sincerely. I’ve have prepared all I can, I am living my life within the bounds of the Constitution. If expressing my rights under the First Amendment is a problem for the powers that be…so be it. I stand for and defend rights, liberties, and freedoms…and the free expression thereof as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and given to us by a God in heaven. If that leads to unpleasantness for me from those who fear such rights, liberties, freedoms and God…so be it.


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FAQ – 01/18/2021

  • Last night I was flipping through Youtube and came across a still picture of a white man who was supposedly the voice I was hearing. He was indicated to be a military leader breaking news to the American people WW 3 has started. It is identified as biological and digital and our country has been betrayed by treason by the Democratic leaders. It was convincing enough I began to search for verification through other news sources. Today I am wondering if many others saw it too.

Yeah…I hear ya. And remember I was warning about this happening…all the way back on 6/16/2019!!  Yup, that is when I started explaining how serious it was and how much it would come into play in our reality. I mentioned it at least 9 times since then. And almost three weeks ago a British research company released that over 60,000 deepfake videos alone hit the world in 2020. Yup…that’s SIXTY THOUSAND! Double from the year before…think about what that means for us in 2021…another doubling…or worse!?!

And no, I didn’t see that particular video. I do however sometimes scan YouTube for trends and occasionally come across videos like that. And there are others as well…that are supposedly from “experts”. Ah, no. They may be great at creating a video but they are no expert anything related to the subject they are speaking on. They are usually sensational topics and controversial in nature. I believe many are “disinformation” campaigns from foreign or domestic enemies…some are just crackpots seeking attention and to stir-up trouble.

I stay with known sources, known people, and don’t believe a word of any of them until I can triple source the info.

  • Haven’t heard the usage of Boogaloo in a long time. It’s the same thing as saying “nigger”, or “stupid nigger”. Is that what you mean for us to understand you are saying?

Not hardly!!  The Boogaloo movement is:

      • made up of different groups without a single leadership structure, goals, or mission
      • virtually all white membership, a few white supremacists, a sprinkling of neo-Nazi folks
      • been described as a militia (though I completely disagree with this, they are heavily armed, but no militia)
      • ardent anarchists, very anti-government
      • trying to start a civil war or revolution

They are folks that I would not expect any of you to be associated with.

Note: I left the original wording of the writer to show their confusion and for my clarification. Obviously no offense was even remotely intended so don’t even go there.

  • Why is the FBI “vetting” the military troops that are now in Washington DC?

There is a 2-part answer to this one. Shows the extreme power plays taking place. Bottom line…it is part of the authoritarians advancing their agenda.

Part #1 – The authoritarians want the military there in DC for the Biden/Harris inauguration. It is a massive/ultimate display of their authoritarian power and their ability to crush the right…actually, crush any in opposition to their power.

However, in order for the authoritarians to properly wield that power, they must also have and show complete dominance over the military. As much as it must be clear that the authoritarians can crush anyone with the military, it must also be clear to the military that the authoritarians also absolutely dominate them as well. And that leads to part two.

Part #2 – Notice who is doing the vetting…the FBI. First off, remember that the military is actually an organization that is authorized under the Constitution. The FBI is not authorized under the Constitution. The military is assigned via the Constitution the responsibility to protect the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The FBI has no such mandate because they are not even authorized under the Constitution.

This is a move by the federal government “deep state” (a.k.a. authoritarians) to use their stooge law enforcement goons to show who is at the top of the food chain…the FBI…that they are superior to the military. It is a clear message that non-Constitutional authoritarian personnel are significantly more important and a higher priority than the military.

So, it is pure politics! It is to show who has the power, who wields the power, who is where in the food chain, and that the authoritarian ruling elite controls it all.

And the talk about some military units possibly being behind an attempt to take Biden into custody or worse is pure bullshit! That my friend is a move by the authoritarians, specifically the Biden/Harris Administration, to put the military on notice and in its place…at the same time it also discredits the military, or at very least reduces their sense of honor and dignity.

  • You talked about the “evidence” of the potential of violence in DC and state capitals. [Feedback & Comments: 1/14/2021] Nothing much came of it. Was the evidence of yours valid or just you guessing or going with mainstream media reports?

Honest question! I brought together a variety of sources for the potential of violence and from which groups…the best I knew. I obviously have no first hand knowledge of any of it because I am not directly, or indirectly, involved in any of the groups mentioned or any planning of any kind. So everything I used as background was at least second hand.

As heavily as the FBI coordinated with the media to talk about, and warn about, the potential for violence I don’t doubt for a minute that the FBI was behind a lot of the “evidence” that there would be violence. Yes, exaggerated, even fabricated, evidence. It would be a great move on their part to curtail the violence itself, or give them great cover to react to any violence, perceived or real, and crush it violently.

Then again…maybe the folks that were planning the violence realized that their chances of success greatly diminished with all the exposure. They may have also realized that they were losing the support of a whole lot of folks via the intense PR campaign against them.

Maybe a combination of both.

Either way, I stand by my warning(s) and I am especially grateful that nothing serious happened.

Contact me with your questions or private messages…

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Lessons Learned: Allergy shot to non-working wood stove…(updated at 2:45pm)

Updated at 2:45pm with an added “Lesson Learned”…#10.

Also added, was the outcome of the “fix”.

All of the updates are in red color text.

