One of the MOST disturbing things I’ve ever heard…

This past week has confirmed everything dark and evil we had already known…it’s just now that we know it is 100% all true.

Let’s start with an ugly one…The FBI had opened 4 separate investigations into the Clinton’s prior to Hillary running for President. Each investigation was a “pay to play” scheme involving foreign governments. This is in addition to the FBI cover-up of her egregious treasonous security breaches involving her own private server that housed highly classified government documents. However, the FBI stopped the 4 investigations through the Washington DC office before it could get off the ground. Obviously the FBI was operating as an extension of the Clinton Crime Family…or the other way around.

This one should worry every person in American that believes in the Constitution…Between 2020 – 2021 the FBI illegally conducted 300,000 surveillance operations against US citizens. Included were operations against Jan 6 participants, against 9,000 Congressional donors, and the Trump campaign. There were almost 25,000 operations against US citizens where the FBI was searching for “foreign influence” even when the FBI documents showed absolutely no indication of any influence prior to the searches…in 100% of the cases.

After a years’ long investigation a report found extensive wrong-doing at the FBI…especially a total lack of integrity.

But here is the real monster waiting in the wings to devour America…When asked what will happen to those who try to expose the truth about the FBI, an FBI agent (whistleblower) stated that the FBI and the federal government will “crush you” and they will “crush your family.” Think about that for a minute…I mean really think about that.

The FBI’s dark and evil doings have been continuously exposed for decades…even the FBI intentionally lying to judges…more than 2800 documented instances. They refuse oversight by Congress…in direct violation of law. They destroy lives and families. They have targeted pro-life advocates. Let me point out something for a minute…Abortion is mass-murder, infanticide, part of a larger concept called “eugenics.” The FBI, and its parents Department the DOJ, is brutal in targeting and punishing those who oppose abortion…oppose eugenics. The mass-murder of Jews by Nazi Germany -the Final Solution– was also part of “eugenics.” And the Gestapo brutally targeted anyone who opposed the Final Solution. It was personnel from the US that taught Nazi leadership about eugenics. Could you maybe see a connection here?

I have exposing the FBI and their evil for years…I hope you have been paying attention. With this latest revelation regarding that the FBI and the federal government will “crush you” and they will “crush your family”…well, I wonder how long it will be before…

Why do I write to you about the FBI?

This past week it was also confirmed that Jan 6th was an FBI operation. The FBI will not release thousands of hours of video and other evidence because it will “reveal crimes” committed by FBI personnel on that day, including inside the Capital Building, and that the whole protest/riot/insurrection was organized by FBI personnel for the sole purpose of bringing down the patriot movement. But I have been telling you that for how long now?

There is now talk by Congressmen of 3 possible moves by Congress; 1) partially defund the FBI by not granting them money for a new multi-100million $ headquarters, 2) defund the entire FBI until changes are made and the FBI responds to Congressional oversight, 3) disband the FBI entirely.

Congress doesn’t have the balls guts to partially/wholly defund the FBI…the FBI is too strong and powerful and can easily retaliate against Congress. Besides, Congress doesn’t want the federal government to lose the power of the FBI. And as for Congress disbanding the FBI…it will never happen. The FBI would never allow that to happen…period. And you know exactly what I mean by that statement.

Have you ever asked yourself why the Founding Fathers didn’t include authorization for the FBI, or any national police force, in the Constitution? They knew exactly what would happen…and it did…no matter the precautions they took.


The US government is at war with Americans…and the FBI is the tip of that spear.

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De-Dollarization Accelerates

Business Insider came out with a report day before yesterday that went into detail regarding, not just the continuing replacement of the dollar as the global reserve currency, but that it is accelerating. And that ain’t good news for the US…and that means us, you and me…and our families.

1st quarter 2023 saw historic use of the Chinese Yuan:

  • In currency swaps.
  • Foreign central banks purchases for their reserves.
  • Chinese purchase/sales contracts.
  • In the purchase of oil between countries.

And here is a very interesting data point…the Chinese Yuan has surpassed the US Dollar in transactions involving China and foreign countries.

As if those items weren’t disturbing enough…a notable number of foreign central banks have significantly increased their gold purchases.

This information was confirmed by Bloomberg. Bloomberg also referred to the Yuan replacing the Dollar as a ‘jump’.

Very recently I reviewed food inflation since the beginning of the year. There are a couple of common grocery items have come down in price in the last month or two. However, overall all common grocery items are up 15 – 40% since January 1. Gasoline is up as well…but is not at the levels we saw last year.

Why is this important?

As the dollar continues to lose its status as both the world’s reserve currency and the ‘petro-dollar’ status it hurts us here at home. The US Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the US federal government, are actively working to destroy the US economy by destroying the US Dollar. I have talked about this in detail…crash the economy, replace the dollar, track everything about everybody…and exercise virtually unlimited control over purchases/sales to/from US citizens.

You must take this seriously…you must prepare for the change, massive change, coming to the US economy.


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R U Overwhelmed Yet?

It’s been over a week since my last post…but I haven’t been lazy, just off-line. Interestingly enough I have had several conversations during this time…and man, gripping isn’t even close to describing those conversations. And all seemed to have a common thread. Actually, I can go back almost a month in this regard.

Bottom line…literally everyone I have spoken to about current events for the last month, and without doubt or question for the last couple of weeks, have all felt the same…either overwhelmed or darn close to it. And why wouldn’t they they feel that way!

