Fuel Storage for Emergency Preparedness

I want to be able to store gasoline at the cabin. Well, near the cabin.

I talked with a number of folks who have already done this. Some have done it a bit differently, some have done it in a way that I don’t think will work out real well. This is the story on how I am doing it.

First off, primarily I want enough fuel to run my generator without having to run to town to buy gas. I also would like to have enough fuel on-hand to run my chain saw should the need arise. But, mostly it is for the Honda EU2000i generator.

And no, I am not talking about running the generator all the time, not even all night long. I want to be able to run it when needed for my tools or recharging batteries, etc. So that makes it a whole lot easier to store the kind of quantity that I am talking about.

And to be honest, I had an opportunity to buy a 55gal drum a couple of years ago and that made it all the easier deciding how much fuel to store.

You will notice that the barrel is a beautiful blue. Yeah, but that isn’t the important part. Notice that it is a previously used racing fuel drum. Yup, it originally contained 110 octane racing fuel. Now that freaking rocks! So I have virtually the perfect barrel to start with…one that contained high-grade fuel. You can probably find something similar. Look for a race track or drag strip near where you live. Go there and talk to the pit crews. Ask them if you can buy their old fuel drums.

Just a couple more thoughts on what kind of container to start out with:

  • Plastic will breakdown faster than metal.
  • Metal will rust if you don’t protect it.
  • Previous contents matter. Don’t buy a drum that contained anything that would contaminate the fuel. No, I don’t think you can rinse it out well enough.
  • Dust, dirt, water, etc. will not be a good thing for your stored fuel when it comes time to use it.
  • The drum must be able to be air and water tight.

Now that I had the drum, I cleaned up the outside by using a really stiff brush and getting all the junk off the surfaces. Then I wiped it down really well with acetone to break through any residue that would adversely affect the paint I was about to apply.

Paint Color –

I am not going to store this thing in any kind of building, structure, or protective anything. It will be outside and covered with some material to reduce its visibility and protect it a little from the sun. Since it will be exposed to the elements I want it to be as resistant to degradation as possible. That means an oil-based paint. I like Rustoleum.

Since I want this thing to be low-profile (i.e. camouflaged) I need a good color based coat that matches the dirt around my place. Turns out that the primary brown color was perfect. I used a 4” roller to apply the paint.

Camouflage –

There are a couple rules of camouflage, among them are; 1) no straight lines, 2) reduce the highs, 3) raise the depths. But, colors used also have to match the surroundings. I have a lot of Pinon / Juniper trees on my place, their trunks and branches are various shades of black and dark grays.

So I did some rough looking paintings of the trunks about the same size of where I will place the barrel.

I used black to start the trunks. And I applied a technique called “dry bushing” where the brush has a little bit of paint on the brush but very, very little. You remove most of the paint by wiping it on a terry cloth before applying it to the barrel. Once the paint was barely starting to dry I took a terry cloth towel and lightly wiped over the black paint. That removed any “harsh” or “clearly defined” brush strokes. In other words it gave it a slightly fuzzy look.

As I looked at the PJ trunks on the property I noticed a bit of different shades of gray in them. So out came the flat white Rustoleum. I dry brushed a little white onto the black…sparingly. That gave the black trunks and branches a little character…some depth.

Since there is also green on the PJ trees I used a spray can to blot on what some might call a leaf pattern. I call it a blotch. But, I am not trying to paint a tree. I am not trying to make the barrel look like a tree. I am trying to make the barrel blend in when it is placed in a group of PJ trees. So a little green was needed. But, I also noticed that there were various shades of green, more light than dark. I also looked and realized there were clumps of khaki looking grass as well. So on went a little light tan spray paint as well.

I tried to keep everything muted and fuzzy. This is the end result.

How to Top the Tank-

Here is where is gets kind of weird. You need to seal the fuel drum to prevent anything getting into the drum and contaminating the fuel. And you don’t want to lose the fuel through uncontrolled “venting”. However, there is another danger…it blows up. Yeah, a minor detail.

First, that is why I am not storing the drum of gasoline in any structure. I don’t want to come out to the property one day and find a hole in the ground surrounded by a pile of splintered wood. True, I might come out to a hole in the ground but that is acceptable to blowing up my cabin or storage shed.

So how do I seal my drum?  Great question!

First, I have to ensure that nothing gets into the drum. The large opening on top of the drum you see in the picture is 2” pipe thread. So I bought the components you see in the picture.

1- I started with a 2” threaded adapter to regular PVC connection. I am using Schedule 40 PVC for its strength.

2 – Next I cut a short piece of 2” Schedule 40 pipe so I can connect my 2” T to it. The 2” T has a 1/2″ pipe thread side outlet to it.

3 – On the top of the T I use a 2” reducer to get to a 1/2” pipe thread.

4 – I used a  short 1/2” nipple into a 1/2” T.

5 – On the top of the 1/2” T I reduced it to 1/4” pipe thread.

6 – I then installed a Control Devices CR Series Brass Pressure Relief Valve, 0-100 psi Adjustable Pressure Range, 1/4″ Male NPT. I want to be able to set the venting pressure at 15psi. The drum can easily handle 15psi as the gasoline expands when the heat of the day is on it. The venting can also assure that I don’t get a too serious vapor accumulation in the drum and end up with a BLEVEE (boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion).

7 – On the side of the 2” T I installed a regular hose faucet to it. And bought a brass hose thread cap to place on the faucet outlet. The facet will serve two purposes; 1) allows me to manually vent, under controlled conditions, the vapors when I need to use the gasoline, 2) allows me to connect a nitrogen gas tank to the drum.

8 – On the side of the 1/2” pipe T I used another 1/2” to 1/4” reducer so I could install a Winters PEM Series Steel Dual Scale Economical All Purpose Pressure Gauge with Brass Internals, 0-30 psi/kpa, 2″ Dial Display, +/-3-2-3% Accuracy, 1/4″ NPT Bottom Mount. Yup, keeps me informed of what the drum pressure is.


This is the end product…Note # 1 on all threaded connections I used “yellow” Teflon tape. Yellow is designed for vapor/gas usage. It is thicker and forms a better seal on pipe threads. Yes, I used it on the 2” PVC threads that go into the drum’s 2” opening.

Note #2 – I also camo painted the “head” as well. I didn’t paint any sensitive surface such as the pressure relief valve adjustment surfaces or the face of the pressure gauge.

Note # 3 – Nitrogen gas is introduced once the gasoline is in the drum and just prior to closing the valve. The nitrogen settles on the surface of the gasoline and forms a seal that enhances the life of the stored gasoline.

What Gasoline to Use –

Here’s the key…knowing what gas to store!

Most gasoline that you buy today has ethanol in it. Ethanol sucks! Ethanol has water in it. What don’t you want in your stored gasoline? Water. Connect those dots…NO ETHANOL GAS!!