It has been a long time since I did a Lessons Learned, although I am working on a series for the COVID experience. So, after dealing with an issue this morning I thought it a perfect time to do one…and I am doing it semi-real-time. Yeah, yeah…I know…original content time…sorry 😉

One note before I start, I usually keep the “issues/mitigation” grouped together as a pre-summary content item. This time however I am going to do the “issues/mitigation” inside of the background to let it make a little more sense since there is a convergence of several issues going on here. And I want to show how “convergence” can really do a number on you…but “prepping” can overcome it all.

Background –

This morning I woke up to an almost cold wood stove, 570 in the bedroom, 590 in the main part of the house…and to make it worse…fully expected. Normally it would be warmer in both areas by at least 4 – 10 degrees. But this morning I knew it wouldn’t be…and it was expected. But I better back up and explain some issues first.

Lessons Learned: Expect the unexpected.

Heat: When I build our house I planned for our primary heat source to be a wood burning stove. We have about 1,000 sq ft house and a wood stove heating is perfectly fine and popular in our area. Temps range from the lowest I’ve see -50 for a 20-year record low that occurred in 2018. Average this time of year about 90 – 300 at night, to about mid-30’s to mid-50’s during the daytime. But, the story goes deeper than that.

Our cabin/shop was to keep the small wood stove that I bought for that use. However, money got tight towards the completion of the house so we moved the small 1,200 sq ft rated stove to the house…thinking to replace it after the first winter when our budget could absorb the purchase. So we have a wood stove that is really barely capable of heating the house. But, it also means that I have to get up 1 – 3 times at night to feed it with wood. No, don’t worry about that…at 65 years of age I am answering the call of nature at least once anyways. 

Lessons Learned: Sometimes cutting corners…or using an alternative option seems good at the time, but it will probably come back to bite you later.

What Happened –

So, the last 3 – 4 days it has been mild at night and in the mid to upper 50’s during the day. The daytime temps drove us to maintain smallish fires during the day just to take the edge off. But, small fires also mean cooler smoke…more likely to soot-up your chimney. But, we have top quality chimney components to offset that issue…so we thought. The problem was the wind; it’s been windy so the cool smoke was hitting the bird cage (smallish square vent holes) part of the chimney’s rain cap and cooling the smoke even further. That allowed soot to build up and block some venting holes completely and clogging up others, some stayed open. That reduces the amount of smoke venting out the chimney…and that ain’t good.

So why didn’t I notice the clogging vent holes when I was outside? Ah, good question…and I will get to that. For now, back to the heat issue.

So the primary heat was the wood stove, but I like to think I am not a dummy; I had a back-up…Mr. Heater Vent Free 30,000 btu propane heater. I had bought and used it to heat the house while I was finishing off the inside and before I moved the wood stove to the house from the cabin/shop. It worked fine…but would suck a 100# propane tank down in about a week. My intention was to use it in emergencies once the house was finished and we were living in it, should an emergency occur. Yes, that means I had a propane outlet close to the wood stove where I would place the heater if the need arose.

But, I am a redundant kind of guy. I also have a Mr. Heater “Buddy” (4,000 – 18,000 btu) model that I used in the cabin/shop before the wood burner. It also acts as a great single room portable heater. And it is intended to be used in the cabin/shop.

And lastly, I installed a 24” electric baseboard heater in the bathroom and a 36” electric baseboard heater in the bedroom.

So I have a Plan A (wood stove), Plan B (electric baseboard), Plan C (big propane heater), and Plan D (small propane heater). I got it covered!

Lessons Learned: Have really good plans…thought out in advance, and have multiple back-up plans.

So let’s move on to the next phase…the allergy shot. I have allergies and in this area they can be bad at times and really get me down…congestion, drainage, coughing, potential for bronchitis that potentially moves into pneumonia if left untreated. So about 7 months ago I got my first allergy shot here. It was an under-dose and so a month later I was back to the clinic for another shot…a full-sized shot this time. The doc said it would last 3 months and encouraged me to come back when it was time. Yeah, sure, ok, no problem.

A month ago, a full month past the 3-month allergy shot effective timeframe, I noticed the sniffles coming on, blowing my nose a little more than normal, and then came the watery eyes, some real congestion, and more coughing, lots of drainage, etc. But, I was busy with a couple high-profile projects…no clinic trip for me…work comes first!

Lessons Learned: Use a calendar for important events…and stick to it.

And our propane supply…ah, yes. We live way out in the sticks for a propane truck, so no 500# tank for us…no sir. But, the propane guy was cool he talked me through a system that would work just fine. Well, at least most of the time and if I did my part. We have two 100# tanks, each tank will last use 2 – 5 months depending on our usage and time of year. The two tanks are connected with a 2-way valve, both tanks hooked to it…one tank runs out, flip the switch and it goes to the other tank. Take the empty tank into town…$2.15 per gallon later (24 gallons), hook it back up at the house and we are good to go.

Ah, remember I was so busy with my project that I neglected all the signs that I needed another allergy shot? Yeah, that kicked into the propane issue as well. The empty tank sat there for the same month not getting refilled. Then I didn’t refill last week because I was helping my neighbor. This week I didn’t refill it because I didn’t want to have my lungs ripped out of my chest and see them lying on the ground while I gasped for air in intense pain. Yeah, a bit melodramatic…meaning it would really, really hurt to lift one or both tanks, into the pickup, and then put them back into place once they were filled.

So don’t think I am too dumb…I had purchased a used 100# tank for emergencies and it just sat there ready in case it was needed. And I have a long hose on one side of the “flip switch” to be able to hook it up to the 25# propane tanks (grill size) as wll. I have three 25# tanks for the grill and house back-up.