I was going to do a SitRep this week and talk about:

  1. Historic highs in corporate bankruptcies.
  2. The radical protesters still outside SCOTUS’s homes…a felony…and DOJ is not doing anything about it.
  3. Historic high number of folks missing debt payments.
  4. Consumer debt rising by $142billion last quarter, more than a trillion $’s since last year.
  5. Productivity is plummeting…fell 2.7% in the 1st Qtr of 2023 alone.
  6. The IRS is spending an average of over $3,000,000 per year on…wait for it…military equipment for its agents.
  7. Then there is a personal favorite…60 – 68% of Americans hate Washington DC, hate the Republicans, and hate the Democrats…and yup, hate Biden. Perfectly understandable and not surprising.
  8. Then there is the sobering and very serious issue of 85,000 immigrant children that are missing, can’t be found, and are unaccounted for…under the Biden Administration. And I would add, a bit scary considering the numerous accusations of child sex trafficking against high-profile Democrats and Jeffery Epstein. And considering we are seeing these kids, some 10-years old, turning up in meat packing plants and McDonald’s as child labor.

But, those topics are almost ‘normal’ and daily news stories now a days. And that is the worst of it…it is part of the new normal.

So why didn’t I write a SitRep? Why have I been off-line so much since the first of April? Partly because I am been extremely busy getting our place and ourselves ready for SHTF that is coming quickly and soon. And honestly, some of it has been the ‘overwhelming’ aspect of life right now.

Each and every day there is some new revelation of evil occurring in the world…and specifically in the US. It comes at us at an unrelenting pace, from every angle, 24 hours a day. You know it, you feel it, you see it, it is grim and wide-spread. It can easily become overwhelming…especially piled on top of just regular life, day-to-day issues that each of us have.

So I have chosen to concentrate on what I can do each day to be better prepared, a better husband, a better disciple, and a better friend/neighbor. And I am telling you…that keeps me super busy!

Here is my question to you…Are you overwhelmed?

Yes, of course I am serious! If you focus too much on the news, especially the troubling news, you can become jaded, biased, cynical, and overwhelmed with it all. Once that occurs…you are in big trouble!

So here are some signs of becoming overwhelmed(1)

  • Irrational thoughts: You may struggle to think rationally, which can make the problem seem inflated and your perceived ability to deal with it feel deflated.
  • Paralysis: You may experience a freeze response that can cause you to feel paralyzed and unable to function. Even simple tasks can feel impossible. You may find yourself postponing stressful tasks, or avoid them altogether.
  • Disproportionate reactions: You may overreact to minor stressors. For instance, you may panic if you’re unable to find your keys.
  • Withdrawal: You may find yourself withdrawing from friends and family. You may feel like they can’t help you or understand what you’re going through.
  • Pessimism: You may feel helpless and hopeless about the situation.
  • Mood changes: You may feel angry, irritable, or anxious, and cry easily.
  • Cognitive fatigue: You may feel confused and have difficulty concentrating, making decisions, and solving problems.
  • Physical symptoms: You may experience physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, cramps, an upset stomach, or other aches and pains.

Here is another way to look at it(2)

  • Your heart is racing and it feels hard to breathe. “This may be a sign that your sympathetic nervous system — the part of your nervous system that activates the fight or flight response — is working overtime, and anxiety is in the driver’s seat,” says Diane Robinson, PhD, a neuropsychologist at Orlando Health.

How to fix it: Try to slow down your breathing, says Robinson. Instead of focusing on the length of your to-do list, concentrate on an activity you can do at this very moment — something that you can control, such as yoga and meditation. Aches, pains, dizziness and even an impaired immune system can be signs that your body is under chronic stress, according to Robinson.
How to fix it: Relaxation exercises can be helpful for easing muscular tension that increases joint pain. Practicing mindfulness can help you clear your thoughts, refocus and reduce stress.

  • Emotional and behavioral changes such as moodiness, crying easily, irritability and withdrawal often signal when your stress is mounting.

How to fix it: Talking through your stress with a licensed therapist can provide notable relief, experts say. It can help you approach and address your stress from another person’s point of view. “Try to take a step back, observe your thoughts and gently challenge yourself to find alternate explanations for your stress-related thoughts,” says Robinson.

  • You can’t stay focused on tasks, and you’re missing out on your favorite fun activities. Lowered concentration and increased apathy might be a result of stress-related sleep issues or intrusive thoughts.

How to fix it: Robinson recommends performing one task at a time, writing lists and setting up a schedule where you tackle tasks that need the most brain power when you have the maximum amount of energy.

  • You feel guilt or anger for taking on too many responsibilities. Whether they stem from caring for an infirm relative, taking on extra chores or simply being someone’s sounding board, feelings of guilt and anger can be overwhelming and lead to chronic stress.

How to fix it: Practice delegating appropriate tasks to other people, including your children. Whether it’s cooking a meal, doing the grocery shopping or walking the dog, these small responsibility shifts can help lighten your daily load, reduce feelings of guilt and anger, and balance out stress levels.

Three years ago I re-wrote a series of articles on Situational Awareness (SA); in the Summary – Part #8 I mentioned ‘Information/mental overload’ and it being a barrier to good SA. In Part #3 I spoke specifically to being ‘overwhelmed’. Bottom line…if you are overwhelmed your SA stinks.

I am not saying to ignore current events and news…no sir, I am not. What I am saying is you only need so much of it to know what is happening…in general. Do you really need all the details, the minutia, of everything taking place? Example: You know banks are failing and have been for months now. Do you need to know every time a bank fails, what the name is, how bad was it, where was it, etc? No.

Now, if 20 banks fail in 1 week or one day…that tells you plenty enough to do what you have to do…what your plan tells you to do. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much information…it won’t help you…but it will hurt your Situational Awareness.

