Multitool – Ozark Trail 12-in-1

Oarktrail 12-in-1 MultiToolnote: first appeared in July 2016

Son of gun! So I was in Walmart the other day and passed by the sporting goods counter. Low and behold what did I see? A multitool that looked pretty decent. But, that isn’t what grabbed me…the price pulled my eyeballs out of my head.

I thought the price applied to something else, but I had to ask, “Are those multitools actually priced $3.97?”

“Yes sir they are,” was the associate’s reply.

I bought 10. Yeah, 10…right there, right then…on the spot.

I got home and buyer’s remorse started kicking in. I kept wondering are they worth it, should I have waited, will they be a cheap piece of crap? All of those questions were floating around in my head. I couldn’t wait to get home and get some testing done.

Well, I could go on and on about this mutlitool, but there’s no point. Here is my summary –

  • Is this a cheap piece of crap? Nope.
  • Is this going to last my lifetime? Nope.
  • Is this going to get work done? Yup.
  • Is the knife blade sharp? Yup.
  • Is the saw blade sharp? Not really, but it does cut.
  • Do the screwdriver blades work and fit screws correctly? Yup.
  • Does the file work and appear to be decent? Yup.
  • Does the bottle opener work? Yup. (But who uses a bottle opener anymore?)
  • Does the can opener work? Yup.
  • Are the tools easy to get open from the handle compartment? Not real easy but they open.
  • Do the tools snap and lock into place? Nope. But neither do my higher end multitools either.
  • Does the wire cutter actually cut wire? Yup. Just don’t try to go too big. I did 12ga with no problems. And it cur zip ties just fine as well.
  • Do the pliers pieces line up correctly and their faces flush? Yup. Surprisingly so actually.
  • Is this equal in quality to a Leatherman, SOG, or Gerber? Nope.MultiTool-Ozark-001

Bottom line – Buy this freaking multitool !

Here’s why I did…I needed ten of them. I am responsible for a 10-person response team for our church’s emergency preparedness. I’ve put together kits for each person. So when they show-up I can hand them a kit and they have some basics; knife, radio, flashlight, writing tablet, pen, etc. Now I have added a multitool to the kit. And I spent less than $40 doing so. Yup!!!

So, is a SOG, Leatherman, or Geber better? I think so. But they also cost a whole heck of a lot more money too. So, is the Ozark Trail worth the $35 Gerber? Maybe, probably not. But the Gerber is not 8 times better than the Ozark Trail but it costs 8 times more. So use the Ozark Trail until it breaks…throw it away and get another one out of storage. Repeat 6 more times as needed.

If you want to get a multitool in the hands of each family member, each group member, or just have a supply on-hand this is the way to go. I have no problem recommending this to you…especially at this price…$3.97!!  So go to the sporting good’s counter at your local Walmart and look for it. The picture at the beginning of this article and it will show you exactly what to look for.



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