To recap my propane…Plan A (enough propane for 6 – 10 months), Plan B (back-up tank for another 3 – 5 months), Plan C (3 small tanks for 1 – 2 months), and lastly Plan D (usually 8 small 1# tanks for the Buddy).

Note: I also have the conversion hose and adapter for the Buddy to run off the 25# tanks, so I guess that is a Plan E.

Lessons Learned: Have really good plans…thought out in advance, and have multiple back-up plans.

Lessons Learned: Stick your plans…don’t ignore them.

So what is the issue??????  The allergy shot.

So my allergies kept getting worse and worse…I was hurting and knew I had to go get the shot…then my out-of-town neighbor called. He lives about 4 hours away in the big city and has a nice 10acre place next to mine. He is remodeling the old house and I am doing the majority of the work helping him out. He and his wife were coming up for a long weekend…the next day. He started outlining the work he hoped we could get done. I am all in when it comes to helping him…he is a good man, great friend, and so the help was a given. The allergy shot could wait till the next week. Ah, mistake!!

Shortly after he got here and we were working I noticed a shortness of breath, more congestion than normal, and really tired. The next day I noticed my chest was a little painful when I bent over, then went to stand up. The next day it was much worse. By the time they left Sunday night I was really hurting, it was painful to say the least. So I knew the allergy shot was a must! But, Monday’s are the worst day (busiest day) for the clinic…I would wait until Tuesday morning.

But, Tuesday morning came and went and I was busy neck deep in a project that just couldn’t wait…I could tough it out. NOT!!!

By late Tuesday afternoon I was in terrible, horrible pain…my chest hurt anytime I moved. If I coughed, sneezed, or sniffled hard I would almost cry the pain was so bad. Then I recognized what had happened…pleurisy! I had it one time before about 20 years or so ago. I remembered it developed after a severe allergy bout. It was back.

Pleurisy is an inflammation of the pleura — a membrane consisting of a layer of tissue that lines the inner side of the chest cavity and a layer of tissue that surrounds the lungs. It becomes inflamed when it becomes infected. It becomes infected from the results of advanced symptoms of allergies run amok in my case.

So how does that all fit in? I’m getting to that…be patient.

Lessons Learned: Health comes first whenever possible. Don’t ignore warning signs of health problems.

So I get to the clinic get the allergy shot, get the meds for the pleurisy (antibiotic and steroid), and head to the store for some hardware for my on-going project. Oh, FYI…the antibiotic kills the underlying infection causing the inflammation, the steroid basically reduces the inflammation until the infection is gone.

And, the project I was talking about now and earlier…my third solar array. Why a 3rd? Because I am getting a new inverter and charge controller. Why am I getting those? Because 1 of my 2 new lithium 24v batteries went bad and I was getting a single 48v lithium vs two replacement 24v batteries. Oh yeah…there is a story there as well. Another time maybe. For now just know we are running our solar system on limited power. No problem…I have two back-generators; 1) inverter style to run the whole house and/or charge the batteries through the inverter, 2) another in case the first one goes out and I need to charge the batteries through the inverter. I try and keep 10gals of gas on hand all the time, filling can #1 when it get empty but still having can #2 full for back-up. The two cans give me about 20 hours run time. I can run the generator for about 1 – 1.5 hours to fully charge the batteries.

So I get home from the clinic, take my meds, reluctantly put my feet up and stop working so I can heal. By then I was in intense pain whatever I did…even sitting on the couch watching TV hurt. Felt like getting hit in the chest with a hammer…and breaking a rib each time.

What does all of this have to do with the chimney having problems? Ah yes…lack of attention…more on that later.

Since I was working at the neighbor’s place I had done less than the minimum at our place. The weather was mild so we were doing cooler fires during the day, and not really hot fires at night. And due to my complacency I wasn’t looking at my chimney at all. I normally look it over a couple of times a day just as a precaution. But now I wasn’t doing that the week before while I was working at the neighbor’s. And when they left I wasn’t doing it because I had my feet up trying to get over the pleurisy.

So it’s Thursday and I noticed a little trouble with the woods stove draft. The smoke was lingering in the stove and an occasional “puffing” into the room. Yup, restricted airflow up the chimney! No problem though…build a hot fire and burn-off the buildup and you are good to go. Ah, mistake! Although it had worked in the past…not this time. The buildup wasn’t in the chimney proper, it was the birdcage vents in the rain cap…but I didn’t know that because I wasn’t looking at the rain cap. So the hot fire just created more of problem. No problem though…burn a creosote block and clear it that way…with a hot fire. Ah, mistake for the same reason as before…the buildup wasn’t in the chimney proper, it was the birdcage vents in the rain cap…but I didn’t know that because I wasn’t looking at the rain cap. So that step just created more of problem. But it is night then so I would just nurse a fire overnight and deal with it the next day…Friday. I unknowingly made the problem worse just nursing a cooler fire all night and creating more of a buildup on the rain cap vent.

Friday I finally went outside to assess the amount of smoke coming out of the chimney…and there it was, a clogged birdcage in the chimney rain cap. So I tried a couple of things to unclog the vents from the ground…none of which even remotely worked. But the intense pain ensured that I was in no way going to climb a ladder some 15’ and try to work on the chimney. So I tried the hot fire trick again.

Did you know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

Lessons Learned: Pay attention to details…ALWAYS!

Lessons Learned: For the important stuff…have a back-up person trained to do the same job…paying attention to the important details.