It is important that we not allow ourselves to become overwhelmed…vitally important. We must be on top of our game right now. There is a strategy called “Cloward–Piven” in regards to crashing the US economy to bring in socialism/Communism. It is rather simple in design…overload the system which then cashes it. We see that happening in every single aspect of daily life now. It is by design, it is to overload everything to crash all of it. Then, as I have explained before, the populace cried out for a solution. That is where the authoritarians, some would say Fascists, step up, offer their plan, and take over everything.

I say we are about 80% of the way there as you read this article.

If at all possible don’t allow yourself to become overloaded or overwhelmed…keep your head on straight. Focus on what you know to be right, concentrate on what you have to do, think clearly, and act decisively.

If you are overwhelmed…it is perfectly understandable! This world is absolutely nuts right now…completely upside down. We’ve never seen a time like this, ever. Know that you can get through this and lead your family to a better place. You have the strength to overcome anything…it is inside of you…let your strength bloom and blossom.

This is the 9th inning folks…stay in the game! When this goes into overtime…you will have to be at the top of your game and be ready for it. Being overwhelmed prevents you from being at the top of your game.

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2 – OrlandoHealth


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Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Bankrupt!

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex filed for bankruptcy on May 8…but that isn’t anything surprising, I have been warning of that for a long time. The most important part…it was the Federal Government that forced it out of business. Yup, the good ole SEC was the nail that sealed their coffin. FYI… Bittrex was #2 in size…right behind FTX which was #1…until they were forced out of business.

Gee, I wonder why the federal government put another US-based crypto exchange out of business?

Remember FTX (#1 exchange) tanking late last year? Oh, and platforms Celsius Network, Voyager Digital, Three Arrows Capital and BlockFi also went bankrupt in 2022.

Let’s see…people would surely want their all their cryptocurrency needs to be safe and secure, even insured…right!? So how could that come to past? Oh wait…I am sure the Federal Reserve would sacrifice themselves and step in to save the day. What wonderful folks they are!

And just imagine…that way they could also be the central point for ALL digital currency transactions making everything, including your entire life, easier to manage. Nice!!!

Almost like this was all planned…eh?

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>>>A Stark Warning – The End of the Beginning!

Where do I even start? Well, let’s try with the title of this article…”The End of the Beginning” shall we.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “The beginning of the end” in relation to some event that signals a cascading of events whose ending is usually referred to in ruinous terms. But I have been repeatedly showing for a couple of years now very specific examples of how the beginning was already underway. And now I am declaring that initial phase, the beginning, is over. Yup, it is over…and now we are in a free fall that is the next phase of what is happening in America. Well actually, the entire world.

Then again, if you are reading this article you already know we are in the crash(ing)…the pre-SHFT phase. We may not want to regurgitate the whole list of what is happening…but you know what is happening and you feel where we are headed…and just how bad it is right now…you know it…you feel it in the very depths of your soul. Of course you also know how bad it will get.

I am often asked what I think is the largest threat to us at any given moment. And the same has been asked of me just recently. I had a very strange response for them, but I will get to that in a moment. For now let’s touch on a subject that will affect each of us and maybe very soon….the economy. And I mean the economy in its entirety, not just a particular aspect of it. But there are some key indicators that must be looked at specifically.

Jobs –

I have been telling to about the massive job losses we were experiencing and that it would get worse…and it has. We are hearing of corporations letting folks go by the thousands each week. The latest jobs report will show an even accelerating job loss picture IF you look under the surface of the misleading numbers. And once again they will drastically misrepresent the unemployment number due to the workforce participation rate (WPR) accelerating.

Strange when you hear about all the unfilled jobs there are in the US…yet there are large layoffs/losses occurring. The key once again is to look at the WPR that I have discussed numerous times. The WPR is in the toilette…huge numbers of people are not even trying to participate in the job market…and those people are not calculated into the unemployment figure that the federal government brags about.

Bank Failures –

Now let’s talk bank failures. Earlier this year I wrote a lot about it, in detail, with specifics, and warnings galore. The warnings are now reality and the disaster is looming even larger. Let me touch on one item…bank failure dollar figures have already exceeded the 2007 bank failure figure. Did you hear that?

This past week First Republic Bank failed, PacWest Bancorp is on the verge even as you read this article. But First Republic Bank failure is the one I want to talk about because there is importance here. Back on March 21st I wrote that a banking consortium was going to step in and buy the defaulted Signature Bank…as reported by the FDIC. But on March 14th I reported that First Republic Bank was on a watch list for banks in trouble. Yes, you read that right…a bank in trouble was going to be part of a banking cabal to rescue a defaulted bank.

So you ask me why this focus. What do those two instances/events have in common? The answer is J.P. Morgan Bank (technically called ‘JPMorgan Chase & Co’). Morgan is taking over First Republic Bank, oddly First Republic Bank was going to be a partner with Morgan/Chase to take over Signature Bank. So why my interest in JPMorgan?

JPMorgan & Co began as a foreign bank in London, England in the middle of the 1800’s. In 1895 the US government was going to default and the American economy was headed towards collapse. JPMorgan & Co stepped in with $65,000,000 in gold to restore the US Treasury to solvency. Yeah, in today’s money…that would be 2.3billions dollars adjusted for inflation. If you look at the Morgan 65million in relation to the federal budget of 1895 vs 2022…Morgan’s contribution to save the US government would equate to $948billion in today’s money.

Why is this important? Well now…let’s add into the equation this gem…JPMorgan & Co is the credit card issuer for almost all federal employees’ federal agency credit cards. Yes sir…that means hundreds of billions of dollars filter through the JPMorgan & Co bank. And then again…look at the former JP Morgan employees who now work at the US Treasury Department. Oh, and it was recently revealed that Janet Yellen has personal conversations with Jamie Dimon who just happens to be the head of JP Morgan.