Also, you want a high octane gasoline as well. Over time, even with fuel stabilizer/conditioner in it, gasoline will begin to deteriorate. What that means is gasoline loses its ability to combust. Gasoline has a flashpoint of about -35 to -45°F. As that lowers through degradation the gasoline becomes less volatile and less likely to ignite at a temperature that is conducive to efficient engine operations. So you want your gasoline as strong and water-free as possible. 91octane is the power that most small engines recommend. They operate at peak performance at that point. Too much octane above 91 and you risk burning out the valves, etc. Too low of octane and the engine can’t properly ignite the fuel to run the engine smoothly…or at all.

For you technical junkies out there…octane is a measure of gasoline’s resistance to detonation. The higher the octane rating the more efficient your engine is in putting out more power because the engine can compress the gasoline more before it ignites. Lower octane means lower power output.

The gasoline you want to run in your engines, small or vehicle, for peak efficiency is 91 – 100. Any higher than that you are wasting your money and run the risk of burning up your engine.

You can buy great non-ethanol gasoline at your local airport…if they will sell it to you. Some do, some don’t. Aviation gasoline generally runs around 100 octane and is “low-led” vs. “unleaded”. And “lead” is a friend to your engine! Lead is a natural lubricant for engine valves.

As an option, marinas also sell non-ethanol gasoline. However, it is normally 90 – 92 octane and “unleaded”. Some marinas already put conditioner in the gasoline in their storage tanks.

WARMING – If you are going to buy gasoline from a marina ask them if their gas contains ethanol. If it does, don’t buy it.

I bought my gasoline at a local marina. I am using the best stabilizer/conditioner on the market Pri-G. I am placing 53 gallons of gasoline in my 55gal drum. I am adding the stabilizer after every 5gals to make sure I get a good mixing of stabilizer into the gasoline.

Note: Small engines need better gas, the smaller the engine the better gas it needs. An 8-cylinder vehicle motor can compensate for lower quality fuel. The vehicle’s computer can manipulate a wide-range of engine operations to off-set poor quality fuel. A small engine may only have a single cylinder and a much less powerful computer…fewer options to manipulate engine settings.

Finishing It Up –

Yes, I put the drum a safe distance from the cabin just in case I would get an explosion. And yes, I placed the drum where I wanted it BEFORE I added the gasoline. And no, I didn’t dig a hole to place the drum in, I didn’t want to trap water next to the drum.

My fuel supply with the stabilizer/conditioner in it with the nitrogen seal should be good for a minimum of 5 years. But, to hedge my bet I set next to the drum enough Torco Accelerator fuel additive to boost the octane rating when I use the fuel. The fuel might degrade over time, the additive will give the fuel a little added boost to make it run my small engines better.

Now, you might be wondering how well protected the fuel drum is. Well, it isn’t. To protect the drum isn’t feasible. I chose instead to hide it in plain sight. The camo will give it a pretty good chance of being overlooked, possibly even from up close. If I tried to make it bullet proof I would have to build some kind of bunker for it. That would add a whole new layer of work that would make it expensive. And making a bunker would then raise the possibility that it would be seen. So I chose the less-expensive and less-intrusive option…hide it.

I haven’t included any pictures of the final project as it sits on the property yet. I didn’t take any. But, next time out I will take a couple of pictures and play “find the drum” game with you.


Materials –


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SitRep – 6/17/2017

I wanted to wait until the dust settled a bit. I wanted to allow sufficient time to see the trends and recognize the players clearly for who they are. I had to be patient. Now the time has come. Now I will speak my piece.

Remember, I am an outcomes kind of guy. I don’t see an event as the important part within a historical context. I see what is produced by the event as the piece of primary import.

This line of thinking allows me to not become distracted by the event itself, the participants, or their motivation. Granted those three aspects have significance, but they are of little consequence in relation to “outcome.”

In this case the outcome is ugly…and it will get worse.

“Never let…”

When I wrote my article “What’s going on???” on June 13th I was feeling a sense of foreboding. I didn’t like what I was seeing then, not at all, not even a little bit. The next morning was a witness to me of what our reality has become. A “canary in the mine” of where we are as a society.

My first thought after I heard what had happened, “How will the ‘power establishment’ in Washington be enhanced by this event?” It didn’t take long for the players to set the agenda. They are very predictable.

Surprise or Anticipated –

Those of you that are website visitors have a pretty good sense of the world around us and where we are headed as a country. Actually, most of us already know we have, as a country, already arrived at the destination. It is now just a matter of degree.

So, let me ask this, “Who was truly stunned at the shooting at the Congressional Republican baseball practice?”

Surprised maybe at the location or venue, but stunned about the shooting itself?

In this country the left has been ratcheting up the violence for quite some time. We’ve seen it in the riots of the radical left campus creeps. We’ve seen it in the AntiFa movement. We watched and heard in amazement as the Democratic politicians have called for it. And we have been astonished as we have seen the Hollywood lowlifes demonstrate and promote it. This shooting was simply another natural progression in their awful plan…their desire to see violence in America. That violence to bring America to its knees.

Was this shooting a surprise? No. Was it anticipated? Of course. Only the most ignorant of low IQ would not have seen this coming.

Reaction –

I won’t go into painful detail covering that which you have already seen. Suffice to say that the players stepped up to fulfill their expected roles with their predicted lines of thought and reasoning.

  • The moron Virginia Governor, among others, calling for gun control.
  • Congressmen calling for more security…for themselves.
  • MSNBC & CNN blaming it on the tone (free speech) that Trump has set.
  • Fox News and Breitbart blaming it on the violent left (free speech).
  • Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) bringing up violent right-wing hate groups.
  • Paul Ryan taking the middle ground.

The list could go on. The point is, everyone took their natural/normal positioning of either the right or left in this country. And they all played their respective parts perfectly. They played to their followers, playing on emotions. Why? To lull people into their comfort zones. To keep people from looking into what really happened. But more importantly, to keep people in their lane when it comes to the action plan that will come out of all of this.

Plan of Action –

Here is where we see what this country is all about. Here is where we see how right Rahm was…and is.

The SPLC works closely with the FBI to identify those that challenge the Washington power establishment. Well, honestly the FBI already knows about all the groups that the SPLC lists. But, because the SPLC is so vaunted by the media and the ruling class, the information the SPLC provides serves only as additional justification for the actions of the FBI. Remember, the SPLC is a radical left-wing extremist group dedicated to destroying any group outside of the radical Democrat/Liberal/Progressive political school of thought. They do so by demonizing as an actual, or potential, terrorist group, any of the above.

Let me be brief on what is happening now:

  1. The FBI has significantly shifted resources to “identify” more potentially violent political radicals.
  2. The FBI, NSA, and CIA has significantly increased active and passive surveillance of potential political radicals…and groups that espouse conservatism, Constitutionalism, and any group not falling in-line with a pro-government agenda.
  3. Congress is already working on legislation to significantly increase security of its members and facilities. That means drastically expanding the highly militarized security services of the federal government.
  4. The media (along with the SPLC) is working overtime to bring up the role of the hateful rhetoric being used on both sides, but primarily on the right.
  5. Congress is looking at the socialist, Communism-based, anti-free speech laws of the European Union and how they can be implemented here.

I am working on a lengthy article about the Overton Window concept and how it applies to what has happened, and is happening, in the United States. I will be releasing that in the coming month. But, in short, this shooting will act as catalyst to degrade rights, liberties, and freedoms of people. And simultaneously increasing the power of the federal government.  That is their plan of action.