Mitigation –

Finally Friday night the wood stove is in bad shape…well, the chimney actually. No problem…I was feeling WAY better by Friday night…THANKS meds! So I figure nurse a fire overnight and fix it Saturday. And that brings me to this morning…

I wake up at 3:30am to 570 in the bedroom, 590 in the main part of the house…cold! But only 320 outside…not bad at all…nice little blessing. No time to waste…got to get to work. Steps taken:

  1. Reluctantly get out of nice, warm, very comfortable bed.
  2. Put on long-sleeve thermal, put on flannel shirt, pants, wool socks, shoes, etc.
  3. Cover wife with her heavy robe.
  4. Cover wife with additional blanket.
  5. Tell wife everything is OK when she mumbles something about, “Is everything ok?”
  6. Move dog and dog bed away from electric baseboard heater.
  7. Dog grumbles and gets on the bed…in my nice warm comfortable spot.
  8. I get the Mr. Heater Buddy fired up in the bedroom…gotta take care of my wife!
  9. I go outside and start stand-by generator to charge the batteries so I can run the baseboard heaters.
  10. Back inside and turn on the baseboard heaters.
  11. Move the Buddy to the main part of the house.
  12. By now it is 580 in the bedroom, 600 in the main part of the house, 310 outside.
  13. Drink a glass of Pepsi with ice…wake up!
  14. Get on warm coat, hat, headlamp, gloves, and head to the shop to get the BIG BOY heater…the 30,000 btu Mr Heater wonder!
  15. Back to the house, hook up the big heater, replace the battery in the igniter, turn on the heater to “pilot”…nothing. Several minutes later, and some serious worrying, it finally lights off…I am happy…wife will be warm when she gets up…peace has finally settled over the world.
  16. Sit down and eat 2 pieces of cold pizza left over from last night so I can take my anti-Pleurisy meds. Oh, and another glass of Pepsi. 2nd dog wakes up to share my pizza…she is sorely disappointed. Now both dogs have me on their short list.
  17. It is now approaching 5am, 590 in the bedroom, 640 in the main part of the house, 310 outside
  18. I sit down and watch some news, and realize that this could be a great “Lessons Learned” article I could write. A lot going on and a perfect convergence of events. I head to the computer.
  19. It is now 6:40, 640 in the bedroom, 690 in the main part of the house, 290 outside
  20. Wife is still asleep, both dogs are sharing my nice warm spot on the bed. I am almost done with rough draft of this article…and life will go on. Oh, just ate three chocolate chip cookies to quell the heartburn from eating last night’s pizza earlier this morning.
  21. After finishing this article and getting it posted, and after it is full light outside, I will get the ladder and clean the vents on the rain cap. Then I will disassemble the wood stove’s interior chimney pipe to make sure everything is nice and clear.
  22. Put it all back together and shut down the electric baseboard heaters, shut down the 30k propane heater, and drink another glass of Pepsi celebrate.
  23. Afterwards I will gloat all weekend to my wife at how tough I am, and how smart I am, that I got it all figured out, had multiple plans in-place to keep us safe and warm, and tough enough to fix the problem…even while sick on my deathbed.
  24. Pray she doesn’t realize it was multiple cases of negligence on my part that caused all of it to begin with. And really pray she doesn’t read this article!
  25. Next Monday, first thing, fill both propane tanks, and the gas can that I am sure will be empty by then.
  26. Make plans to buy the new wood stove.

Note: The next allergy shot date is already on the calendar.

Lessons Learned –
  1. Lesson Learned: Expect the unexpected.

I tried to think about the “what if’s” at every step of the planning phase of just not building our house, but our entire lifestyle here at the homestead. While You can’t think of everything, don’t let the unexpected surprise you, know that the unexpected will happen. Then bring all of your plans together to mitigate the problem.

  1. Lesson Learned: Sometimes cutting corners…or using an alternative option seems good at the time, it will probably come back to bite you later.

While I would like to say, “Never cut corners!” that is not always feasible/practical/realistic. Do the best you can with what you have. If you cut a corner, plan to mitigate any related failure until you can correct the cut corner. Correct the issue as the soonest realistic opportunity.

  1. Lesson Learned: Use a calendar for important events…and stick to it.

Sometimes life is hectic, sometimes memory isn’t good enough. Have a family calendar for important events and use it.

  1. Lesson Learned: Have really good plans…thought out in advance, and have multiple back-up plans.

This one should be a no-brainer. I hope what I already have written shows the necessity for having really good plans. Fortunately for me I had plans, back-up plans, and back-up plans for my back-up plans. That kept a bad situation, non-working heat source, from making us miserable or worse. When creating those plans make them as simple and as practical as possible. Plans that are too complicated stand a far higher chance of failure. Also, go deep on your plans…3 deep is good, more is better.

  1. Lesson Learned: Stick your plans…don’t ignore them.

Yes, you have to be flexible and adaptable in what you do. But plans are there for a reason, use them…stick to them. If they don’t work, then figure out an alternative course of action.

  1. Lesson Learned: Health comes first whenever possible. Don’t ignore warning signs of health problems.

What is my #2 item on the 7 Common Threats and Risks? Injury and sickness. You can’t perform at your best, maybe not at all, if you are injured or sick. Take care of yourself. I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t gone to the clinic when I finally did. At the very least I would be in extreme pain, very cold, frustrated beyond belief, and a very unhappy wife. At worst…well, we won’t go there.