You see how this is all working together…the federal government is working with the Federal Reserve and major banking players to destroy the banking industry to restructure it. Restructure the way that will coincide with the ‘great reset’. Banks have failed, are failing, and the entire banking sector will collapse.

Let me tie job loss with banking crisis…inflation is the tie here. Jobs are being lost right now due to inflation slowing down the economy. Banks are failing due to the same reason…inflation.

And here are the dots connected…

  • Why are job losses so bad right now? Inflation.
  • Why are banks failing right now at an historic rate? Inflation.
  • Who is causing inflation? The Federal Reserve is intentionally causing inflation at the direction of the US government.
  • Who is the Federal Reserve? A group of private US banks.
  • Who is the largest bank in the US? JPMorgan Chase.
  • Who are the largest banks in the world? Top 4 are Chinese banks, #5 is JPMorgan Chase.
  • Who has the Biden family on its payroll for decades? China.
  • Who does the Biden Administration use as their consultant for bank recuses. JPMorgan Chase.
  • Who is the #1 bank ‘rescuing’ defaulting banks? JPMorgan Chase.

Surprisingly this is not the biggest threat to America, although it is the most immediate danger facing Americans at the moment. So the #1 danger?

Artificial Intelligence –

Back in 2019 I began telling you about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its dangers to America specifically, humans in general. That same year I also explained the dangers of DeepFake technology…and DeepFake is powered by AI.

I don’t want to go into all of the details of AI again but let it suffice that there is an AI project where ‘it’ is learning on its own…teaching itself. It is called “Gollum”. In a matter of a couple of years it went from the equivalent of a preschooler to having taught itself -learned on its own- research level chemistry. When the project managers asked Gollum why it learned that…it wouldn’t explain the ‘why’ to them. It also went on to consume all text on the Internet and then decided, on its own, to absorb Internet based videos as well.

AI technology is expected to replace some 80% of all jobs that currently exist. And only 10% of the jobs lost will result in the people finding new jobs. Going back to the current massive job loss and its effects on the economy…how do you think the AI induced job loss factors in to all of this?

On the dark side…the technology exists right now that political campaigns can create custom, person-specific ads for their candidate. Meaning…based on who you are -meaning you– political campaign ads will be made for and directed to you as an individual. Do you think those ads will be 100% accurate let alone truthful? Oh, and how do they know how to create that custom ad? Simple…AI scans the entire Internet for you…and any electronic communication of yours…analyzes it to create that ad content. Nice huh?

And then the real evil stuff…the military and the CIA can do the same. Let me explain…they have all your electronic information from everything you have every done that has ever gone through the Internet, etc. Yes, it is all collected and stored by the NSA, including ALL banking transactions. AI can take all of that information and create a perfect profile of who you are…a perfect profile of who you are.

What then?

Let’s say you believe and have an opinion on something…say, the Federal Reserve…and your opinion is “A”. Well, the government doesn’t like your opinion…they want it to be “X”. So they fire up the good old computer, kick in the AI, and in less than a minute it has acquired and analyzed every Internet search, all your emails, all your purchases, and everything else about you that is stored electronically…including such forbidden records as IRS tax records and ATF info. Then it also designs a complete plan to change your opinion to from “A” to “X” just they way they want you to believe.

Then AI starts feeding you news stories, articles from experts, sends you emails from ‘friends’, suggests websites through your social media accounts, etc. They can also tell how lonely you are. Meaning, they can create DeepFake people who become your new online friends…including a girl/boy friend. Over time, since you have been inundated with all this designer information, you have slowly changed your opinion and you now believe “X”. Mission accomplished!

Here is the scary kicker…they can do that simultaneously to 100,000,000 people! Yup, the latest version of AI can do just that. Then next generation of AI is even more sophisticated and even faster and can affect even more people at the same time.

Notice my use of the word “lonely” in the process above? There is a specific reason for that…it is proven research that people are suffering more and more from loneliness…and it is getting exponentially worse with each passing day. And that is why AI will use that mental condition of loneliness against people.

Multiple research projects have pointed to the single biggest contributor to loneliness…social media. The more a person uses social media and for a longer the period of time they have used it, the more lonely they are. And that is statistically proven. Social media isolates people…and that in-turn makes them lonely on the macro level.

Are there physical side-effects to loneliness? Yes sir! People who suffer from loneliness have their health impacted equivalent to smoking 12 cigarettes a day.

Whistle Blowers –

We now have credible whistle blowers with facts/evidence that have proven:

  • The IRS is weaponized and has covered up the Biden family criminal activity.
  • The FBI is completely corrupted at every level.
  • The CIA is completely corrupted at every level…even hiding the fact that the 9/11 hijackers were being recruited by the CIA prior to 9/11.
  • The DOJ has been covering up Hunter Biden criminal activity and ‘slow walking’ any attempt at investigating him.
  • The FBI, CIA, and DOJ were behind the Steele Dossier and the subsequent cover-up letter.
  • US intelligent services colluded with social media and tech companies to influence the 2022 and 2020 elections.
  • Joe Biden and family are and have been on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party.

And the list goes on and on.

I listened to more Congressional testimony of Biden Administration officials over the last 2 weeks…to say it was disgusting would be a vast understatement. These officials outright lie to Congress…and it is proven that they have in-fact lied! And nothing, nothing is ever done…and won’t be.