Summary –

It is easy for those with eyes that see and ears that hear to know this guy Hodgkinson was a nut job. It matters not a bit that he was a radical, violent Democrat/Liberal/Progressive. What matters is his motivation and action. He felt, for whatever reason, that he had to take action. I can only imagine that he felt relatively hopeless that his single vote or voice no longer makes any difference at all. And he would be correct in thinking that. Recent studies show that in concept and reality, the average American has ZERO voice in what happens in Washington.

So desperation drove him to an act of violence. He perceived that this was his last resort to have an impact…his last option to make a difference.

And unfortunately we are witnessing in this country a radical increase in desperation. A sense of “we don’t have a say anymore” thinking has taken root wide and deep. If you talk to people, Republicans, Democrats, or any others, you find almost an universal sense that the government in Washington no longer represents the people. And they are absolutely 100% right. Washington only represents the ruling class, the political class, and the rich. Those in our government, politicians and bureaucrats, don’t give a damn about “We the People” anymore…nope, not a bit.

There is little wonder that some worm like Hodgkinson finally loses his grip on reality and goes postal. You need to see it for what it is…and act of desperation. Pure and simple, a man that felt there was no longer any other option. And he chose evil over good.

But, those in Washington don’t care one iota about his motivations. They don’t care who he is, what he felt, or why he did that despicable deed. They care only about one thing…how can they use this crisis to accomplish that which they couldn’t do under normal times and conditions.

So why did I write this article at all? For your Situational Awareness (SA). Whether you agree with me or not on everything I just wrote…fine. What I want you to do is not get sucked into a neatly defined box. Any box defined by the media, by the political class, and surely not by the law & order hard right. Come to your own conclusions!

What I want you to do is keep your eyes open and see what they do with this act of evil. See how they twist it and use it to their advantage, to forward their agenda. Watch how they try and reduce rights, liberties and freedoms of people. Watch how they increase the power of the ruling class, the political class…and how much it costs the American citizenry.

I ask only this of you:

  • Keep your eyes open.
  • Keep preparing.
  • Grow closer to your family.
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Become a better person.
  • Have no fear.



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What’s going on???

Man, what’s going on right now is a complete mess, a total mess. And there are lots of folks who love it that way because it is going their way. And their way is not good for America.

I have devoted a lot of time over the last decade to watching, figuring out the important dots, and then connecting them. I’ve been spot on sharing those things with you on this website. I was originally going to make a good portion of this article about how right I’ve been and how far ahead of so-called experts I’ve been at revealing what is happening in America. But, you’ve been coming to the site, you know what I’ve been saying, and there are lots of articles you can read to know just how accurate I’ve been. So I will spare you that self-aggrandizing discoursing.

By now it’s clear that the Trump presidency is a disaster. No, not Trump…just his time in office…his presidency. So no, this is not a Trump-bashing celebration. But, the disaster is occurring because of Trump…at it would have been occurring no matter who would have been elected. Had Hillary been elected there would have been as much, if not more, of a disaster taking place. There is no disputation, or there can’t be any disputation, that there is a disaster going on. Just a few things of note:

  • North Korea has nuclear weapons and just about ready to place a nuke on a ballistic missile that can reach the US.
  • China has all but conquered the China Sea and pushed out all the other countries. But, we still do poke our finger in their eye from time to time trying to prove we are…well, whatever we are trying to prove.
  • Russia is openly using a surrogate, Syria, to fight US troops and allies. And we are completely powerless and ineffectual in stopping them.
  • Speaking of Russia, it appears that they hacked all kinds of organizations during our 2016 elections. While Hillary lost simply because she is mentally ill whack-job and a criminal as well, it appears that Russia didn’t help her lose or Trump win.
  • We have about 1.6million investigations taking place trying to prove that Trump is some kind of Russia Manchurian Candidate. Which he is not.
  • You have all kinds of political battling going on at almost every level, but especially in Congress.
  • We have a coalescing of America’s intel and federal LEO agencies into a secret police effort to overthrow the President of the United States. That has been proven to be an absolute fact. Comey and Clapper removed all doubt when they testified over the last two weeks. There have been a long list of “leakers” proving this to be true beyond any reasonable doubt.

And I could go on but you know what is happening in our country right now. So, with everything going on what does it all mean?

I’ve been watching it very closely and I’ve been able to identify what is happening and who is behind it. I’ve shared that with you on this website in detail. But, what is the ultimate endgame. We know that too, a totalitarian state. But, what is the endgame right now and why? More importantly, how is it affecting you?

When you go back to basics it helps to understand the bigger picture. That picture is the acquisition of money and power. That is what is driving everything that is going on. But, how so?

One of the things I’ve been asked is why are members of the ruling class fighting each other? If their ultimate goal is for them to be the rulers in a totalitarian state, why don’t they work together instead of fighting each other? And that is the right question to be asking!

In any movement or effort, as in the goal of establishing a totalitarian state, there are many players and they come from different perspectives or camps. Take Bernie Sanders…a whack-job communist. Take John McCain…a whack-job Republican (so-called). It would appear that they are on the opposite sides of everything. Nope, not at all. They are on the same side with the same endgame. The difference is who they want to be at the top of the power pyramid when the dust settles. But, make no doubt about it, they are allies in the cause.

To understand why “they”, the ruling class, are doing what they are doing (creating the situation we have today) you have to go back to the revealing statement made by Rahm Emanuel (radical Progressive extremist)…

If you look at history terror groups work towards creating chaos and mayhem. They want the populace to be confused, afraid, upset, and terrorized. They want them so fed-up with what is taking place in their society that they scream for a “fix”. They want someone, or some group, to come along and make them feel safe again, to have things return to normal. They want law & order, peace, and security. Hey, who doesn’t?

But, in virtually every case that return to a calm normalcy comes at a very steep price. The price I refer to? The loss of rights, liberties, privacy, freedoms, and worst of all…loss of power of the populace. And all of that is playing out in front of our eyes.

You look at the long list of what is happening in America right now that is upsetting and unsettling…it is designed to be that way. It is being created for the sake of generating chaos and mayhem…terrorizing the American populace. Getting Americans to the point where they want it all to go away and “things get back to normal.”

So how does that happen?

Someone, or some group, will come along with a solution. All we will have to do is “this or that” and they can fix everything. Of course just like “9/11” we will lose more rights, liberties, privacy, freedoms, and power as US citizens. And they are succeeding…as have dictators and totalatarianists have throughout history.

Really people will ask for this?

How many people do you know that are simply fed up with what is taking place? No matter, left or right, Democrat or Republican, they are fed-up and want all the crap to just go away. And they will be willing to pay virtually any price to make that happen when the right solution comes along.

Doubt me? Don’t. We already allowed it to happen as recently as “9/11” and we will be more than willing to let it happen again.

What To Do About It –

Food and water storage wont’ fix this. Guns and ammo stored by the case won’t fix this. Water purification, iodine tablets, solar panels, and Ham radios won’t fix this. Nothing tangible in your pantry, basement, or Situational Awareness - Barriers * breaking through barriersBOL can fix this. There is only one thing that will help you truly prepare for what is coming…SA.