  1. Lesson Learned: Pay attention to details…ALWAYS!

Granted, I was sick, but that is no excuse. And yes, it was nice of me to be helping my neighbor. But, the bottom line in this situation is I still needed to pay attention to my life’s details. I didn’t have to have a mutually-exclusive situation. I could have easily take the time, and been more motivated, to pay attention to the important details such as ensuring our primary heat source remained fully operational.

  1. Lesson Learned: For the important stuff…have a back-up person trained to do the same job…paying attention to the important details.

And this is a tough one for me…not thinking I have to do everything all the time. I am not the only person that can do the important things. My wife is a smart lady (other than marrying me), I could have easily walked her through the wood stove heating principles and asked her to keep an eye on the chimney as well. That would have been two sets of eyes all the time keeping track of what was happening. And, when I lost it this last 10 days, she could have had good Situational Awareness of the chimney and warned me of the buildup.

  1. Lesson Learned: The existing baseboard heaters are not sufficient for my needs.

I will move the larger bedroom electric baseboard heater into the bathroom, replacing the smaller one there. I am buying a significantly larger electric baseboard heater for the bedroom that will be sufficient for that space. The smaller electrical baseboard heater from the bathroom will now get installed in our small spare/storage room.

10. Lesson Learned:I had optional medicine available and didn’t remember that.

I had plenty of OTC allergy meds, including those with “D” on the label, meaning decongestant. So I could have started treating the allergies as soon as the first symptoms showed up. But, for reasons unknown to me I completely spaced it and forgot about them. That is called “tunnel vision” and a killer of good Situational Awareness.

Summary –

It all started with the neglected allergy shot. I didn’t keep track of the date, the ever-worsening symptoms, and the early onset of pleurisy. And while that was happening I neglected my health while placing work, ours and neighbors, above my health. And I considered myself too busy to refill the empty propane tank when it needed it. Now, I have one completely empty tank and the other tank is about 25% full. NOT a good situation to be in during the middle of winter.

The convergence were these major issues:

  • Under-performing solar system.
  • Low propane levels.
  • Serious and worsening health situation.
  • Primary heat source going out.

Fortunately, at every critical step I had a good plan in-place to handle the challenge. And I had multiple back-up plans to deal with any surprises. Planning works!!!

Now it is 7:30am…Heartburn is no better, time for a couple more chocolate chip cookies AND a tall glass of cold milk. I am sure that will cure the problem. It’s also 650 in the bedroom, 690 in the main part of the house, 290 outside. It is getting light outside. I will head out to work in another couple of hours or so. I hear my wife waking up, so it’s time for me to make her a nice warm mug of herbal tea…and start gloating about all I’ve done to make our family safe and warm…how entirely awesome I am. Oh, and start praying as I mentioned earlier…that she doesn’t figure out it was all my fault to begin with.

Please take the time to read this article, think through what happened, my mistakes, my planning, my actions this morning…then see if you can apply anything to your situation. The go eat a couple of chocolate chip cookies and drink a glass of cold milk…the combo cures far more than heartburn!

2:45pm update: Called a neighbor, good friend, told him I would have sausage gravy and biscuits ready in 30 minutes AND I needed help with a chimney issue. He was there in 25 minutes, ate at least his share. I was grateful.

We talked about the chimney issue. We decided a complete overhaul. Out came the drop cloths, tools, chimney brush, shop vac, etc. We completely cleaned every inch of the chimney pipe, the rain cap, the bird cage, AND the wood stove as well. We were filthy when we were done, but our test fire went perfectly, and all is good. Then we ate burgers that my wife fixed. And yes Linda, my wife helped all along the way.

My chest is now hurting again, I am really tired, the shower felt great, and nap time when this article is updated.

My thanks to Judith, Barry, and Linda for the wonderful feedback and suggestions. They got incoprated into this article as an added “Lesson Learned”…#10.

Note 1: I do have a primary stand-alone smoke detector/alarm and a primary carbon monoxide detector/alarm. Then I have a combination unit, smoke & carbon monoxide, that is hooked up to my SimpliSafe system. So not to worry about the wood stove and/or propane heaters. And yes, I have an outside air supply for both the wood stove and propane heater.

Note #2: It’s now 8:20 and I am about to post this article. It’s also 660 in the bedroom, 700 in the main part of the house, 300 outside. It is full light outside. Wife is awake and asking for her tea. Hot water is on for the tea. I will start the sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast shortly. I will let you know how the “fix” works out.


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Feedback & Comments: 1/15/2021 #2

FAH Trimble Feedback and Commentsrom Michael in response to our discussions lately.



Very good discussion – I always appreciate your attitude on things. I think at this point minor semantics on what happened on 1/6 are irrelevant – the left got what they wanted and will repeat it ad infinitum, and even if the facts eventually show something different, it won’t matter because the narrative has already been written.


I woke up this morning with an interesting though (completely unrelated, but related at the same time) that for the “right”, the military industrial complex was their sugar daddy. For the “left”, it’s Big Pharma/MSM/Big Tech that is theirs. Follow the money. It’s all about money and power. Satan’s goal – everyone must be controlled.

Amen! I’ve been preaching about “money & power” for years…it is destroying individuals, families, communities, and been doing a number on our country since “lobbyists” came about back in the mid-1800’s. Nothing makes money for the ruling class like a good war. Just look at what Bush/Obama/Trump did to us over the last nearly two decades.