Here is one for you that should make you vomit…remember Jeffery Epstein? The guy that lined up hundreds and hundreds of women…and underage girls/boys…for the “A-List” people in business, tech, and political circles? Well, very recently a whistle-blower with a Top Secret clearance through the military and a Top Secret clearance through the CIA…yes, a former CIA operative who is also a former Special Ops soldier was asked a question. The question was simple…was Epstein running an operation for US intelligence services? His response was stunning! He replied that he had access to that information, he had seen the files and the intelligence…pause…Epstein was running a “honey pot” operation for US intelligence services.

Does that help bring clarity to not just that whole Epstein thing…but shows you who the US government, specifically the US intelligence agencies, are and what they do?

And did you pick up the point that the 9/11 hijackers were known to the CIA and an operation was being conducted to recruit them into being an asset for the CIA? That is bad enough…but did you miss the point that the CIA was conducting an operation on US soil??? Yeah, that is specifically against the law…with no exceptions.

It is factually and unequivocal to say that the US Federal government is no longer a Constitutional Republic form of government. At best it is a deepstate…but in my opinion, it is now a totalitarian regime working directly against the Constitution and against the best interest of common US citizens to deny them God-given rights, liberties, and freedoms. We have been betrayed plain and simple.

Free Will –

Before I get into the meat of this let me share two items of interest…

  1. Notice how the government and media went after whistle-blower Jack Teixeira. They published a very unflattering picture of him. Then described him as some ‘gamer’ loser. Then he was a disgruntled nobody low-level military service member. At the same time he was also labeled a traitor. But did you also notice…not a single media company dove into the secrets themselves that he revealed. The secrets that once again showed our federal government, and specifically the intelligence services, to be absolutely despicable and untrustworthy. He provided factual information that showed the federal government lying to us about everything…especially concerning the Russia/Ukraine War. So, can you trust anything the federal government does or says? And why did all the media outlets ignore the crimes of the federal government and focus exclusively on destroying Teixeira?
  1. Now, Tucker Carlson. First off, let’s agree that no one is perfect…ok? Back to Carlson…he was fired by Fox. Then what did the media immediately start doing? Tucker was labeled a:
    • Racist
    • Christian Nationalist
    • White Supremacist
    • A horrible person who actually used swear words.

Notice how they attacked him, discredited him, demonized him, and trying to do everything they can to keep him out of a return to the media. The same media and social media companies that also worked directly with, sometimes for, the US federal government. Why do you think that is? Why do you think they are working so hard to prevent Carlson from returning to the spotlight? And are they trying to destroy him personally…and thus destroy his messages past and present?

Even the Pentagon came out and said the world would be better without Carlson.

Let’s tie some things together…

  1. The economy is tanking, inflation is rising, recession/depression is right around the corner, if not already here.
  2. Banking is falling apart at a pace not seen in generations.
  3. A single bank, JPMorgan, is becoming quickly becoming the only major player left in the banking world.
  4. Jobs are disappearing and its getting worse.
  5. AI will replace HUGE % of jobs/workforce in the coming few years.
  6. People are feeling increasingly lonely, and that is accelerating at an exponential pace.
  7. Nothing the federal government says or does anymore can be trusted.
  8. The US government has the AI capability to attack 100million people simultaneously to modify their opinions to suit government purposes. And they will use loneliness as a weapon against people.
  9. Gollum, an AI project, runs independent from people, learns on its own, and keeps secrets from humans associated with it.
  10. When asked if AI can/will make humans extinct…1/2 of all AI researchers said ‘yes’ without hesitation.

So with all the influence and deception of AI…do we still have free will? Are they trying to change even that?

Insanity, Chaos, Anarchy –

I have intentionally not mentioned the insanity that you are seeing every single day in American streets. Mass shootings, horrible murders, unspeakable crimes against children, and then more mass shootings. I am not referencing these issues because they are a diversion, a distraction. As horrible and insane as it is…it is meant to distract us from the real problems. But, it also adds to what I have been telling you about…the public crying for a solution…begging for a political savior…restoration of law & order. And then steps in the white knight to solve all our problems. And then the real problems begin…the real hell on earth.

So here is the biggest threat to us –

  1. In the short-term it is the economic situation…to the extent of collapse. Let’s call it the #2 threat just to keep it sorted out.
  2. Then the #1 threat, the mid-term threat…AI. There is no possible way any future election will be honest, fair, or legitimate. People will be swayed by fake everything for their votes. This will be conducted by the federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies in conjunction with big tech and media sources. It will all be fraudulent…and criminal.

Yeah, you are asking right about now what is the long-term threat to the US. There is no long-term threat to the US…because there is no long-term for the US.

Yes, you read that right! Within 2 years when AI is being more fully used by those in power and the federal law enforcement and intelligence services are in full-on “thug” mode…all hope for a “long-term”, when viewing the US, will have evaporated.

I am saying clearly that the situation is that bad! I am saying it clearly and without reservation or qualification…not a single bit of hedging on my part. Of course I have no crystal ball when it comes to timing…so I may be off on the timing, but I don’t believe I am, not a bit.

What to do –

First off you must know about and understand “Normalcy Bias” and how it affects people. Then throw it off entirely.

Next, get your principles in order. I’ve talked about that is great detail over the last few years, so go read about it if you are unclear.

It is especially critical to establish ‘red lines’ and then decide what you are willing to do to stand by those red lines…how committed are you to those precious principles?

Then understand you will make no difference at all on the national level. You don’t have that kind of power…period! There is no national political ‘white knight’ going to be coming in on a white horse to save us. That is 100% impossible.

And then understand there is no stopping this train wreck that is occurring, it has gone to far and there is too much power behind it. As long as there are US government intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, DNI, etc.), federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, ATF, DEA, etc.), and a standing army there is absolutely no stopping this fundamental transformation of America.