Of course you know, or should know, that SA stands for Situational Awareness.

You must, absolutely must, stay away from the static that is flooding your senses from every direction right now. The media has its agenda. The politicians on the right and left have their agenda. Wall Street has its agenda. Every national and international player right now has their agenda. If you try and sort it all out, figure out the details and the rationale behind it…well, you will go crazy.

If you try and align yourself with a political movement you will be on the wrong side…they are ALL the wrong side right now. Taking a political side right now is suicide. Pledging allegiance to any political figure or movement is a death sentence for your soul. None of them have, truly have, the best interests of the American people (i.e. the Constitution) as their goal.

What I do recommend that you do is:

  • Make “you” the best you that you can become.
  • Improve your family situation.
  • Become active in your community to strengthen it.
  • If not a church member, become one. That means unite with folks to grow closer to God.
  • And…prepare. Do all those things that we’ve been talking about for the last 2-1/2 years on this website.

Then when the day comes that your SA tells you that it finally hit the fan you will not have bias cloud your vision or delay your actions. You will be able to see what is happening and know what to do about it. And you won’t have any fear to do it.

Please don’t despair over what is happening in America today. It has been coming for a long time. They’ve planned it, they prepared for it, and they have a goal for it all. Don’t play into their hands, don’t be a victim, take control of who you are and what you are going to do about it.

Together we can accomplish anything!



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Musings, Observations, Absurdities, & Dangers – 6/9/17

This is a brand new section of the website. I hope you will enjoy it. I know I will.

The purpose of this new section is to allow me to vent, share, and opine about current events that don’t rise to the level of a SitRep. However, the subject matter is of sufficient importance to get it off my chest. You may feel from to call it “therapy”…my therapy to help keep me sane in this completely whack job world.

Let’s start with an Absurdity –

Kathy Griffin:

You know, when I first heard the stunt she pulled with the severed head the first thing that entered my mind was, “What a waste of human flesh!”

Yeah, I know…it sounds harsh, very harsh. And, I’ve been trying to be a kinder and gentler person. So, I am trying to repent and not be so cruel. But, then again…she is what she is. And as you well know, you don’t need me to tell you this, she is no comedian by any definition or by any stretch of the imagination.

So why did she do it? Two reasons kind of rolled into one. She is trying to stay relevant in today’s world. She has no other input or influence and her so-called career is all but non-existent. So she pulls this stunt knowing it will get attention. She also knew that there would be huge blow-back from lots of folks…and she was right. But, she knew it, she planned on it, and she succeeded in it. She then went into victim mode…which was her plan all along.

However, all that being said…Kathy Griffin is a waste of human flesh!

Observation –

James Comey:

I already wrote quite a bit about him and exposed him for the worm that he is. He is a power-hungry, self-absorbed, ruling class member. In reality James Comey is honestly nothing more than a worm. I watched most of his testimony and read the rest. This guy was dangerous. He’s not so much any longer, but only because he is now exposed to everyone for the person that he is. He was dangerous because he led a huge part of America’s secret police. And he, James Comey, was using the FBI to overthrow the President of the United States. Now, he is just another bitter, unemployed ruling class ex-bureaucrat.

Here is the real problem with guys like Comey…they are all over the place in our current government. However, if he were a good guy doing a good job protecting the country and supporting the Constitution that would be a great thing! But, Comey is none of those things. He was working from the inside to establish a totalitarian state.

And technically I guess he isn’t unemployed, he is just and outside advisor to those who still strive to establish a stronger police state here in a America.

But, here is the most telling view into the character of Comey…he leaked government information to the press through a lawyer to damage the President. He didn’t have the balls to do it himself so he had someone else do the deed for him. That shows he is a spineless coward with no morals…no ethics-based center.

And now for the main reason this is so important…if he “leaked” once he has leaked important and classified FBI information before. And since he leaked the latest info in his efforts to overthrow the President of the United States, I can only assume he has leaked vital information to other enemies of the United States in his quest.

Danger –

Most of you have heard by now the follow statement, “I read this and I literally wanted to rinse myself off afterwards,” said the former FBI agent. “I felt completely disgusted.” The former FBI agent that made the statement was James Gagliano.

No big deal right? He was only talking about how disgusted he was that Trump was trying to influence James Comey, former FBI Director.

But, that is not the important part of the interview. You have to watch for the golden nuggets laying around. They are there and you have to recognize them and snatch them up to understand the bigger picture…the dire and dangerous bigger picture.

Later in that interview with CNN on June 7th he also said this… “For 48 years FBI Director (J. Edgar) Hoover pulled puppet strings, and had presidents on their heels.” 

For a very, very long time I have been exposing the FBI for the dark and evil organization they are. I have presented fact after fact after fact how J. Edgar Hoover is truly one of the monsters of the 20th century. And here we have a former FBI agent stating clearly, on the record, on tape…Hoover was the puppet master of Presidents. Yet more proof of what the FBI is and who the secret police leadership really are.

That should scare you beyond comprehension.  The FBI is working against the interests of the United States and has been controlling Presidents for almost a half-century under Hoover alone. And we now know for a fact that Comey was using the FBI organization to overthrow President Trump. We are in a horrible state of affairs in the United States…and in very dangerous times!

Remember…one of Comey’s best friends, co-conspirators, and a co-worker is running the special counsel investigation into Russia-Trump. How’s that going to work out for ya? Robert Mueller is a snake in the grass waiting to bite…and he’s as venomous as they come.

Observation –

The following people testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday:

  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
  • acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe
  • National Intelligence Director Dan Coats
  • NSA Director Mike Rogers

I think I must have been the only person I know who actually watched their testimony. And while I wasn’t surprised, I was startled at some of things they said. Here are four of the most powerful men in the world. Far more powerful than the President of the United States. These men have the power over life and death. They also are the head of the snake when it comes to the destruction, the utter annihilation, of Constitutional rights of American citizens. They can destroy or protect a President.

What I heard them say was:

  • We spy on whomever we want and whenever we want.
  • We spy on any thing we want to, it’s all available to us.
  • The FISA court, while a nicety, is not even close to a necessity for all Americans to be spied upon.
  • None of them believes in or supports Constitutional rights and liberties.
  • They do not recognize Congressional oversight or power.
  • They think that all Americans are idiots. Well, all Americans other themselves. And they made it clear that Americans should not be trusted with any information that could make the secret police leadership look bad.
  • They have no intention of stopping their activities or honoring the Constitution.
  • They are part of the top tier of the ruling class.

These men are dangerous to the country, of that there is no dispute. But, what I found most discouraging…they won’t reveal information to American citizens that we have a right to know. But, that doesn’t surprise me. Remember, information is power. And men like this are all about power! Power is all that is important to them…them having power over everyone else. And they have a complete and utter disdain for American citizens, they think we are idiots and not to be trusted. This is proven by their refusing to share information that we, as American citizens, have a right to know. They think they are gods.

Musing –

Reality Winner…what a cute little 25-year old sweetheart…that has run afoul of the Ruling Class machine. Her life is ruined, and a person could easily make a case that she brought it on herself. However, what I think is a little different. I put her in the same category as Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

I appreciate those folks!!!