Another non sequitur – you made a point the other day that won’t leave my mind. You said “you must work even harder to clarify the principles in which you believe, stand firm in those principles no matter what, and prepare for everything that is coming.” That phrase has been stuck, playing over and over in my mind, and making me really ask questions about myself and my views. I knew where I stood before, that’s not at issue. But when the light of day is shone upon my values, do they withstand the pressure that will inevitably be placed on me over them? Will I be willing to sacrifice my job? My career? My home? I have asked those questions before but suddenly they have become more than simply an exercise in “what if”. They have become reality.

You got it! And I can well imagine the answers to your questions…simply by the way you stated the issue and what it means to you. You’ll be fine my friend! Remember the last line of the Declaration of Independence…

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

I also loved your last line in that same post “I beg you to get ready, to be prepared, to be sane and grounded in reality, avoid idols, avoid worshiping man, avoid politics as usual, grasp the iron rod of good…and don’t let go!” The fact that you mentioned idols is interesting because I have done a little study on idols in our modern day. Most people would think idols being movie stars, sports heros, etc and while true, that is a myopic view. It’s much much much more than that. It’s sports in general (ie what happens if you can’t watch your team play this week or tonight?), or having to watch another movie, or play that video game. All idols of our modern day. How about a new car? Idol for most people. So many of our neighbors are putting in swimming pools. I’m not talking one or two – like 7 just on our street alone! To me, that is idol worship – have to be as good as your neighbors or better.

I’m trying really hard to look at each piece of information I receive from the light of truth. Not everything can be discerned right away. But the one thing that stands out is that there is NO way to know truth from falsehood unless we are grounded spiritually and know how to listen to the Spirit or our conscience. So many people out there have chosen to ignore their inner whisperings in favor of power, money, influence, personal desires, you name it. And so here we have a situation where knowing how to listen even closer to that is more important than ever.

Sorry for the spewing of train of thought. I just want to reiterate – keep writing. Keep publishing. And I’ll keep reading.

Thank you so much!  Hearing from you really perked up my day…and makes me keep this site alive and me writing. It means more than what you might imagine. Thank you again…I love hearing from folks!


Contact me with your personal and private messages…


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Feedback & Comments: 1/15/2021 #1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsGreat response/reply from Jason regarding my posting of his “feedback” yesterday. I love it when folks reply/respond and then we can discuss issues a little more. It is folks like Jason and his willingness to talk and listen that will make those of us who live in reality be able to stand up to what is coming.

I woke up being prompted to read my email right away. I read Jason’s email and it simply made a great start to my day! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What I mean about the FBI is that they are involved, meaning that they are not just hoping for armed citizens, they may have even written the flyer to instigate it. Or it was created by the left to finally destroy the right, which it would do if the right is so ignorant to fall for this ploy.

I don’t doubt either of your proposals…either or both could be true. I remember back to when the FBI wrote a horrible anonymous letter to Martin Luther King, Jr trying to convince him to kill himself. Of course he didn’t fall for it. And it wasn’t too long after that he was assassinated.

And Jason, now you see why for a very long time I have been telling folks, pleading with them, to not attend these kinds of events. You never know what they can turn into…and they can have really bad outcomes.

I certainly do not agree w everything Trump did either. There are some thoughts that Trump is “playing chess” & many moves ahead of the left, I am doubtful that the following is true but there are thoughts that he will have many arrests from the Swamp. That he has planned to get back into office after all of the arrests, including Biden/Harris, etc, and that the left will be so upset which is why he has called in the troops in advance to stop the riots that will occur from them, but he got the left to believe that this is only to prevent the far right from their riots instead.

It sounds like a QAnon message…pure fantasy…all of it a complete fraud. Sorry, I don’t believe a word of it. The swamp was hardly drained during Trump’s 4 years. Actually, none of even the swamps 3rd tier players were touched, let alone any leaders. No, there is no widespread draining of the swamp now by Trump or any time soon by anyone. Trump is gone, Biden/Harris and the radical authoritarians will now rule over us. At least for a time.

The way you wrote to me was certainly more kind than mine to you, I thank you for that. I know you have said to be careful of conspiracies, but to be honest there is so much info out there that it is hard to know what is true and what is not. In the end it is much better to be unified & kind to others than fall for all the divisiveness that exists. So I apologize for my lack of kindness, and continue to appreciate your thoughts.

The way you wrote was fine, nothing wrong, your were expressing yourself. Now, I could show you some stuff people (self proclaimed Christians) have said to me that would curl your toes and you might lose faith in humanity. Your feedback/comments…well, no offense taken at all by anything you said. It was like we were having a frank discussion face-to-face. Please, no need to apologize…none at all.

There is too much information out there…WAY to much. And what I mean by that…a whole lot of it is purely made up, some is disinformation from political and governmental (foreign & domestic) sources, and then there are folks who are trying to create their own fantasy world of what they want things to be. Unfortunately we all have to sift through what we see and hear and read…then decide for ourselves what to believe…then live our lives accordingly.

In the end it is much better to be unified & kind to others than fall for all the divisiveness that exists.

Amen! Amen! and Amen!  The only way evil will be defeated is our being unified as disciples of Christ and practicing His teachings.


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Feedback & Comments: 1/14/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments


Feedback from Jason concerning my post this morning FAQ – 1/14/2021

I’m going to disagree with you on several of your points because some of them are coming from your own personal biases. Now not to get off on the wrong foot I’ve always enjoyed the things that you have written, however it is very apparent right now that you’re seemingly very opposed to Trump and the things that he has done.

I am not opposed to Trump for heaven’s sake! I thought I made that pretty dang clear in my post. I disagree and object to some of his actions. I don’t buy into everything he does…I am not a Trump sycophant.