Now, here is what you can do to make a huge difference…

  1. Be a 100% Constitutionalist…without exception, without qualification, without question.
  2. Throw off ALL political party affiliation. When you vote, vote for the person that most closely matches your beliefs and principles…and who doesn’t cross any of your red lines.
  3. Get past mourning for the loss of the US. The US, as we know it, is lost…it is gone…get over it. You can not take the steps you need to if your mind is still screwed up mourning the loss of the US.
  4. Educate yourself on what true freedom and liberty is. A great way to do that is to study the Founding Fathers in the run-up to and during the American Revolution.
  5. Work with your family to teach them these important principles.
  6. Once the family is safely taken care of, then expand your efforts to your neighbors, your community, your congregation, and others who you could have influence with…or at least with whom may listen to you.

Once all of that is handled, or actually in parallel with, do your material prepping. You can use my checkoff sheets if you like, they may help you think through your physical preparations. Only you know what you must do…and when.

Two final issues I want to bring up; 1) urgency, 2) discernment.

Figure out how much time you have left to get things done…then get it done! My wife and I have had multiple conversations in the last several months about what is coming and how soon. We came up with a list of critical things we had to do here at the glamstead. Originally the list was to be done by the end of the year. Yeah, that changed in April. We moved everything up to be completed, as much as possible, by 4th of July…at the latest.

I have no idea what you should do personally for your family…what should be on your list. Only you can make that decision. But whatever it is on that list…have a sense of urgency on how quickly you get it done. For us, we had a few dollars sitting in an IRA and we weren’t thrilled about its status. We decided that we would take some of that money and move up the time-frame on getting things accomplished on our list. We knew it was money better spent on our list than simply sitting in an IRA.

I am not saying you should do that…but it was the right thing for us to do. We gain clarity and part of that was a sense of urgency.

To close out the ‘urgency’ issue…think about this…if it all collapsed by Friday, what condition would you and your family be in. What could/should you do this week to prepare to soften that Friday blow? Get moving on those things you know you should be doing!

Now let’s talk “discernment” for just a bit. In the old says you would hear things like, “Seeing is believing!” or “If I can’t see it I don’t believe it.” Those days are dead and gone. With AI and its twisted child DeepFake, you can no longer trust even those things that you see. With ChatGPT and other AI technology you can’t trust anything you read on any technology platform. With the AI capability of US intelligence agencies you can’t even trust that a person you are talking to online is even a person! We are now in a world where reality is rapidly disappearing…being replaced by a carefully crafted environment of manipulation by tech companies and the media under the direction of the US government who is controlled by elites.

That being said I want to share with you something that the leader of the church I belong to said not that long ago. He said that without the gift of the Holy Ghost we would not be able to survive what’s coming. I remember at the time thinking “of course!” But I was thinking only in the conventional sense of the cautioning. Now I believe I see more of what he was referring to.

Since we can no longer trust what we see and hear to be truth, how then can we know what is true and what to do about it? As a believer in Jesus Christ I know I can trust Him and our Heavenly Father. And Jesus said he would send us a Comforter…and that is the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost can, and does, bear witness to what is true. That is his job, and he does it without fail or fault. The Holy Ghost can lead us to truth and prevent us from being deceived by wickedness and evil the world will throw at us. The key is to listen. Will you?

There is so much more I would like to share, more that I have to say…but I am already well over 4,000 words and I am sure your eyes have glazed over by now. But I do have one more word of caution…big cities. I am taking any city/town that has a population of greater than 50,000. If you live in a place like that…move…if you can. At the very least have a solid plan to bugout to a place of safety. Somewhere where the people think about and believe in freedoms, rights, and liberties. Some place where you feel can withstand the terrible coming storm. Someplace small where you can have influence and an all-oppressive government will have less power.

In the coming days, as the country continues collapses then transitions, big cities will be the most adversely affected and controlled. Those places will see the most chaos, confusion, crime, death, and evil. We are already seeing big cities fall into the depths of evil in every aspect. Either get out now…or be ready to bugout when you have to. Hopefully it won’t be too late by that time.

I can not stress enough to you how dangerous those places are now…and you probably have no idea just how bad it will get. Don’t subject your family to that…they deserve better.

My friends…the war is underway, evil is winning, evil will continue to win for a long time to come, and many good people and their families will suffer. Please don’t let your families be one of those that suffer unspeakable horrors.

I close with this thought…

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Now imagine our Founding Fathers sitting in a room today and they are considering where our federal government is presently in their actions towards US citizens…and even towards the world. What would our Founding Fathers think? What would our Founding Fathers do?



Matthew 10: 28



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Coming on Monday !

I have been researching since Wednesday on an article. I am coming close to completion on it, still some editing and last minute facts to verify. This will be an important post…please don’t miss it.

I will tie a number of critical issues and current events together, give a stark warning, and tell you exactly how to deal with the train wreck that is coming.

Monday…it is coming Monday…and you won’t regret the time it takes to read it.

Feedback from Hedge…

So I got this comment from Hedge last night but didn’t see it until this morning; and no, I don’t know who he is. But I found it a little disturbing in its content. The content was pretty aggressive but there was no context for the aggression. He also didn’t make a single reference to anything specific that I had written that he had supposedly read and objected to. I found both of those things pretty strange.

I initially responded with this…

“Well now…we get to hear from the other side. I am not sure the other side of what…but no doubt someone who disagrees with me.
What I wish is that he/she had been a bit more specific in references…then we could have had a more enlightening discussion. And maybe with that discussion myself and others would have gained knowledge and understanding from him/her.
Maybe they will come back and help us out, I surely hope so.”