You see I look at it this way…they are telling us vital and important information about our country that our country’s leadership refuses to tell us.

Why do they refuse? Because it exposes the criminal acts of our government that they are committing against us and others around the world. The information these folks make public show the dark and evil side of America’s secret police and ruling class. It shows how wicked and immoral that this government has become. Of course the government is going to prosecute her. She is to be made an example of.

Actually, I expect she will commit suicide in her cell or be killed by another inmate. Of course…orchestrated by the stooges working for the FBI, CIA, etc.

Hey, they’ve done it before. Doubt me? Don’t!

Remember Ibragim Todashev? He was being questioned by a roomful of law enforcement folks. An FBI agent, Aaron McFarlane, decided that during the questioning that he would kill Ibragim Todashev. So in front of other law enforcement personnel the FBI agent shoot “volleys” of rounds into Ibragim Todashev.

What? Why? The official story is that Ibragim Todashev refused orders to stop approaching FBI agent Aaron McFarlane with a broomstick. Yup, a broomstick in a room full of law enforcement…while being officially questioned.

Normally I would just make unflattering references to FBI agent Aaron McFarlane’s lack of masculine sexual organs. But, in this case it is important to know that before he was an FBI agent, McFarlane was a street cop. A street cop who faced multiple charges of assault and misconduct as a cop. The perfect FBI agent! A true hit man with a badge. Or should I say…another FBI hit man with a badge and a history of extreme and violent behavior against US citizens.

Reality Winner’s days are numbered…the FBI has her in their sights…literally. Oh, but that will come after the media, especially the alt-right media, has smeared her. And of course after all the law & order fanatics will want her crucified as well. Her character must be smeared into a pile of dog sh*t first.

I wonder how many folks really can understand, let alone see, what the bigger picture is here? I bet not many.

Absurdity –

Hillary Clinton!!!  I gotta end this first issue with this dingbat. I mean, come on…she has gone completely insane. But, then again…wouldn’t you if you were married to Bill? Or would that be the other way around?

Wait a second, if I am going to list Hillary Clinton as an absurdity I can’t ignore Nancy Pelosi…

Then there is yet another mentally ill dingbat Maxine Waters…

But, I have to add one more to this issue based on her behavior during the questioning of the Four-Stooges. Sorry, the four intelligence chiefs…Rosenstein, McCabe, Coats,  Rogers…the other day. In that hearing Harris showed she is a complete moron. And worse…a mean, angry, stupid moron.

How is that for an intellectual ending to an article!?

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. If not…well, I guess that is just too bad 😉 It was great therapy for me!

Want me to write about anything…especially shutting down the website??? Then just send me your subject matter suggestion…


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Initiative ’17 – Part #4: Leader’s Intent

In the last article in this series I finally defined the “mission” and was really pleased…I think it is very appropriate and applicable to you…my loyal website supporters.

First off…yes, I know I didn’t define “Prepared to Lead” until the third article and I apologize for that. It just wasn’t clear to me till that point. When it hit me I realized that a lot of people have water and food storage, some folks have plenty of guns and ammo, some people even have seeds and other more rare preparedness items and gear. But, I honestly believe that the biggest shortage after any grid-down will be leadership.

I have seen it a hundred times right after emergencies and disasters…disorganization, lack of direction, low initiative, and disbelief. All of that stems from absence of leadership. Let’s change that!

In addition to all of the other great emergency preparedness steps you are taking we are going to add one more…albeit vital…trait to the mix. And that trait will be the ability to step up and lead. That will be you!

Background –

In high-stress, high-risk environments someone has to lead. However, in today’s new-age world, the definition of “someone” can vary widely. Over 15 years ago I held a computer job on days that I was not on-duty at the fire station. I was hired to run all aspect of operations on the days I was there. The corporate management prided themselves on being progressive thinkers. The president of the company even had a personal life coach.

When I started there their productivity was very low and their profitability was dwindling. During my orientation I was briefed on their organizational structure. They shared with me that they were using what was called a “flat organizational structure.” On the white board it looked something like this…

flat organizational structureAs you can assume I asked them about my position and role in the organization…my duties, responsibilities, and who I supervised. I was reassured that I was responsible for operations. We had a discussion for several hours regarding the structure and my role. They finally acquiesced that it would change slightly to this…

LeadersIntent-002This environment was decidedly different than my leadership role and organizational structure in the firefighting world. I lasted about a year with the company before I resigned out of frustration. The company folded about a year later for the very reasons I warned them about in my resignation letter. They failed to act on even a single point a raised.

The point of this example was not to gloat about my being right and the company going out of business. The point is about organization, vision, and most importantly…leadership. Without the right organization any entity is doomed to failure. And, any entity without good leadership is assured of it.

In the structure firefighting world organizational structures vary slightly from department to department. But the one thing they have in common is a clear organizational chart. Everyone knows who their boss is and who they supervise. A clear organizational structure can be seen in the military world as well.

When I started firefighting life was clear – you showed up for your shift, you were given orders, you carried out orders. Failure to do any of the above and the best you could hope for was getting a royal chewing out. The downside was unemployment if the infraction was severe enough. Obviously there were clear boundaries, and that actually allowed the department to operate effectively and efficiently. However, it also killed initiative and innovation. But, there was a new wind blowing.

New Way to Lead Organizations –

This “new wind” started showing up in the mid-1990’s with the folks getting hired possessing more education, thought more highly of themselves, and offered their input on everything…even when not asked for. About that same time the fire department merged with EMS (emergency medical services). The new people wanted more say-so in what they were told to do. It was a major cultural transition challenge to say the least.

Then came another life-changing shift…in 1998 I began taking a lot of wildland fire training that was developed by the federal government. That exposed me to a new style of operations and leadership. Basically, operational responsibility was more centered on a person’s knowledge and skill vs. position title. The leadership model was also more open with far more communication up and down the chain of command. It was refreshing, albeit a bit daunting to absorb after so many years of a very rigid chain of command in the fire department and my military time.

About 2007 I had the opportunity to take upper-level leadership training with some Special Forces folks. It was an eye opener. They presented a true “team concept” with very little rigidity in the command structure when it came to operations. The group of people responsible for the mission worked together, without barriers, to formulate the plan. It was common that subject matter experts (SMEs) were used in a specific area where their expertise was most appropriate, regardless of rank. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a leader.

The role of the leader in this new environment was vastly different than my previous training and experience. In this new model the leader was responsible for delivering the mission parameters and making higher level decisions in the field. Other than that, the team worked together to create and execute the plan. At first I was fairly resistant to this new model. However, that soon changed once I began to see the true value in this new “team concept.”

After a couple of days I could clearly see it was obvious that this new model provided many advantages to mission success, especially at the smaller group level. As I absorbed the material I realized the success was based on two basic principles; 1) everyone in the group  had “buy-in” to the plan because everyone had “input” into the plan, 2) dependence on expertise of the group members to resolve issues. However, I also soon realized the glue that held it all together was trust…which began with and emanated from the leader. Group/team members had to trust each others knowledge, skills, and abilities. But, they had to trust their leader the most.