So Point number one I agree with that having armored vehicles and police and Military presence of police is a scary thing and should not be here in the United States. I wonder if it is what the left was hoping for, but that Trump was planning in advance anyway? I know this goes into conspiracy theories and may not have any accuracy at all.

Of course that is what the left was hoping for…you are absolutely right. It plays right into their game plan of turning us even further to an authoritarian regime. I am not sure what you mean by “…Trump was planning in advance anyway…” Why would Trump plan to have the military called out? …to do what? I would like to hear your thoughts on that one.

Your second point I completely agree with as there’s a huge convergence between media big Tech government censorship and other things that are completely on the Marxist Trail. They are scary dangerous and completely destroying the Republic that we have had to the point where it’s almost gone.

YES!!!   Spot on!

Point number three I think that the media has basically made fools out of everybody over this one about the radical right and those that stormed the capital first the timeline doesn’t fit has Trump was still speaking when certain people decided to storm the capitol. I wonder and think that many of them were Trump supporters and radical rights and that side of things and tired and frustrated and fed up with everything. I sympathize with their feelings I do not sympathize with the methods that they chose to use to show their frustration anger at cetera they really hurt the conservative movement. However then you talk about the 50 state capitals armed event you know armed citizens everything about that feels like it is not coming from the radical right. It looks and sounds and feels like it is actually a ploy to get people out to the Capitals in arms Etc whoever is in charge of it knows that generally speaking it is vying for the conservatives opportunity to get together. However most of the time when there’s an organizational event like this planned it always says who the support is of it unless it’s antifa or leftist side of things there is no information as to which group it is that’s gathering this these 50 state capital armed citizens to Raleigh.

Well, there is ample evidence that the Boogaloo Movement is behind some of those rallies, evidence that the Proud Boys are behind some of them. Solid evidence that bona fide Trump supporters behind some of them. Whispers that some White Supremacists behind a couple.  I don’t know who is behind all of them and I have no sure idea who is behind the Raleigh rally.

“I sympathize with their feelings I do not sympathize with the methods…”

Amen brother…but I sympathize with only some of their feelings since I am not aware of ALL of their feelings. It appears some  of their feelings involved criminals acts being appropriate…and that is not agreeable to me.

It has the look and feel of red and yellow you know it’s very communistic in it’s in the way the banner is set up. I think it is a complete farce in fact I would even call it a false flag possibly from the FBI or from the far left if this is not something that the right put together.

I have no doubt in my mind that the FBI is encouraging the events to take place. It makes it very easy for them to use the event to strengthen their anti-American, anti-Constitutional position of supporting the shift to an authoritarian regime. If they don’t strike at them then and there…they have all the intel to strike them later.

Another point you make is that the Trump impeachment doesn’t affect anybody and that’s simply not true. A trump impeachment if it goes through would prevent Trump from running again oh, I’m not saying that people would vote for him again in 2024 but an impeachment prevent anybody from voting for him in 2024 because he would not be able to run if that was the plan. It also takes away a huge portion of time and taxpayer money and is just simply ludicrous to think that it’s even an appropriate thing to do based on the fact that somebody is saying that Trump incited the violence and the Sedition etcetera Etc, while the left did nothing except for praise the violence and the mostly peaceful protests and quote during the summer and fall and in fact were say saying things that were inciting violence and saying things like hang Mike Pence or other things throughout the entire summer and fall go to the capital and then get their heads, or other things.

Well, I guess that this is where we have a minor disagreement. First off, Trump has already been impeached, it happened yesterday, 1/13. Trump’s impeachment DOESN’T keep him from running again. Now, if he is convicted in the Senate…that might. It would take a specific baring of future office as part of the penalty phase, which is not a given.

I don’t give a crap about them spending the money on impeachment. They are going to spend the time and money on something…and it will ALL be wasteful! So let them have at it.

And I never said it was appropriate. I think it is stupid as hell, vindictive, petty, and perfectly in-line with the insanity of the left. But, it is their legal right…let them do it they so wish as long as it is legal. Legal doesn’t mean moral or ethical.

It is complete doublespeak and hypocrisies and very Orwellian. Anybody who has read 1984 knows that we are experiencing everything that was going on for 1984 with a doublespeak and all the lies and the hypocrisies and the disinformation Etc.

Bingo!!!! Why heck do you think I have been encouraging people to read 1984…and Brave New World?

And finally, of course I have bias…it is called opinion…and I’ve been sharing that since the inception of the website. And you know that…and keep coming back for more 😉

See we disagree on one very minor part, whether the impeachment means anything to us personally. I still don’t think it does…at all. Other than that…your opinions and mine line up pretty close to exact!

Welcome to the right side of history!

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FAQ – 1/14/2021

  • Out of all of this that’s been going on, what do you see as the worst?

Well, I could make a list and feel better about it, but you asked me a specific question…“the worst”. However, I am going to be cagey about it and announce a three-way tie for worst 🙂

The worst of everything that has been going on in the last week is 3-fold…

1) Tens of thousands of military troops and armored vehicles in the streets of Washington DC….and many more around the country in our state capitals, and some major cities. That is disgusting, disturbing, and disappointing beyond my ability to say so. It makes us that much closer to having an authoritarian regime vs a Constitutional Republic. It is something you expect to see in Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea…the military defending a despotic government. And, we have the idiots of 1/6 to thank for that. And leftists and authoritarians (and oddly, the law & order freaks) love to see the military on the streets of American cities.

