Immediate Action Warning!


> Potential for Violence <

There are numerous and substantiated reports of violence erupting around the country. While still relatively small and isolated they indicate a growing and potential serious threat.

The reports consist of at least one person shot at a political rally where opposing sides clashed. And there are several reports where highly armed Trump supporters have rallied and taken over public spaces.

The leftists (i.e. Democrats) have shown a clear propensity for violence throughout this entire year. And we are seeing an increase in that violent behavior. And, the radical leftists are now targeting the less radical leftists as Biden forms his left-wing administration/coalition. They are turning on each other…and it will get increasingly violent.

Both the radical left and the radical right, and anarchists, have agent provocateurs either in-place or planning to infiltrate rallies, demonstrations, and protests.

Stay away from ALL political rallies, demonstrations, and protests!

Also, I understand that every militia in the country now has FBI agents undercover in those militias, or paid informants who work for the FBI. The FBI and ATF both have active task forces targeting militias. And there is at least one inter-agency federal law enforcement task force targeting militias.

Stay away from militias!

Based on reports and research I am strongly advising you to increase your situational awareness and to avoid ALL potential violent gatherings/meetings.

I am even encouraging you to avoid “meetings” that could in any way be interpreted as political (pro-Trump / anti-Biden) or “resisting” the transition to a Biden presidency. All levels of law enforcement have most of these meetings under surveillance for “un-American” activity; this is especially true in large Democrat controlled cities.

Members of the radical left are already speaking openly of hunting down and “prosecuting” Trump supporters in and out of the government. While most everyday pro-Trump individuals would not be a target, don’t take undo chances. And there is a strong possibility that the “official” witch hunt could degenerate into a grassroots movement of persecution of any notable or recognizable Trump supporter. Do not trust the radical leftists who have seized power through the presidency.

There will come a time and place for additional action and support for the Constitution…but now is not the time to jeopardize your, or your family’s, safety.

Be aware of confrontation and the potential of violence from any sector/source in any location or setting…and avoid it.

Of course…if you are a sheepdog/shepherd, or simply a decent human being, do not hesitate assisting a person in need who has been targeted by the radical and violent leftists.

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11 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

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  5. While it is frustrating to wait as the situation develops…that is probably the safest course for most of us at this juncture.

    But, let me suggest that we should adopt a posture of ACTIVE waiting…or perhaps Waiting & Preparing.
    >> We certainly should not simply sit passively and “only wait.”
    >> Clearly, this is a time for enhancing situational awareness — which is getting harder to do because Twitter, FB and other social media are actively closing the pipes to many of our information sources.
    >> Example: My FlipBoard feed of “Conservative Views” (RedState, DailyWire, and a host of other conservative news/opinion sources)…has reduced to a bare crawl. Seriously. And most of the articles that are delivered — in “Conservative Views,” mind you — actually are from liberal sources that are critical of Trump, Republicans, Conservatives and the USA, in general.

    So, we improve our sources by moving away from the bottle-necked news sources and toward more reliable feed or direct sources.
    >> I’ve found the Forward Observer website and service by Sam Culper to be one such.
    >> And OBVIOUSLY, I’ve also found to be more clued in than most sources with (supposedly) far greater sources. AHT is tuned in to events, even when the news isn’t covering it.
    >>> I’ll remind everyone that Trimble nailed a WARNING back in late April, IIRC, about high tensions and apparent positioning movements by various violence-prone organizations, suggesting that wide-scale violence was coming or even imminent.
    >>> And darned if BLM didn’t kick off in May with a HUGE swell of violence, and antifa quickly rolled in to support. Now, the Floyd death was the proximate cause of that, but I don’t mean to say that Floyd’s death was somehow preplanned or conspired. Rather, BLM, antifa and the Dems in general were on a hair-trigger waiting to start a wave of violence…and if it hadn’t been the Floyd incident, it would have been another.