Those principles of group/team dynamics is no different than what we find ourselves in here in the prepper world, especially when it comes to leadership. Without a good leader, any group/team is almost assured of failure.

So what is the key to being a good leader?

Being a Good Leader & Leader’s Intent –

There are many attributes that make up a good leader, but that subject isn’t the purpose of this article. You can read about that in my last article. < click here to read the last article > What I want to share with you is how a good leader handles planning with his team. There are two principles of success for a good leader when it comes to planning; 1) ability to communicate clearly within the group, 2) the ability of the group to envision “leader’s intent.”

“Leaders intent” is an in-depth subject in its own right. Many articles and research papers have been written about it and many courses for corporate and military leaders exist to train in it. It is not my intention to pontificate in great scholarly detail, it would bore you to death. However, it is absolutely necessary to understand the basic concept of leader’s intent in order to successfully plan in an effective group/team setting. It is even more critical in the execution of a mission in the prepper world.

It is pretty widely accepted across the scholarly spectrum that leader’s intent consists of –

  1. Task: What it is to be accomplished.
  2. Purpose: Why it is to be done.
  3. End State: What it should look like when done.

However, I find that to be far too much content when conveying leader’s intent. I believe is should simply be defined as, “What success looks like when we are done.”

My definition looks more like the last item on the list. But, I have been in far too many briefings where the “task” over shadows everything else. And, when that over-briefing rears its ugly head, then the group bogs down in tactics and loses track of the big picture.

I have given hundreds, probably thousands of briefings in my career and I think I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. I base my judgements on the success or failure of the mission itself. I found that the more I got into the details in the planning phase as the leader the higher the likelihood of failure. When I was clear on what I wanted success to look like, touched on strategy, and then stayed out of the tactics, the probability of success increased significantly.

Now, in my defense, it is not that I suck at tactics in the field, quite the contrary. It’s when I moved into upper management and leadership positions that I had a hard time letting go of operations. The key was knowing my subordinates knowledge, skills, and ability…and letting them do their jobs. All they needed from me was a clear statement of my intent, an overview of strategy, and then turn them loose. However, I always tried to make clear what success would look like when we were done.

Going through this transition of “old school” leadership and planning to the more “team-oriented” model I also realized the while leader’s intent applied at every level of operational leadership. However, it applied even more so at an organization’s higher leadership levels. What I mean by that is fairly straight forward…with the increase of knowledge, skills, and abilities of personnel, there was less direct hands-on leadership required.

It is not that much different in a family setting. A parent has to give a lot of direction to a 5-year old, including what clothes to wear. To a 17-year old a parent might only have to deliver the “intent” of being home by 10pm.

My version of “what does success look like when we’re done” doesn’t exclude “purpose.” I just find it secondary to the end-state vision. But, purpose is also critical to the team’s planning to ensure “buy in.” If your team doesn’t understand what the purpose of what they are doing, then don’t count on much team enthusiasm.

Examples of Leaders Intent –

Going back to the family analogy you say to your teenage daughter, “Be home by 10pm Ashley.” That gives her your intent as the parent (i.e. leader). Your daughter Ashley now clearly understands what you expect (i.e. what success looks like). But now the follow-up with the purpose, “I want you to be safe.” Now your daughter understands that you care about her safety, you love her, and want to ensure her safety. This is best accomplished by her being home by 10pm. If she trusts you, and you her, there should be little, if any, conflict over the successful outcome.

OK, maybe with one exception…she is 17 years old…teenagers know everything! But, you get my point about intent and purpose.

Maybe a more realistic example would be this…you are standing in front of a pile of sand, there are 100 sand bags and 6 shovels up against the tree, it is raining, and you have 15 people standing around. You are the leader and it goes like this:

“Thank you guys for coming out, I really appreciate it. We have to fill these 200 sandbags and get them in place by noon. If we can do that we can keep the church building from flooding.”

Did the statement clearly answer the following:

  • What it is to be accomplished?
  • Why it is to be done?
  • What does success look like?

If it was easy to answer those question then the leader delivered “leader’s intent” successfully. Which then makes it easier, if not easy, to accomplish the task

In my role on Incident Management Teams over the years I have been responsible for saving homes from burning down in the path of large wildfires. I have been very fortunate and I haven’t lost a single house that I have been responsible for. Let’s use that as a study in proper leader’s intent.

  1. If my responsibility is to prevent houses from burning down, and;
  2. I am about to provide direction to the firefighting resources assigned to me..

…would this be appropriate leader’s intent to a group of fire engines, “Go to Happy Hills subdivision and don’t let any houses burn down.”

What would be in the firefighters’ minds? Yup, probably…I better do everything I can to not let a house burn down or my butt is in big trouble!

Do you agree with that?

What would be better wording to deliver my leader’s intent? Maybe something like this…

“At the end of the day I want you guys to be safe and I need you to do everything reasonable to save as many homes from burning down as possible.”

At this point do you think the firefighters have a slightly clearer picture of what their responsibility is? How about how they interpret my vision of safety? Is the vision of their task clear enough for all of the firefighters? How about their engine captains?

So here is what goes on in my mind –

  1. Their Captain are in charge of each of the fire engines, They have already proven to be competent or they wouldn’t hold that position. Therefore, I trust those leaders to do their job.
  2. I value their safety over the value of saving houses.
  3. When I said “…do everything reasonable…” gave them the authorization to do what he needed to as long as it was within industry norms (i.e. reasonable).

So here is what should be going on in their minds –

  1. They have a specific responsibility, keep houses from burning down.
  2. They have authorization to do so within reason.
  3. They also know not to take unnecessary risks because people are valued more than the homes.

That is in a perfect world. And we all know that we seldom work in a perfect world. However, there are options for dealing with that. It is called “Q&A”…for both sides’ benefit. Both the firefighters and I have the ability, and responsibility, to ask questions to ensure that the assignment is clear and understood.

I can ask a simple question such as, “Do you have any questions, thoughts, concerns, issues, or suggestions about the assignment I have given you?”

Or, a firefighter can ask, “Can you define reasonable a little better for me?”

By the time we are done with the complete back-and-forth exchange they know what is expected, what the authorization parameters are, and that I will support them in their decisions if they stays within those parameters.

That paints a pretty good picture of success if you ask me. So what are the two key elements in this successful delivery of leader’s intent?

For me I would say; 1) good communications, 2) trust.

So far we now understand that leader’s intent is a leader conveying to their subordinates what he wants done. He also does it with a clearly defined picture of what success looks like. Because the leader trusts his subordinates, those folks can now plan their individual actions to accomplish the picture of success.

Why vs. What  = Motivation

There is one more integral part to completing the delivery of leader’s intent, “why” it needs to be successful. Without the “why” the subordinates are only being told what to do, not why it is so important. So you could say, the motivation is lacking. Anyone who has suffered in an organization where motivation is absent can attest to the likelihood of success in some new project.

But, motivation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Motivation will only exist where values are shared.

Trust –

Without trust motivation is usually very superficial and mostly ineffective. Conversely when there is significant, or complete, trust between leadership and subordinates, motivation is a given.