But then I started to think about it on the way into Lowes to buy some garden irrigation supplies. And the thought struck me…the content didn’t sound like a person would speak or write…it just seemed to lack any meaningful, specific, or logical content. The thought struck me…What if this was ChatGPT generated?

I would love to hear back from anyone…everyone…on what you think of his comment. Please…respond/reply!

Here is the comment from Hedge…

Let me say I didn’t even read this. But having read the entire 7k plus word “thang” you wrote before….. You better go check your self cause ain’t nobody buying that load of drivel. You better go spend a couple decades studying up and getting real. I’m sorry you have come to this so late in life and I can understand but there is no room or time for this bullshit. Sorry to be frank but fuck all that non sense. You better get real old timer. This shit is about to get real. Love you so that’s why I say what I do. Yeah sure you can write a bunch of shit after this but you better get your fucking head wired right because there will be no explaining when it goes down. If you aren’t on point you’re done. Ain’t nobody got no time for that shit.

It’s fucking EVIL and IT’S GOT TO GO. Don’t over think it.

God Bless.

Probably better to maybe not post this but think about it.

Here’s a lil sumptin…. Zack Brown band… they just did a commercial for Budweiser. Trying to bring back customers with a country music commercial. The rule is “they” have to tell us. “They” have to tell us what they will do to us so we can accept. It’s the rule. Learn that and you open the door. So go to Zack Brown band website. What is the first thing you see? The cowboy hats. But what about the hats? I’ll wait. Sorry for my profanity.

So what do you think about this?

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QAnon Crap – Feedback #2

This is some of the feedback and thoughts concerning the article on the 26th “QAnon Crap!”

< click here to read that article first >

Also, there is previous ‘Feedback’ post as well.

< click here to read QAnon Crap – Feedback #1>


  • You are completely wrong about Qanon, its real, they exists, and Qanon will save america.

Nope on both accounts. You are welcome to your opinion and I do respect your right to have that opinion. And let me make sure I am clear…QAnon is evil/poisonous, the environments that promote QAnon are promoting evil, and you are completely wrong about QAnon. And you will learn that given time and intelligence. Hopefully you don’t lack the intelligence and you have enough time left.

  • Jim writes…

Who would be offended by this article? Not anyone who loves and honors the Constitution, I’m sure. If you’re in for the Constitution for a penny…you have to be in for the whole enchilada.

That could change if the Left goes all Storm Trooper and Kristallnacht. At that point, the Left won’t even be pretending to be abiding by the Constitution. Indeed, they’d likely announce termination of the Constitution, being replaced by something along Marxist lines.

At that point…the non-Constitutional coup has already taken place, courtesy of your least-favorite Leftists. What happens after that is debatable. We’ll see what happens.

  • You hate our military, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Ah, no…on both accounts. I am not a fan of how our military has been used…but that is primarily the politician’s fault. I am not a fan of how they have been scrubbed clean from a propaganda perspective. I do strenuously dislike a lot of what they have done. I am in agreement with the Founding Fathers, and I do not support that we have a standing army, for the simple reason it lends itself to the establishment of tyranny. And we see that tyranny today. And I am not the least bit ashamed of myself or my opinions that I express. I have worked hard to gain the facts and knowledge that I have…and that is nothing to be ashamed of. And FWIW…I don’t have a generation of my family that didn’t have military members…including myself, and I volunteered for Vietnam.


I encourage you to read all of the following articles to get a full picture of what I am talking about.

QAnon Related Articles –








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QAnon Crap – Feedback #1

This is some of the feedback and thoughts concerning the article on the 26th “QAnon Crap!”

< click here to read that article first >

  • From MG – As usual, yup. I have some really smart, savvy friends who STILL fall for this crap; I’m of the heartfelt opinion that it’s a huge psy op. Hopium of the worst kind. I have a hard time being patient with my friends who still cling to these ludicrous stories about “military uprisings” (which our military is way too sanitized and woke now to ever even be capable of), military tribunals where the evil will face justice, etc., etc. STAHHHHPPP!!! People need to get REAL – and stop clinging to this garbage.
  • You used the term ‘evil’ when referring to QAnon. Are you meaning in terms of satanic?

Yes, absolutely.

  • Do you honestly think it is some ‘dolt’ or secret operation?

Yes. But, with the release of more and more AI information I think the source could be ChatGPT.

  • From T Town – I found the QAnon stuff to be a lot like what a fortune teller says to a mark, I mean customer. It was very vague and generic so that anyone who wanted to believe it to be true could do so.
  • I never thought that QAnon concept of the military coup in the way you described it. Thank you. But, are you sure it is relatable to Hitler?

Yes. It mimics very closely what Hitler did to take over Germany. Because of the near-exact similarities is one of the reasons I believe that ChatGPT may be producing QAnon content. And just remember this…the whole military operation aspect to QAnon and the fixing of this country is as anti-American and anti-Constitution as anything I have ever heard of!!

  • Do you think there is any truth to what QAnon says?

No. I was clear on what I said, it is pure poison…period! Will any of it come true? Maybe, if some idiot actually acts on what they think QAnon is saying. And that would be pure insanity! Or, pure stupidity. Take your pick.

I encourage you to read all of the following articles to get a full picture of what I am talking about.

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EMP, CME, & Lightening Surge Protection – Part #2

If you haven’t read Part #1 of this 2-part series you probably should.

< click here to read Part #1 >

My Protection Strategy –

So how do I protect my off-grid home?

First off…I place a more likely chance that I will suffer a lightening strike than an EMP. However, I don’t discount the occurrence of an EMP strike on the continental US, and that has the potential to affect our home. Remember I am off-grid so I don’t have thousands of miles of electrical transmission lines attached to my house. That my friend greatly reduces my exposure to an incoming EMP surge.