    As AHT often advises, we should be actively preparing for chaos, food shortages, utility shut-downs, and more.
    >> Okay, maybe you shouldn’t roll into COSTCO or Sam’s Club and buy 3,000 pounds of rice, beans and wheat. That would be something pretty memorable for any observers. That would be horrible OPSEC. But, you should be steadily ramping up your food storage, water production and/or filtering and/or storage. EVERY trip to the grocery should include purchasing MORE FOODSTUFFS, vitamins, prescription medicines, whatever.
    >> You also should be “hardening” your hacienda where it makes sense.
    >>>> In this regard, let me share a personal item: Several years ago, I bought a number of “Door Devils,” essentially a little kit that makes breaking down your entrance doors more difficult by reinforcing the door frame with steel plates, and ensuring the door hardware is well-secured with longer screws, etc. I installed a couple of those on the more obvious locations…but not on a few of the doors. I figured that when the security situation deteriorated and public emotions started to get testy…I’d know when to install the extra kits. So, they’ve sat in my garage for YEARS.
    >>>> Well, I’ll be pulling those kits out this weekend. They’re getting installed. It is time. And I’ll be doing some other “touch-ups” around the home to improve our ability to fend off either criminal or political activists.
    >>>> THAT is part of “watching” or “waiting.” Just for one example.

    You also should be updating any PLANS you have — whether in your head or on paper — for bugging out to your BOL or Aunt Margaret’s farm.
    >> I don’t need to dwell on specifics of bugging-out. BUT, let’s talk about what might kick off your BOL.
    >> Even if you have an absolutely incredibly secure home…you’re probably going to be cooked if a large BLM/antifa mob (300+) decides to visit YOUR neighborhood to make a few examples among all of those rich capitalist fascist pigs. (That would be YOU and YOURS.) So, they’ve brought their molotov cocktails along to burn your house down…and they actually DO NOT care if you and your family are inside.
    >>>> Why did they pick YOUR house? Don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. THEY ARE COMING TO YOUR HOUSE…they form up about 50 yards away, prepping their MCs and chanting threats toward YOUR house.
    >>>> Now, some folks do have the ability to repel such a riotous, lethally-minded, arsonist mob. Perhaps you have the ability to discourage the mob from afar. Perhaps you have some surprises for the mob.
    >>>> But the blunt truth is, that MOST of us, don’t have the capability of fighting a mob of 300+ people determined to burn your home to the ground. Nor do we have the firefighting capability to stop the fire, when started simultaneously in 3-4 different locations by the MCs …and members of the mob are taking pot shots at you as you try to play firefighter. .
    >>>> Or, maybe the mob has taken some of your neighbors as hostages…and are putting them into the front line of the mob, as “human shields” against your opening fire. And maybe the mob promises that if you try to stop them, in any way, they will execute your neighbors. (Yes, that part of the violence is coming.)
    >>>> Some of us would have the means to fight that tactic…but many don’t. So, if you don’t have SOME kind of bug-out strategy…you better start working on one now. JUST IN CASE.

    Heck, if you’ve got everything prepared, good for you!! Now, get thee to YouTube to review how to treat Trauma wounds (bullet or knife), blood loss, head wounds, concussions, use of tourniquets, shock and on and on. YouTube has FANTASTIC content in that regard. So, make sure you’re ready for the inevitable wounds that will occur when the mob comes to YOUR neighborhood. Oh, and make sure you order in plenty of REAL medical supplies (not just band-aids and bacitracin).

    These are just some examples of what you can/should be doing…as you engage in a strategic pause (waiting) and observe the trends and maneuvering at the political and strategic levels (watching).

    We don’t want to be the ones that “that start the fire.” We just want to be the ones to put the fire out, and survive the experience. So, prepare yourself, your family and your home. Oh, and your BOV, too.



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    • Spot On!!!
      And you have to have a clear picture of what is happening before doing the right thing at the right time. And a big priority is to understand what your opposition is doing and how…or you may end up doing the wrong thing.
      Right now, at this moment in time…the best thing to do is watch how the situation unfolds, to see where the opposition is headed, be patient, be watchful, be aware, understand your strength, understand the opposition’s weakness, and then assess the right time for action…and then…

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  6. Be alert to persecution of christians. I do not intend to attend any gathering of christians..I’m a christian but I do not intend to expose my family to potential violence. It is possible this approach may backfire on me and mine. I am wheelchair bound so fight is not an option for me.

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  7. You nailed it, my friend. The DH and I were just having a similar discussion the other evening – he feels so angry, and feels like there needs to be something we should be doing – and I was counseling my strong feeling that while there might come a time for that, right now the best course of action is keeping our heads down. Take care of yourself up there!!

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