Tying “trust” back to leader’s intent is rather simple, but absolutely imperative. For a leader to develop and deliver an appropriate and clear leader’s intent statement, he must know and trust his subordinates. He must be realistic and trust them that they can carry out what he is asking them to do. From the subordinate’s perspective, they must trust their leader that what he is asking them to do is realistic. Yes, it may contain risk, but risk is something that can be mitigated.

Hands-Off Leadership (No Micro-Managing!) –

Once the leader’s intent has been delivered, understood, and agreed upon, it is best for the leader to back away from the team. Let the team develop the plan of action. He must trust their knowledge skills and abilities to do the planning to make it all happen.


Remember the SMART system for setting objectives? The same outline can be used with leader’s intent. After all, isn’t leader simply a top-level objective? < click here to read more about SMART >

Leader’s intent follows suit, it must be; specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time-sensitive. Using that format let’s look at a bad example of leader’s intent –

“Go plant a garden so we can eat.”

Now let’s analyze why it is bad. Is it –

  1. Specific?
  2. Measurable?
  3. Action oriented?
  4. Realistic?
  5. Time-sensitive?

Let’s try again this time using another example of leader’s intent but reformulated to meet the SMART criteria.

“We don’t have enough food to a full year. We need to grow 50% of the food we eat. We need to be doing that within three months. If we can do that we will not starve.”

Now let’s analyze it. Is it –

  1. Specific?
  2. Measurable?
  3. Action oriented?
  4. Realistic?
  5. Time-sensitive?

Can you clearly notice the difference between the two leader’s intent statements?

Summary –

Wow, when talking about leader’s intent I could go on forever…but you are probably already bored. Another word or two won’t hurt you!

You are already a good prepper or you wouldn’t be visiting this website. You already understand the need for leadership during emergencies, disasters, or grid-down events or you wouldn’t be reading this article. What I am asking of you now…prepare to be a leader…a good leader.

I have noticed over the years that when there is a vacuum of leadership nature takes over, someone will become the leader. What worries me is who will step up. A couple of years ago I did some serious research on post-disaster personalities. As a result I wrote a 4-part series of personalities that will attempt to be leaders. As you might guess, there will be some very sketchy folks who will attempt to become leaders…or dictators…or wolves. Don’t let that happen!!

You have the ability to become a great leader. You have already taken steps to do so. You have it inside of you to be that leader people need. You already have vision! You know what is coming, you are preparing for it. That makes you a step or two ahead of 99% of the population wherever you might live.

To be that leader you must take vision and turn into a mission statement…leader’s intent. Make it easy for others to see what you see…success. Give them a reason to move forward, to be successful, to work together.

Let your folks know:

  1. Task: What it is to be accomplished.
  2. Purpose: Why it is to be done.
  3. End State: What it should look like when done.

I have every confidence in you.


Please share with me topics you would like me to cover during Initiative ’17 –

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SitRep – 6/3/2017 (Economic Alert!)

I don’t like what I am seeing…at all!

Since the election of Trump many people have been sickeningly euphoric about the economy. Some have claimed job growth is skyrocketing, stock market is reaching all-time highs, jobs are coming back to the US, industry is growing, etc., etc…ad nauseam. These people are delusional, sycophants, blind, stupid, or trying to be part of some weird disconnected political or cultural movement. Whatever their motivation or reasoning…they are wrong…dead wrong.

Job Growth –

Let’s take April 2017 job’s report:

  • 211,000 jobs added. Not bad by the sounds of it.
  • 62,000 of those jobs are in the extreme low-end of the job market…retail, leisure and hospitality.
  • 17,000 jobs went to the government that sucks money out of the economy vs. contributing.
  • Nearly 40% of the jobs created either were low-paying or economy hurting jobs.

But how does April 2017 compare to April 2016:

  • April 2016 added 160,000 jobs vs. April 2017 of 211,000 jobs…that’s a 50k increase in new jobs.

Sound pretty good?

Let’s look at reality now…

Year-To-Date job cuts are 122,389 for 2017. Last year job cuts for the same time period was only 65,742. That means we’ve lost nearly double the jobs this year vs. last year in April.

So let’s revisit the April 2017 jobs report…a 50k increase in new jobs vs April 2016. Now, hold that thought for a minute.

We are losing almost double the jobs in 2017 vs. 2016. In real terms we are suffering nearly a 100% increase in job cuts and barely a 30% increase in new jobs. The reality is…we are losing economic ground in 2017…BIG TIME!

We are on-pace to suffer approximately 200,000 job cuts in 2017, possibly more. Even at 200k jobs lost, that will be some of the worst job cut statistics since the Great Recession!!!

Throw that on top of the mall-closing report. Remember I have been warning about retail problems. A new report out says that 25% of all malls will be closed within five years. Who doubts that? Malls are a dying breed just like the old video rental stores.

Here are the questions that need to be asked in light of those mall closings”

  • Where will those low-end retail workers get jobs?
  • How much money is lost from the loss of income from store workers?
  • How much money is lost to the local economy from the removal of those stores?
  • How much do commercial property values go down as a result of a massive amount of retail space now dumped on the local real-estate markets?

Are store closings really that bad?

For 2017 over 8,600 stores are expected to close. Not only is that the highest in 17 years…it is almost 45% worse than the Great Recession!!

Look folks…don’t be fooled, don’t be blind, don’t be part of the problem…be informed!!!  Look at the reality of the economy…it sucks! Any way you look at it things are bad and it is getting worse. You can think Trump is doing a great job for the economy but let the facts, the actual real numbers and statistics speak for themselves. And it ain’t good by a long shot!

Why should “retail” problems worry you? Historically the only spending that drives our economy up is…consumer spending (i.e. retail). If we are losing retail jobs and closing stores and retail spending is down…well, you do the math.

Further Evidence –

Let’s talk jobs for May 2017…There were only 138,000 jobs added last month, May 2017. The expectation was 185,000…that is 34% few jobs created than was expected. That is terrible!

Now consider the 2017 job cuts. There were (averaged) 24,000 jobs cut in May. That means there was only a net job growth of 114,000 jobs created in May 2017. That is unreal bad…extremely bad!

Let me make this very, VERY real for you…it takes approximately a net increase of jobs each month to keep up with population growth minus those leaving the job market. That number varies a little each month but averages about 105,000 new jobs required each month just to keep up with population growth minus people leaving the workforce.

So bottom line…in May 2017 we saw a net increase of only 9,000 jobs!  Would you call that a booming economic report? How about just a good economic report? I call it a catastrophic economic report!

Let’s go back to the April 2017 job numbers that were touted as “proof” that the economy was roaring.

  •   211,000 jobs created
  • -105,000 jobs required to stay even with population growth
  • –  24,500 actual job cuts

81,500 actual net job increase…a far cry from the 211,000 figure that the government originally threw out there as “proof” of a major economic boom taking place. But, don’t forget that 62,000 of those jobs were retail, leisure and hospitality jobs…most of which are seasonal jobs for summer travel and vacations. Oh, and now let us not forget that 14,000 jobs went to growing the government itself.

That leaves a grand total of 5,500 new jobs for real people in the private sector. How’s that for “proof” of an economic boom!