All that being said I take some basic precautions first…

  1. My PVs (solar panels) all have aluminum frames, all those frames are attache to an earth ground system. The earth ground system includes:
    1. A single continuous 8AWG bare copper wire connected to each panel of 3 PVs in the string via a lay-in grounding lug.
    2. The 8AWG bare copper wire from each string is connected to a 6AWG bare copper wire handling the array that contain 2 strings each.
    3. The two main arrays (#2 & #3) are connected via 6AWG bare copper wire to an earth ground that consists of three 8’ copper clad rods driven in the ground 10’ apart bonded with 6AWG bare copper. Note1: the arrays are approximately 50’ apart and the 6AWG bare copper wire connecting the two arrays are buried 12” in the ground between the two arrays. Note2: the third array is grounded separately to its own earth ground that is also the house system earth ground. Again, it consists of three 8’ copper clad rods driven in the ground 10’ apart bonded with 6AWG bare copper.
    4. Each array also has a 40ka surge protector in the EcoWorthy combiner box. That surge protector is connected to the 6AWG array ground wire. The combiner box is a Chinese manufacturer and I don’t know if it will work or not when the times comes. The SPD was included with the boxes when I bought them.
    5. This gives two types of surge protection; 1) any energy absorbed through the PV metal frames is directed into the ground, 2) any energy absorbed into the PV wiring is directed to the external combiner box’s SPD and that energy is directed into the ground.

  1. The utility room that houses the solar/electrical/electronic equipment has a metal roof and foil backed OSB on the side walls. I have no idea whatsoever if this provides any protection. Some folks think so, others don’t. I don’t count on it.
  2. Inside the utility room the incoming PV power lines come into separate array disconnect boxes. Each disconnect box has a Midnite Solar MNSPD-300-DC (80ka) installed.

I consider this to be my lightening strike/surge protection (E2 & E3); 1) good grounding, 2) a 40ka SPD, and 3) an 80ka SPD. But that stills leaves out the EMP E1 power surge. To address that issue you have to go downstream of my system.

Downstream of the array disconnect boxes I have a combiner box that combines arrays into a circuit breakers that also acts as disconnects. that is located just before my charge controllers. Arrays #1 & #3 go into my charge controller #1, and array #2 goes into my charge controller #2. For the E1 surge I have an EMPShield model Dual-DC-90-120-W. Each charge controller has its own protection via this EMPShield unit since it is a “dual” unit. And yes, the EMPShield unit also provides E2 & E3 protection.

And how good is the EMPShield? Well, that is hard to say. Remember, we have no definitive idea if a device works, or not, until an event occurs. But, the documentation on the EMPShield device, along with the advertised testing, assures that it will protect against E1, E2, & E3 power surges. So that combination of surge protectors protects against surges coming into the system from the outside via the DC side of my off-grid solar system.

Now let’s talk the AC side of the system…I also have a Midnite Solar MNSPD-300-AC installed in my main breaker panel. That is intended to protect power surges getting into the system via house wiring. Yup, that means every single inch of wire in the house is a potential “antenna” for power surges. And yes, that means I am only protected against E2 & E3 surges from the AC side of the system. It is my intention that as my research continues and I become 100% convinced of EMPShield products I will install one of their AC units in the main breaker panel and move the Midnite Solar SPD to the inverter/generator transfer switch.

And if you are wondering…I have no problems with an Siemens FS140 (FirstSurge) being used as a substitute for a Midnite Solar SPD. I use Midnite simply because I found it first and have confidence in it for lightening protection.

How an SPD works –

If you are wondering how a SPD works…well, that is another whole article. But the short version is this…the SPD draws the power surge into itself away from other wiring and equipment and dissipates it through its internal parts. Yeah…call it magic, voodoo, or a modern engineering marvel…but that’s how they are designed to work.

Now, have you asked the question yet…Will all of this work and protect my house full of electronics/electrical equipment, and better yet, will it protect thousands of dollars worth of my solar system gear? If you have an answer let me know!

Yeah, a funny way to say I have no idea if this will all work to save me from an EMP, let alone a lightening strike. But I do know that doing nothing will definitely result in a bunch of burned up and useless equipment.

I will write reviews on EMPShield and Midnite products fairly soon. Should you buy now? Well…I did. And doing something is better than doing nothing. Do nothing ensures failure.

< click here to read Part #1

If you are interested in buying any of the mentioned products…PLEASE DO 🙂

I am providing links to the equipment below. If you buy one of the Amazon products through my link I will earn about a 1.5% commission. If you buy an EMPShield product I will earn a 15% commission. And if you use the coupon code “ahtrimble” when you buy an EMPShield product on their website you will get $50 off any product.

Any money I earn will go towards a test unit for the AC side of the system. If I earn more than the cost of a test unit then any excess funds will go towards another LifePO4 battery.

Click on the icon below for the MidNite Solar 300vDC unit (for protecting DC voltage equipment)…

MidNite Solar MNSPD-300-DC Surge Protection Device (300vDC )










Click on the icon below for the MidNite Solar 300vDC unit (for protecting AC voltage equipment)…

MidNite Solar MNSPD-300-AC Surge Protection Device (300vAC )










Click on the icon below for the Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection…







Click on the EMPShield logo below  to buy EMPShield products. Use “ahtrimble” in the coupon code at check out for $50 off any EMPShield product. Hint: If you are buying more than one product then make them separate purchases and use the coupon code for each. If are having trouble deciding which product to buy, then write a comment below and ask for help from me.

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