Now, the rest of the story…

Yup, that’s borrowed from Paul Harvey…I didn’t think he’d mind, especially when you hear the story.

So in my Crotchety Old Man post on 9/8/20 <click here to read> I mentioned my UTV being broken down and the part to fix it is no longer manufactured and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Well, let me finish that story for you…the rest of the story.

So you got the first part…broken UTV, part is no longer manufactured, talked to multiple dealers with no luck, they even searched a special web-thing that shows what dealers, if any, still have it on the shelf (called “old new stock”) and no luck. Talked to every major parts supplier house on the Internet, no part anywhere to be found. Talked to a couple of ATV/UTV/motorcycle junk yards, the best I got was “I think I might have it around somewhere, if not my buddy might have one, call me back in a couple weeks.”

To say I was disappointed and discouraged would be a massive understatement. That UTV is a workhorse around here. I use it every day for my projects and my chores. Without it, my workload is much more strenuous and tiring…if not impossible. But, no part was to be found…nowhere, for any amount of money. Not giving up, I had decided that the week of September 14th I was going to drive to Phoenix (1/2 day away) and just start visiting every junk yard and UTV dealer in the entire area.

On September 15th I awoke very early in the morning (couldn’t sleep) and wrote “OK, let’s talk…” <click here to read> What motivated me to write that post? Well, I received exactly 6 comments via email to the “Crotchety Old Man” post but about 20 posted comments. One struck me like a baseball bat across the face…

“If you save but one soul how great shall be your joy…. Whether you save one temporally, spiritually or both you have brought a great wealth of information, knowledge, experience and wisdom to those of us who are learning to be prepared.”

It came from a special man who I have a special connection with that is…well, very special. He reminded me on what I was supposed to be doing. His reply, along with the ton of other posts and emails, made me feel humbled…and renewed. That generated “OK, let’s talk…” Well, now…that post generated more emails to me than any other post ever! All were wonderful, heartfelt, touching, warm, and just plain great. I had no idea that…well, I just had no idea.

Back to the UTV part…

Right after I wrote that post (OK, let’s talk…) I started feeling (a prompting really) that morning to call Polaris directly and plead my case and see if there was anything they could possibly do. But it wasn’t until late in the day (9/15) when I finally got around to it. And of course their headquarters is way back east…they were closed. But, I talked to a nice guy who took my information, he gave me a case number, and told me to call back the next day when customer service was open.

I called early the next morning and talked to a customer service representative that sounded bored out of her mind and completely disinterested in my situation. She put me on hold to talk with “Parts”…predictable results. She came back on, message was anticipated…the part is no longer manufactured, it’s not in any Polaris warehouse anywhere in the world, and she was sorry. She then said that the parts guy had checked the dealer inter-something net and would email me dealer contact information that they thought might have it.  Well, I already knew the dealer they were talking about, had talked to them, and they didn’t have it. But, I thanked her anyways and we hung up. I was thoroughly and completely discouraged. And to share the despair I went in to tell my wife the news. As I walked into the living room…”I heard” was all she said. I turned around and walked out of the room.

Disheartened I returned to the little spare/storage/computer room and sat down. Before I started up the part searching I wanted to see what was happening with the “OK, let’s talk…” post. I was surprised, a very decent number of views! And then I checked the personal responses that came in via email. Wow! There were already a bunch of emails from people I knew, all being very supportive and encouraging. And then there was the one specific email…from Betty, a very dear friend of mine that I’ve known for nearly 45 years. Here is the main message from her email…

“Wow, I can imagine how much you depend on the UTV. Maybe a ministering angel will drop one out of the sky for you. Remember what Art always said, ‘all you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough.’  One other thing, Heavenly Father wants us to ask and be specific and direct in our asking. Y’all are in our prayers!!
Hugs, Betty”

So, now the rest of the story…

I had been praying all along that Heavenly Father would bless us in regards to the UTV. Each time I worked the phones or searched the Internet I had a prayer either vocally or in my heart. But, I had not been specific in what I was asking help with. That would change. I had a prayer. I was specific.

I checked my regular email account and there was the email from Polaris “parts” with a list of 4 potential dealers that were showing they had the part in stock. I was elated and thrilled…prayers were working. But, before I picked up my cell phone I had a very specific prayer to please get us the part.

Called dealer #1: no, it was a software system error, they didn’t actually have the part at all, never did.

Called dealer #2: yup, they had the part up until YESTERDAY! They had shipped it out this morning to a dealer in Illinois to fix a customer’s machine.

Called dealer #3: well, not actually a dealer…a grain and seed store that also sold a few Polaris parts par-time. Busy signal.

Called dealer #4: They didn’t think they had it but would check and get back to me. As I was giving them my area code…they hung on me.


I was getting ready to call Polaris back when Betty’s words came back to me…clearly. So, I had an even more specific prayer for help from Heavenly Father. And called back the non-dealer Dealer #3, “Will” answered.

I explained the situation to him and told him that Polaris was showing that he had the part in stock. He checked…nope, not showing it in stock on his computer system. I was crushed. But, he said he would go check the spot on the shelf where it should be just to be sure. I was put on hold.

Literally 10 minutes I was on hold. During that time I kept praying a specific prayer for help, a pleading to for God to be merciful and help us…to find that part for us.

Will came back on the line and said the spot was bare…no part where it would have been. Then he said he felt like he should look round on some of the other shelves which he had done…and he was holding the part in his hand. He had found it nowhere near where it should have been. He didn’t know why it wasn’t there…but he was holding it in his hand.

I was simply overwhelmed with emotion.

I told him I would take it! He said it would go out today. I paid for it and told him he was an answer to prayers. As I walked into the living room to tell my wife the good news I had tears in my eyes. I explained it to her…we were joyful to say the least.

To recap:

  • I had become discouraged about the website.
  • I wrote an article (Crotchety Old Man) to that effect and I was going dark.
  • You guys responded with such warmth and good will that I couldn’t abandon the website. The turning point…the message from Glen that I shared earlier.
  • I wrote “OK, let’s talk…” as a result of all of those incredible replies and encouragement.
  • Then a reply to that posting from Betty to be specific in my prayers for help with the UTV.
  • Also, many of the replies I had received contained messages that I/we were in their prayers.
  • For the two previous weeks I had no luck finding the part for the UTV…none!
  • Then I get the prompting to call Polaris direct. They give me the only 4 options left.
  • One dealer who had the part had sold it the day before I called. (FYI…they had the part on the shelf for over 10 years).
  • Two other dealers were of no help, one of them had hung up on me.
  • The other dealer (a non-dealer) gave me a busy signal the first attempt. Then their system showed they no longer had one in stock.
  • The guy was kind enough to check just to be sure…and no part in the bin where it was supposed to be.
  • Then he felt like checking the other shelves to see if he could find it.
  • He eventually found it nowhere near where it should have been.

It arrived Tuesday, I installed it yesterday. I drove it from the workshop to the house, pulling up and whistling to my wife if she wanted to go for a ride. All is well, all is well.

So now you know the rest of the story…the whole story.

If you are a religious person…this reinforces that God lives, He hears us, and He answers prayers. That is my testimony.

If you are not a religious person…well, maybe you should reconsider now that you know the rest of the story.


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