Debt Bomb –

For the first time this morning I heard our national debt crisis referred to as a “debt bomb”. Wow! I knew that $20,000,000,000,000 (20trillion) was a lot of debt. I know it is bad for our country. I know that it is sinking us…but “bomb”??? Well, I guess I didn’t understand just how bad it really is.

As I was doing my research for this SitRep I found that Peter Schiff used the term in January 2017. As I crunched the numbers I now understand why Schiff was right to sound the bomb alarm when he did.

Our national debt, money actually owed, is $20,000,000,000,000. Our current average interest rate on that amount is approximately 2.16%. That means each year we spend about $440,000,000,000 ($440billion) just in debt interest. For every .1% (1/10th of 1%) that the interest rate increases, that is another $21,000,000,000 ($21billion) in annual interest payments.

So let’s imagine the interest rate increasing by a single percentage point to 3.16%. That means we are now paying nearly $650,000,000,000 ($650billion) in annual interest payments and NOT REDUCING the debt by a single dollar.

So when does the interest payment become too much for the government to afford?

More Debt Bomb –

The chart above should be very disturbing. Here is what it shows:

  1. Overall private debt is back at 2008 Great Recession levels.
  2. Private debt is less secured than it was at 2008 Great Recession levels.
  3. Overall private debt is rising at alarming rate, biggest increase in a decade.

Here’s the next whammy!

  • Home buying has slowed WAY down, and far fewer people have a mortgage.
  • Auto loan debt has increased substantially and is way a head of 2008 levels.
  • Credit card debt is just about the same as 2008 levels.
  • Student loan debt is twice what it was at 2008 levels.
  • All other debt is about the same as 2008 levels.

Conclusion: Private debt (folks like you and me) is at the same levels as 2008. However, that debt is far less secured…by a huge amount vs. 2008.

When Great Recession #2 hits…what happens in addition to losing a family home?

What happens to all that auto debt? What happens to all of that student loan debt?

A hidden nugget of knowledge hidden away in there…The US population is far less financially stable now that just before the 2008 Great Recession. Let’s go over a couple more 2008 Great Recession figures:

  • Americans lost nearly $20trillion dollars in real-term wealth.
  • The federal government spent over $23trillion in government handout programs.

That is $43trillion in losses and government spending in the Great Recession of 2008. That is $14,300 for every man, woman, and child in the United States! To pay that massive loss:

  • Americans lost trillions in the stock market.
  • Americans lost trillions in home foreclosures.
  • The US Government borrowed and gave away trillions in money it borrowed.

What happens this time?

  • Americans own far less stocks and mutual funds.
  • Americans own far fewer homes.

What’s left?

From 2008 to 2015 the national debt doubled. Almost 100% of that was paying for the 2008 Great Recession.

When Great Recession #2 hits we are looking at the national debt once again doubling to “bailout” American citizens. And that my friend means out debt servicing costs doubles…at a minimum.

1988 in Review –

In 1988 the total national debt was $2.6trillion and the interest paid on that paid was $214billion. That tells you we were paying 8.2% interest on the national debt. If that was the case today (debt vs. interest rate) we would be paying $1.6trillion just for the interest payment on our national debt…nearly FOUR times what we are actually paying today. That $1.6trillion represents 50% of all federal government revenues for last year!!!!

So now how do you think we survive as a country, as a society, and a Constitutional Republic when the actual scope of our debt finally comes to the forefront?

Magic Breaking Point –

For the first time I have been able to actually calculate a true TEOTWAWKI breaking point. It is an actual economic “end-of-the-world” mile post.

The magic national debt interest rate (i.e. 10-year T-Bill) number that crashes the economy is 5% – 7%. At that point the annual interest owed exceeds the government’s financial ability to pay that interest and meet other obligations such as national defense and entitlements.

But, there is also another magic number…total debt service costs. We are currently at about $430billion per year in debt servicing costs. When that number reaches approximately $850billion it will be just as bad as a 4.1% debt interest rate. Meaning this, if we have another Great Recession and the government spends its way out again…the economy crashes.

Here is the problem that will manifest itself when that time comes. We have two Constitutional requirements when it comes to US federal government payments; 1) Civil War Union Army pensions, 2) debt interest. The Union Army pension issue is resolved. But, what about #2?

The federal government has obligated itself to pay for certain programs, namely entitlements and national defense. So, let’s ask the questions when money gets tight as I outlined…

  1. Does the federal government pay debt interest as per Constitutional obligation?
  2. Does the federal government continue to pay people their entitlement checks?
  3. Does the federal government continue to pay for national defense?

What happens if the answer to any of those three questions is “no”?

So what is the answer you came up with?

I can think of only one answer that doesn’t involve a “no” to all of the above. The scheme is called “inflating”. It is where the federal government simply creates money out of thin air at an almost unheard of pace to pay the debt interest, and maybe some of the debt itself, along with all its other obligations.

The problem is…that scheme has never, ever worked in the history of the world. It has always failed. And when it has failed it has always ushered in a dictatorship…an authoritarian state.

Any why an “authoritarian state”? Because the people rebel against the ruling class and rich elites that caused the problem. And a strong man comes along and crushes the unruly populace in favor of the ruling class and rich elites.

And is there anything that would make you think it would be any different with the good ole USA?

What I Will Do –
  • At 5% debt serving rate (10-year T-Bill) or $800billion debt service –
    • I will 100% in cash & precious metals (no CDs, no bonds, etc.)
    • Zero debt.
    • Living full-time at my BOL.
    • All preps 100%.
  • At 4.5% debt serving rate (10-year T-Bill) or $700billion debt service –
    • All preps 100%.
  • At 4% debt serving rate (10-year T-Bill) or $600billion debt service-
    • I will cash in all my IRAs, 402Ks, etc.
    • I will have a fuel supply for my vehicles and never below 3/4 tank of gas.
  • At 3.5% debt serving rate (10-year T-Bill) or $500billion debt service –
    • My minimum food & seed storage goals 100% complete.
    • Keep a minimum of six months cash on hand.
    • BOL property self-sustaining.

I am sure I will add more to the list as time goes on, but this is the basic minimums I intend to have completed.

Summary –

It is coming at us…like a freaking freight train.

  1. US government debt is worse than it was in 2008 by a factor of 2.
  2. US private debt is worse than it was in 2008.
  3. Job cuts have doubled in the last year.
  4. Home ownership is down significantly.
  5. Retail/consumer spending is taking a big hit.

Then there is the political war taking place in Washington. Make your own conclusion on that outcome.

That freight train is headed right for us!

And no, Trump and Congress are not going to be able to slow it down, let alone stop it. Trump, nor Congress, is proposing anything, not a single thing, that actually reduces the national debt or slows the national spending. Granted, they are moving the money to different priorities. But, what good does that do us if we still sink the country?

What I am asking you to do is this:

  • Do not be fooled!
  • Do not be blinded!
  • Do not be pacified!
  • Do not panic!
  • Do not allow politicians to control you!
  • Do not allow the rich elites to control you!
  • Take control of your own life.
  • Take control of your own finances and spend your money where it will do the most good for your family.
  • Stay awake and be prepared to move quickly.
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Learn to be a better servant to others.

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