2) The mega-convergence of government, media, and big-tech. 1/6 was the definitive event that made that convergence possible…greatly quickening and enhancing of the plans of the leftists to destroy the Republic. I did some research and talked to some folks the last couple of days…big-tech is already seriously changing their operations to move everything liberal/leftist to the top of search engines and everything else WAY down the lists. And EVERYTHING non-leftist is taking a huge hit by big-tech and their authoritarian cronies. And it is just getting started. Hopefully the alternative economy movement will pick up the pace and provide options. But I fully expect the big-tech co-conspirator federal government to step up and squash the alternative economy movement.

3) The behavior, current and future, of the radical right. I can’t tell you enough how incredibly stupid the radical right, including Trump worshipers, were in playing right into the hands of the leftists! They went beyond everyone’s (on the left) wildest dreams. And those idiots still are trying to justify their actions, defend 1/6, and rationalize the planned 50-capital armed rallies. I mean how utterly blind can they be!? They just can’t see the devastation they have brought on not just themselves…but everyone and everything non-leftist! The Patriot Movement has been seriously hurt…and those responsible (mentioned above) are clueless that it was their actions that brought the “hurt”. They played right into the hands of the leftists and authoritarians…and did so perfectly…far beyond the left’s expectations.

  • What about Trump impeached today [1/13]?

Honestly, it means nothing of any importance. Yes, it seriously degrades Trump legacy, but that already was in the crapper. Ask yourself what does his second impeachment mean to you, how will it affect you? If you are completely honest…the answer is…it doesn’t affect you.

The only downside I see is the crazy radical right taking great offense at it and being even more stupid than they already have been. They may see it as a rallying cry to stir up even more stupidity and create more mayhem than 1/6 and give leftists even more ammunition to crush the right even more.

  • Don’t you think that the planned armed rallies in all 50 state capitals will show them we aren’t going to take it anymore?

NO!!!  I think it is even far more dangerous and stupid than 1/6. If there are armed rallies at the various state capitals it plays perfectly into the hands of the leftists! It plays right into proving just how widespread and dangerous the radical right (and their guns) has become. They will paint it as proof that the right is a clear and present danger…with their guns. (Notice my subtle message there?)

Also, it will give the left perfect cover for their law enforcement and military goons to take strong, potentially lethal, action against those involved. And it will also provide a real boost (as if it is needed) for the FBI to further their ongoing work to strengthen the authoritarian Biden/Harris regime (and continue building the unchallengeable power of the federal government in general).

  • Aren’t you mad that Biden is going to put our country in debt like never before with the $2000 check he is promising?


Look all the politicians, Democrats AND Republicans, they have sent our nation’s debt over the cliff. Their utterly irresponsible/criminal spending has ensured our economy’s demise…it’s only a matter of time.

Now, back to your question…as I mentioned in an earlier post I look at the proposed $2,000 check as a tax refund. The federal government already forces use to pay them an exorbitant amount of our hard earned money. If we don’t pay their extortion demands they send us to prison. And they arrogantly (and wrongly) see themselves as far smarter in spending our money than we are. So no, I welcome them sending me back my money that they forcibly took from me.

As for the debt, in reality what is another $trillions in deficit spending? Nothing. It is all play money at this point anyways.

Now from a political point of view…it is a masterful stroke of political genius on Bide/Harris’s part!!!! Think about it, they come into office, champion of the left, defender of the little guy, hell bent on fixing all things Trump…and the first thing they do…send Americans a big fat check! Brilliant!!! In reality…a case could be made that they are “buying” people’s goodwill…and I would say that the argument is accurate.

  • What do you think is going on with the “Trump worshipers” (to use your term) at this point?

Wow, loaded question…and one that needs to be asked…good job. I wonder if all those Trump supporters from 1/6 (and their allies) realize that Trump soundly denounced them yesterday (1/13)? Trump went out of his way, in no uncertain terms, and said that all those Trump supporters who participated in,or supported, 1/6 were not really his supporters. Then he also went on to say that all of his supporters that were anything but totally peaceful in their events were also not his supporters, etc. That was a major denunciation of a huge number of his most ardent supporters.

But I am sure that QAnon will put out some coded message that Trump didn’t mean what he said and his real message was one of love and support and encouragement to continue their struggle. Committed Trump worshipers will not hear the condemnation that Trump clearly delivered.

To be more succinct, his diehard worshipers will have no change of heart…they will still have him as their idol and justify themselves in the most bizarre of ways. Most of his supporters will still be his supporters, most will still maintain a “siege mentality”, most of them will still stand by him, most of them will still make whatever mental contortions needed to justify their actions and position in defense of 1/6. A few of his supporters will stop, open their eyes and see, open their ears and hear, and realize they have been duped in many ways…and will begin to figure out what to do and where to go from here. Please give those folks a soft place to land.

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1/6 Capital Attack Summary & Closeout

OK, so you have been hearing from me daily, sometimes more often, in regards to the attack on the Capital Building on 1/6. The subject now seems to be wearing out…I am not sure how much more I can say about it that I haven’t already said. And you already have a handle on what happened…or not. My writing more about it enters the realm of “diminishing returns”.

So I am going to construct this summary page that lists all of the posts I’ve made concerning 1/6…since 1/6. Yeah, that means you have to go read all the previous SitReps where I wrote about what was going to happen…before it happened.

So here you go…

SitRep 1/7/2021

Immediate Action Warnings:

Personal Message this Evening… (1/10/2021)


Feedback & Comments:

For additional interesting reading consider:


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